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Fruit-a-thon June 1, 2009

I couldn’t help myself this weekend in the produce sections of Fred Meyer and Costco.  I must have loaded up on 15 pounds of fruit along the way…six apples, a container of strawberries, two pounds of cherries, a few nectarines, bananas, a huge container of blueberries, and a whole pineapple.  Oh, and a kiwi ;0  I now feel compelled to eat fruit 24/7 to make sure it doesn’t go bad before I can get to it, but that’s not exactly a bad thing, no?

To save you a long read and too many pics, how about a few select pics from the last three days?

The end to Saturday’s venture to Fajitas–my own container (try it!  take your own instead of getting a disposable one from the restaurant) with my leftover burrito half, a napkin with some chips for Lily, and the infamous La Casa.


Shopping cart at Freddy’s.  Dawned on me the cart is kind of an interesting thing to look at, just like a fridge.


The now stocked fridge (pre-Costco).  I took an energy conservation tip and filled up glass jars and bottles with water, and put them in the empty sections of my fridge.  Everything is much, much colder now on the same temperature setting, and it seems like the fridge doesn’t work as hard.  It really does work! 


Sunday’s uber tasty bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with fabu organic strawberries and tons of almond milk 🙂


Sunday’s yummy lunch of a half sando with Yves, an egg white, Romaine, homemade hummus (more on that in a sec), red bell pepp, and pickles. Slew of carrots, cherries, and apples on the side.


The hummus was made from dried chickpeas, soaked overnight Friday, then cooked for 1 1/2 hours Saturday (smelled like bacon while simmering–very odd but indeed yummy).  I then pureed the chickpeas with toasted sesame seeds, garlic powder, a little salt, the simmering water, red pepper flakes, and some chopped green olives.  It didn’t taste that great right away, but the next day it was more developed and quite good.

Lily posing with the pineapple.  She was intrigued by its scent.


Sunday’s exciting dinner of fruit salad, grilled portobello cap and a grilled veggie burger topped with jalapenos & pickled carrots, green & red bell pepp, avocado, pickles, hummus, and Romaine.  Tres fabu!  Oh, and some Pinot Gris 😉


Tonight’s burrito creation from Fajitas.  I tried the mole sauce on it, and had veggies, rice, and whole pinto beans inside.  Mmmm!  I love mole, haven’t had it in forever, and thought, WTF, it should work on a burrito.  Only crazy thing is it looked like Pedro was bringing me a huge turd on a plate b/c of the color of the sauce!! :0  I hope the cook was proud of his creation 🙂  LOL.


And that’s all she wrote.  I must hit the hay for an early day tomorrow.  Hope you all had great weekends and good Mondays 🙂  Adios.


Twilight zone May 6, 2009

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Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do… are now entering the twilight zone.  This week is feeling all whack again, like today was Thursday, and two days long yet really short.  I’m expecting to wake up on the other side of Friday any minute now.

Cinco de Mayo proved to be a busy day, and I was quite a glutton.  The day started out okay with oats.  In an attempt to use up the cardboard seven grain cereal I have left, I’ve done half 7 grain and half steel cut oats for the last few days.  Defintely adds a papery taste, but is tolerable. 


Lunch was out at The Stockpot for another business presentation.  I ate the same Mediterranean Chicken I had last week, but this time it didn’t seem pan fried (good), and there were just a few asparagus instead of lots green beans (bad).  Our host also sprung for bruschetta appetizers, a green salad, and cheesecake for dessert.  I ate until I was full, and then some :shocked:

Surprisingly I got hungry a few hours later 😐  I munched on a Fuji, and then some Kashi TLC 7 grain crackers.  I can stand 7 grains here fo sho 🙂



Since it was Cinco de Mayo we had to visit a Mexican establishment for dinner; we opted for Si Senor and all was good!  I didn’t intend to have a margarita at first, but being on special I decided to split one with mi madre.  Dinner was yummy–an old favorite–Ropa Vieja.  Romaine, green olives, avocado, and cantaloupe with a vinaigrette.  And don’t forget that yummy fried tortilla shell!

Again I ate until I was full, and then some.  The flavor profile of this salad was insane, and I just couldn’t say no to the chicken and avocado especially.  And, hey, cantaloupe is good for you, so that’s not so bad, right?  Uh, yeah, tell yourself that all you want sister, it was still unneeded!

While still full I headed off to the gym, hoping to find Miss Andrea there, and I found her!  We hit up chest, back, biceps, and abs (she showed me some great new moves), then I burned off dinner on the stairmill.  I hoped to go for an hour, but since I picked up the pace I found 45 minutes was plenty. 

