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The return of the real world March 30, 2009

My two weeks of paradise are over, and I’m right back in the thick of things here in the real world.  Let’s recap some of the Mexican delights I had the last few days of the vaca, as well as some general pros and cons of Mexico.

Pros of Mexico:

  • Sol, sol, sol! 
  • Friendly locals
  • Lots of bebidas and the ability to drink anywhere 😉
  • A great selection of food and bebidas in town
  • Whales!
  • Lots of walking too keep my ass from blowing up


  • Overly friendly locals
  • Too much food, and too much rich food
  • Craving ice cream, finally getting it, and being disappointed
  • Wafts of sewer smells in the streets—peeeeeew!
  • Overly anxious vendors, including small children
  • That we had to leave 😦

Our last few days were really nice, and included lots of great food as you can see!  Some highlights:

  • Organic tomato and grilled panela cheese salad with olive oil and pesto at The Office
  • Giant Cadillac Margaritas and Queso con Chistorra at Los Deseos
  • Tortilla Espanola sandwich and Sangria at Ole Ole
  • Bloody mary at 5 in the morning while waiting for our plane back to the U.S. on Sunday

Once back we stopped at Fajitas before we even went home!  It is rather funny we went to Mexico and didn’t eat much Mexican food, and then we get back and run right to our favorite local Mexican joint 🙂

I was soooooooooooooo tired Sunday from getting less than two hours of sleep, but I managed to get a second wind, then a third wind, and keep goin strong.  Getting up at like 3 am sucked ass, especially because the clubs were still pumping as we drove out of town.  It was painful to leave that early.  Our flights were good, but we had two stops along the way:  Phoenix and Las Vegas.  Landing in Vegas was a trip since The Strip is like spitting distance from the airport!  Crazy!  

I was rather hangry like the entire way home; it was annoying.  My eats Sunday included:  part of a Bloody Mary, a breakfast sandwich on whole wheat with egg, bacon, & cheese, a Clif Oatmeal, Raisin, Walnut bar, a hot pretzel with marinara sauce, chips & salsa, tortilla soup, part of a Cazuela, and part of La Casa.

Once home and settled in I went to the store and felt totally discombobulated since I hadn’t done grocery shopping at Freddy’s for like 3 weeks.  The highlight of my trip was the long visit to the produce section to pick up the bounty that is Fuji apples, green grapes, carrots, an orange bell pepp, bananas, Romaine lettuce, and a cucumber.  Yay!  Fruit and veg!!!

I even remembered to prep my oatmeal last night, and was ecstatic to eat it this morning.  Mmmmm.  I totally forgot my camera, and don’t have pics of my yummy breakfast and lunch.

Lunch was a small sandwich on whole wheat bread with Romaine, dill pickles, avocado, and peppered turkey, with a carrot on the side.  The sandwich flavor combo was great, and the carrot was so nice and sweet 🙂  I was full after that, though. 

The tum has been a little funky for the last few days, mostly b/c I’ve been eating so crappy, and way too much rich food, the last several days.  I felt a little out of it and full this afternoon, but eventually needed something sweet, so I ate my grapes and apple.  Loved the grapes!

My sweet tooth was calling, telling me I haven’t been eating enough whole foods lately, so I answered by eating one small Tootsie Roll 😉  Then when hunger struck I had a South Beach Diet peanut butter cereal bar.

The day wrapped up around 4:45, and somehow I knew we’d be eating at Fajitas again tonight.  I know, crazy!  I was going to work out, but the Cazuela called me and I was really tired, so I drank half of a pitcher and ate a chicken fajita salad.  Oy vey.

Better go so Chris can sort out the pics and load up his digital frame 🙂  We have so many pics, yo… digital is almost a curse b/c of how many pics you end up taking, no?



Buenas dias! March 25, 2009

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Ahhhhh……I’m enjoying a slow morning watching the ocean and doing some online perusing.  I do miss the blog world 😦

The last few days I’ve let my hair down, so to speak, on eating and drinking.  I’ve been a bit more liberal with the pina coladas (my favorite drink), and the late night snacking.  Or at least it feels that way.

Random side note, speaking of hair.  I LOVE MY HAIR CUT!  It is so easy to manage and take care of for sunning, walking, going out, swimming, drinking ;), whatever.  Perfect vacation hair!  Yay!  I think I told Chris I love my hair like ten times a day for the first 5 days we were here.  Now I see why he just loves to cut all of his off and not deal with it.  (He has a #1 1/2 buzz cut goin’ now.)

Spout!  There are a few whales I can see spouting now 🙂  There haven’t been nearly as many this week.  We are going snorkeling in a few days, and I hope to see some while on the boat.  This year they seem to be mostly Humpback whales, whereas in years past they seemed to be gray whales a lot of the time.  I’m constantly amazed that such a large animal lives in the ocean and survives as it does, migrating every year and living on a diet of plankton. 

Some pics for you:

Mama whale putting her fin out, baby whale breaching

Mama whale putting her fin out, baby whale breaching


Yee-haw!  That is one huge cactus

Yee-haw! That is one huge cactusAlong the marinaYes, that's one turtle on top of another!

