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Fo’ shizzle June 24, 2009

Whoosh, there goes Wednesday 😉  Pretty good day, but I was avoiding some not so good conversations at work. 

Started the day off with a glorious bowl of Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Plus and GingerZing granolas with almond milk, 1/2 a nanner, some strawbs, and some bluebs.  (I feel silly saying “bluebs”…kinda like boobs.  Hehe, I’m a dork.)  I think I need to downsize this breakfast a little cuz I feel a bit tad full afterward.


Lunch was really cool today–catered affair downtown at a mutual fund company where we heard from like 8 portfolio managers.  So cool!  My plate has:  vegetable pasta salad with pea pods, baby bell pepps, grape tomatoes, parmesan, penne; strawbs, mango, pina, canteloupe; spinach and strawberry salad.  Berry good! (Dude, I’m in full dork mode now…) I also had a cup of apple cinnamon tea that was nice.  Chris and I were early so I sneaked in the pic before others were sitting at the table 😉


Since lunch was rather light and intellectually stimulating I was getting hungry once we got back to the office.  I finished up the rest of my fruit/veg from yesterday, and added some cheese cubes from last night.


And then I went back for more cheese and antipasti:


Love those balls!

Dinner was really yummy–a voluminous yet light mix of goodies to fuel my workout.  Butternut chips with organic ketchup, steamed broccoli, steamed corn with a tiny bit of Smart Balance Light, and a piece of New Seasons olive bread (toasted it and added a tad of SBL after I took the pic).  Lurved it all!!


Chris was taking his sweet time digesting, and by the time we left for the gym I felt like I needed a snack.  I had half a nanner and some toasted almond bits.


At the gym I did a good leg workout, a little bit of shoulders with Chris, and some fast and furious cardio.  Chris said the basketball situation was ridiculous (there were no balls to warm up with)and he didn’t feel like waiting around to get one.  I asked him to run with me for a little bit, and he did!  We both ran a fast mile and called it good.  I know, a whopping like 10 minutes on the treadmill, but at least we got a sweat on and pushed ourselves to run fast the whole time 🙂

I dreamed of a smoothie while getting cleaned up, and whipped up some almond milk, Genisoy chocolate shake mix, ice, and ground flax.  I was tempted to put fruit in, but opted to have it on the side.


Et voila!  That’s all folks.  Hope your Wednesday flew by and that you’re ready for the homestretch.  Can’t believe the end of June is here…. yipes, where’d the time go?!


Fruit-a-thon June 1, 2009

I couldn’t help myself this weekend in the produce sections of Fred Meyer and Costco.  I must have loaded up on 15 pounds of fruit along the way…six apples, a container of strawberries, two pounds of cherries, a few nectarines, bananas, a huge container of blueberries, and a whole pineapple.  Oh, and a kiwi ;0  I now feel compelled to eat fruit 24/7 to make sure it doesn’t go bad before I can get to it, but that’s not exactly a bad thing, no?

To save you a long read and too many pics, how about a few select pics from the last three days?

The end to Saturday’s venture to Fajitas–my own container (try it!  take your own instead of getting a disposable one from the restaurant) with my leftover burrito half, a napkin with some chips for Lily, and the infamous La Casa.


Shopping cart at Freddy’s.  Dawned on me the cart is kind of an interesting thing to look at, just like a fridge.


The now stocked fridge (pre-Costco).  I took an energy conservation tip and filled up glass jars and bottles with water, and put them in the empty sections of my fridge.  Everything is much, much colder now on the same temperature setting, and it seems like the fridge doesn’t work as hard.  It really does work! 


Sunday’s uber tasty bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with fabu organic strawberries and tons of almond milk 🙂


Sunday’s yummy lunch of a half sando with Yves, an egg white, Romaine, homemade hummus (more on that in a sec), red bell pepp, and pickles. Slew of carrots, cherries, and apples on the side.


The hummus was made from dried chickpeas, soaked overnight Friday, then cooked for 1 1/2 hours Saturday (smelled like bacon while simmering–very odd but indeed yummy).  I then pureed the chickpeas with toasted sesame seeds, garlic powder, a little salt, the simmering water, red pepper flakes, and some chopped green olives.  It didn’t taste that great right away, but the next day it was more developed and quite good.

Lily posing with the pineapple.  She was intrigued by its scent.