Although I had stuffed myself for dinner, I felt a snack was in order afterward.  I fixed up a small bowl of crack (pumpkin flax granola), added a few almonds, and topped it with a marshmallow for shits and giggles. 


The marshmallow was unneeded, but fun 🙂  After letting that settle I was still wanting something to eat, so I ate this little packet of Smart Food cranberry nut popcorn my mom gave me.  Say hi to Lily Bird!


Hm, not sure what to think of this.  Rather sweet, kinda funky flavor that grew on me, but I probably won’t rush out to buy it.  After eating this I realized that my lingering hunger was probably not hunger at all, but thirst and allergies!  D’oh!


The Twilight Zone feeling was super annoying today.  The morning seemed long, the afternoon short, and I was annoyed at several times once I realized it was only Wednesday.  Grrr!

Breakfast was the same oats/7 grain mix with the usual fixins–raisins, cinnamon, Better’n’PB.  I scarfed it down while making lunch here at home.


Lunch was perfectly satisfying:  the usual sando (wwbread, peppered turkey, avocado, romaine, pickles), a carrot on the side, and some black grapes.   Yee-haw.


Chris and I had a client workshop tonight, and dinner consisted of scarfing down the yummy food we had out at the event after it was over.  While picking everything up at New Seasons I had a focaccia bread sample:


Tonight’s selections included a fruit & cheese plate, a charcuterie plate, olive ciabatta, Valhronna 64% chocolate, Barbaresco, and Chardonnay.  My favorites were the marinated goat cheese, pepper coated salami, chocolate, and pineapple. Oh, and the olive bread! 

After the workshop, eating, and clean up, we headed over to my mom’s to pick up the LB.  Turns out the scoundrel rolled in cat shit today and still had a slight funky smell to her.  Oy vey!  So, I gave her a bath when we got home.  Why do dogs roll in cat shit?  Did she just want a bath??  I swear. 

For some insane reason I agreed to go workout with Andrea at six forty-five in the morning.   I had better move along so I can be refreshed for our leg and shoulder sesh. 



The bitch becomes her April 28, 2009

Today was really, really fast, and not in a good productive way.  While I did get some work done, we left early for an afternoon event about 401(k) business and didn’t go back to work afterward. 

Breakfast was my fave oats, but with ripe banana instead of raisins.  I couldn’t let my nanner go to waste, so even though it is overly ripe for my taste I threw half of it in.  Turned out okay!  I think the nanner addition is growing on me…


Side note–I’m such a dork!  I usually take pics at ultra high resolution, but that means that uploads take longer and more storage space is used.  Today I forgot my memory card for my camera and ended up using the internal memory, but on like 2.1mp instead of 8.0.  I think I’ll stick with 2.1.

When Chris was ready to eat lunch I wasn’t, so I snacked on my Fuji and my carrots while we talked.  The Fuji was fabulous!!  I’ve had a month of mealy or unflavorful apples, and finally I get a tasty Fuji 🙂


I made sure to capture Chris’ cute burger bun sandwich in the background.  That’s a few slices of cheese sitting on it–he likes to eat those before he has the sando. 

Before I knew it 1:15 arrived, and I realized I needed to eat my sando before we left to go downtown.  Yummy!

The meeting went well, and afterward there was a small reception at the hotel for us.  They served beef tenderloin with a cabernet sauce and rosemary garlic butter, rolls/breads/crackers, salmon-something-or-other, and a nice cheese plate.  They also passed some mushroom tartlettes, chicken mousse crostini, and tomato mozzarella skewers.  I had some beef tenderloin, some bread, and a few of the cheeses.  It was really tasty, and considering the richness of the items I ate I was ready to call it good and not eat anything else for dinner.  Chris thought otherwise.

This is where the bitch started coming out, as I got a little annoyed by our exchange in the car afterward.  C:”We’re still going to Mexican, right?” K:”That was pretty rich food and I’m good.”  C: “You don’t want to split something on happy hour?” K: “No, if I eat anything I think it needs to be fruit or veggies.” C: “But we planned on going to Si Senor afterward.” K: “That was before we knew they’d serve us food at the meeting.” C: “I would’ve eaten more if I knew that were dinner.”  Blah!  Fine, off to Mexican we went.  He said he didn’t want me to just sit there and watch him eat for an hour, but I told him that’d pretty much be the case since I wasn’t hungry.

After he ate most of the Mexican Pizza he ordered, he said to eat one so he didn’t feel so bad.  Great excuse for me to eat, so you can feel better.  I had a tiny piece of the thing with some guac on it.  Washed it down with my huge Diet Coke.


