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Produce EXTRAvaganza June 27, 2009

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Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, I bought like 28 pounds of produce today! (And I eat nearly all of that within a week, sans rinds/seeds/pits of course!)  I have never added up the weight of the fruit and veggie goodness that finds its way home with me from the store; it was quite astounding to do so.

Buying organic on my trips to Costco ain’t happenin’ much, esp. b/c the prices have been great on their awesome offerings.  Costco’s selection varies between organic and non, too.  I almost need to go to Freddy’s first to check pricing and availability, then Costco, and then Freddy’s again. 

I’ve been really interested in reading other bloggers’ food cost analyses, finding out how much their grocery bills are, etc.  For your enjoyment, here’s what I brought home today and the total cost (I hope this doesn’t bore the shit out of you):

Costco: $26.95

  • 3 lbs cherries $5.99
  • 4 lbs strawberries $4.99
  • 2 lbs blueberries $5.99
  • one whole pineapple $2.99
  • 2 lbs grape tomatoes $6.99

Fred Meyer: $40.15 (including BYO bag refund and $0.50 coupon)

  • two Silk Vanilla Creamers $3.98
  • 2.4 lbs butternut squash $3.10
  • 4.79 lbs canteloupe $1.77
  • 2 ears yellow corn $1
  • 1.04 lbs carrots $0.61
  • .18 lbs soy protein powder $1.62
  •  6 peppercorn ciabatta rolls $1.50
  • 1.28 lbs organic broccoli $1.27
  • 1 red bell pepper $1.50
  • 1 head romaine lettuce $1.00
  • 1.08 lbs flank steak $8.63
  • .86 lbs bananas $$0.51
  • .32 lbs cremini mushrooms $0.96
  • .91 lbs organic Fuji apples $1.52
  • Burt’s Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub $7.99

Yowza, excluding the face scrub I spent $59.11, and we don’t have enough protein for Chris to last the week.  My add’l produce intake over the last month or so has increased our bill a bit, but what’s a fruit-addict like me gonna do when all this insane summer fruit is around? 

Do you use a fruitwash and/or wash your produce methodically?  I do, but didn’t get around to it for this batch of stuff, yet.  I’ll be standing in front of the sink for an hour or so tomorrow washing, rinsing, and spinning my produce to squeaky clean perfection.

And now for my predictable trusty content:

An early breakfast of vegan French toast with Garden Sausage, blueberries, and syrup at Bob’s Red Mill 🙂  And coffee, of course.  (Don’t hate me Andrea, I decided to do this late last night and used it as some alone time before the packing and sorting fun at my mom’s.)


I came home rather hangry and threw together a big salad with some fruit and veg on the side.  Salad had: romaine, grapes, apple, yellow bell pepp, carrot, avocado, Boca burger, chow mein noodles, sliced almonds, goat cheese, and balsamic.


I had to force in the last few bites of salad and saved the side fruit/veg for later, after my grocery shopping. 

Chris and I visited the gym for a few hours, where I busted out legs, triceps, 25 minutes of running & walking on the treadmill, and 28 minutes o’ sweaty fun on the stair mill.  I was getting hangry again at the end of this sesh, and was glad to quickly move on to….

Dinner was a repeat of a simple, voluminous veg fest:  steamed corn with Smart Balance Light, steamed broc, and oven roasted butternut squash chips.  Oh. So. Good.  I’d already had loads of protein early in the day, so I didn’t feel too bad about not having much with dinner.


I knew a fruity treat would be in order later on, and when the time rolled around I threw in a little crack as well.  Oh, bowl of fruity, granola-y goodness, how I have missed thee.


I’m ready for bed, but is it ready for me?  I’ll check it out and report back tomorrow 😉  Enjoy your Sunday!


Little Bunny Foo Foo April 18, 2009

I saw a bunny while at the gym today!  And, no, it wasn’t pumping iron 😉  Off to the west side of the gym there’s a small greenspace, and it was there grazing in the grass.  How cute!  I enjoyed watching it while I did my hack squats.

Let’s head back to Friday for a recap of eats and such….

Yeah, I’m not sure about this 7-grain cereal thing.  I wish it were heartier, with more substantially sized grains and more fiber.  The taste is a little different, too…more cardboard-y?  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Any thoughts? 

This was the 7-grain cereal with PB, apple, cinnamon, soy protein powder, and water.


Thankfully my first appointment went just fine, and I came out of it smiling and feeling positive.  I was also feeling skinny b/c my pants were loose and my client commented that I look great and like I’ve lost a lot of weight 🙂

Next up was prepping for my 1pm appointment, which I also had been dreading.  I chowed down on my lunch around noon:  whole wheat bread, peppered turkey, pickle, romaine; and the faithful carrot.  My brother commented on how my carrots look rather raggedy, and rightfully so.  They’re unpeeled, and I often cut them with too small of a knife, leading to semi-mangled, uneven sticks.  Whatevs, they still taste the same, right?!


