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How did I…. December 1, 2009

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Make it through the whole month of November and only post once?!  I suck!!  Chris and I moved on Nov. 7, and life has been a blur since then.  Where has the time gone?  I’m totally reeling that today is December 1st.  😐

You’ll have to bear with me… I don’t have my camera cord at work, nor can I plug the card into the CPU, so all you get it text, people!  I’ve taken some great pics of food here and there, but for the most part I haven’t eaten well and haven’t exercised in like forever.  I’m having some issues with body image b/c of how the bod is looking these days, and the fact that I now have like 10 large mirrors around the house.  Handy for getting dressed, not handy for freaky critical ladies like me to evaluate the bod!

On a great note, Chris, Lily, and I love the new house 🙂  Our move sucked b/c of the torrential rain that day, but the process went just fine (and we managed to avoid killing each other ;))  We hosted Thanksgiving at our house, and when all was said and done we were quite proud to invite our families into our home and serve them a wonderful holiday meal.  I was in charge of the following dishes:

  • turkey
  • mushroom dressing (vegan)
  • mushroom gravy (vegan)
  • mashed potatoes (vegetarian)
  • root vegetable gratin (vegetarian)
  • green bean casserole (vegetarian)
  • pumpkin pie

Leading up to Thanksgiving I was torn over whether or not to eat turkey/non-veg items.  Poultry is my veg weakness it seems, and that bird was talking to me all afternoon while I roasted it.   I had a small piece of white meat, but otherwise my meal was vegetarian.  I should have just made mashed or roasted sweet potatoes, as my gratin just wasn’t quite right.  Okay, but odd–garlic and nutmeg in the same dish?  Okay, Gourmet, I trusted you but am not convinced. 

I was such a proud little domestic goddess in the week leading up to Thanksgiving.  I planned the menu meticulously, created a Turkey Day Timeline for prep and cooking, and then went and got the flu 😐  Gah!  Thankfully I had picked up the turkey the Friday before T-Day, but I was illin’ when I intended to do my fresh food shopping on Tuesday.  By the time I got to the store Wednesday there were no green beans, no Brussels sprouts, hardly any parsnips, no white, cremini, or dried porcini mushrooms, and like 10 sweet potatoes to choose from.  Gah!  I ended up nixing my Brussels sprout dish (boo!!), went with frozen green beans, subbed in mini mushrooms and mixed dried, and all turned out okay. 

After Thanksgiving Chris and I enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend at home.  Our new neighborhood has lots of walking paths, and butts up to two schools.  We take Lily for walks, and play ball with her at the school, and so far she’s loving the new neighborhood, too 🙂  I wish it weren’t getting dark so early so we could walk more after work…summer, where did you go!?!

It has been so beautiful here in Portland this fall–lots of sun, and not much rain (but for that week we moved!!).  The tree outside my office has lost its leaves, so now my office gets more light and I have a bigger view.  I love the crisp fall days, the remaining colorful leaves, and the beautiful sunsets.  I’m totally in need of getting my holiday baking on!!!  I almost make cookies this weekend…. I’ve got a leaf-shaped cookie cutter begging to be used 🙂

As you may have noticed I’ve all but abandoned the blogosphere 😦  Not intentionally, but because I’ve had so many things distracting me, I’ve not had internet access at home (and probably won’t), and I’ve honestly felt a little guilty.  Because I don’t eat as well, am not working out, etc., I feel bad in a way.  Since I can’t share my triumphs and glories of fitness and food I’m not as jazzed about blogging.  I kind of feel like I’ve let y’all down a little cuz I’m not as inspirational as I was 😐  Nameen?

Oh, dude, I almost forgot…. I hit my one year blogiversary in early November!  I think it was the 7th…  Can’t believe it has been one year, and that I’ve made so much progress in that timeframe.  I know, I know,  was just ranting about letting you (me?) down, but in reality I do feel proud that I shed nearly 30 lbs. and got my ass in better shape by working hard, eating well, and using the blogging community for support, inspiration, and resources. 

