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Monday (and Sunday) mania! April 20, 2009

Whoosh, the last two days have flown by just like that.   Although they didn’t feel so quick at times…


Would you believe me if I told you I got up early on a Sunday to hit the gym??  I knew Chris and I had plans to till and plant the wildflower garden outside, so I had to get in cardio before my 10am yoga class. 

Breakfast before heading out was a bowl of 7 grain cereal with PB, cinnamon, protein powder (?can’t remember!), and topped off with some Soy Vanilla Creamer.


The 45 minutes I had on the stair mill were good and not too tough 🙂  I’ve figured out that the time flies by much faster if I can read something while climbing like a mad woman, so today it was The Economist.  Afterward I had a nice yoga class, except for the fact that I forgot my mat.  Oops!  I spent half the class on a too-thick gym mat, and the other half on the bare (dirty) floor.  I didn’t mind the floor too much since I had more stability and less slippin’ around, though. 

When I got home lunch was in order, and given my slim-ish options I went for a scramble with one egg white, 1 1/2 slices peppered turkey, 3 black olives, and a few diced slices of bell pepp.  On the side are 1/2 of a whole wheat burger bun toasted and adorned with Smart Balance Light, and a Braeburn apple.  My scramble was a little too salty, but I guess that helped rebalance my electolytes after my sweaty morning.


I thought we would be heading out into the yard right about now, but not so.  Chris was watching basketball and procrastinating, so I went grocery shopping.

After our trip to Home Depot the hell began:  pulling weeds, sorting out rocks, tilling, spreading dirt, tilling more, levelling the dirt, spreading seeds, and cordoning off the area from the LB. Phew.  I can’t tell you how many times I said “I hate this” or “this fucking sucks” while we were working, and vowed to never do it again.  But, Chris reminded me that we love the pretty result that is a small wildflower “meadow”, so I shut up eventually.  My mom was kind enough to help out, and since Chris did the tilling I suppose it wasn’t that bad. 

The finished result:


Oh, wait, that’s my happy handful of Genisoy Deep Sea Salted Crisps 🙂  I had those before the work began.  Mid-way through the project I had some grapes, too.  Here’s the pic of the finshed bed:

No, it’s certainly not perfect (all the grass and weeds still in there…), but it’s close enough for government work 😉

Chris and I fired up the BBQ, I prepped some stuff, and we grilled away.  My plate included sliced carrots and orange bell pepp, fresh guac (mama brought me a huge avocado), grilled jalapeno, and grilled chicken breast.  Oh yeah…and some Chardonnay.


Damn wine… I later created some dessert concoctions that I knew were bad, but still readily consumed under the influence of the vino. 1) microwaved marshmallow with PB and pretzel sticks–my very own fluffernutter of sorts; 2) #1 with some Mexican chocolate candy bar in it. 

100_0491 100_0492

I also horfed down like 4 marshmallows separately, some PB, and some pretzel sticks.  Oy vey!  Yeah, let’s close the chapter on that day and move on…


Chris and I wanted to wake up early to talk about our new office/the lease/etc., but that turned into getting up in time enough to go to work at 8:30.  I forgot someone was taking us to lunch until I just finished making Chris’ sandwich, and then he reminded me.  D’oh!  Then I forgot to grab my oatmeal for consumption at work.  Grrr…my steelers!

At work I had a Clif Oatmeal Raisin Walnut bar, so I nuked that and enjoyed it with some coffee.  Nuking bars really adds a whole new dimension to them 🙂


Today we finalized details of the lease on our new space, and looks like we just signed away 5 years of our life!  At least we got a great deal, though 😉  Now I gotta kick things into high gear to design my office’s layout/contents, deal with buying and getting furniture put together and get ready to move.  In six weeks 😐  I see a trip to Ikea in my near future 🙂  I haven’t been to the Portland location since it opened.  Wish me luck getting through the maze in one piece!

Lunch wasn’t photographed since I was in the presence of a new acquaintance.  He’s health minded, but I thought he may view me as a little crazy.  We went to Gustav’s and I had 1/2 a rotisserie turkey sandwich and a cup of lentil soup.  The waitress brought us sourdough rolls, but none of us ate them :(, so I took ’em and thought I could perhaps use one later.

I didn’t really get hungry after lunch, so I didn’t eat.  But by the time I got home around 5 I was getting hungry, and by the time I ate at 6 I was getting ravenous.  This is a dangerous feeling to have, as everything looks and sounds good.  I put a small piece of cheese in my mouth, and a tiny bit of bread.


My dinner was: a hollowed out sourdough roll filled with guacamole, grilled jalapeno, chicken, and romaine; the rest of my 1/2 chicken breast; some grilled bell pepp and carrot, and the rest of my guac.  Yippee!  Yummy!