Sunday’s exciting dinner of fruit salad, grilled portobello cap and a grilled veggie burger topped with jalapenos & pickled carrots, green & red bell pepp, avocado, pickles, hummus, and Romaine.  Tres fabu!  Oh, and some Pinot Gris 😉


Tonight’s burrito creation from Fajitas.  I tried the mole sauce on it, and had veggies, rice, and whole pinto beans inside.  Mmmm!  I love mole, haven’t had it in forever, and thought, WTF, it should work on a burrito.  Only crazy thing is it looked like Pedro was bringing me a huge turd on a plate b/c of the color of the sauce!! :0  I hope the cook was proud of his creation 🙂  LOL.


And that’s all she wrote.  I must hit the hay for an early day tomorrow.  Hope you all had great weekends and good Mondays 🙂  Adios.


Fill up already! May 29, 2009

I’m feelin’ like a black hole today in the eating department.  I’ve hardly been able to escape hunger for more than an hour or two since this morning after I ate my oatmeal.  Grrrrr. 

But, ahhhhhhh…Friday is over 🙂  In a twist of events my office move is happening next week, not tomorrow.  The project manager somehow missed that they were putting in the wrong carpet (the entire suite was already cut out room by room and waiting to be stretched into place.  OOOPS).  They offered to just put in the wrong stuff, then pay movers to move out our stuff over a weekend sometime in the next month and put in the correct carpet.  Are you kidding?  Move my just moved in, new furniture when you could just correct it now??  Puhlease.   There was also an issue with our T1 line, so it all works out okay to just move next weekend instead.

OMG, I’m watching S&TC now and loving it this episode–the one right after Charlotte marries Harry, where Carrie’s Manolos go missing at her friend’s party and the friend refuses to “pay for her lifestyle.”  Carrie adds up how much she’s spent for the friend’s wedding-, child-, and other gifts–over $2,300, and registers at Manolo for the shoes she lost .  The friend buys them 🙂  Harry walks around naked all the time after Charlotte tells him to make himself at home, but she can’t stand him sitting naked on everything and talks with him about it.  He says, “I see, we’ve got an ass/white couch situation.”  LOL!!

Okay, enough of that shat, how about some eats???


Traditional oats with steel cutters, soy protein powder, currants, cinnamon, PB, almond milk, and water. 


I think I actually worked all morning, and when Chris asked if I wanted to eat I wasn’t really hungry yet.  My salad was Romaine with leftover burrito guts, dill pickle, some add’l verde sauce, and avocado.  Cherries, apples, and carrot on the side, eaten over the course of the afternoon.


For dinner we visited Fajitas, where I probed more into the contents of the refried black beans and rice.  Supposedly there’s no lard in either, no chicken broth in the rice, and only a little bit of oil in the rice.  No shit?  Okay, Pedro…I’m gonna trust you.

I ordered a quesadilla with lots of veggies, a little bit of cheese, and guac on the side.  Score–it was tasty!  I told myself I wouldn’t drink before we went to dinner, but I ended up drinking some Cazuela and half of a La Casa.  😐



Once home I thought I’d try to catch The Drizz after her yoga class, but the booze clouded my mind and judgment.  I forgot yoga started at 7:30, not ended then, and I was a bit winded during my upper body workout. 

No way I was going to do time on the stair mill, so I walked for 50 minutes while watching “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions.  The only treadmill with a TV with closed captioning turned out not to display speed, time, incline, etc., but it worked so I just rolled with it.

 A trip to Target was in order after the workout.  Target has GREAT sales on Kashi this week!!  And check out their clearance section for a double pack of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of Silk.  I got all three items for $4.66–now that’s a bargain 🙂

Once home I tried out the cereal, but left the soy milk for later on after I blow through my almond milk.  Good stuff!  Crunchy, varied, and great drowned in the a.m.


While in the fridge I was inspired to photograph it for you after seeing the contents of many a fridge out there this week.  Can you tell I need to go grocery shopping?



Same breakfast as yesterday, but I drank more coffee today since I was feeling heady and it sounded good.  ‘Twas!


My salad was a tad different today–I tried fake meat!  I saw Sarah had tried the Yves “turkey;” I’d been eyeballing that stuff for awhile, so I picked up a packaged for myself.  Not too shabby!  I put in on Romaine with the guts of my leftover quesadilla, with dill pickles added in.  Cherries, apple, carrots on the side and for snackin’ in the afternoon.


I went for a Kashi TLC Chewy Peanut Peanut Butter Bar around 2.  So dry at first bite!  And then I remembered the miracle for bars–the microwave.  Once nuked that fucker was great!