Enough of this novel!  Words without pics are boring, no?  Thanks for reading, bloggies!  I’ve missed you and hope to reconnect more soon!  Hope you all had a fabu Thanksgiving and are excited for the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!


Blast off February 13, 2009

I looked up a bunch of workout programs today on and honed in on the following:

  1. The Ultimate Ab Workout Plan (4 weeks long)
  2. Get a Bikini Body in 4 Weeks
  3. Your Flat-Abs Handbook
  4. Lose Every Bulge in 3 Weeks (some Hollywood inspired thing)
  5. Bikini Body Workout:  Complete Cardio and Sculpting Routine

Tonight I did #2 and the first week’s plan for #1.  I am amazed that the moves look easy but are pretty challenging, and left me sweating a bit 🙂  I felt like a total dork at first busting out the routines, but then got the hang of things.  I’m desperate to blast off some calories and flab before leaving for my vacation, so I hope this change of pace kicks my ass into better shape a little faster.  I figured that I should be down about another few pounds by now since I’m three months in to working out and eating less…just more motivation to step it up a bit for the next 5 weeks.

Have any of you done these types of workouts (i.e. 4 wk program/fitness magazine programs) and had good results??  I’d really like to hear your take on them, so please de-lurk and let me know!

The Day’s Eats and Activities

Erin asked a question today about what we do first thing in the morning…today was really bad as I hit the snooze button for like an hour before getting up!!!  And I still wanted to go back to bed after that. 

Since I got a late start I ate breakfast at home again and made coffee.  Nummy steel cut oats, raisins, Barney Butter, cinnamon, almond milk, water.


I was busy at work and didn’t end up eating until lunch until about 2.  My wrap was a little different today, and yummy!  Whole wheat tortilla, dried cranberry crusted goat cheese, peppered turkey, romaine.  My Jonagold was pithy again 😦  At least the Kashi TLC were tasty!  I ran out of turkey and romaine so my wrap was a little empty 😦


After busting my ass to get ready for my 4pm meeting I was stood up 😦  Hey, it happens here and there…People get busy and forget about meetings sometimes, esp. when they’re scheduled a quarter in advance.

I guess Chris thought I agreed to go to Mexican again tonight, as he came in to my office around 5 and started speaking of such things.  Say what?  I thought he was crazy, but whatever, I was a kind partner and agreed to go as usual. 

We went to Si Senor, where I had a massive Diet Coke, chips & salsa, and one chicken taco.  Simple, tasty, perfect portion size.  ‘Nuf said.


That’s Chris’ huge margarita in the background.

I hit up the gym around 8 and busted out the aforementioned workout, plus a 3-way cardio sesh of 15 minutes of intervals on each the stair mill, elliptical, and treadmill.  I was watching 30 Rock while on the treadmill and laughed out loud a few times…it was so funny!  I don’t watch it that often and was totally amused.

Once home afterward a little shaky-poo was calling my name…


The all-star lineup, posing next to the finished product.  I used 1 cup almond milk, 3+ TBSP shake mix, ~1/2 TBSP Maranatha, and 1/2 a nanner.  SO yummy and satisfying!!!  BTW, I love my Braun hand blender and it’s multiple attachments.  It is powerful and really easy to use, and all the attachments can go right in the dishwasher.

Guess what?!  It’s after midnight, so technically that means it is Friday!!!  Yippee!  This week has gone by pretty slowly; not bad really, just annoying.

What are you all doing for Valentine’s Day?  V-Day is a tough one…so many people get caught up in the perfect gift or the perfect dinner… I like to just focus on those I love 🙂  Chris and I are joining a group of mostly strangers at Typhoon for a multi-course meal.  I’m totally hoping it is just 8 courses of curry and not too much seafood 🙂  I need to get me some curry on a more regular basis!!

Happy Friday to you 🙂  Toodle-oo.


