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The return of the real world March 30, 2009

My two weeks of paradise are over, and I’m right back in the thick of things here in the real world.  Let’s recap some of the Mexican delights I had the last few days of the vaca, as well as some general pros and cons of Mexico.

Pros of Mexico:

  • Sol, sol, sol! 
  • Friendly locals
  • Lots of bebidas and the ability to drink anywhere 😉
  • A great selection of food and bebidas in town
  • Whales!
  • Lots of walking too keep my ass from blowing up


  • Overly friendly locals
  • Too much food, and too much rich food
  • Craving ice cream, finally getting it, and being disappointed
  • Wafts of sewer smells in the streets—peeeeeew!
  • Overly anxious vendors, including small children
  • That we had to leave 😦

Our last few days were really nice, and included lots of great food as you can see!  Some highlights:

  • Organic tomato and grilled panela cheese salad with olive oil and pesto at The Office
  • Giant Cadillac Margaritas and Queso con Chistorra at Los Deseos
  • Tortilla Espanola sandwich and Sangria at Ole Ole
  • Bloody mary at 5 in the morning while waiting for our plane back to the U.S. on Sunday

Once back we stopped at Fajitas before we even went home!  It is rather funny we went to Mexico and didn’t eat much Mexican food, and then we get back and run right to our favorite local Mexican joint 🙂

I was soooooooooooooo tired Sunday from getting less than two hours of sleep, but I managed to get a second wind, then a third wind, and keep goin strong.  Getting up at like 3 am sucked ass, especially because the clubs were still pumping as we drove out of town.  It was painful to leave that early.  Our flights were good, but we had two stops along the way:  Phoenix and Las Vegas.  Landing in Vegas was a trip since The Strip is like spitting distance from the airport!  Crazy!  

I was rather hangry like the entire way home; it was annoying.  My eats Sunday included:  part of a Bloody Mary, a breakfast sandwich on whole wheat with egg, bacon, & cheese, a Clif Oatmeal, Raisin, Walnut bar, a hot pretzel with marinara sauce, chips & salsa, tortilla soup, part of a Cazuela, and part of La Casa.

Once home and settled in I went to the store and felt totally discombobulated since I hadn’t done grocery shopping at Freddy’s for like 3 weeks.  The highlight of my trip was the long visit to the produce section to pick up the bounty that is Fuji apples, green grapes, carrots, an orange bell pepp, bananas, Romaine lettuce, and a cucumber.  Yay!  Fruit and veg!!!

I even remembered to prep my oatmeal last night, and was ecstatic to eat it this morning.  Mmmmm.  I totally forgot my camera, and don’t have pics of my yummy breakfast and lunch.

Lunch was a small sandwich on whole wheat bread with Romaine, dill pickles, avocado, and peppered turkey, with a carrot on the side.  The sandwich flavor combo was great, and the carrot was so nice and sweet 🙂  I was full after that, though. 

The tum has been a little funky for the last few days, mostly b/c I’ve been eating so crappy, and way too much rich food, the last several days.  I felt a little out of it and full this afternoon, but eventually needed something sweet, so I ate my grapes and apple.  Loved the grapes!

My sweet tooth was calling, telling me I haven’t been eating enough whole foods lately, so I answered by eating one small Tootsie Roll 😉  Then when hunger struck I had a South Beach Diet peanut butter cereal bar.

The day wrapped up around 4:45, and somehow I knew we’d be eating at Fajitas again tonight.  I know, crazy!  I was going to work out, but the Cazuela called me and I was really tired, so I drank half of a pitcher and ate a chicken fajita salad.  Oy vey.

Better go so Chris can sort out the pics and load up his digital frame 🙂  We have so many pics, yo… digital is almost a curse b/c of how many pics you end up taking, no?



3 Responses to “The return of the real world”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Yay! I’m glad you are back safe and sound 🙂 I ate those crackers when I was in PV in 2007 – in fact, I found some in my pantry about a month ago 🙂 I keep finding these random Mexcian food products that I brought back but never ate!
    Let’s get together this week once you’re recuperated!

  2. Erin Says:

    I’m so glad you had a good time but really, you were gone for WAY TOO LONG sister.
    I can’t believe Chris and his Fajitas obsesh!

  3. carolinebee Says:

    ahh SO funnn!!! You will now enter post-Vacay depression 😦 But we are here for you :D!! I loove love tortilla espanola that is cool that you found it!

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