Chris was kind and brought out two marshmallows for me to roast after dinner. 


I was about to head out to my Agent of Change class when I saw a small army of ants entering my house by the backdoor!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!  We vacuumed them up, sprayed some outside (I know, not a healthy move), and even 5 hours later there are some lingerers.  Where are they coming from?  Are they in the wall?? :shocked:

In class there were brownies, cookies, and more cookies as snacks, but I didn’t have any since I wasn’t hungry.  The sweetness sounded good and I did walk by to take a closer look, but just couldn’t do it.

Once home I was mildly hungry and wanting dessert, so I had the rest of my Genisoy Sweet Crisps.  So good!  I highly recommend the Genisoy Crisps, and hope you’ll try them!!  Even after a week of being open they still seem fresh and crispy 🙂

Chris doesn’t know what the hell I have to write about for so long, so I guess that’s a sign to go, that I’ve written enough  😉

Andrea asked me to post my workouts, so tomorrow I’ll detail my weights and cardio session for ya even more, along with some other grains of wisdom on my Quest to be Fit. 



Three-peat February 22, 2009

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The weekend is already over 😦  Sure felt like it flew by and that I didn’t really get to relax much.

I’m going to be quick so I can get to bed:

Woke up early for a Sunday, made coffee, played with the LB, and nuked my oats:  steel cut oats, 1/2 a ripe nana, cinnamon, chocolate almond milk, almond butter.  Tasty!  I detected the chocolate more in this batch and liked it 🙂


After this I was off to yoga, and The Driz did join the class today!  She did great, too!  Girl, you played like youz  novice, and you looked like a pro 😉  I hit up an upper body workout afterward, and was ruing not hitting the weights for the last 1 1/2 weeks as I did the other workouts.  They are definitely good for the legs, but seem to be lacking for the back and biceps especially.

Once home lunch was a new, delicious creation:  a scramble!  It was one egg + one white, some sliced green bell pepper, left over roasted potato, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and Nature’s Seasons.  I had it served over a piece of whole wheat toast, with some grapes on the side.  Num-num-nummy!


I did a bunch of housework, and was itching to return to the gym to do cardio.  Chris said yesterday that he wanted to go today, so I held off doing it this morning.  I told him to be ready after I got back from the store, but he was still kickin’ it watching TV!  Ahhh!  I was getting a little hungry so I had a snack of lowfat cottage cheese and a handful of Kashi TLC Fire Roasted Vegetable. 


He finally got in the shower and I cleaned the fruits and veggies.  Do you use a fruit wash?  I finally started using one a month ago and can totally tell the difference on my grapes and apples, but not so much on other things. 

Once at the gym I jumped on the elliptical and told Chris I needed at least 30 minutes of cardio.  He was done around 35 minutes; at least I got a good sweat on. 

Here’s where my blog title comes in… not exactly a surprise that we went out to Fajitas for the third night in a row.  I had a small part of a Casuela, a few chips and salsa, and split Carnitas de Pollo with Chris.  Very tasty; I had two tortillas of it.


The restaurant was really busy this weekend, and tonight Noe was all alone serving us.  He brought us a larger than usual La Casa b/c he felt bad the service wasn’t as fast, I think.  I had about half of it.  To. Die. For.

No more food today…that dinner was a little too much and has held me over quite well.  I’m off to bed, and hope to get some good rest.  I didn’t sleep so well last night, although I was in bed and sleeping off and on for about 8 hours.  I love bed, and sometimes miss the days where I would stay in it all day long reading, watching TV, doing crosswords, whatevs.  Do you ever do that?



Best dinner ever! February 16, 2009

Let’s get right to the point, people:  dinner at Typhoon on Valentine’s Day was probably the best dinner I’ve ever had in my life.  I’m struggling to think of anything that continued to amaze me like the 15 items we ate Saturday.  Oh, and the endless supply of great wine.  I’ll give you all the details I can remember in a minute…

Saturday started with my headache being horrible and me feeling quite icky from it.  I got up thinking I may go to pilates, but just didn’t feel well enough by the time 9:30 rolled around.  I made coffee, and ate my traditional oats; this was the last of the Barney Butter. 


I was feelin’ better after breakfast, but still not quite right.  I slept a little on the couch; felt so good 🙂

Lunch was two eggs scrambled (accidentally dropped in the 2nd yolk!) in a whole wheat tortilla with a wedge of LCL.  I also had my apple from Friday that I never ate.  Damn pithy Jonagolds got the best of me last week.

