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Whipper snapper July 13, 2009

I attended my 10 year high school reunion picnic this weekend, and now I wish I would have attended the main even Saturday night.  I pussed out thinking it was gonna be a drag, but now I’m looking through some classmates’ pics, wishing I were there to see more people.  I saw about 20 people Sunday

The last few days I’ve been totally lacking with my photos, although I’ve had some really pretty eats that I wish I could share with you. 


Ikea $0.99 breakfast with fruit and coffee!  Yogurt was my mom's.

Ikea $0.99 breakfast with fruit and coffee! Yogurt was my mom's.

 Ginger cookie samples ;)

Ginger cookie samples 😉

Funky Swedish seafood products.  Fish in a tube???

Funky Swedish seafood products. Fish in a tube???

After 4 hours at Ikea a froyo cone was in order ;)

After 4 hours at Ikea a froyo cone was in order 😉


These bars were in my mailbox when I got home!! First sample ever for the blog!!  I don’t eat many bars these days, but I’ll have to fit these bad boys in.

I was so.tired. after Ikea.  Not enough sleep, not working out regularly, and not eating lunch yet was wearing on me.  I finally had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean with berries and almond milk.

My first bowl ever of Kashi Go Lean.  Good stuff!

My first bowl ever of Kashi Go Lean. Good stuff! Apple and PB for a snack

Saturday night my mom and I met our friend, Elizabeth, for dinner at Vista Spring Cafe.  I’ve been going there my whole life, and the place has sentimentality for sure.  To start we shared a salad that sounded vegetarian, but upon first bite I noticed the taste of bacon 😐  No pieces or anything, but I think it was in the vinaigrette. 

We shared our main courses for the most part, and I ate about 3  times as much as I should have–not kidding.  I had three pieces of pizza (cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives, herbs, tomatoes…tasty!), tons of my mom’s macaroni & cheese, and some of Elizabeth’s spicy Thai peanut sauce with bread.  I also had two small glasses of Pinot Gris.  Mercy! 

As if that wasn’t enough, I stopped at John’s Marketplace on the way home and got a few bottles of wine–one to crack open, and one to take to the reunion.   I continued with my Pinot Gris theme and had like three or four very small glasses. 

Rated 90 by Wine Spectator, and I agree!

Rated 90 by Wine Spectator, and I agree!


That wine pretty much sealed the deal on me not waking up early to work out in the morning.  I still was up before 8, but was focused on getting food ready for my reunion picnic.  For breakfast I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean with fruit, and some coffee with Silk Vanilla Creamer.  I was so sad to see my favorite mug’s lid met an unkind fate in the bottom of the dishwasher.  Now I can explain the burnt plastic smell in the house the last few days….

Fruity delight

Fruity delight This is what happens when plastic meets dishwasher heating element 😦

I was kinda nervous and scatter-brained all morning, and we were late getting out the door, but I did manage to try making a modified version of Gena’s raw almondaise!   I only had roasted nuts, didn’t have a lemon, and don’t have a high speed blender or food processor.  I used my stick blender’s mini food processor attachment and went to town on a half recipe.  So good!!!!


For lunch we had Tortilla Espanola on Italian bread with almondaise, and a beautiful mixed fruit salad that I nearly ate all of before Chris could get a fork in edgewise. 
The reunion went well, I enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing what they’re up to, and the rain held off til after the event was over.  I wish more people would have gone to the picnic, and I wish I would have gone to the party Saturday night.  Oh well, this next 10 years will surely pass faster than the last, and before I know it the 20 year will be around the corner. Eek!

Snack of bread, almondaise, and olive oil

Snack of bread, almondaise, and olive oil

The familiar graces of a Mexican dinner
The familiar graces of a Mexican dinner



Standard oatmeal breakfast....ahhhhh
Standard oatmeal breakfast….ahhhhh

I met a client at Stanford’s for lunch, where I had the veggie burger sans cheese with a salad.  The smell and thought of BBQ made me crave their BBQ sauce, which I asked for a side of only to eat some and go, “Shit, this isn’t vegetarian!!  It has meat in it!!!”