Super Sunday January 11, 2009

Woo hoo, I got some sleep last night!  I set the alarm for 8 so I could get up, eat, all that jazz, before yoga, but it was so hard to get out of bed.  I really wanted to sleep in all morning, but finally dragged my ass out of bed at 8:45. 

Coffee, oatmeal, and a little blogging followed.  I was really slow and clumsy for a little while, but eventually I perked up and was glad I got up instead of sleeping more.


Around 9:40 I left for yoga, and arrived to find the studio already open (no class beforehand) and the room really full already.  Wowza, that was one full class today.  We had to stagger and get pretty close, and the body heat was pretty intense.  It was a good class, tho!!  Loved it!! I was totally expecting to suck but actually did rather well and felt great.  So great, in fact that I did a half hour of intervals on the stair mill afterward.  Yay!

I ran to Costco afterward to pick up some laundry detergent, and ended up coming home with a stick vacuum, too!!  I’ve had my eye on the Electrolux Ergorapido for a long time now, and decided that having easily cleaned floors was worth the $90.  I hate sweeping with a passion, and I hate getting out the big vacuum to do the hard floors even more.  It is charging now and tomorrow I should be able to report on how the initial use goes. 

When I got home I was famished and really wanted something yummy and a little different.  I opted for a spinach salad with turkey, egg white, apple, shaved Parmesan, red wine vinegar, and black pepper.  The spinach was tough 😦  So sad!  It is a fresh bag with a date 1 week from now and I’m so upset it is not tender.  Boo.  I had the rest of the Pink Lady apple and some cottage cheese on the side.


I began cleaning and organizing, and a few hours later I was hungry again, so I had some yogurt with sliced almonds and 1/2 a banana, and a grapefruit.  Yummy!  The grapefruit was really ruby red and juicy, and although it was a tad bitter I did not add sugar and loved it as it was 😉


More cleaning and organizing, a shower (yes, finally, ew) later and we headed out for a roundabout of tasks.  I dropped Chris off at the gym and went to Goodwill to donate a whole trunk full of stuff.  Whew, that felt good to finally clear it out and help others in the process.  Then I ventured inside the store (an outlet store) and was almost horrified at first.  Imagine diving in giant bins of secondhand goods in a big open, stinky warehouse.  Wow.  It was intense.  I looked at some of the clothes, furniture, etc, and decided to head out without getting anything.  I think I’ll stick to the regular retail-style thrift store in the future. 

After the store and picking up Chris we headed to dinner at Fajitas.  My mom met us there.  I had part of a Casuela (super boozy tonight! :/), chips and salsa, and a ground beef taco.  I know I should have had chicken, but the beef sounded tastier. 



And, of course, I had La Casa to wrap things up.  This is such a sinful mix…I asked again what is in it and found out it is made with 1/2 & 1/2, not milk!  Eeeek.  So, all in all it is 1/2 & 1/2, ice cream, and Bailey’s blended with a nice dash of cinnamon on top.  I drank the whole thing b/c the convo was a bit stressful. 

I became really tired at dinner and coupled with the convo that put me in a funk.  After I got home I went into a tissy and began ripping nails out of the walls and hanging art that has been sitting on the floor in my  spare bedroom for far too long.  I’ve lived in this house for 4 years, and only had a few things on the wall.  Most of our walls were riddled with nails that Chris’ ex put everywhere, and they were all way too high for enjoying any art.  I hope Chris likes the new configuration…he’s out right now.  He was resistant to me taking down his old posters and hanging real art, but I think he’ll either like it or just deal with it.  It has really bothered me that for 4 years I haven’t had hardly any of my art hanging.  When my mom moved this summer I took a smattering of her art that I like, and that is most of what I hung up.

BTW, I say “my spare bedroom” b/c we have a 3 bd. house, and one of the bd’s is my closet; I call it my bedroom.  Now if I can just clean out the rest of the extra shit that has accumulated in there…

Well, it is almost 11:30 and I’m ready for bed.  I hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready for a great week ahead!!  I’m glad I had a productive Sunday, and look forward to enjoying my clean house and my new vacuum all week.  Cheers 🙂


Right back in the thick of things January 6, 2009

I feel like it has been forever since I had a whole day at work that was productive, didn’t go really slowly, and didn’t involve me wanting to get outta there.  How sad is that?!  Thankfully today was good and 5:30 rolled around before I knew it.