 Out at the Tiki Bar enjoying bebidas

Out at the Tiki Bar enjoying bebidasJust in case you couldn’t see how cute I looked ;)Some pretty sunset colorsCute towel creations from our chambermaid
Alrighty, time to get this party started.  It is 11 and I still haven’t eaten breakfast.  Probably because I had guacamole and chips last night at like 11!  Eeek!
I think we’re doing wave runners today, and I hope my burnt booty can stand it.  The salt water and sand grinding up on it for a half hour doesn’t sound like too much fun, but wtf??
Hasta la proxima ves!

La semana segunda en Mexico March 23, 2009

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I’m in freakin’ heaven 🙂  There are still five whole days of vacation ahead of us!!!  Yippee!! 

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging as much, but the internet connection situation is a little frustrating since we have to pay $8.50 for 24 hours of shitty wireless, or $3.50 per half hour of good wireless/use an internet cafe computer.  Whatevs.

We went horseback riding the other day, and most of what we did was fun.  However, there are some depressing points of being in Mexico, specifically that the animals aren’t as well taken care of, and that there is trash all over the place.  We rode in a dry river bed and in the desert some, and there are tons of places where people have just pulled up in their car or truck and dumped off a load of tires, construction waste, etc.  Strange thing is there are way more advancements in waste management here this year than in previous years–garbage cans for organic garbage, separate places for bottles and cans, etc.  I guess the education part is rather lacking, though, as it is not clear how to use some of the bins and I’m guessing many of the locals aren’t well informed either. 

Yesterday I was a total dope and burned the shiznit out of my ass, and fried my legs and back a bit, too.  Looking at my ass is comical and somehow entertaining, although it does hurt a tad.  After I discovered the redness I whipped up another fruity, boozy beverage.  Nothing like a good bebida to kill the pain, no?

Some of the people we met gave us their left over groceries when they checked out yesterday, and we scored some frozen mangos, juices of durazno and pina, and a multitude of other stuff.  I made a few smoothies with the mangos and durazno juice 🙂  Muy delicioso!

We have enjoyed eating at La Dolce two more times since my last post, and at The Office twice (best burger ever!).  Although there are lots of restaurants to choose from, we are rather glad to revisit the same few we know are good over and over. 

Chris is waiting for me to get ready so we can head out for people-watching and some bebidas…. 

I hope you’re all doing well!  Adios 🙂


Hola, Amigas! March 18, 2009

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Hola from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!  Sun, sand, booze, crazy food, and recreation abound 🙂  I suck, I know. 

Chris’ and my vacation has been really nice so far, and we still have lots of time to sit back, relax, and enjoy getting away from the cold and rain that was Portland when we left. 

I am really happy to report that I feel great in my clothes, I feel okay in a bikini, and I’m still working out while down here.  There is a lot of rich, good food to be had, so I had better keep my arse moving lest it blow up while I’m here!

Our trip down here was smooth sailing, and we got seats in the exit row on both flights 🙂  Chris is 6’2″, so the extra leg room was well appreciated indeed.

What was the first thing we did once we hit got out of customs and the timeshare harangue at the airport?  Have a beer, of course!  And yes, we drank it in the shuttle ride to the airport.  It felt so naughty.

Once at the hotel we had a few more beers…it was happy hour after all, and 2 for 1 Dos Equis sounded pretty good. We also had nachos, which were incredibly tasty and we totally devoured the whole plate.  I even at the tostada cup that the guac came in 😐

We got some groceries that afternoon, and made ourselves a little turkey ham and egg sandwich for dinner.  The grocery store had a giant aisle dedicated to canned fish!  So odd to see…but what was more odd was the huge section of devotional candles!  Erin, I know where you found yours 😉

I found regular Quaker oatmeal at the store, and got some Skippy Roasted Honey Nut Super Chunk to add in.  Pretty good, but I miss my steel cut oats 😦  

We worked out in the a.m.; I’m glad to have the decently equipped workout room available for free.  They have a 30 minute limit programmed into most of the cardio machines, though, so I’ll be doing a bit of rotation there to get in some longer sessions.

Lunch on Monday wasn’t memorable…so let’s skip to the incredibly amazing dinner!  We love La Dolce, and visit it multiple times we’re here each year.  This time around we had a green salad and a pizza with salami, prosciutto, and kalamata olives.  And lots of Parm on top… SO good.

We wandered the Marina area afterward and then headed home around 11:30.

Tuesday was nice, but I was anxious to get out in the sun again.  I don’t go for tanning beds anymore, but put me out on a lounge chair by the pool and I soak that shit up (with SPF, of course 😉 ).

Dinner last night was at Bohai, an Asian restaurant offering Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, and other Asian cuisines in a really cool atmosphere.  The service was so fast…my food came in like 5 minutes or less.  I had the Kung Pao chicken and a Dos Equis.