Instead of just eating half of my burger, I ate the whole damn thing.  Too much food!  I was full, tired, and groggy all afternoon, a combo of my allergies and overeating. 
After a lightning quick 4 hours back at the office we headed home for dinner.  My dinner was left over Tortilla Espanola, Italian bread, almondaise, and olive oil…too much olive oil!  I also had half an ear of yellow corn.  Lots of yellow stuff for dinner!
I knew I needed to go to the gym, almost bugged out, and then ended up going to do 45 minutes on the stair mill.  That was tough…  It was also tough to get on the scale and confirm what the mirror has told me–I’ve gained a few pounds in the last few weeks, and it ain’t muscle 😦  Booooooo! 
I had a snack-a-poo of fruit after getting home and tackling a mountain of laundry.  Fuji apple, bluebs, rasps, and cherries.  BTW, the organic Fuji apples I’ve been buying at Fred Meyer have been great!
Hunger persisted after this, and I went for a very small bowl of KGL with AM.  KGL is growing on me…nuances of sweetness and such a texture variety are quite enjoyable.
Do you ever watch “Top Gear” on BBC America?!  I highly suggest you do–very entertaining, lots of travel to great places, and funny hosts.  They’re in the South of France now and I’m pining to go… Anyone gotta spare ticket to France laying around?  Send it on over 😉

Creepy crawly June 29, 2009

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Have you noticed many more bugs in your house the last few weeks? I know I have 😦  The spiders have moved in recently, and I fear we have a moth problem brewing in the living room.  Given that I don’t like using pesticides in the house, or in the yard for that matter, I usually squash spiders by hand and use the “clap’n’kill” method for moths. Suddenly I’ve seen 4 moths in the last 3 days, and I’m starting to freak out.  I just put out birdseed moth traps–a savior for anyone who has cereal moths in their home.  I also need to investigate the source (move furniture, pull cushions out of couches, vacuum like a maniac….).  Grr, just what I was hoping to do during my relaxing evening…

Anyhow, let’s review the last few days.


My bed said it was glad to have me there, and I slept in until about 9 :0 

While outside with Lily I spent time appreciating the wildflowers now in bloom, including this magnificent red poppy.


With all this fruit in the house I opted for an all-fruit start to my day.  First I cut up the canteloupe, then enjoyed a big plate of strawberries, cherries, blueberries, grapes, banana, and canteloupe.



Lunch was a nice change of pace: toasted peppercorn focaccia bread with goat cheese & balsamic (mixed and smeard on one side), avocado, mushroom, yellow bell pepp, and romaine.  Tasty!!


Not pictured is 1/2 a nanner I snacked on while neck deep in yard work.  Chris and I were out there for over 3 hours and I feel like we barely dented the weeds and other maintenance.  Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!  It never ends.  Yes, my choice not to use herbicides is making our endeavor harder this year, but I feel better knowing the nearby river doesn’t receive nasty runoff from our yard.  I mean, we go and swim in that water during the summer, our drinking water comes from it (upstream), and Lily drinks out of it when we’re there.  I hate thinking of all the shit that flows off of people’s yards and into storm drains….

Dinner was a visit to Fajitas.  I was uninspired and opted for the veggie quesadilla again, easy on the cheese, with olives and jalapenos.  I drank too much of my Cazuela and was rather buzzed! 



My night was spent doing housework–washing all the produce, vacuuming, mopping the floor…. before I knew it, it was bedtime and I never got hungry.


A fabulous start to my day involved this bowl of granola with cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and almond milk.  OHhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh. 


A hot morning passed by (more on that in a minute) and before I knew it we were eating lunch.  I opted for a salad (big surprise) with romaine, goat cheese, yellow bell pepp, grape tomatoes, avocado, carrot, apple, chow mein noodles, balsamic, and a Boca burger.  I had a few bites of pineapple and canteloupe on the side.