Last night I knew I didn’t prep my oats before I went to bed, but I was too into getting my blog done and then too tired to take the time.  Since I got up a wee bit later anyhow I just decided to have a Luna bar and coffee for breakfast.  The bar was yummy with lots of little crisps in it and pieces of fruit. 


Lunch rolled around and I had a lunch you’re probably all bored of seeing:  Flatout sundried tomato with turkey, spinach, rainbow slaw, sliced apple, cracked pepper; lf/ff cottage cheese; Stacy’s Pita Chips; and a Fuji.  Half of the cc was for Chris, and I left some Fuji and chips for later.  Yawn, I know.


After a little while something sweet sounded good, so I broke out the saltwater taffy 🙂  I had one piece each of peppermint, vanilla, butter, and cinnamon.  Check out what I did with my cinnamon piece; it was so soft and malleable I couldn’t help it!


I found myself getting hungry at some point this afternoon, so I had a little banana.  It was so cute!


I like my bananas with a tiny bit of green on them, and no black spots.  They are just too darn mushy and sweet once they start getting black spots.  How do you like your nanas?

As we walked out to the car to leave I ate the last 3 pcs. of my Fuji:

I already had dinner in mind when eating the apples, and the execution ended up turning out perfectly.  We had smothered chicken chicken grilled in my fancy new pan with sauteed onions, bell peppers, and jalapenos on top, plus a tiny bit of cheese) and mashed potatoes (mixed with Nature’s Seasons, a spoon of light sour cream, and bit of Smart Balance Light).  Yummmmmm!


Oh my god, Dame Edna is on The Graham Norton Show!  I love her character…she’s been around forever on BBC and in entertainment and she’s still knockin’ em dead 🙂  Go, Dame!  I should get some glasses like she’s wearing–rhinestone wings would suit me, no?

I ate my dinner a bit too quickly, but thankfully it was intentionally smaller and I didn’t end up overly full.  Good thing because I had a workout in mind all day!

On the way to the gym I hit a pothole the size of Australia and dented the rim on my front left wheel!!!  Holy shit, how did that not pop my tire?  All that damn ice and freezing weather caused many potholes to open up really wide, and I should have known better since I drive that stretch to the gym all the time.  Shit.  Thankfully the tire guy at Costco said I don’t need to get it replaced, and it is not unsafe.  My spare tire is a full sized wheel just like that one, so I guess I can swap it out if I want.  This whole incident totally pissed me off and made me want to put a cone in the road where that damn hole is. 

My ire gave me a bit of a spark working out, as did listening to Limp Bizkit Significant Other cranked loudly while doing weights 🙂  I hit up the upper bod with some different exercises than I’ve been doing, and with a bit more intensity.  I’m seeing a lot more muscle in my arms, and am sooo glad that the flappin’ triceps aren’t flappin’ so much anymore.  Yay! 

After doing some back, triceps, chest, biceps, shoulders, and abs I headed downstairs for a major cardio sesh: 20 minutes of intervals each on the elliptical, stair mill, and treadmill.  This all added up to one hot, sweaty me and a lot of calories and stress down the tubes.  Double yay!

Yesterday I weighed myself on the gym scale, and I swear the thing knows it is me and refuses to show a weight of less than 153 :shocked:  Boo.  Fuck it!  Thank god I’m seeing progress…hopefully 10 pounds will just fall off soon, and if not, at least I’ll still be toning up, right?  Even with all of this positive thinking I’m still a tad disappointed with not shedding the pounds yet.  I don’t like seeing more than 140 on the scale, and I was the skinniest I’ve been as an adult at 125.  I think 130 would be great.  I was doing more cardio than weights recently, but I read somewhere that doing only cardio can lead to a lower resting metabolic rate, so I have a renewed gusto for the weights now.