Afterward we went to Ole Ole, a Spanish place on the Marina where there’s a Spanish guitarist/singer we like.  We noticed the Tortilla Espanola on the menu, and had to give it a try along with our 5 beers.  Yummy!

Today breakfast was the same, but lunch was a change–egg white on toast, tortilla with PB, and a yogurt smoothie.  Pretty good!

I’ve been snacking on my Clif bars each day, and I really do like the oatmeal raisin walnut variety I got at Target.  Soft, chewy, full of good stuff, and lots of fiber and protein. 

Today we sat on the beach near the surf, and the cool breeze off of the ocean was great.  I couldn’t get away from the cigarette smoke by the pools, so we decided the beach was better 🙂  After awhile we played football, then came in and ate our leftovers from last night’s dinner.

There have been tons of whales going by each day while we’ve been here, and I’ve gotten some great shots of them breaching.  So cool!  I wish we were on one of those boats!


Now it’s time to get ready and hit the town for some people watching and cervezas!  I think I may treat myself to some gelato, as well.  There’s a place called Senor Sweets that has like 50 to choose from, including Straciatella, my favorite. 

I know I’ve been consuming more than at home, but so far so good.  I am really happy that my efforts over the last 5 months have paid off and that I’m smaller, firmer, and happier about my body.  I figure I deserve a few treats, right?

I hope you’re all having a great week!  I’ll try to blog more often now that the internet connection situation is a bit better…the wireless has been down quite a bit over the last few days.  Adios!


En route to ???? March 15, 2009

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The week finally came to an end yesterday with a huge push of activity, and my stress is finally relieved.  Ahhhhh….that feels better.  Right now we’re at the airport waiting to hop to San Francisco, en route to ?????  I’m toying with the notion of playing a guessing game with you.

Here’s the last day of eats, including breakfast today at the airport:

We got like 2 hours of sleep last night 😐  Totally took longer than thought to get the clothes together and pack.  And I discovered that I fit into most of my smaller clothes, so the wardrobe suddenly grew about ten fold.  I hope I brought enough of the right things…

So, clues about where we’re going:

  • it is sunny and dry
  • the booze runneth freely
  • it is on the coast
  • pirates used to hide here

Can you guess the specific city we’re heading to?  It may be international, just to give you a hint 😉

Boarding starts in a few minutes…gotta move!


4 days in 10 minutes March 13, 2009

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Not sure where to start…nothing terribly remarkable about the last four days, except Chris’ birthday (Wed) was fun, he’s been in a good mood since Wednesday morning, and I’ve been working like a mad woman.

I’m so tired and crazed as I try to get ready for my trip without going insane.  Thankfully I just have one bigger item to do at work tomorrow, one meeting, and then I can finally get down to figuring out what clothes to take, how to pack, etc.  I’m getting anxious about packing since I haven’t really scoped out my clothes yet, and since my closet room is a total frickin’ mess!  It looks like a bomb of clothes blew up in there 😐

Surprise, surprise, I ate Mexican food out a ton this week.  And tonight I’m ashamed to admit that we’ve eaten out every night for a full week and a few days I think.  Ugh, so bad, I know.  I totally should have bought some food for the house this week (beyond basic fruit and yogurt) so I would have been forced to eat here more. 

Okay, I think my ten minutes are up.  If you can, take a look at the background of the last picture above 🙂  Chris and I ate outside at Fajitas tonight.  He walked there with Lily before I was done at work, then I joined them as they sat outside!

Fuck, I’m so annoyed with Chris tonight, and just about everything in general.  I guess I’m just in that annoying bitch phase as I go crazy getting ready to leave at work and home.  I haven’t been this consumed by leaving town for awhile. 

I’m getting up at like 5 tomorrow to go to work, then I have breakfast with my mom at 8, and my appointment at 10.  Wish me luck!


I’m still alive! March 12, 2009

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Crazy week indeed…can’t believe it is already Thursday night.  I was planning on posting tonight but I left my camera at work! 

I am ashamed to admit we’ve eaten out every single night for the last week, but I haven’t felt too bad about it.  I guess I last posted Monday, and since then we’ve eaten Mexican each night

Chris had a great birthday yesterday, and the weather has been really sunny and pretty, but frickin’ cold.  I’ve got to bust out some major work tomorrow, and I think I’ll be going in Saturday as well.  Oy vey.  I’m really beginning to feel some stress about getting ready to leave town, but so far it hasn’t made me a crazy bitch 🙂  That is yet to come! 

What do you do when you’re getting to crunch time for a big project/trip/test/etc.?  I make lists and clean/organize.  Right now I think I have three lists going–stuff to buy, stuff to take, what to do before I leave.  Oh wait, make that four…I have another what to do before I leave list at work.  I suppose I’m always afraid I’ll forget something and making lists seems to help a lot.  I feel the need to clean and get everything organized so I can have clean/uncluttered space physically, but it is mostly a mental exercise, too.

I should be able to upload my pics tomorrow and catch up for the week.  Thanks for stopping by to see what I’ve been up to!  I’ve missed you!