My second meeting went okay, too, I emerged still feeling positive. Phew!  I feared something would happen that would ruin my Friday and lead me into the weekend in a shitty mood.  Not so!  I was quite famished, though, and proceeded to eat my apple and yogurt.


I was still feeling hungry after this (which didn’t make sense since I’d just had a few hundred calories), and a little funky.  As I reached for my crackers it dawned on me I was probably feeling overly hungry from allergies.  That funky symptom is not one of my favorites. So, instead of eating more I drank some water, took an allergy pill, and moved on.  Worked like a charm.

Chris and I visited Fajitas for dinner, and even though I knew I’d be working out later I drank a bit of a Cazuela.  My dinner was a small bowl of tortilla soup, followed by a Tequila Popper (surprise from our waiter 🙂 ), and part of a La Casa.  So good!



The shot glass is from the Tequila Popper…no evidence left 😉

Instead of letting all of this settle more I went to the gym sooner than later, and I paid the price.  I broke a sweat on my first exercise (chest press), which isn’t normal, and I ended up being a little clutzy.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t drunk or anything.  I was, however, a little full and feeling tired from the booze. 

While setting up the lat pulldown Hammer Strength machine I dropped a 25 pound barbell on my right foot.  Holy shit, that hurt.  I cursed and laughed to myself, and proceeded to get along with my reps while trying to ignore my aching foot and act cool.  “Did I break it?  Do I need to go to urgent care?  Can I finish my workout or do cardio?”  Luckily the pain didn’t remain too intense, and walking on it didn’t hurt, so I moved on and finished my workout.  After which I proceeded to drag my shin across the corner of a machine’s footrest.  Okay, time to get the eff out of there, I said–no cardio or I may end up falling off the machine and not living to tell about it.

Thankfully my foot didn’t swell, nor does it even look bruised (yet).  How’d I manage that?  Pure luck, fo’ sho.  No more drinking and working out!

I was in a rather snacky mood when I got home, so I had some granola with almond milk, and then some Genisoy Sweet Crisps after that.  I think I missed a pic of the granola…


Have you seen “Mistresses” on BBC America?  Pretty good writing if you ask me, with some twists, turns and pure, unbridled adultery, jealousy, and reality.  :shocked:


Because I had to wake up early all week, I wanted to sleep in and wake up without an alarm.  This meant skipping pilates, which I could handle since I figured I’d go workout later instead.  I did end up waking up early enough to go, but because of lunch plans I still opted to stay home and chillax.

Breakfast was a bowl of granola with almond milk, and coffee with Silk vanilla creamer.  I’m really happy to have found the creamer, and even though it has sugar in it I still feel soooooooo much better drinking it instead of Coffeemate, powdered crap, or even real 1/2 & 1/2 or cream. 


That’s real sunshine, folks!  Although it was a bit chilly and overcast, the sun popped out and shined in on me as I ate.

Around 11 I headed to Bob’s Red Mill for an early lunch with Andrea.  Bob’s was packed!!!   We each ordered breakfast for lunch 🙂  I had dollar pancakes with one egg, and a fruit cup on the side.  Such cute little cakes!  I smeared some marionberry jam on a few and really liked that flavor combo.


Andrea and I had some good laughs while catching up 🙂  Loved it!  I like being social and realize it seems to have gone by the wayside lately.  Here’s where I get back on the bandwagon of scheduling things in advance and actually getting out at least once a month…   OH, and I gotta mention this–when I first walked up to Andrea she was amazed at how I’ve slimmed down:)  Yeah!  Girl, I wish I could pay you the million bucks that made me feel like!  😉 Thank you!

At noon I had to head out to North Clackamas Park for the Earth Day community event going on.  I was volunteering as a Master Recycler at a table showcasing hazardous household materials, how to avoid them, and alternatives.  Sounds grand, but it was really just a table with brochures.  We were outside, though, and there were some neat things other tables had like a bird quiz, native planting guides, conservation information, and other things to keep us busy.  I took the bird quiz and ended up winning a great photo of a hummingbird mother feeding her baby!  I also won a raffle drawing and got a bee box.  How cool!  I was thinking of buying a bee box a month ago and never got around to it; glad I didn’t!

Toward the end of the event someone brought out fresh baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I knew once I saw them that I had to have at least one–they are one of my favorite cookies since they’re so moist, and more like little cakes than cookies.  I had two and loved every bite.


The sun was out more by the time I left the park, and I rocked the drive home with the sunroof open.  It has been forever since I was able to do that!