Once home I showered, did some recycling, loaded the dishwasher, did the handwash, played with Lily, did some laundry, and here I am watching BBCA.  It is late already! Like 12:30!  Holy shit!  About an hour ago my tummy grumbled and I had another cute little nana:


Woops, that pic turned out bigger than expected.  I still am not a master of inserting pics after two months.  Whateva.

Chris is having a fire and sitting on the couch that Lily gets on when we’re gone.  After his beach experience cuddling with Lily on the couch he said he may do it here at home on that couch, and low and behold he is there with her right now!!!!!  SO. CUTE.   Check it out:


She is so happy to be snuggling with her daddy right now 🙂  Since Chris doesn’t let her up on the furniture while we’re home she doesn’t get to snuggle with him much (he gets on the floor with her every once in awhile).  I just added another few logs on the fire and she is even cuter.  I’m a little jealous, actually!

My legs are so sore from yesterday already, I’m hobbling around–it’s great!  I miss that super soreness, but have been a little too lazy or easy going on the weights for the last few months.  I really prefer free weights and barbell machines over stack machines for like 90% of my exercises; how about you?

Goodnight and an early happy Tuesday to you!


Double duty December 30, 2008

How about a two day recap for ya?

Monday morning was painful since we had to get up before 8.  It was really dark, raining hard, and I had to drag my ass out of bed.  Ugh.  Thankfully I had prepped some of the lunch stuff, so that went more quickly than usual.  When I got to work I had my oats and a cup of coffee.  After not having the coffee from our service at work for 2 weeks, I noticed just how caffeinated it is!!  Wowza, I was buzzin!  My oats were yummy:  1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup water, 2 tsp Barney Butter, 1 tbsp raisins, and a big dash of cinnamon.  I was so busy while eating it I forgot to take a pic until my last bite!


My day was busy busy busy, and went really fast.  I had a technology issue with one of my software applications, and while I was on hold for like an hour I ate some lunch and continued getting ready for my meeting.  I eventually had to hang up without getting the issue resolved.  Grrreat.


My wrap was a sundried tomato flatout, a few slices of turkey, grated parmesan cheese (ooh-la-la!), spinach, broc slaw, and ground pepper.  I also had ~1/2 cup of cottage cheese, and 1/2 a Fuji.  Yes, my place mat was a client file :-O

I was in meetings all afternoon, and quickly had a little snack between meetings around 2:45.  Dannon Light & Fit vanilla with 1/2 a nana and lots of cinnamon.


I had an acupuncture treatment after my last meeting. Yay! I have been feeling a bit out of whack the last few weeks as you know, and I think my treatment helped.  Afterward I thought I was going to get Lily, pick up Chris, drop him at home, and meet Erin and Andrea, but Chris suggested that he eat at Mexican and my mom could meet him there.  That turned into her picking him up, taking Lily with her, and having dinner with him, and me getting to go downtown to get Erin earlier than anticipated!  Sweet.  I had the other half of my apple on the way out of the office. 

Erin was shopping when I arrived downtown (I’m jealous!), and after I picked her up we headed out to NoPo (North Portland) to Dalo’s for Ethiopian cuisine.  I remembered Andrea mentioned it before, and I was excited to try something new.

Our evening there started off with a laugh, as the door was locked and no one would let us in when we knocked!  Eventually someone left and we headed on it.  For dinner we all shared a vegetarian platter with a lentil chili, other lentil mix, cabbage/onion/potato mix, and spinach with onions.  The bread was really intriguing…spongy, stretchy, and cold.  I’m not a big fan of cooked spinach, but everything else was nummy.  Thanks, Andrea, for the great suggestion!