Chris wanted a meat free dinner (I just about shat when I heard that), but, no, it wasn’t what you think.  He wanted to go out to watch the game after dinner, and figured he’d eat BBQ pork while out, so why not just leave meat out of our dinner?

I had a game plan in mind, and it turned out fabu 🙂  Roasted potatoes, onions, and red pepper with a little bit of oil and seasonings and portobello mushrooms (with their gills scraped out) roasted with Bragg’s, garlic, Italian herbs, and a little bit of olive oil.  The mushroom cap was so good!  Chris thought it was prepared well and liked the flavors, too–yippee!


I hit the gym for some cardio afterward, and sweated my ass off going faster than ever on the mill.  I did custom intervals at 105 spm/90 spm for 40 minutes, then slowed it down to 90 spm/80 spm for the last 10 minutes.  Woo-eee!

Afterward I hit up the Kashi Go Lean Crunch and almond milk.  Mmmmmm.


And then the Kashi TLC Honey Sesame crackers.  Loved ’em!!  This flavor is great, and the price was right 😉  $2.88 at Target!


I think the beast has finally been tamed.  I guess my carbtastic evening helped 😉

Thanks for bearing with me through this long post.  I know I type too much, but it’s tough for me to edit out much.  Hope you found it interesting at least 🙂  Later!


It’s the pits May 11, 2009

As in, the bottomless pit that was my stomach today. 

I woke up super tired, with allergies to blame I think.  I should have known I was in for it in the hunger department because of that…

Chris, our other co-tenants, and I did a walkthrough on the new office suite for electrical, lighting, paint, and some other important details, and it took an hour and a half!  Holy shit!  I was hungry before we even left the house, and should’ve just eaten my oats on the drive in to work. 

Finally I got some satisfaction around 10am.  This is the standard mixxxx of steel cut oats, a little 7 grain (almost done!), raisins, cinnamon, almond milk, water, soy protein powder, and a new addition of honey millet granola from Whole Foods. 


When Chris wanted to eat around noon I didn’t object, in fact I was feeling a twinge of hunger already.  I had leftover pizza from last night, and a big carrot.  The pizza was whole wheat crust, steamed broccoli and corn, red bell pepp, tomato, olives, tomato sauce, a sprinkling of nutritional yeast, Italian herbs, and a little bit of each Drunken Goat cheese and smoked gouda.  I ate it cold and it was tasty!  Chris ate my strawbs, so just forget those are in the pic 😦


The apples came in handy like an hour later when my stomach grumbled.  “Sheesh, what is going on in there?” I kept thinking.  I forgot about the allergies.  Do any of you get that same, nagging symptom?

Then again around 3pm I felt that nagging feeling again and ate this yummy snack:


That hit the spot, and I wasn’t hungry again for like 3 hours.  Guess I just needed a bit of fat, fiber, and protein together for satiety.

(Fizzity fiz-uck I’m getting hungry again now. All this damn foodie thought and the pics are making me hungry!)

Surprise, surprise, dinner was a Mexi venture to Si Senor.  It seems that I will have to stick with burritos, and maybe salads, to avoid meat or a cheesy mess.  I had half a veggie burrito filled with black beans (OMG, did she say bean?!?! She doesn’t eat beans!), rice, carrot, celery, onion, and maybe something else.  It was topped with lettuce and a yummy red sauce; I stole Chris’ avocados, too 🙂  I also ate a ton of chips and salsa, and drank a huge Diet Coke.  I wasn’t even that full when I left, but I was satisfied, caffeinated, and ready for my workout with Andrea!


Around 8 we started busting out some chest, back, and biceps, then ended with a foam rolling session and some abs.  I didn’t do much for abs, but rather learned the art of moaning while rolling on a foam tube.  Felt damn painful at times, but like a good pain.  (Think strong, deep massage.) 

After groaning on the roller for 10 minutes, it was cardio time.  The gym was fiz-ull up, so our plan to do cardio together was fouled up by the lack of free machines in working order 😦  The Drizz opted out, and I went for a stair mill.  But first, she gave me this!


Homemade seitan!  It looked like a roll of sausage, and smelled like yummy onion and other savory goodness.  I hope to try it tomorrow for lunch or a snack 🙂

Once home I was in the mood for some crack, and strawberries, so I had a small bowl of honey millet granola with strawbs and almond milk.  MMMMMM!  The granola is really crunchy (like, teeth beware!), and coupled with the strawbs it was great.  The millet adds a sesame-like flavor, and lots of crunch.