The afternoon rolled around and Chris and I mosied to the gym.  The basketball backboard wasn’t quite fixed yet, but they opened up the court and guys were playing half court games.  They got booted at 3pm, tho, for the boot camp class, no pun intended.  😦  That cut my cardio shorter than I’d hoped. 

After getting home I pampered myself a little by painting my toenails.  Sounds rather ordinary, but I haven’t done this in MONTHS.  Last time my little piggies were painted was in September if you can believe it!

Now comes the exciting part…after getting all gussied up Chris and I arrived at Typhoon around 7 for our special group dinner, and so the ecstasy began!  Wine abounded–no corkage fee and lots of people in the wine industry equals tons of great wine!  We brought Kim Crawford 2007 Sauvingnon Blanc, and we also consumed Willakenzie 2007 Pinot Gris, Vidon 2007 Pinot Noir (excellent for such a young wine!!), and some Mumm Napa sparkling white. 

First dish was some sort of mini roll served in a wine glass with a sweet sauce.  No idea what was in here, but it was yummy and hot!


Next came spinach wraps, and vegetable spring rolls.  Mmmmmm!  The wraps had freeze dried shrimp, sliced hot peppers, jicama, peanuts, fried rice noodles (?), and sweet chili sauce to put inside as we pleased.  The rolls were perfectly yummy.


Here we paused for a little gift bag and drawing from our lovely hosts, Eric and Bennie.  We got a bag of Hershey kisses, and some of us got a number for drawing prizes.  Chris and I got to choose between wine, a gift card to Red Robin, and a gift card back to Typhoon…Chris chose Typhoon!  Perfect for me any day!


Next was where the mind was blown!!  Bo Kline’s clam chowder with lemongrass.  Holy. Moley. I know it sounds odd, but if you ever get a chance to visit a Typhoon you MUST try this soup.  Even if you don’t like chowder or lemongrass, somehow I think you will like love this.  I really had to resist eating more than a cup of it.


Up next was a cascading delivery of incredibly yumminess in the form of like 8 dinner entrees and sides. Forgive me I do not know the names of them all! Flaming fish, pineapple curry, green beans, beef with heavenly sauce and peanuts, drunken noodles, fried rice, crab pad thai, and another I can’t remember at this point!  Everything was soooooooooo gooooooood.  This really was heaven on a plate.  I had a little more of the curry since that’s my 2nd love…


I ate plenty, and was full, but thankfully not gut-bustingly-uncomfortably full.  Dessert was really unexciting if you ask me, probably a good thing since dinner was so fabulous.  It was sticky rice and a custard; I had a few bites, but no need to post the pic since it wasn’t so pretty.

After dinner we went to a little bar called Friends in Beaverton, and proceeded to listen to and do some karaoke and drinking.  I didn’t do either, but had fun.  We left around 1am, and I didn’t end up getting in bed until about 1:45.  :sleepy:


I was dead tired in the morning, but still got up for yoga 🙂  My breakfast was a cereal mess…inspired by all you fabu bloggers out there who display these frequently.  Barbara’s Shredded Oats, Fred Meyer Shredded Wheat, and chai spice cereal I can’t remember the name of now.  It was tasty!


Yoga was great today, and since I knew I was heading back to the gym later with Chris I didn’t do anything else after class.  In between gym sessions I did a little cleaning and ate lunch.  A rather boring experience… one scrambled egg on a toast butt with 1/2 a wedge LCL, and 1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese.  Sorely lacking in fresh fruit or veg, right?


Sometime afterward we went to the gym around 3, and I started off with cardio so I could get in my full 45 minutes to an hour.  I did 35 minutes of fast intervals on the stair mill, and then about 10 minutes on the elliptical.  Chris got booted from the basketball court again, but for volleyball this time.  He was kind enough to let me do an ab workout before leaving, though.  This time I did the Your Flat-Abs Handbook, and it was great!  Lots of stuff for the obliques, and it seemed to be quite effective.

Once home I had a choc. protein shake, and we did some yard work.  I raked around the barkdust to prevent Lily’s footsies from being so messy when she plays catch.  She has done a number on the lawn, too, so I staked & twined off an area in the hopes that it will recover a bit.


You won’t believe it, but we went to Mexican for dinner again. That is like 6 nights in a row we ate out 😦  Bad bad bad bad bad!  I tried to control myself and didn’t have a Casuela, and only had one chicken taco and chips & salsa.  I watched Chris eat a cheeseburger with a fried egg jalapenos, and fries on the side; I almost asked him for a taste at one point it looked so good.



After dinner came shopping at PetSmart and Fred Meyer.  Nothing too exciting here.  Lily had fun sniffing around at PetSmart, and nearly pulled me over she’s so strong!