Mid afternoon I munched on cherries, strawberries, a carrot, and an apple. 


Chris and I have noticed our offices become really warm quickly if we shut the door (no good when you gotta shut the door for a client meeting for like an hour!), and we weren’t sure we had any air flowing in there, ever.  Turns out the damn vents to our offices were shut off at the main air supply duct, but now we have cool air blowing over us thanks to Chris calling in the maintenance dudes.  Finally, amen!  We are also rather private and prefer to have our office doors mostly closed during the day, but we were paying the price with the air stagnation.  No more, I say!

On the way out I chugged the rest of my almond milk from breakfast.  Man, I love that stuff.  The flavor, consistency, and aftertaste leave me smiling every time 🙂  I prefer Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla–the refrigerated version. 


Dinner was a multi course journey that started with a wedge of canteloupe to quell the hunger while prepping my b-nut chips. 


Then something newish:  BBQ’d red bell pepp and mushrooms with Bragg’s, balsamic, and Northwoods seasoning.  Not too shabby, but not hot enough.


Here’s my b-nut chips prior to applying their seasonings.  Turned into a pretty pattern I didn’t intend!


Dammit, I took them out too early and they weren’t crispy enough.  They tasted good, but I wanted that crispy texture, dammit!!


Then on to some BBQ steamed corn with Smart Balance Light.


Sadly everything was just kind of meh 😦  I think my taste was sort of off or something…

After a 50 minute stair mill sesh at the gym I was feeling hangry (seems to be happening a lot lately).  I opted for a small Genisoy protein shake with almond milk and cocoa, and that perty bowl of mixed fruit.


And now I’m off to bed!  Giddyup!


June 26, 2009

We interrupt this program for a brief reflection…

It’s really hard to believe Michael Jackson is dead…at 50 no less.  He had such an intense life and influenced so many.  I remember when Thriller came out and I watched the video on MTV.  It kinda scared me, but I liked it.  RIP Jacko. 

It’s also hard to believe Farrah Fawcett died yesterday, too, at 62.  I feel so bad for her because of the type of cancer she had and how strong it was.  I didn’t watch Charlie’s Angels, or other projects of hers, but she did have the hair that changed the world.  RIP Farrah. 


Ah, Friday is over.  My day was rather quiet, successful, and seems short looking back.  It started with a massive headache from allergies and dehydration, but thankfully I kicked that around lunch time.

I started off with a bowl of traditional oats with a little Silk Vanilla Creamer on top.  My kitchen scale went bonkers last night, so the proportions were a bit off probably, resulting in a goo-ier consistency.  I use the scale b/c it’s easy, and I can’t quite eyeball some things like 10g of protein powder, apparently.


I’m diggin my lunch salads as of late since I’ve moved away from burrito gut salads.  Today it had romaine, yellow bell pepp, the last of my leftover corn salad, Fuji apple, avocado, chow mein noodles, goat cheese (had that yesterday, too, and forgot to mention it), Boca burger, balsamic, and sliced almonds.  Phew, everything but the kitchen sink!


I had part of the fruit and veg for a snack mid afternoon, and the rest as a snack before dinner. 

Once home and outside with Lily and caught a few good pics:


She loves catching the ball, so I figured an action shot was in order:


The great people over at Blue Diamond sent me a little gift in the mail today–coupons for Almond Breeze and their other products!! Yippee!!  I went online and told them that I love their products, especially the refrigerated almond milk, and they sent me these as a way to say thanks 🙂


Chris was hell bent on eating at Fajitas AGAIN tonight, whereas I wanted to stay home and BBQ or something.  I always give in to the man, cuz once he gets Mexican in mind nothing else is good enough basically.  I also didn’t have anything to cook for him, so this avoided a trip to the store just yet.

For dinner I had a vegetable quesadilla, light on the cheese, with a little bit of sour cream and guac.  Chips and salsa, a tiny bit of a Cazuela, and half of a La Casa were involved as well. 