But that wasn’t enough, you see, and I went back to the kitchen for the glorious fatty protein that is peanut butter, real peanut butter.  Lily wanted in on the action…she was jealous watching me lick the knife 😉


With that I move on to bed, safely separating the pit from the kitchen.  You may be saying, “if she’s hungry why doesn’t she just eat?” but this ain’t really justified hunger, it’s fueled by some crazy reaction my body has to allergens.  The last week has sucked allergy-wise, so perhaps this is the year to pursue more aggressive, targeted action (read: prescription drugs).  Do any of you take Rx allergy meds?  If so, what symptoms/allergens/meds combo are you lucky enough to have?

The Seinfeld “shrinkage” episode was just on, and now the John Voight Le Baron episode is on.  Funny stuff!  Gotta love the many sayings and -isms that came from that show!


Blah blah blah May 8, 2009

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I woke up sooooooooooo tired this morning, and all I wanted was to stay in bed.  But, no, of course this is the real world and I had to get up and go to work. 

I enjoyed some coffee at home, then nuked the oats/7-grain once at work.  I’m almost out of the 7-grain, and excited to get back to just steel cut oats!


When Chris ate lunch around 11:30 I wasn’t hungry, and then all of a sudden at 2:30 I realized I never ate!  I wasn’t hungry still, but was feeling rather slow from staring at the computer all morning and doing some heavy lifting with my brain.  I did end up adjusting my lunch to be meat free.  I removed the turkey from my sando and added in some yellow bell pepp, and kept the usual pickle, romaine, and avocado.  I also ate all of the grapes and half the apple.


For some reason I wasn’t feeling so hot after this, but not really sick.  Allergies?  Annoying. 

I plowed on in my work, and we cut outta there around 4:30.  After swinging by home and grabbing the LB, we headed off to Fajitas for dinner where we sat outside 🙂  Lily wanted to roar for you in front of the camera.


Looking at the menu all I kept seeing was meat and cheese, cheese, or meat…until I figured I could get a burrito and just filler up with veggies!  I told Pedro to have the chef throw in any veggie he had, pass on the cheese, and this is what I got:


I shoulda taken a pic of the inside, ’cause it was good!  Bell pepp, onion, mushroom (yes, I ate mushroom, Queen of Fungus Hating that I am), tomato wrapped in a flour tortilla and smothered in enchilada sauce.  There was also rice and some fajita sauce mixed in there, and it was all quite a savory flavor combo.  I was full enough after eating only half, so I saved the other half for lunch tomorrow 🙂

The postre was perfect…1/2 of La Casa to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I love these little glasses, too.


All day I figured I’d go to the gym tonight, but when I got home I was toying with the notion of skipping it because my ass was dragging.  So I just got dressed and left to make sure I wouldn’t boge out.  Today was chest, back, biceps, and abs, followed with a 45 minute climb on the mill.

Okay, this seems SO fucked up to me… The Aleve commercial with the badminton lady who says her doctor told her she’s overusing her knees, and that wasn’t what she wanted to hear, so she takes Aleve to get rid of the pain so she can still play.  Um, does she have a death wish for her knees?  (Like I should talk though, cause I’ve stayed on the mill plenty of times when the knees weren’t feelin’ perfect.)  All Aleve commercials seem like this to me–people taking pain meds so they can avoid listening to their bodies and keep doing what they want.  Seems irresponsible to promote such things.

I wasn’t particularly hungry when I got home, but by the time I prepped my oats and coffee for the a.m. the tum was waking up.  I opted to have a 1/4 apple, Better’N’PB, and a few pieces of chocolate.  This didn’t quite hit the spot, but I think that’s cause the allergy hunger/funky tum is messing with me.

So, after I spilled my beans to you about vegetarianism/reduced impact diet, today felt kinda weird.  I still didn’t talk with Chris about it fully, but we had a quick exchange at dinner that was something like this: “You need the menu?” ‘Yeah, I want to try something new, without meat.’ “Are you getting all weird on me?” ‘Yeah, a little 🙂 I want to reduce my impact on the environment by changing my diet.’ “Okay, just don’t get too crazy!  I’ll just have to make up for you with my meat consumption I guess ;)”  ‘And I’ll counteract with not eating meat.’  “Okay.” 

