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Back by popular demand… June 18, 2009

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…highlights of Kersten’s world.  Well, not really…I mean no one’s banging down my email inbox asking me to come back.  I know my little blog gets readers, I just wish there were more of you, and that you would comment more actively.  Any suggestions?

Pretty lunch–salad had romaine, avocado, grape tomatoes, burrito guts, verde sauce.  That glorious fruit has been my go-to for afternoon snacking as well 🙂


Mondo dinner of steamed corn with SmartBalance Light, oven roasted butternut chips with Northwoods seasoning and garlic salt (too salty), veggie burger with sauteed mushrooms, ketchup for the burger and chips.  I ate too fast 😦


Genisoy chocolate shake mix, almond milk, ???


Pina!!  I sliced up this baby and enjoyed the fruits of my labor.


I. love. fruity. cereal.  Kashi Go Lean Crunch with fabu blueberries, cherries, and strawberries, covered with almond milk I think.


My eyes enjoyed this more than my stomach–quesadilla with sauteed veggies, cheese, sour cream, guac, tomatoes.  Too many onions + too much sour cream + too much cheese + too much food = unhappy tummy. 


When the tum wouldn’t settle I went for 1 tablet of Alka Seltzer.  You ever use it?  At first it doesn’t seem better, but then comes the burp that cures your woes.  I know, gross details, but it works.


For some insane reason I thought I needed a treat later.  I ate one square of Cadbury milk chocolate with almonds, went “meh,” and instead had some roasted almonds and dark chocolate pieces. 


More fruity cereal, but this time with Nature’s Path GingerZing Granola.  I like the texture of this granola, but it is missing something.  Salt maybe?  It isn’t very zing-y to me.  I miss my crack–NP Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola.


A pretty lunch 🙂  Salad had romaine, pickle, avocado, grape tomatoes, cremini mushroom, balsamic, crunchy chow mein noodles, and a veggie Gardenburger.


Dinner tonight at McCormick & Schmick’s Fish House.  The menu was tough since nearly every entree had seafood or meat, but they are quite flexible with preparations.  I had them leave the fish off of the  mushroom pesto pasta, and asked for extra veggies to be added in.  It tasted really good, but I was expecting a real pesto, not a creamy white wine sauce with pesto in it.  The cream was too heavy for me, and totally weighed me down tonight. 😐


Sometimes I think I want creamy and rich things, but when I eat them I often regret it b/c I feel super crappy.  That helps me avoid the temptation to get/make them I suppose!  I did bring home half of this, and figure I’ll eat it for lunch tomorrow with more veg added in.  I’ve run out of other things to eat for lunch, so I’ll just have to grin and bear it.

This was Chris’ dinner–filet mignon with the obvi veggies.  I thought it was pretty and deserved a pic.


My exercise this week:

Monday–legs, abs, 30 min on the mill

Tuesday–upper body, 50 min on the mill

Wednesday–off.  too stuffed and gross feeling to move!

Thursday–legs, abs, 50 min on the mill.

I suppose that’s about it!  I can’t remember all of my genius “oh I should put that on the blog” moments from the last four days 😐

Bon nuit 😉


Workin’ it June 14, 2009

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I feel like I was running from 11am to 9:30pm today…quite a marathon.  I went to work to finish my forms bank project and found my computer was acting hinky, and someone had knocked my tablet’s pen behind my desk.  WTF?? I noticed the recycling had been collected, and think when they reached for my box their other hand hit the pen?  Either way I was miffed.

This afternoon I sorted through all sorts of crap in my “closet” room.  Felt good to get rid of lots of paper I didn’t need, and kinda crappy to come across some other stuff.  What do I do with my wedding photo album (I’m divorced)??? 

My mom is having an estate sale next month and I plan on taking all my extra stuff over there.  Man, it will feel sooooo gooood to get rid of some things.  I also tried on clothes yesterday and found that I should get rid of like 10 pair of pants that don’t fit/are worn/just ain’t me.  Progress!

Tonight I did a mega produce washing session, and cut up a pineapple.  The fruits of my labor are quite sweet 😉

Let’s review the eats of the weekend gallery style since it’s late:

I’ve really been loving my cereal with berries 😉  One of those bowls has the Nature’s Path Ginger something-or-other granola in it rather than my usual Kashi Go Lean Crunch. 