Although I wanted to take advantage of the sunny day by going for a ride in the convertible with Chris, I opted to hit the gym for weights and cardio.  I had a great workout and will guiltily admit that I took the Real Simple magazine I read while on the stair mill.  It’s the March issue, and it has lots of great ideas about cooking, good buys, and getting rid of clutter/junk.  I figured if someone left it behind (as all magazines that are at 24 Hr; they’re not club subscriptions), and it was a month or two old, hopefully I wouldn’t be generating bad karma by taking it home.  Maybe I can leave a magazine next time I go to even things out 🙂

I was famished like the second I stepped off the mill, so I didn’t even bother to shower before Chris and I visited Fajitas for a second night of Mexican indulgence.  We sat outside with Lily and had a gay old time.  I wasn’t quite ready to order when Pedro came outside, so in haste I opted for the chicken flautitas.  (Read–fried flour tortillas stuffed with chicken and cheese, served with sour cream and guac.)


This plate of food disappeared almost too easily, as I ate nearly the whole thing! Yikes!  It was too much and I knew it, but I had trouble saying no and did it anyway.  I also had part of a Cazuela and half of my La Casa. 


Just before we left a lady pulled up in her truck, got out smoking, and dropped her cigarette right outside the restaurant door in the barkdust.  I noticed it while going inside to pay the bill and couldn’t help taking a picture of the fire waiting to happen.  I stomped it out, too, of course.  No way I could let it smolder and potentially burn down my favorite restaurant!


All this writing and thinking about food is making me hungry.  To eat or not to eat, that is the question?  My choices are somewhat slim, but I could go for an apple, Genisoy crisps, chocolate, granola, crackers, or yogurt.  What shall the winner be??  Or will I abstain since it’s already after 10pm??  Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Ciao 😉


A perfect Saturday January 24, 2009

Today was really nice, and I mean really, really nice.  I think everything went well from start to (almost) finish where I sit right now.  Super yay!

The day began a bit slowly and with sluggishness as I pried myself out of bed at 7:50.  Ugh.  But the thought of Bob’s Red Mill was enticing, and before I knew it I was pulling into the parking lot and looking at this:


WHOA, a little bigger than I thought.  Anyhow, this is the water wheel and stream in front of Bob’s Red Mill retail store and restaurant.   I love coming here 🙂  The old school mill is pictured below.


I looked around at all of the goodness, damning myself for not having already created my grocery list so I would know what I could buy without guilt.  They even have frozen vegan donuts!  Chocolate covered!

When Andrea arrived we took a gander at the vegetarian menu, and as I mentioned I wanted to try a vegan breakfast.  No, not a huge step or big deal, but I wanted to think a lot more about what I ate and try to avoid animal products.  Andrea recommended the biscuits and gravy, and I totally forgot about staying vegan. Were they vegan?  Did they have milk derivatives? I don’t know!  And I’m pretty sure I put some sort of milk based creamer in my coffee 😐  Kudos to all of you who are vegan and remain very thoughtful about your food intake!!

The biscuits and gravy were really, really yummy.  I haven’t had something that rich tasting yet not too heavy in a long time.  Oh, mercy! Mmmmmmmmmm.  And the fruit cup on the side was just what I needed to round out my meal. 


We talked a lot about various things, including how we each married like the same guy (seriously, it is rather crazy!), and then we headed off to pilates to get long’n’lean.

Class was good today, and I felt more balanced and in control today during our moves than two weeks ago.  After class I did a half hour of upper body, and I tried the “squirreliptical” as Kath calls it.  It was a bit awkward at first, and harder than I expected, but I had a good half hour of intervals while watching random stuff around the gym.  This machine is on the 2nd floor of the gym, upstairs from the regular cardio area I use, and there aren’t any TVs mounted on the machines.  That half hour seemed sooooo long; I wanted to quit several times during the first 15 minutes.

After the gym I went home and made myself a nice easy lunch: an open faced sandwich with 1/2 a wedge LCL, one egg +one white scrambled, a slice of turkey; an apple; and some cc.  That hit the spot 😉


Whoa, there is an intense movie on IFC now, “Flannel Pajamas.”  I like IFC and the different perspectives the movies provide. 

By the time we both ate and I cleaned up, neither of us felt like going to work like originally planned.  Yay!  I could stay home and relax like anyone should be able to do on a Saturday.  I ended up cleaning, doing laundry, and making an attempt at meal planning.  My food has been way too boring lately, without enough variety or spice, literally, so I opted to get some new things, additions, and more veggies.

I hit the store…and forgot my shopping list.  Because of that shopping took forever, but somehow I remembered everything.  It’s a miracle!  Some of the fun things I picked up included: produce wash, Silk vanilla coffee creamer, a butternut squash, strawberries, tofu, barbecue sauce, and Sriracha :0  Love it!