Not exactly a philosphical discussion or emotional baring, but I guess that’s okay for now.  Chris loves meat and I like it, and I don’t have hopes of weaning him off of it any time soon.  He kept saying “Blech, just vegetables?” in a half serious/half joking manner.  It’ll be an uphill battle fo’ sho’!  I’ll have to be sly about inserting healthful things into his diet to see if he notices 😉

I’m heading to bed so I can get up early and do some cardio, then hit the Oregon City Farmer’s Market.  I hope it is a delight of sights, smells, and colors.  I leave you with a timeless quote I just heard:

“You’re going to love my nuts”–Vince, The Slap Chop/ShamWow dude


Naughty and nice April 30, 2009

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Wednesday felt like Thursday, and today sure felt like Friday…but it ain’t…poo.

I think this is from Tuesday night–I had a few grapes after my last snack listed on the post.  That’s a curious and blurry Lily Bird checkin’ em out.


ThursdayWednesday morning I ate my oats in the car.  After the day of sweet oats with the nanner these weren’t quite as satisfying.  Surprised the hell out of me! 


Lunch was the typical sando combo, carrot, and 1/2 an apple.  There is a pair of ducks wandering through my office building campus looking for a place to nest, and just after we ate they walked on by Chris’ office!  So cute!


Snacky poo of TLC 7 grain crackers (about half of these)…


And then the naughty evening began!  Chris and I headed to Old Market Pub with our friend Brett, and out came the booze and grease fest.  We started with some beer battered fries, and I had a bourbon & Diet Coke.


Next the balls came out!  Falafel sandwich with chips (didn’t eat them b/c I’d already horfed down many fries).  Not pictured is the incredibly tasty and naughtytiny slice of pepperoni and canadian bacon pizza I had (!).  Wow, that was good.  And I was overly full, regretting eating everything but still sitting there thinking about eating more.  Insanity!


After this nosh fest we headed out for a flesh fest at a local gentlemen’s club–The Acropolis.  While sitting at the rack I spied the Mike & Ike’s candy vending machine, and after awhile couldn’t resist any longer.   I had a few handfuls, loving every sugary sweet moment.  I have a feeling partaking in my favorite past time influenced that move.   😉

And that ain’t all, folks!  After more of my favorite past time I ate a few snacks at home:  A Kashi TLC Chewy Cherry Dark Chocolate Bar, and a spoon of PB.  Yowza!  I ate those at like 1am and went straight to bed.  What a naughty and fun evening!

Friday Thursday

After going to bed late, we woke up late as well.  Since we had a lunch date in the near future I decided to forego the oats.  Boo!  I love starting the day with my hot bowl of yumminess. 

Lunch was at The Stockpot over a business meeting, and consisted of fricasseed chicken breast over a multi-grain rice bed with sauteed shredded carrots and sauteed greenbeans. I also had half of a soft, fluffy roll.  I felt rather guilty eating out again after last night’s food craziness, but I ate all the veggies and stopped before I was full.  I ate too fast, though 😦  I hate that.

My tummy was rumbling again a few hours later, and after toiling over what to eat I settled on a two-faceted attack on the hunger:  ripe nanner and Kashi TLC Crunchy Pumpkin Spice Flax granola bar.  I liked the granola bar, and am glad it wasn’t overly spicy.  Sometimes spicy equates into a noxious amount of nutmeg or clove…


And where could we possibly head for dinner?  None other than Eastside Maria, aka Fajitas.  Chris and I split Carnitas de Pollo, which I highly recommend if you like chicken fajitas but don’t want all that steam and extra cost.  It was really good and I found myself eating a bit too much 😦  Damn, I gotta stop the over-eating!


After digesting a bit I suited up and headed out to the gym.  Where I only did cardio.  Again.  Forty five minutes on the mill while reading People Magazine went pretty quick!  I also stretched and did some abs afterward, so I guess it wasn’t just cardio after all 😉

I had flavor fantasies of eating pumpkin flax granola once home and cleaned up, so in went 1/2 a cup of light peach yogurt, and 1/2 a cup of the crack granola. I think I would have preferred eating the granola with almond milk instead, or just eating the yogurt separately. 


My salty tooth kicked in afterward, and I probably should have just had a bunch of water, but I ate a few Genisoy Crisps.  That hit the spot. 


So, that’s what’s up in my neck of the woods lately.  What’s goin’ down in your town?