100_0402100_0404 The injera up close

We had a blast talking about life, blogs, and our crazy young histories.  It felt so good to laugh, reminisce, and have a really great time. I miss socializing with the lady friends, especially Erin since we don’t see each other much.  Thanks for the great night, ladies!  I was totally high on the laughing endorphins for hours afterward 🙂

Today (Tuesday) was still a painful morning, but not as busy of a day.  I started out with the same oats as yesterday, which I totally thought I photographed but didn’t. 

Work, work, work, and then lunch while on hold for yet another technology issue (this one related to personal stuff).  My lunch was the same as yesterday, too:



The afternoon flew by, too, and when we got home Chris wanted a burger, so I fired up my new grill pan.  Low and behold we still had some bacon we took from Christmas, and I cooked that up for him, too.  My burger was a bit more plain, no bacon, but that was fine by me 🙂


In all I had 1/4 lb. 93% lean ground beef with grated Parmesan and spinach on top, 1 tbsp. organic ketchup, a sliced dill pickle, and about 1/2 a Fuji.  I became full more quickly than anticipated, and made sure not to overdo it since I knew I’d be heading to the gym.

Yoga was okay; I had a difficult time detaching enough to fully get into it.  Afterward I did an upper body workout, and a cardio circuit of 10 intense minutes each on the treadmill, stairmill, and elliptical. 

After I played with Lily and got cleaned up I knew I needed a snack, and some nut butter had my name on it.  I had the rest of my Fuji, a few tsp of raisins, and a tbsp of Barney Butter. 


And so Tuesday ends….have a splendid Wednesday/New Year’s Eve!  No big plans for us… how bout you?


Busy bee! December 28, 2008

Wow, the last Sunday of nearly two weeks off of work.  Like Andrea, I’m not sure how it is going to feel to be at work tomorrow!  I just spoke with Erin and she, Andrea, and I are going to dinner tomorrow night.  Yippeeeee!  I’m so excited!

Today was a very busy day; I felt like I was going non-stop from 9 to 9, but in a good way.  My oatmeal this morning was nummy; it consisted of:  1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp raisins, big dash of cinnamon, and a few tsp of Barney Butter.  Tasty goodness!


I headed to the gym for yoga, and was dismayed at how dirty and ugly everything looks outside now that all the snow is gone.  It made me want to live in a snowier area several times today.

Yoga was great, I sweated a lot, and I’m glad I went.  I felt so good, in fact, that I headed to Target afterward to get crew socks and check out the grocery section.  The grocery area is pretty expansive now, and the prices seem really good on some items.  It could be dangerous, though, if I go there more often and end up shopping in other areas! I love Target. 

Once home I made a quick lunch that was very tasty indeed:  sundried tomato flatout with one egg white, 4 slices of warmed turkey, a little parmesan cheese, spinach, a few small slices of Fuji, a dash of red wine vinegar, and ground pepper.  Mmmm!  I also had the rest of the Fuji and about 1/2 cup of lf/ff cottage cheese.  A perfect lunch 🙂


Love the detail of the parmesan rind!


I think I got online for a few minutes, watched TV for a few, and then started my cleaning fest:  unloaded, loaded, and ran the dishwasher; put away snow clothes; cleaned kitchen counters; swept floors; washed wine glasses; put away Christmas wrap and decor (tree is still up, tho!); reorganized recycling in garage; put wine glasses to donate in boxes; did Lily’s laundry; played with Lily; organized Lily’s food and the birdseed….  Eventually I made the grocery list and went to the store.  I even returned bottles/cans and took back a boatload of plastic bags (I hardly ever do those two things, hence the pile that had grown in the garage).

Dinner was easy to make, and turned out yummy.  We had roasted chicken breasts with carrots and onions, and mashed potatoes.  Amidst the storm craziness the only chicken I could get at the store the other day was split chicken breasts with skin and bones on, but they were great for roasting.


After dinner the cleaning fest continued:  loaded stuff into d/w; did handwash; did my laundry; prepped oatmeal; prepped lunch items; made to-do list for work and personal items for Monday; put Lily’s biscuits away (I transfer them from the box into a reusable tub to stay fresh); organized receipts…

I’m so glad I got all that stuff done today, you don’t even know!  I hate coming home to a dirty house during the work week.  Nothing like dirty dishes (or a clean d/w that I need to unload), dirty floors, and shit stacked up to ruin my mood.  How ’bout you?