This bitch is getting tired of quesadillas and burritos.  At Fajitas there aren’t many other veggie options, other than cheese enchiladas, chile relleno, and other super unhealthy options I won’t go for.  I had better figure out something quickly because I don’t know if I can stand it much longer!

This lady bug stopped by to say hi 🙂


Tonight I hit up the gym for full workout session:  upper body weights, abs, and 50 minutes on the mill.  This was my first full workout this week…oops.  An older man was watching me do my chest workout (not quite seedy/creepy, but nearly), and when I walked by him afterward he was like, “Ma’am, excuse me?”  He told me I’m doing well and to keep it up, and that I look good now but am on track to look even better if I keep at it.  He didn’t say it quite like it may sound; it came across very positively and I thanked him for the encouragement.  Alrighty then…

Post workout snack was a shake:  almond milk, Genisoy chocolate shake mix, flaxseed meal, cocoa powder, and ice.  Tasty dark chocolate goodness!


And so I leave you.  It is already 11:30!  Shit, wish I had a little more time to just chill.   My plans changed a little for tomorrow morning, and I think I’d like to treat myself to a special breakfast, solo.  I’m heading to my mom’s house to sort through crap and pack stuff she’s keeping, so I wouldn’t mind some peaceful time alone and a nice treat beforehand. 

Oyasuminasai  🙂


Go for it June 23, 2009

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That’s right, go for that little treat you want to eat right now, or go for that increased speed on the treadmill.  I have “gone for it” several times in the last two days and still feel good, in fact great in some ways.  I must admit a little part of me is afraid I’m going to balloon out when I miss a few days at the gym or eat a lot, but I’m not so afraid that I won’t partake. 

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Sure, throw some more berries in there and go to town on that fabu breakfast 😉  Now this is definitely not an indulgence that I normally avoid, nor is it unhealthy.  But it felt quite indulgent!


Lunch at Typhoon! with mom and a friend who is in town from Amsterdam (he is from Seattle and lives there–so jealous!).  We started with a cup of the Lemongrass Clam Chowder.  Yes, more seafood–this chowder is insanely good.  This spring they had a vegetarian corn chowder, but no more 😦  I did avoid the clams, though. 


For the main course my mom and I split Veggie Pineapple Curry.  I guess it has some fish sauce in it, but I still said go for it.  If there’s one dish I cannot stop myself from gorging on, it seems to be this curry.  I ate until I was full, but not gut-bustingly so.  Mmmmmmmmm.


Some fresh fruit and a carrot during the afternoon was a nice treat:


So was this half of a raisin cookie brought in by a coworker.  Soft and yummy!!  Now that I think of it, I’ve had more cookies in the last month than I have in the last year, I think.  They keep popping up in the office!  And I keep going for them 😉


Dinner was a Mexican Feast at Si Senor–Ropa Vieja with beans instead of meat.  I can’t deny eating the crispy fried goodness of the tortilla shell… it calls to me…”Eat me….eat me….you know you love my crispiness and addictive taste!”


At the gym Monday I decided to run for awhile, and ended up going between 5.0 mph and 6.5 (!) mph.  I didn’t think I had it in me!!  Running faster felt better, but I didn’t have the stamina to do it the whole time.  After half an hour of walking some and mostly running, I hopped on the stair mill for 20 minutes of fast intervals.  Sweaty goodness abounded.  Phew.

I’m not sure I was very hungry, but I ate the rest of my fruit and carrot with some goat cheese as a snack late last night as I made a classical music playlist for tonight’s workshop.  I’ve missed classical music and really enjoyed hearing it as I ripped the CDs into iTunes.



A sunny (and unfocused) bowl of standard oatmeal. 


I got to “meet” Jordan today on the phone!  She is awesome and I’m glad to have learned more about her and hear her thoughts on blogging these days.  What she said really made me think about my own blog and why I do it.  I enjoy journaling what I’ve eaten and my activity, but I wish I had more readers sometimes.  But not so much that I’d leave fast, thoughtless comments elsewhere just to get clicks back to my page; does that make sense? 