By the time we left Chris was annoying me, but not necessarily b/c of what he said, more like how he said it and the mood I was in.  I guess the PMS bitch moved in and I hadn’t realized it until tonight. 

I couldn’t get home, change, and get to the gym fast enough 😦  Feeling funktified I didn’t really feel like doing anything but a mega sweaty session of cardio while reading, so that’s what I did.  I told myself a trip to Target afterward was in order for a little shop therapy.   But first I had to do abs and stretch.  While stretching I decided I’d get a nonfat sugar free vanilla steamer at the Starbucks in Target…mmm…hot, vanilla-y yumminess to accompany me while I wandered the store.

That didn’t happen 😦  Even tho Target is open til 10, Starbucks closes at 9, like 10 minutes before I got there. Boo.   Oh well, I still wandered a bit.  I checked out some decor, then headed to the food department to look at snacks.  I was getting hungry again and everything looked really good.  Oooh, how about some Moose Munch?  Fruit leathers?  Pop chips? Pepperidge Farm cookies? (Drooling).

I decided to get Chris a bag of pretzel sticks as a kind of peace offering, and found myself some Kashi TLC snack bars.  Of course I forgot the coupon I have for them at home… oh well. 

Since I was dreaming of like 1000 things to eat while gone, I formulated a reasonable snack while driving home and went straight for it:  pumpkin flax granola, the other half of the ripe nanner, raisins, and almond milk.  Yay, so tasty, but I was still craving food. 


Out came the Genisoy Crisps!  Mucho enjoyment for minimo calories.


I let that settle, but still wanted something, and something sweet.  I grabbed the candy tray that I never touch and sorted through, pulling out Skittles and taffy.  I only ate three pieces of the taffy and called it good since I was satisfied.


I hope the bitch in me is at bay tomorrow.  Do you get emotional and kinda crazy, too?  Fuck, I may just eat those Skittles after all. 



Squeaky wheel gets the grease April 22, 2009

I told myself to remember this blog title while at the gym, and now I can’t remember why!  Um, I’ll think on that for a minute.

Today was another rather meh day.  The weather was colder (suck!), everything was fine, and here I am at 11:30 trying to remember my non-descript day.

Breakfast was probably the most perfect oatmeal I’ve had in awhile.  I added soy protein powder to the regular mix of steel cut oats, peanut butter, almond milk, water, cinnamon, and raisins.  Creamy, but not gooey!


Chris had lunch with a colleague, so I ate on my own around 1.  Half a sando (whole wheat, peppered turkey, romaine), and the fave carrot.


The afternoon was rather non descript, but for visiting the new condo where my mom is moving this summer.  It is in a pretty place by an old quarry that was filled in with water, thus creating a small lake.  She has a nice view of it, and the area is nice, too.  I’m jealous!

For Earth Day my office buildings had a battery collection drive, and I stopped by to speak with the property manager about being a Master Recycler and hoping to help make the office buildings greener.  She was excited and I hope to speak with her soon about some of my ideas.

After getting back to work I ate my apple from yesterday, but forgot to take a pic.


Dinner was a run to Si Senor, but it wasn’t quite as good as usual.  They got Chris’ burger order wrong (brought him a chicken burger instead of beef, and with different toppings), but he was nice and said he’d eat it.  He should have been the squeaky wheel and insisted on the Mexican Deluxe Cheeseburger he ordered, but he didn’t and ended up not being as satisfied.  My tortilla soup was good, but I prefer the version I get at Fajitas b/c it isn’t as salty, and has shredded chicken rather than grilled breast.  The chips were really good tonight, though!

On the way home I almost forgot to pick up Lily at my mom’s!!!  :shocked:  How could I forget my little girl?! 

Tonight I did workout # 2 and 45 minutes on the stair mill.  There were a couple of times I felt like speaking up and being a squeaky wheel here, but I pussied out and remained silent: 1) some chick sitting in the locker room picking at her feet for at least an hour, and leaving all the, um, results on the floor.  Gag!  Clean that up, bitch! 2) Some weird guy kept going in and out of the pool area over and over and over, acting rather weird.  I almost said something to a staff person, but the dude seemed harmless enough.  Here’s where I thought of the title of this post, but still can’t remember if all of the reasons mentioned herein are why it came to mind.  Oh well…

Once home I desired some of my fave granola, and even though I’ve been avoiding sugar at night (except on nights where I drink too much wine!) I said WTF, I want it and I deserve it.  So, my snack was 1/2 cup pumpkin flax plus granola with 1/2 a banana.  Mmmm!