Once home I unpacked everything and dove into the work recyling.  It took me over an hour to sort out, wash, and put away all the stuff!  That was two weeks’ worth of recycling, and really wasn’t too bad to deal with.

Afterward I rewarded myself with some tasty fruit:  a beautiful Fuji, eaten European style with a knife.  Mmmmmm….. I’m so glad to have crisp, yummy apples again 🙂


Chris later attacked my Maranatha with some Ritz, and I couldn’t forego that a.b. action, so I had one cracker with probably 1/2 a tbsp of a.b.  Very good indeed!

I was going to post this last night (Sunday), but Chris and I kind of got into a tiff and I had to hold off.  Thanks for checking back and reading, though!  I’ll be posting about today (Monday) shortly…. stay tuned.


Maranatha vs. Barney Butter February 8, 2009

I’m down to the bottom of the Barney Butter jar and figured I should pick up some new almond butter soon, so I grabbed a jar of Maranatha crunchy today at Freddy’s.  Erin loves Maranatha, and I’ve only ever tried Barney Butter and store ground stuff, so I thought I’d do a taste test and review the two brands.  There were like 5 kinds of Maranatha…raw, crunchy, creamy, roasted, etc.  I went with the No Stir Crunchy, which is roasted.


Wow, what a difference between the two!  I now understand why Erin was like “BB ain’t all that” or something along those lines.  Maranatha is the polite, well-behaved, refined version of almond butter (think classical music), and Barney Butter is the all-out, in-your-face-roasted-taste, rock star opposite (think heavy-metal).  The flavor nuances of Maranatha are much more pronounced than the rather one-note Barney Butter. 

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I really like Barney Butter, especially the huge chunks of almonds in it 🙂  However, I do like the smooth, more complex flavors of Maranatha.  If you’re looking for something unlike peanut butter definitely give Maranatha a try.  Barney Butter really does taste like peanut butter and have the same texture, whereas Maranatha is quite different.  I also like that Maranatha doesn’t seem as oily at BB, nor as sticky on the tongue.  Here’s the nutrition comparison:


More power to you in your almond butter journeys!

Back to the normal blog scene for me: daily eats.  This weekend has felt like a nosh-fest 😦  I ate too much, drank too much, and gave in to cravings more than I have for awhile.

Saturday breakfast:  shredded wheat with 1/2 a nana and almond milk.


Chris and I took his car out to wine country for an event at WillaKenzie.  It was a gorgeous day and riding with the top down was really fun.  We stopped at his favorite sandwich place, Phil’s, for lunch.  Here’s where it went downhill… this beauty is a Fajita sandwich.


This was really good and left me feeling (over) satiated and somewhat guilty.  Whole wheat bread, cheddar and provolone cheeses, grilled chicken, pepperoncinis, green bell pepp, onion, olives, lettuce, and sour cream.  Yum-o-rama!

We then went to WillaKenzie and met some of Chris’ clients for the annual Valentine’s tasting and wine release.  First we tasted a Pinot Gris (I skipped the tuna food pairing); second came a Pinot Meunier with a TJ’s French truffle. Ooh baby, they are soooooo good! 


I grabbed the double truffle 🙂

Next up was the Clonale 113, served with a civet of wild boar and chickpeas (I abstained but photographed).  I liked this wine a lot.



We were a bit warm, so we headed down to the patio for some cool air.  Such a beautiful day and a beautiful view!


Back inside for more wine… up next was Clonale 114, served with a pate of some sort on toast (I abstained).  We went on a tour at 3, and tasted the Plaisir a Trois while listening to Thibaud, the winemaker, discuss the wines, winemaking, cellaring, and more.  Each year WillaKenzie orders about 200 new barrels at a cost of $900k!  Holy shit, I had no idea barrels were that expensive.  Well worth it to impart good flavor on the wines, though.


After tasting this and a barrel sample of the Wasenwail clone, we headed back upstairs for the final tasting and food pairing:  Late Harvest Pinot Gris with a Rogue River blue cheese terrine with walnuts and apple.  Holy.  Moley.  This was an insane flavor combination that I just had to have again!!!  I don’t normally go for the funky cheeses, but this was divinely prepared and paired ecstasy on the tongue. 


We hit up a few of the stations again (truffles!), and called it a day around 4:30 or so.  Even though the sun was low and it was cold, we drove back with the top down again and the heat blasting.  It really was a great drive in beautiful country 🙂

On the way home Chris and I talked ourselves into going to Mexican for dinner at Fajitas (yeah, that took a lot of convincing–not).  I can’t believe I had like half of a Casuela 😦  I ate one tortilla full of Carnitas de pollo, but couldn’t stop picking at the plate afterwards.




