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Buenas dias! March 25, 2009

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Ahhhhh……I’m enjoying a slow morning watching the ocean and doing some online perusing.  I do miss the blog world 😦

The last few days I’ve let my hair down, so to speak, on eating and drinking.  I’ve been a bit more liberal with the pina coladas (my favorite drink), and the late night snacking.  Or at least it feels that way.

Random side note, speaking of hair.  I LOVE MY HAIR CUT!  It is so easy to manage and take care of for sunning, walking, going out, swimming, drinking ;), whatever.  Perfect vacation hair!  Yay!  I think I told Chris I love my hair like ten times a day for the first 5 days we were here.  Now I see why he just loves to cut all of his off and not deal with it.  (He has a #1 1/2 buzz cut goin’ now.)

Spout!  There are a few whales I can see spouting now 🙂  There haven’t been nearly as many this week.  We are going snorkeling in a few days, and I hope to see some while on the boat.  This year they seem to be mostly Humpback whales, whereas in years past they seemed to be gray whales a lot of the time.  I’m constantly amazed that such a large animal lives in the ocean and survives as it does, migrating every year and living on a diet of plankton. 

Some pics for you:

Mama whale putting her fin out, baby whale breaching

Mama whale putting her fin out, baby whale breaching


Yee-haw!  That is one huge cactus

Yee-haw! That is one huge cactusAlong the marinaYes, that's one turtle on top of another!

 Out at the Tiki Bar enjoying bebidas

Out at the Tiki Bar enjoying bebidasJust in case you couldn’t see how cute I looked ;)Some pretty sunset colorsCute towel creations from our chambermaid
Alrighty, time to get this party started.  It is 11 and I still haven’t eaten breakfast.  Probably because I had guacamole and chips last night at like 11!  Eeek!
I think we’re doing wave runners today, and I hope my burnt booty can stand it.  The salt water and sand grinding up on it for a half hour doesn’t sound like too much fun, but wtf??
Hasta la proxima ves!

One Response to “Buenas dias!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Kertsten, you look so incredible. Honestly!

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