Well, that’s all, folks. Not a very exciting day, but hopefully you found some bits of it entertaining 😉


Variety hour April 21, 2009

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In this wonderful post, you will find such varied fun topics as: workouts, calves, thong underwear, gum spitting, and random men directing traffic.  Now doesn’t that sound like a fun-filled read??!!  It was quite a random day, and hopefully I’ll amuse you with some of my Deep Thoughts rather than bore you to death with the usual eats.

The morning started with a wind blown drive into the office while soaking up the sun 🙂  Yee-haw!  Next up, a really normal breakfast of steel cut oats with raisins, PB, cinnamon, almond milk, and water. 


Walking into work I was thinking about my calves, and the fact that I’m actually getting some definition.  No, nothing ripped or “muscular” exactly, but way better than the soft mush they once were.  I caught my reflection in a glass door last night and commented to myself that they are shaped differently than before.  All that time on the stair mill must be paying off!

During one of my mid-morning trips to the loo, I saw a nice looking young lady but noticed she had panty lines!  Oh, poor thing…  Thong underwear are a miracle, and they’ve come a long way since the 80’s high waisted, hip-cutting nightmares of our childhood lore.  I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I quite prefer a thong to bikinis, and I especially love a brand called Steve that I buy at the Nordstrom Rack.  They are soft, comfy, don’t ride up, don’t dig in, and easy to care for.  And, hey, they cost less than bikinis or briefs!  Less material=lower price=less consumption.  Hell yes, I’ll whip out the “green” argument here 😉 

Check out the Wikipedia article on thongs.  I had no idea that something called a C-string existed!  It’s basically strapless underwear!!!

I hope like hell this picture turns out–quite a great result of Googling “80’s thong underwear picture.”  Hehe.














After this epiphany and kidding myself about working for awhile Chris and I ate lunch.  Today’s sandwich was nearly the same as like the last two weeks, but for one ingredient swap out.  Whole wheat bread butt, peppered turkey, romaine, orange bell pepp, avocado, Nature’s Seasons.  With a carrot on the side.


I chowed down on these after lunch in an effort to eat something sweeter, but I had heartburn all afternoon.  WTF??  I never get heartburn, and in my case I’m not sure if it is from a lack of acid, or too much of it. 


Work just sucked today.  I was not motivated to get much done, and I kept getting distracted and just wanting to go home.  It is too easy to put energy into my new office layout/furniture/etc, but I best keep working so I actually have some business to do in that damn office!

Later I finally ate the Kashi TLC multigrain crackers I’d packed like 3 weeks ago.  I’ve noticed that if I don’t have a mid-afternoon snack I seem prone to getting really hungry and snacky right before dinner, and overeating at dinner potentially. 


Somewhere along the way this afternoon I had a few ounces of a Rockstar because my ass was dragging so badly.  I promise that’s not pee in the bottom of my cup!


On the drive home Chris was bitching about how hungry he was (but not me!) when we encountered a mess of traffic in Sellwood.  Eventually we got to a point where some random, drunk dude was directing traffic and holding shit up.  Turns out he wasn’t the cause of the traffic, but he certainly wasn’t helping it.  Gotta love the randomness!

For dinner we went to Fajitas and sat outside with Lily.  I had the small tortilla soup, chips, salsa, and lots of water.  I certainly did not want to drink much and repeat my Friday weight-dropping experience, so I just had a few sips.



After dinner I headed to the gym for Workout #1 and 45 minutes of cardio, which was good!  I’m feeling stronger already on some exercises, but I still feel like a pussy on preacher curls. Check out the link above for details of my workouts and eats.  Let me know what else I can tell you about ’em!

On my way out of the gym I noticed there’s quite a collection of gum developing on the parking garage stairs.  Ew!  Why does everyone have to spit out there gum right there when there’s a trash can on the 2nd floor, like 10 feet away?  I admit I used to get a kick out of a great gum-spit now and again, but it usually involved opening the car window all the way and pa-toooeying the gum out the window onto the road with all my might. 

Now it’s around 11:15, and I’m feeling a twinge of hunger.  Last night I never did eat since I was heading to bed, and tonight I think it will be the same.  Oh, gotta prep the oats!



Thirsty Thursday April 16, 2009

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Not that I was particularly thirsty today, but I did drink more water than normal.  There used to be a Thirsty Thursday event at PGE Park for the Portland Beavers baseball team, but it was deemed to promote drinking alcohol and was then changed to Family Thursday, but still had beer specials I believe.  Great idea…promote drinking with the family in tow!

I’m sorry I’ve missed posting the last few days.  Long days, exercising til late, and not enough energy and time to post after like 11:30 at night.  But I have captured my eats!  How about a gallery?