After dinner I developed a nasty headache.  While wine tasting I had only one glass of wine really, but the variety of wines and timing of drinking kinda screwed me up I think.  Allergies didn’t help either…

Eventually I got a craving for something, and ate a few bricks of Cadbury milk chocolate with almonds. 


I passed out on the couch at 10 and went to bed around 11.


Getting up this morning was hard, mostly b/c I still had that damn headache.  What is it with me and headaches lately?  Yoga sounded like a good idea, though, so I pulled my ass outta bed and got ready.

Breakfast was shredded wheat with sliced strawberries and almond milk, and coffee with Silk vanilla creamer.  The cereal combo was a bit sour from the not-so-tasty strawberries…perhaps I should invest in some Stevia.


Yoga was good, but for being next to a really loud breather.  Same thing in Pilates yesterday.  Totally drives me crazy and I really can’t seem to zone it out.  It’s not Lamaze class, people!

After class I came home and determined I could not take the disgusting kitchen that had developed:  clean dishwasher needing unloading, sink and counter full of dirty dishes, etc.  Cleaning felt good and wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Lunch time came around and wasn’t sure what to eat…protein shake with other stuff?  Egg?  Tortilla?  I settled on one egg and one egg white scrambled, put in a tortilla with 1/2 a wedge LCL.  Nummy.  I also had half of a Jonagold, and some Kashi Fire Roasted Veggie crackers with the other half of my LCL wedge.


After my grocery shopping I did the almond butter taste test as a snack.  I tell ya, it really is amazing how varied the same product can be.  It is fun to try the various kinds, tho.

Dinner time rolled around and I got to preparing ground beef soft tacos.  I sauteed the beef with onion, chile powder, Nature’s Seasons, Tabasco, salsa, and BBQ seasoning.  For taco fillers I had a little homemade guac, reduced fat sour cream, more salsa, a little medium cheddar, romaine, and pickled jalapenos.  Whoa, mama, those jalapenos were spiiiiiiiiiicy!  🙂


I totally shouldn’t have, but I ate a second one 😐  Oy vey. 

After a bit Chris started saying he wishes he could have a Casuela at Fajitas, to which I responded he was crazy and that I didn’t feel like going out, esp. just for a drink.  After about an hour of his pouting in a cute way I somehow gave in and we went for bebidas.

Remember those jeans that I fit into Friday?  Well, they felt a bit tighter tonight.  Amazing how the body can change in a few days.


Of course they brought us chips, and I couldn’t resist having a few.  Noe, our waiter, also brought us La Casa!  It was sooooooooooooo tasty, and I’m sure it had like 400 cals.  Oops!  There goes the day’s health watch…

So here we are, at the end of a weekend that disappeared before I knew it, and it is already after 11.  Boo.  Can we rewind the clocks a day or two? 

Did you all have a good weekend?  I hope so!  I’m off to take Lily outside one more time and hit the hay.  Oyasuminasai (good night in Japanese) :Z


One dimensional meals February 1, 2009

Erin, you’re a genius.  I wasn’t sure what to call my recent disgust with foods related to my brief, albeit impactful, is aversive conditioning.  And it’s making me not want to eat much of anything complex, green, or healthy for that matter.  I think I’m getting some junk-like cravings b/c I haven’t had good nutrition for several days now.  My eats today did involve a little variety, but otherwise seemed incredibly one dimensional and lazy (read:  carb-o-licious).

Morning came far too quickly and I wanted to stay in bed when the alarm went off at 8:30.  But, I knew yoga would be good, so I got up, made some coffee, and had a bowl of Barbara’s Shredded Oats with unsweetened almond milk.  Plain, but good! 


Love the pic of that oh-so-happy family on the cereal box that I inadvertently captured with my breakfast.  They’re all so happy for Barbara’s products 🙂

Yoga was the busy beast I’ve come to love, and it kicked my weeny ass today.  Get this, holding my arms up in Warrior Two was super tough!  That took me by surprise.  Yet somehow I did a million planks without pussying out and doing the modified version.  ??  Whatevs.  Afterward I wasn’t feeling up to the add’l workout I’d planned in my mind, so I went home.

Lily was drooling a lot when I arrived!  😐  It was so weird!  She hardly ever drools, and I figured out it was just one side of her mouth.  Because she was acting totally normal we didn’t freak out…we googled it and surmised that she had hurt that side of her mouth or had a tooth issue.  The drooling stopped within an hour, thankfully, and she’s still her crazy, cute little self.  I wonder if dogs can bite their cheeks like humans can.