Yesterday at the store I realized that the bulk pumpkin flax plus granola I like so much is Nature’s Path!  Did I mention the bulk-source to you guys last week?  There’s TONS of Bob’s Red Mill, Nature’s Path, and other great brands that supply the goodies in the bulk bins.  I love this–super high quality at a low price!  The steel cut oats I get are Bob’s; I did a comparison between bulk and bagged steel cut oats before, and totally didn’t realize I was comparing the same exact thing. 

Time for bed.  Can’t believe Sunday’s over already 😦  Boo.  Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂


Yawn! June 6, 2009

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Wow, I’m super tired.  I thought I got a lot of sleep, but moving the office today was really exhausting.  That beer in the middle probably didn’t help!


Slept like crap and woke up at the crack’o’dawn to go workout.  I had a whole wheat toast butt with 1 T Maranatha no-stir PB.  Also had a small cup of coffee with Silk vanilla creamer.


After my leg workout and 50 minutes o’sweatin’ on the stair mill I headed home to clean up and eat breakfast.  I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with blueberries and almond milk.  Mmmmm.


Oh my god, give me a frickin’ break.  I just saw a Zylotrim commercial, and it puts this disclaimer on the screen: “Only for those who want to lose pounds of body fat.”  Who the fuck doesn’t want to lose body fat?!?!?  I hate those ads and the products they represent.

Anywho, Friday was quite discombobulated to start, as the office was ripped apart in preparation for the move (finally, yes).  No internet, no phone, didn’t want to work much anyway… I basically talked with people all morning until I headed out for my lunch date with my friend, Jenny.

We visited Thai Derm and had a delicious lunch while catching up.  We started with this cup of soup (tofu, herbs, ???).


I had Ruby Noodles–rice noodles with veggies, topped with red curry.  Oh, it was heaven!  If ya didn’t know I’m a sucker for curries, esp. Thai.  It had homemade bean curd on it, which was something quite spectacular actually. 


I added lots of pickled chilis, chili paste, and chili powder from this tray 🙂


Afterward we headed to her house for tea and chocolates, and talked for a few hours.  It was really, really nice to catch up with Jenny, especially since she’s expecting a little girl at the end of June.  I hope to see her again soon, and her little one, too!

Late in the afternoon I ate my fruit bowl:  cherries, blueberries, nectarine.


Dinner was leftover Ruby Noodles, with steamed broc, mushrooms, and bell pepp on the side.  This was way too much food, and I ended up putting away the extra veggies for another time.



Even though I went to bed early I still felt a bit tired upon waking, but knew I had to get going to tackle the office.

Breakfast was nearly the same as yesterday, but I used organic unsweetened soy milk instead of almond milk.  I didn’t taste it separately, but it was good in the cereal.  Definitely thicker and a different color than almond milk.


At the office I set up the kitchen, moved some furniture, and did other crap for a few hours, working up a sweat a few times. Mid-morning I had a few almonds for a snack.  I also got to hold a hummingbird!!  She hit the glass doors to one of the buildings and was totally stunned.  I picked her up to get her out of the way, and keep her warm.  I felt really special to be able to see her that closely–her feathers were gorgeous!  After a few minutes she flew into a nearby tree.

Mid-day one of our coworkers offered us a beer to toast the new office, so we partook in a Pacifico 😉  Actually tasted good, but I didn’t need it.  After which we headed off to Godfather’s Pizza for lunch.  I know, I know…Chris wanted to claim his free lunch, and I didn’t object.  I had one small piece of cheese and two small pieces of veggie.  Not many veggies on that veggie, and it had a creamy base.  Tasted good, but not what I needed.


Around 4:45 we left the office, still with lots of stuff to do.  I can’t believe how torn up most of the office is, and although it’s not my stuff I feel like I should help out so the place looks decent come Monday morning.

Betcha can’t guess what was for dinner?  I drank too much Casuela, chips & salsa, half a burrito with veg and verde sauce, part of La Casa, and half a tequila shot.  Pedro offered the shot to me after I paid, and who was I to turn down that generosity 😉





Since tomorrow looks super busy I did the grocery shopping tonight, including buying four heads of lettuce–two Romaine, one Boston, one green leaf.  Part of this was for me, and part for the mondo salad I’m making for tomorrow night.  You ever washed and shredded most of four head of lettuce at once?  I’m beat from all that washing and spinning, not to mention the other stuff.