My blogging is for enjoyment, not for business, and if I don’t get 1000’s of visits per day that’s okay.  I really appreciate my fellow bloggers who take the time to read my posts and leave comments, so ultimately I think I’d like to stick to quality and not quantity.  Thanks for spending so much time on the phone with me, Jordan!!  Your thoughts and observations are right on!

I had a late lunch of a random salad and some fruit and carrot.  The salad had leftover spinach, yellow bell pepp, avocado, orange, corn salad (corn, herbs, goat cheese, walnuts, olive oil), balsamic, and a Boca patty.  There is a carrot buried under those blueberries 🙂  Damn cherries have gone to pot and are tasteless now 😦  Booooooooo!


While at New Seasons picking up our workshop eats, I snacked on this tasty fontina and garlic asiago bread sample 🙂  Oh, that was good.


I was too busy to take pics of our platters and wine, but everything was great.  The deli accidentally made us an antipasti platter instead of charcuterie, so they whipped up the latter and gave us the former for free!! 

After the workshop I went for it: fresh mozarella, garlic goat, swiss, cheddar, and brie cheeses; kalamata and green olives; cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple; olive bread times like 6 slices; and a glass of white wine.  It felt like quite the decadent spread.  Ohhhhhh yeaaaahhhh….chick, chick-a chikaaaa. 

Of course I snacked while packing up the leftovers, too.  A few pieces of fruit and some more olive bread just fell right into my mouth.  Couldn’t see that coming…


And thar she blows.  Well, not really.  Just sounded funny.  Aren’t I a gas? “Well, not really.”  Don’t worry I’m not offended :-0

OMFG!  Chelsea Lately is doing a mock up of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion–tooooooo fucking funny!  Do you watch Chelsea? Other E! Network shows? 

Peace out 😎


It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a B.L.O.A.T.! June 20, 2009

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I had a fun new dinner that happens to have the acronym B.L.O.A.T. 

How about another backwards post?!

I just finished this smoothie:  almond milk, lots of strawberries, a drizzle of honey, ice, and some ground flax.


After dinner I washed & organized all of my produce buys from today, and snacked on some of the fruit along the way.  No pic.

Here’s the B.L.O.A.T. fun:  Boca Lettuce Olive Avocado and Tomato sandwich on a whole wheat bolillo roll.  The addition of the olive was especially tasty–I used my stick blender mini food processor attachment to process a few kalamata, herbed green, and one feta stuffed green olive.  Bomb!  A little went a long way 😉  I ate more tomato and avo on the side as you can see.


My body wasn’t satisfied after my first afternoon snack, so I went in for some raisins, almonds, and one piece of dark chocolate.  My tum wasn’t too happy, though.  Not enough fresh stuff today?


Before that I consumed a small bowl of NP GingerZing granola with cinnamon, sliced almonds, raisins, a pinch of salt, and almond milk.  The granola didn’t taste flat 🙂  Yeah!


After a morning of sorting through and moving boxes at my mom’s, lunch of my leftover half burrito was in order.  I also had the rest of my fruit from yesterday.


Breakfast was a yummy bowl of the usual oats 🙂


My pre-butt-crack-o-dawn workout snack was a Kashi TLC Chewy Peanut Butter Peanut bar with some raisins on the side.  I nuked them both and rather liked the warm raisins.


I had a big dinner last night, and never ate after dinner.  I was also dog tired–woof! Dinner was a big ol’ burrito of beans, rice, vegetables, and jalapenos topped with verde sauce.


Prior to and during eating I imbibed in this:


Lunch was leftover pesto pasta from Thursday.  Whoa, super heavy still.  I added more carrots and mushrooms, and even sopped up some of the oil before eating, but felt rather heavy all afternoon from it.


Friday’s breakfast was the same as today’s–yummy oats 🙂  I DID notice a difference when prepping these oats–I don’t think Freddy’s used Bob’s in the bulk bin prior to me buying this batch, as I noticed how much bigger the oats were when pouring them next to the old batch.  I wasn’t smoking crack when I compared bagged Bob’s and bulk before 😉 Bob’s turn out chewier indeed. 