My lunch was a bit different today:  one tortilla spread with 1/2 a wedge LCL, then topped with a tiny bit of shredded medium cheddar cheese (can’t remember last time I had chedda!), then grilled til golden and melty; one cup of Dannon Light’n’Fit strawberry; followed by one Fuji apple.  All in all a yummy, strange lunch.



I used to live off of tortillas and cheese heated up in the micro or on the stove.  I think I would still live off of it if I could…that melty goodness is SO tasty and hard to beat.  When I was a kid I LOVED melting cheese on Doritos.  (Gawd, the thought of that is making me drool now!)

Chris and I went in to work for a little while, mostly to figure out how to open his file cabinet since he lost the only key.  We arrived to see this flock of geese wandering through the complex.  So cute!  That guy in the foreground was stretching and put his leg straight back, and then the same side’s wing straight back!  Talk about balance!  He would be a great yoga master 🙂


Chris and I were able to jimmy the top door of his filing cabinet open, and then unscrew the locking mechanism from the lock itself to get the drawers unlocked.  Voila, open sesame!  No, we’ve never broken into anything before…and we had quite the comedy going on with this one for like an hour.  I even called locksmiths and asked if they could make a key based on the code on the lock.  Well, usually that can work, but this particular lock was put on furniture made by over 30 manufacturers, with over 10 different lock styles and key possibilities, meaning it still would have been a pain in the ass to figure out.  😐 

We came home so Chris could watch the Superbowl.  I totally despise NFL football, or just about any football for that matter, and kept myself busy for awhile by going to the grocery store.  Before I left I ate a handful of Wheat Thins Toasted Chips with the other half of my LCL wedge from earlier.  These chips have HFCS, dammit!  I guess HFCS is used instead of sugar for the browning properties it provides.  Hmmmph.  They were an impulse buy b/c of price, but I really do like the flavor.  Back to Kashi or Stacy’s when they’re gone I guess.


I got some new things at the store:  organic butternut squash soup carton on sale for $1.67, Fred Meyer Shredded Wheat cereal, curry powder, white vinegar, and Romaine lettuce.  It took me forever to settle on a cereal.  I wanted something with high fiber, low sugar, some protein, and versatility.  Most everything was $5/box or had like 30 ingredients, so that’s why I got the s.w.–the only ingredient is wheat and they were like $2.69 🙂  The vinegar is for cleaning the house–no more chemicals or having to pay for green pre-mixed cleaners!

For dinner Chris wanted pork chops and oven potato fries, and I wanted to go nuts with the butternut and the soup, so somehow all worked out well.  I nuked the b-nut whole for 5 minutes, then cut the upper section into cubes and sauteed it with some onion, a tiny bit of EVOO, and a tiny bit of butter 😉  I haven’t used butter for a few months in my home cooking.  Chris’ fries were really easy:  cut potatoes into wedges lengthwise, put on baking sheet skin side down, spray with non-stick spray, sprinkle with seasonings, and cook at 425 for 25-30 minutes.  I heated a little bit of the b-nut soup, added some of the sauteed b-nut/onion, and curry powder, and had a little bit of a pork chop along with the rest of the b-nut/onion saute.  I also ate a few of Chris’ fries 🙂


Chris’ pork chop was riding along on my plate here.  I ate most of the soup and b-nut on the side, and about half of my pork chop before feeling really, really full. 

While cleaning up after dinner I also cleaned out the fridge.  I felt bad b/c I wasted more food this week than in a long time:  chicken that went bad before we ate it, leftover meatloaf we didn’t eat, green leaf lettuce that makes me want to puke, a few pieces of tofu that do the same, and some limp celery.  😦  Not good people, not good… I hate wasting food and feel quite guilty, esp. about the chicken.

I moved on to the recycling, organized a tad, did some laundry…blah blah blah, got hungry and decided to have a snack.  I finished off the box of PB Puffins with almond milk.  They were better tonight than yesterday.


 Crikey, it is like 10:35 already. I think I’d like to end the day by watching a little TV in bed before falling asleep 🙂  I’ve been one cold lady tonight, and getting warm in bed sounds heavenly.


Weekend wrap up January 18, 2009

Aw, so sad that the weekend’s over already 😦  It was fast but good for the most part. 


I went to bed too late Friday night (or Saturday a.m. I guess), and getting up at 7 to get ready for the first Master Recycler program field trip was tough!  I was excited to see the various locations on our agenda, though 🙂  I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat again until after 1pm, so I had the rest of my oatmeal squares with lots of almond milk, and my usual coffee with sf vanilla Coffeemate. 