I had a new snack tonight that I’ve seen all around blog world:  a banana with nut butter (specifically BB).  This was really tasty, and I think will be even better when the nana is a litte more ripe. 


Well, the day is winding down and I think I’ll head to bed.  I know it will be tough to get up, no matter how much sleep I get. 

I hope you all had a great weekend 🙂  Toodle-oo!


“Exercise the demons!”…and a Barney Butter review! December 26, 2008

I haven’t watched Fletch in awhile, but that line sprang to mind when I was thinking of a title with “exercise” in it. 

I woke up SO tired and with that dragging feeling, but know I got enough sleep.  I think it was from eating all that rich and random food, and drinking throughout the day yesterday.

For breakfast I had steel cut oats with almond milk, cinnamon, raisins, and a big spoon of Barney Butter crunchy.  Very tasty, indeed!  The butter is so good since it has big crunchy chunks of almonds in it, the flavor is rich but not overpowering, and it is not too sticky like peanut butter can be.  I greatly looked forward to having it on its own later.


I also had coffee, and could tell I was a bit dehydrated, but wanted to head in for yoga at 10:30.  The drive was okay, but for big chunks of compacted snow/ice and slushy side streets.  I got in 15 minutes on the elliptical, then headed in to a whopping class size of four.  We didn’t have music, but that was okay by me.  This instructor is pretty fast paced and does more difficult sequences, and today was working hard to help us perfect our moves.  I swear I was in warrior 1 and then warrior 2 for like 5 minutes each.  Murder on the thighs!  I think I may have tweaked a knee, my foot is still aggravated (but not by yoga), and otherwise I felt drained afterward.  I did a set each of bicep curls, incline chest press, tricep press, lat pull down, and abs before heading to the elliptical for another 15 minutes.  The drained feeling was not fun 😦  But I felt good leaving since I was there working out for 2+ hours! Yay!

Home I went to play with Lily and make lunch.  I knew I needed to save some calories for the Barney Butter I wanted, so I opted for a great salad like I had earlier this week, with one addition: spinach, turkey, apple, egg white, shaved parmesan, pepper, and red wine vinegar.  The parm was fabulous in it…mmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm.


I was rather full after this, so I held off on the apple/Barney Butter lunch dessert I had planned for an hour or so.

When I did have my lunch dessert, it was fabulous.  I had a little over half an apple with a bit tbsp of Barney Butter, and ended up eating the apple plain first so I could savor the nut butter all by itself.  Very tasty, indeed.  I licked every bit of it off that spoon, and the plate where it touched 😉


So, Jennifer and the whole Barney Butter gang, you have one great product!  Thanks to all you bloggers out there, too, who have mentioned Barney Butter previously and intrigued me enough to ask for it for Christmas.  And, thanks to my dad for buying me two jars of it 🙂

Chris and I ventured out to Costco and PetSmart to get some late Christmas shopping done, which was quite fun but for the disgusting traffic.  You’re going to love this–I’m totally excited about the new sports bras and socks I got, you don’t even know.  My socks are all at least 5-10 years old (!!!!), and aren’t quite so padded or smooth anymore.  We also got lots of wine, and some gifts for my dad.  Lily also got some piggy ears!  Gross, but she loves them.

We stopped by Fajitas on the way home for the usual feast and imbibing, but I held back a bit thankfully.  I only had 1/4 to 1/3 of the casuela, and didn’t eat as much soup, so I wasn’t gut busting full when we left. 



I hadn’t planned on eating anything after dinner, but now I’m getting hungry and can’t decide between Barney Butter and parmesan cheese.  Hm, there’s also cottage cheese…. I’ll have to report back later on what I actually do.

How are you all doing today?  Christmas food hangovers?  I hear ya.