With those 800 words I leave you.  Sleep calls me…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Twilight zone May 6, 2009

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Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do… are now entering the twilight zone.  This week is feeling all whack again, like today was Thursday, and two days long yet really short.  I’m expecting to wake up on the other side of Friday any minute now.

Cinco de Mayo proved to be a busy day, and I was quite a glutton.  The day started out okay with oats.  In an attempt to use up the cardboard seven grain cereal I have left, I’ve done half 7 grain and half steel cut oats for the last few days.  Defintely adds a papery taste, but is tolerable. 


Lunch was out at The Stockpot for another business presentation.  I ate the same Mediterranean Chicken I had last week, but this time it didn’t seem pan fried (good), and there were just a few asparagus instead of lots green beans (bad).  Our host also sprung for bruschetta appetizers, a green salad, and cheesecake for dessert.  I ate until I was full, and then some :shocked:

Surprisingly I got hungry a few hours later 😐  I munched on a Fuji, and then some Kashi TLC 7 grain crackers.  I can stand 7 grains here fo sho 🙂



Since it was Cinco de Mayo we had to visit a Mexican establishment for dinner; we opted for Si Senor and all was good!  I didn’t intend to have a margarita at first, but being on special I decided to split one with mi madre.  Dinner was yummy–an old favorite–Ropa Vieja.  Romaine, green olives, avocado, and cantaloupe with a vinaigrette.  And don’t forget that yummy fried tortilla shell!

Again I ate until I was full, and then some.  The flavor profile of this salad was insane, and I just couldn’t say no to the chicken and avocado especially.  And, hey, cantaloupe is good for you, so that’s not so bad, right?  Uh, yeah, tell yourself that all you want sister, it was still unneeded!

While still full I headed off to the gym, hoping to find Miss Andrea there, and I found her!  We hit up chest, back, biceps, and abs (she showed me some great new moves), then I burned off dinner on the stairmill.  I hoped to go for an hour, but since I picked up the pace I found 45 minutes was plenty. 

Although I had stuffed myself for dinner, I felt a snack was in order afterward.  I fixed up a small bowl of crack (pumpkin flax granola), added a few almonds, and topped it with a marshmallow for shits and giggles. 


The marshmallow was unneeded, but fun 🙂  After letting that settle I was still wanting something to eat, so I ate this little packet of Smart Food cranberry nut popcorn my mom gave me.  Say hi to Lily Bird!


Hm, not sure what to think of this.  Rather sweet, kinda funky flavor that grew on me, but I probably won’t rush out to buy it.  After eating this I realized that my lingering hunger was probably not hunger at all, but thirst and allergies!  D’oh!


The Twilight Zone feeling was super annoying today.  The morning seemed long, the afternoon short, and I was annoyed at several times once I realized it was only Wednesday.  Grrr!

Breakfast was the same oats/7 grain mix with the usual fixins–raisins, cinnamon, Better’n’PB.  I scarfed it down while making lunch here at home.


Lunch was perfectly satisfying:  the usual sando (wwbread, peppered turkey, avocado, romaine, pickles), a carrot on the side, and some black grapes.   Yee-haw.


Chris and I had a client workshop tonight, and dinner consisted of scarfing down the yummy food we had out at the event after it was over.  While picking everything up at New Seasons I had a focaccia bread sample:


Tonight’s selections included a fruit & cheese plate, a charcuterie plate, olive ciabatta, Valhronna 64% chocolate, Barbaresco, and Chardonnay.  My favorites were the marinated goat cheese, pepper coated salami, chocolate, and pineapple. Oh, and the olive bread! 

After the workshop, eating, and clean up, we headed over to my mom’s to pick up the LB.  Turns out the scoundrel rolled in cat shit today and still had a slight funky smell to her.  Oy vey!  So, I gave her a bath when we got home.  Why do dogs roll in cat shit?  Did she just want a bath??  I swear. 

For some insane reason I agreed to go workout with Andrea at six forty-five in the morning.   I had better move along so I can be refreshed for our leg and shoulder sesh. 



A better day by far November 15, 2008

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Happy Saturday-almost-Sunday 🙂  Today was a much better day for me, involving lots of productivity around the house and some tasty eats, oh, and some birdies!  Get ready for lots of pics…  I’m having issues figuring out how to gallery only certain pics; I number the ones I want in the gallery, but they ALL appear in the gallery after all.  Sorry!