It was SO cold and frosty out!  We started our field trip where we have class, and then went to the Blue Heron Paper Mill, KB Recycling, and the Metro central transfer station.  Wow, an eye opening experience that was informative, and a bit stinky 😉  I’ll be posting details and pics about it on a new page under The Three R’s.  But, a few pics for your amusement:



Haha!  See, recycling can be fun!





This was on a conveyor belt at the paper mill…I think it is the machine that separates out all of the bulky non-paper shit mixed in with the recycled paper (cans, bottles, etc.).


The paper mill is helping to reduce carbon output…with a bold gathering of ferns hanging on to this structure.


Don’t laugh.  That’s beautiful, tired me with a huge stack of recycled paper at KB Recycling.  This place is like a mile from my house and I never knew it existed!  Wow my teeth are yellow.


After materials are sorted they are baled together.  The baler squeezes them out slowly like a big turd!  Gawd, am I obscene or what?


This was just laying on the floor around the bales!  Had to take a pic b/c it was just so weird to see.


Some great facts about the hazardous waste collected in the area.  WOW, that’s a lot of stuff saved from polluting our environment through improper disposal.

We got back to the starting point around 1:45 or 2, and I was getting a big hangry.  I had to run an errand, forgot to run another one since I had food and the evening’s events on the brain.  BTW, I think I totally smelled like trash from the waste station…my shoes reeked from the goo I walked in, and I think my clothes had a little funk going on.  Peee-eeew!  Great reason to reduce the organic matter in your trash; keep that stuff out and the trash will smell a whole lot better 🙂

When I got home I snarfed down a small slice of leftover pizza, and made a random wrap with grilled chicken, butternut squash fries, LCL, and ground pepper. Totally weird, but not too bad.


I was really tired and desperately wanted to just relax, but Chris needed a haircut and we basically had to get ready to go to his dinner event.  My shower pepped me up a bit, and before I knew it we were off to the Pearl District, specifically Andina.

Chris’ event went well, the food was really yummy, and the room we were in was great!  Here’s what I ate:


White sangria with pineapple :)Bread with three yummy sauces Uh, where'd the bread pic go? Quinoa studded fried prawns with spicy sauce

Chicken with a yummy tomato ragout

Chicken with a yummy tomato ragout

Goat cheese and lemon flan
Goat cheese and lemon flan

Dude, I was full!  But not too horribly.  Everything was tasty, had great flavor nuances, and was served beautifully as you can tell 🙂  Afterward we joined a friend and his girlfriend at The Vault/V.  It was a nice evening all in all, but I started getting a nasty migraine while still at V.  Thankfully a tortilla, some ibuprofen, and sleeping pill helped put me out of my misery when I got home around 11:15.  Fuck, that was a long day!


I woke up with a remnant of my headache, but I really wanted to go to yoga so I made myself get up, drank some coffee, had some more ibuprofen, and was rarin’ to go for class.  I was totally out of my normal breakfast items, so I ended up eating Dannon Light’n’Fit vanilla and a Luna Iced Oatmeal Raisin bar.  That bar was great! I highly recommend it 🙂


Yoga was really great today–very active, refreshing, cleansing, and balancing 🙂  Yay for yoga!

I ran to the grocery store afterward, and tried out a new thing today:  using my own containers for meat and bulk items, and using no bags at all for veggies/fruits.  May sound lame, but I had never used my own containers for bulk/veg/fruit…I usually bring bag a plastic bag to reuse.  Today I had large cottage cheese containers in hand, and asked a customer service rep exactly how I needed to proceed so as to not get charged for the container’s weight.  It was easy, and I’ll totally be doing this from now on for whatever items I can.  The butcher got a kick out of my request, and wanted to put the container in a plastic bag 😐  Then she realized it kinda missed the point 😉

On the way home I decided I wanted breakfast for lunch, specifically cereal.  But I also added in an apple and some cottage cheese.  The Braeburn apple was pithy, dammit.  Now I remember why I stopped getting them.


And, on to my second course…Peanut butter Puffins!!!  Barbara’s cereals were on sale 2/$5, and b/c I see these around the blog world all the time I thought I’d give them a try with some almond milk.  VERY tasty.  Loved ’em.  The texture was a bit rough on the mouth at times, so I’ll just have to let them soak more in the future.  I may have to sneak a few in as a snack tonight…


I scrambled to get ready to pick up my dad and Liz from the airport, and after that stopped at the car wash.  (My car was SO dirty from the snow and rain!)

After I got home I sorted out the office recycling, and reorganized my recycling stockpile in the garage.   (Are regular light bulbs hazardous?  Can I recycle them, too?)  I whipped out my new stick vac and cleaned up the house a bit–love it!  No more big, stinky vacuum to haul around for daily touch ups, and no more dirty broom. 