The bitch becomes her April 28, 2009

Today was really, really fast, and not in a good productive way.  While I did get some work done, we left early for an afternoon event about 401(k) business and didn’t go back to work afterward. 

Breakfast was my fave oats, but with ripe banana instead of raisins.  I couldn’t let my nanner go to waste, so even though it is overly ripe for my taste I threw half of it in.  Turned out okay!  I think the nanner addition is growing on me…


Side note–I’m such a dork!  I usually take pics at ultra high resolution, but that means that uploads take longer and more storage space is used.  Today I forgot my memory card for my camera and ended up using the internal memory, but on like 2.1mp instead of 8.0.  I think I’ll stick with 2.1.

When Chris was ready to eat lunch I wasn’t, so I snacked on my Fuji and my carrots while we talked.  The Fuji was fabulous!!  I’ve had a month of mealy or unflavorful apples, and finally I get a tasty Fuji 🙂


I made sure to capture Chris’ cute burger bun sandwich in the background.  That’s a few slices of cheese sitting on it–he likes to eat those before he has the sando. 

Before I knew it 1:15 arrived, and I realized I needed to eat my sando before we left to go downtown.  Yummy!

The meeting went well, and afterward there was a small reception at the hotel for us.  They served beef tenderloin with a cabernet sauce and rosemary garlic butter, rolls/breads/crackers, salmon-something-or-other, and a nice cheese plate.  They also passed some mushroom tartlettes, chicken mousse crostini, and tomato mozzarella skewers.  I had some beef tenderloin, some bread, and a few of the cheeses.  It was really tasty, and considering the richness of the items I ate I was ready to call it good and not eat anything else for dinner.  Chris thought otherwise.

This is where the bitch started coming out, as I got a little annoyed by our exchange in the car afterward.  C:”We’re still going to Mexican, right?” K:”That was pretty rich food and I’m good.”  C: “You don’t want to split something on happy hour?” K: “No, if I eat anything I think it needs to be fruit or veggies.” C: “But we planned on going to Si Senor afterward.” K: “That was before we knew they’d serve us food at the meeting.” C: “I would’ve eaten more if I knew that were dinner.”  Blah!  Fine, off to Mexican we went.  He said he didn’t want me to just sit there and watch him eat for an hour, but I told him that’d pretty much be the case since I wasn’t hungry.

After he ate most of the Mexican Pizza he ordered, he said to eat one so he didn’t feel so bad.  Great excuse for me to eat, so you can feel better.  I had a tiny piece of the thing with some guac on it.  Washed it down with my huge Diet Coke.


By the time we left Chris was annoying me, but not necessarily b/c of what he said, more like how he said it and the mood I was in.  I guess the PMS bitch moved in and I hadn’t realized it until tonight. 

I couldn’t get home, change, and get to the gym fast enough 😦  Feeling funktified I didn’t really feel like doing anything but a mega sweaty session of cardio while reading, so that’s what I did.  I told myself a trip to Target afterward was in order for a little shop therapy.   But first I had to do abs and stretch.  While stretching I decided I’d get a nonfat sugar free vanilla steamer at the Starbucks in Target…mmm…hot, vanilla-y yumminess to accompany me while I wandered the store.

That didn’t happen 😦  Even tho Target is open til 10, Starbucks closes at 9, like 10 minutes before I got there. Boo.   Oh well, I still wandered a bit.  I checked out some decor, then headed to the food department to look at snacks.  I was getting hungry again and everything looked really good.  Oooh, how about some Moose Munch?  Fruit leathers?  Pop chips? Pepperidge Farm cookies? (Drooling).

I decided to get Chris a bag of pretzel sticks as a kind of peace offering, and found myself some Kashi TLC snack bars.  Of course I forgot the coupon I have for them at home… oh well. 

Since I was dreaming of like 1000 things to eat while gone, I formulated a reasonable snack while driving home and went straight for it:  pumpkin flax granola, the other half of the ripe nanner, raisins, and almond milk.  Yay, so tasty, but I was still craving food. 


Out came the Genisoy Crisps!  Mucho enjoyment for minimo calories.


I let that settle, but still wanted something, and something sweet.  I grabbed the candy tray that I never touch and sorted through, pulling out Skittles and taffy.  I only ate three pieces of the taffy and called it good since I was satisfied.


I hope the bitch in me is at bay tomorrow.  Do you get emotional and kinda crazy, too?  Fuck, I may just eat those Skittles after all.