This bitch is tired!!  And tomorrow won’t really be any relief for the weary–busy Father’s Day that includes another trip to Freddy’s, eating out at Red Robin for lunch, and cooking dinner for my dad.  I think I’ll get up early again to get working out done with and move on. 

Some random comments/reiterations before I leave you:

  • my body needs lots of fresh food daily and I feel sluggish/bad if I don’t get it
  • I can’t tolerate heavy/greasy/fatty/creamy meals any more
  • I love fruit and it loves me 🙂
  • I often forget to buy organic at the store even though I’m consciously trying to buy more and more organic
  • washing fruit/veg immediately and getting it put away neatly is a godsend for the week ahead
  • my house is a mess and I don’t feel like cleaning
  • I hate the smell of mayonnaise
  • Lily won’t leave me alone and it’s annoying me



You’ll never believe… June 10, 2009

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…where I found my keys.  I looked high and low, asked security and property management, scoured the house and car, and then today found them IN MY PURSE.  Yes, you read correctly, they were never lost to begin with.  WTF?? I was shocked to pull them out of the side pocket of my smallish purse today, and cannot believe I somehow missed them after looking through it like five times over the last three days.  WTF?, I say again.  Oh well, I guess at least I found them and don’t have to change the house locks.  I feel like a total do-do though!

Breakfast today was a staple with some new add ins–steel cut oats with honey, frozen mixed berries, soy protein, ground flax, cinnamon, and soy milk.  Coffee with Silk vanilla creamer on the side.

Yes, I know, soy soy soy, but I’ve got the stuff and plan to use it up.  I’ve read a lot more about soy over the last few weeks and am scared to eat too much of it, but I’m not the type to pour a half gallon of it down the drain or chuck a pile of protein powder.  One thing I don’t plan on stopping is the Silk creamer–love it too much and hate the alternatives.

This mix was pleasantly yummy, and the sweetness of the honey countered the berries’ sourness just perfectly. 


I ate rather late, so when Chris suggested lunch at 12:15 I wasn’t very hungry.  I ate my fruit and veg over the next hour or so.


The afternoon was chock full o’ action, and I forgot to eat my main lunch!!  Suddenly it was 4 and since we were heading to an early dinner, I skipped my “lunch.”  We hit up Westside Maria (Si Senor) and I tried something new: quesadilla ranchera.  Sounds good, right?  Well, it was 😉 

This consisted of three small flour tortillas layered with sauteed veggies and cheese, served with guac & tomatoes on top, black beans and rice on the side…along with Chris’ avocados 🙂 I ate half of this and was mighty full.  Not to mention having a tough time b/c the cheese was a tad rich for the tum tum. 


After feeling a tad ill for an hour the ickiness passed and I moved on to the gym.  I only hit up cardio, which was 50 minutes on the trusty stair mill doing intervals at 100spm/90spm.  Whoo, I was a sweaty beast when done.  And I craved fruit.

Somehow this ended up being my snack:  one carrot and 1 1/2 T Maranatha PB.  I was going to have an apple with it, and then decided to try the carrot/pb combo I’ve seen.  Not sure it’s my fave; I ate the carrots first and the PB alone after that 🙂  Lily caught sight of this plate and was tortured watching me eat two of her favorites, so I gave her a carrot and she snarfed it down.


Reading all these food blogs now is making me hungry!  Or is it thirst and allergies?  The last several nights have been tough for me on the “hunger-or-is-it-something-else? ” front. 

Now for some random moments with Kersten

-I must confess–over the last few weeks there have been several snacks not shown/discussed on the blog.  Most of them have been handfuls of almonds, a few crackers, a bite of PB while prepping oatmeal…that sort of thing.  Oh, and a few small pieces of the possibly non-vegetarian (“animal and/or vegetable shortening”) cookies hanging around the office. 