I had a nanner for a snack, and just for shits’n’giggles I decided to weigh it.  I even tared out the peel!


Anywho, eventually Maria called and we were off to Fajitas for dinner.  I had my trusty tortilla soup and a Diet Coke.  And the fabu La Casa followed.  Chris’ mondo burrito is pictured in the background.



BTW, I’m eating a small bowl of puffins right now 😉

Well, that is about all, peeps.  Thanks for sticking with me for the long post, and I swear I’ll get The Three R’s all jazzed up with some great info for you soon.  Maybe even tonight!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by 😉


Super Sunday January 11, 2009

Woo hoo, I got some sleep last night!  I set the alarm for 8 so I could get up, eat, all that jazz, before yoga, but it was so hard to get out of bed.  I really wanted to sleep in all morning, but finally dragged my ass out of bed at 8:45. 

Coffee, oatmeal, and a little blogging followed.  I was really slow and clumsy for a little while, but eventually I perked up and was glad I got up instead of sleeping more.


Around 9:40 I left for yoga, and arrived to find the studio already open (no class beforehand) and the room really full already.  Wowza, that was one full class today.  We had to stagger and get pretty close, and the body heat was pretty intense.  It was a good class, tho!!  Loved it!! I was totally expecting to suck but actually did rather well and felt great.  So great, in fact that I did a half hour of intervals on the stair mill afterward.  Yay!

I ran to Costco afterward to pick up some laundry detergent, and ended up coming home with a stick vacuum, too!!  I’ve had my eye on the Electrolux Ergorapido for a long time now, and decided that having easily cleaned floors was worth the $90.  I hate sweeping with a passion, and I hate getting out the big vacuum to do the hard floors even more.  It is charging now and tomorrow I should be able to report on how the initial use goes. 

When I got home I was famished and really wanted something yummy and a little different.  I opted for a spinach salad with turkey, egg white, apple, shaved Parmesan, red wine vinegar, and black pepper.  The spinach was tough 😦  So sad!  It is a fresh bag with a date 1 week from now and I’m so upset it is not tender.  Boo.  I had the rest of the Pink Lady apple and some cottage cheese on the side.


I began cleaning and organizing, and a few hours later I was hungry again, so I had some yogurt with sliced almonds and 1/2 a banana, and a grapefruit.  Yummy!  The grapefruit was really ruby red and juicy, and although it was a tad bitter I did not add sugar and loved it as it was 😉


More cleaning and organizing, a shower (yes, finally, ew) later and we headed out for a roundabout of tasks.  I dropped Chris off at the gym and went to Goodwill to donate a whole trunk full of stuff.  Whew, that felt good to finally clear it out and help others in the process.  Then I ventured inside the store (an outlet store) and was almost horrified at first.  Imagine diving in giant bins of secondhand goods in a big open, stinky warehouse.  Wow.  It was intense.  I looked at some of the clothes, furniture, etc, and decided to head out without getting anything.  I think I’ll stick to the regular retail-style thrift store in the future. 

After the store and picking up Chris we headed to dinner at Fajitas.  My mom met us there.  I had part of a Casuela (super boozy tonight! :/), chips and salsa, and a ground beef taco.  I know I should have had chicken, but the beef sounded tastier. 



And, of course, I had La Casa to wrap things up.  This is such a sinful mix…I asked again what is in it and found out it is made with 1/2 & 1/2, not milk!  Eeeek.  So, all in all it is 1/2 & 1/2, ice cream, and Bailey’s blended with a nice dash of cinnamon on top.  I drank the whole thing b/c the convo was a bit stressful. 

I became really tired at dinner and coupled with the convo that put me in a funk.  After I got home I went into a tissy and began ripping nails out of the walls and hanging art that has been sitting on the floor in my  spare bedroom for far too long.  I’ve lived in this house for 4 years, and only had a few things on the wall.  Most of our walls were riddled with nails that Chris’ ex put everywhere, and they were all way too high for enjoying any art.  I hope Chris likes the new configuration…he’s out right now.  He was resistant to me taking down his old posters and hanging real art, but I think he’ll either like it or just deal with it.  It has really bothered me that for 4 years I haven’t had hardly any of my art hanging.  When my mom moved this summer I took a smattering of her art that I like, and that is most of what I hung up.

BTW, I say “my spare bedroom” b/c we have a 3 bd. house, and one of the bd’s is my closet; I call it my bedroom.  Now if I can just clean out the rest of the extra shit that has accumulated in there…

Well, it is almost 11:30 and I’m ready for bed.  I hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready for a great week ahead!!  I’m glad I had a productive Sunday, and look forward to enjoying my clean house and my new vacuum all week.  Cheers 🙂