I slept pretty well last night, but woke up here and there, and was tired this morning.  I finally got out of bed just before 9, went out with Lily (tons of birds), got ready to go to the gym, made some coffee, and had the last of my CascadianFarms Vanilla Oat Crunch with almond milk.  I was a total klutz andthrew coffee grounds everywhere when transferring them from the grinder to the basket.  I find myself getting klutzy right before my period, how about you?  I tried to do some menu planning and make the grocery list before leaving for the gym, but I was too rushed and left it for later.


After this I was rather full (had a big glass of water, too), and afraid that it would hamper my workout, but not so.  Pilates was good, but I wasn’t able to do all of the moves in today’s class for a lack of strength I suppose.  Loved the tight core feeling after leaving the class–work those abs, baby!  I also did some back and biceps exercises before heading out.

When I got home there was some major wildlife action in the backyard:  four squirrels and tons of birds.  We had robins, waxwings, hummers, juncos, jays, a nuthatch (my favorite, but no photo), chickadees, towhees, and I think a few song sparrows.  Here’s some of the day’s pics for your perusal.  That last one is of Lily smooshing her nose into the back door while watching the squirrels–it was too funny!

For lunch I didn’t have much but eggs to build on, so I made a two egg omelette with spinach, avocado, salsa, and a little cheddar.  It was so tasty!  I loved the mix of all the flavors, and could have left out the cheese after all. I was a total klutz while making this, too, and flung egg over the stove when I lost control of my spatula.  Oof!  That’s my trusty Nature’s Seasoning in the background…goes with just about everything!


 I cleaned up and proceeded to go outside with Lily again, and photograph even more.  After that I finished the menu planning and grocery list, and headed to Fred Meyer.  When I got there I thought I was in for it (there were like 3 shopping carts left–you know what that means) but it wasn’t too bad.  People were more aware today and not as aloof blocking the aisles and all that annoying stuff.  While looking through the lunch meat I practically ran into the Laughing Cow sale display, and put a Light wheel in my cart.  My total bill shocked me, but I suppose I bought some things I don’t get every week.

Got home, unpacked the stuff, and was getting hungry.  All that yummy food to choose from…options were plentiful and I finally decided on Kashi TLC 7 grain roasted veggie crackers, a wedge of Laughing Cow Light, and a gala apple.  It. Was. So. Yummy.  Especially the cheese on the apples–to die for!

100_0044Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum

Chris was napping, so I had a bit of the afternoon to myself and decided to sort my recycling and clean up the kitchen.  There are some things, plastics mostly, that cannot be recycled at the curb, so I put those in a giant bag and will take them to a recycling depot every once in awhile.  Sadly, though, the company that accepts those hard-to-market plastics (that’s why they don’t go in curbside, as they don’t have an active buyer’s market locally) is putting its collections on hold because of a slowdown in their business.  Poo!  Oh well, I guess that bag will just get extra-giant by the time I take it in. 

I emptied out my fridge of old condiments and a few food items that had to go.  Now, don’t get the wrong idea here… I really try hard not to over-buy food or waste things, but there are still some things that manage to go in there and stay past their prime.  It felt good to get rid of that clutter in the fridge, and to be able to recycle or reuse every container, bottle, or jar.  Here’s what I pulled out:


After this I emptied the dishwasher, did some handwash, and started getting dinner ready.  I made a chicken stir fry with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (ick, for Chris), celery, and broc slaw; I used red wine vinegar, chicken broth, stir-fry sauce, and corn starch to make the sauce to flavor everything up.


It was good, but a little bit salty for me.  I made sure to drink extra water afterward. 

All I could think about after dinner was that yummy Laughing Cow Light experience I had earlier!!!  I kept telling myself not to eat unless I got hungry, but you know how thinking of food can make one hungry, right?  Chris asked if I wanted some wine, so that distracted me for awhile.

But, around 9 I finally broke down and had this:

100_0056All that for about 120 cals 🙂

Well, that’s about it for today.  Tomorrow I think I’m having 2 breakfasts!!  Yay!  My favorite meal 🙂  I’m going to lunch at the Original Pancake House with my mom and one of our friends, so I’m sure that will be my 2nd breakfast of the day.  Oh, one more cute pic of a passed out Lily before I go…