-I haven’t had a Diet Coke for over a month (as far as I can remember).  I was usually just drinking it at Si Senor, and since we didn’t go there for like 3-4 weeks I didn’t have any DC.  Tonight and last week when we visited I opted not to have one.  Don’t get me wrong, you know I still drink caffeine in the form of coffee every morning.

-Remembering to ask if rice/beans/other items are vegetarian is difficult. I totally forgot to ask during my last two visits to Si Senor.  I remember hearing someone else asking about the bean dip in the past, but can’t remember about the beans and rice.  I’ll have to get better at that. 

-My trouble spots are troubling me, but I don’t seem to be doing what’s needed to change them.  Is that troubling?  My inner and outer thighs, triceps and lats, abs, and lovehandle/hips are softer than I’d like, which is confusing.  I say that b/c five years ago when I got all skinny and fit with Miss Erin, I was firmer everywhere and approximately the same weight.  My workout routine is definitely not as intense as it was then on the weight front, but is more intense on the cardio front.  Correlation?  Causation?  Discuss.

-There’s a bike-by groper in Salem.  Watch out, Sarah!  You may be getting more than LovIN My Tummy soon!

Time for bed, yo.  Peace out.


Buzzin’ along June 2, 2009

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You may notice that I’m now a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher 🙂  I did this to try to increase traffic to my blog, and perhaps earn a few bucks here and there (if you’re kind enough to click on the ad when it is embedded soon;)).  I like Foodbuzz–it is totally like Facebook for foodies, and I’ve enjoyed the plethora of recipes, posts, restaurant reviews, and more on the site.

Was today only Tuesday?  Felt like Wednesday somehow.  Our new office’s carpet still hasn’t been corrected, as we found out that the correct carpet is a few days out yet.  Effin’ project manager is grating on me nerves, argh.  (Yes, that was in pirate fashion ;))

I added Bob’s Red Mill ground flax to my oats yesterday and today, and I think I noticed it more today.  Kind of a bran-y flavor?  My oats were a little bland, but I won’t go and blame that on the flax. 


Lunch was a burrito gut salad, consisting of Saturday’s burrito contents, avocado, verde sauce, Romaine, and some of my homemade hummus.  Good, but too many pinto beans.  Leftover fruit salad on the side (I know it looks a little scary, but still tastes good).


I snacked on this fruit and carrot over the next few hours:

At some point I went for the candy bowl for a sugary treat (why exactly I don’t know…), and came up with this:


Dinner was a really delicious, special treat:  Tortilla Espanola.  Chris introduced me to this when we got together, and I used to make it a lot for weekend brunch.  It is a really simple dish (basically and egg, onion, and potato frittata), and accompanied by some sea salt and olive oil you’ll swear you’ve died and gone to heaven.  You’ll think you’ve transcended heaven when you make a sandwich out of it and spread garlic aioli on the bread 🙂  Tehehe.  I enjoyed mine with half of a potato burger bun toasted and drizzled with EVOO & sea salt.  I seriously used my finger to get the leftover olive oil and salt off of the plate :shocked:  It’s THAT good.  I’ll be putting the recipe on Foodbuzz I think…


Before my trek to the gym I ate the rest of the fruit salad:

After a good leg session I mounted the mill of glory for 50 intensely sweaty minutes of torture cardio, after which I was beet-frickin red.  Chris was still playing basketball when I was done, so I had a nice stretching session and a date with the ab crunch machine. 

What could have possibly been in order after that workout?  You guessed it, fruitas.  Chris promptly ate that pineapple, so I replaced it with some smaller chunks we have leftover.  I’m telling ya, that pineapple from Costco really was great.  It was like $3.19 and it is perfect–sweet and juicy, firm, and golden.  I rather enjoyed cutting it up, too.


That didn’t quite hit the spot, so a handful of almonds were in order.  My little LB wanted some of that action, but she didn’t get any of that goodness.


And here we are! 

Time to watch some Cheers with the man and hit the hay 😉


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