Tuesday I received a cute present from a mutual fund partner, celebrating my year with Chris.  It is a cute stuffed lion, and I think I’ll put it on a shelf in my new office 🙂

The last three days I’ve worked out each day, doing two weight workouts and three cardio sessions total.  Boo ya. 

I keep weighing myself at the gym, and I am being overly harsh on myself based on the results.  I’ve been a bit more liberal with the eats, so my initial reaction is to blame my eats.  But is it really that?  Or am I just blowing things out of proportion?  Today it kind of sank in that I’ve still lost almost 20 pounds, and I need to stop freaking out about a pound or two gained on the scale.  I guess I fear that the weight will creep back on slowly, and that somehow I won’t be able to stop it 😦  I know this is not reality, and I’m sure I’ll be okay, but the good ol’ brain just likes to taunt me every once in awhile, ya know?

Moving on!  Tomorrow is Friday!  I have two rather daunting client appointments, and I just hope they go well so I can move into the weekend on a positive note. 

Food-wise, I’m really diggin’ the Genisoy Soy Crisps–LOVE the voluminous eating I can do for just 100 calories, and with a lot of satisfaction.  They have 7 grams of protein, no sugar, and a little bit of fiber.  Great snack later on at night when I need something but don’t want to consume sugar or heavy cals right before bed.

The last three days I’ve used a 7-grain hot cereal instead of steel cut oats, and I’m not sure I’m down with the resulting hot creaminess.  I bought them in kind of a hasty decision while on a time-constrained shopping trip, and they don’t have as much protein and fiber as my trusty steelers.

The weather here is supposed to be beautiful for the next week 🙂  Yay!  Great time to garden, drive the convertible, and soak up some sun 🙂  Double yay!

Sorry for my somewhat lame post…can’t think of what else to chat about.  Later!


Baking blues April 10, 2009

This bitch wants to bake!  But she does not have the ingredients and/or recipes to throw together the quick almond cookie recipe she was hoping for tonight 😦  Boo.  Reading Gourmet yesterday made me want to create tasty baked goods and cooked items.  After looking through all my recipes (except four years worth of magazines and online reserves) I gave up, and ate a marshmallow in frustration.  That damn bag doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller… I have dreams of creating some naughty peanut butter marshmallow concoction, but I don’t know if that will come to fruition.

Here’s a recap of most eats the last few days; no breakfast from Thursday (pumpkin flax granola, strawberries, almond milk) and some snacks along the way.

Lunch Thursday:  same sando, but no avocado for some silly reason, and the ever popular and satisfying carrot. 


Dinner:  a creative mix of leftover chicken, 1/2 a can of tomatoes with green chiles, more green chiles, and some microwave-steamed broc on the side.  Pretty tasty after all 🙂


Snack after a good weight workout and 45 of stair climbing: vanilla Light’n’Fit yogurt, pumpkin flax granola, and two HUGE strawberries.  I was pissed the strawberries I picked were too ripe, and getting soft 😦

By the way, my workout came from, thanks to Miss Erin’s referral to that website!  Thanks, girl!  I used their workout database to put in my criteria and came up with a good 4 day per week weight workout.  Thurs. night was biceps, chest, back, and abs.


Breakfast Friday:  steel cut oats, cinnamon, raisins, pb, and pumpkin flax granola (yes, I’m obsessed with it!).  Tasty goodness!


Lunch:  Same damn sando and carrot!  When slicing the avocado this morning I was a bit generous… making up for yesterday’s lack of it, I guess 🙂  My TMJ seems to be acting up a tad; is it because I insist on eating crunchy hard things like carrots??


I snacked on my Fuji eventually, but was still a hungry girl this afternoon.  I think it was allergies throwing my system off.  Do you get odd, seemingly unrelated symptoms like that?  I get hungry feeling, and flu-like symptoms sometimes related to allergies.

Dinner:  Maria!  We visited Si Senor, and I switched it up a bit.  One tamale and one chicken taco, and the huge Diet Coke, of course.  I justify the DC by saying it means I have to go workout to burn off the caffeine, or else I’ll be up all night.  Good tactic!

Chris was kind enough to give me his avocados 🙂


A post dinner workout followed, which included legs, shoulders, back, and triceps.  I also did 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 15 minutes on the stair mill while watching the last 5 minutes of the Blazer Game.  They beat the Lakers again and have secured a place in the Playoffs!!  That was my Friday night excitement…a fun night at the gym 🙂

My snack tonight was the same as last night, but with some sliced almonds on top for shits and giggles.  Yummy!


Tomorrow is going to be busy–pilates (first time in forever!), work, and an early Easter dinner with the fam.  I hate going to work on Saturdays/for a 6th day, but sometimes it’s just gotta be done.