Washing my produce was rather satisfying.  Here’s my pile of freshness drying on a towel; the wash is on the left:


For dinner I had meatloaf in mind, and as I cleaned veggies I thought of adding diced celery and shredded carrots for more bulk.  My meatloaf consisted of: 1lb. 93% lean beef, 1 slice diced whole wheat bread, small shake of bread crumbs, one egg, 1/2 onion diced, 2 stalks celery diced, 1/2 carrot shredded, 1 clove garlic smashed, a glug of BBQ sauce, a squirt of ketchup, lots of ground pepper, and Nature’s Seasons.  It smelled so good!

On the side were baked potatoes and over-cooked broccoli.  I kind mis-timed the meatloaf being done and the broccoli sat for awhile.  It was so soft it couldn’t be picked up but by a fork in the stalk portion.  Ew. 

I added Sriracha to my meatloaf and potato, and BBQ sauce to the potato.  It was so good!  I probably ate too much of the potato just so I could have more of the sauces.


That’s Smart Balance on the potato, too.  I liked the meatloaf a lot, but Chris didn’t quite agree.  It was so tasty!  Maybe too much onion, but otherwise really perfect.  I think he just doesn’t know or like meatloaf much.  I guess this means I get the leftovers?  We drank this while eating:


Haha, no I didn’t drink Sriracha… it just wanted to make an appearance on the blog 😉

Tonight I’ve been chillin’ working on recycling posts under The Three R’s, and watching TV.  Aw, I forgot the dryer buzzed….wrinkled clothes, here I come.

I ate a snack a little while ago: hulled strawberries and two pieces of Ghiradelli 72% chocolate.  I haven’t craved chocolate in awhile, but tonight it sounded yummy.


I’m a bit tired and think I’m going to take the LB out and go to bed.  A part of me really hopes Chris decides he doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow. If he goes he’ll want me to go as well.  Not like I don’t have work to do, but mentally I wouldn’t mind a full two days off.  (Or a whole lifetime off for that matter! ;))

Later y’all.  Have a great Sunday!


Sweet Saturday December 13, 2008

Today was nice, sweet in many ways (figuratively, that is), and satisfying.  I got up around 7:45, let the Lily Bird out, and got ready to go eat at Bob’s Red Mill with the ladies.  Andrea at Care To Eat, her cous-in-law Megan M., our friend Megan S., and I met at Bob’s at 8:30 and proceeded to order our nummy eats.  I had the #4: two eggs over easy, hash browns, and biscuits.  Plus coffee, of course.  That’s a little gratis side of Bob’s grits, too.


I never used to like over-easy/runny eggs, but like them now in a few select applications.  Mixing them with hashbrowns and ketchup is a fave!  I had one egg, the other egg white, ~1/2 the hashbrowns, and one biscuit with a little butter and marionberry jam.  I left behind one egg yolk, one biscuit, and some hashbrowns.  I still managed to be pleasantly full, tho 🙂

Chatting with the girls was fun, and at about 9:30 we mosied to the gym for pilates.  Karlyn was back today, and led us through a good session that beat my abs and booty up.  Ye-yah!

I headed on home, played with the LB, and made coffee with Chris.  It was really cold today, and the warmth of a hot bevvie sounded great. 

After this I started menu planning, but got hungry.  I made Chris a tuna melt, and made myself a satisfying plate of 1/2 cup lf/ff cottage cheese, ~7 slices smoked turkey, 1/2 an apple, and ~8 Stacy’s Pita Chips.  Nummy!  Definitely a voluminous lunch (the v-word is borrowed from Miss Erin at Care To Eat 😉


I was full for awhile, then hungry not too long after.  So I had 1/2 cup Dannon Light & Fit vanilla yogurt with 1 tbsp raisins, 1 tbsp slivered almonds, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  100_00062

After this I continued menu planning, but kind of had a cooking block and didn’t plan too specifically.  Whateva.  I went to the store and was blown away by how full the parking lot was, which of course meant the store was packed.  A few people frustrated me with their obliviousness, but it was okay for the most part.  I bought some Flatout wraps, and some freshly ground almond butter 🙂  Can’t wait to try those.

What did I do next…not sure.  Oh, I ate a spoon of the AB–I really didn’t wait, did I?  It had staying power!



I also ate this little clem while I was putting groceries away.  He looked so sad and lonely, and wondered why he’d been sitting around for so long untouched.  No more, little clemmie-poo!

At some point I started dinner, which I wasn’t too excited about:  beef stroganoff.  I wasn’t looking forward to the beef and richness of the dish, but couldn’t think of what else to make for myself without a lot of add’l effort.  So I added some fresh spinach to the stroganoff and it wasn’t too bad.


This dish consisted of whole wheat yolk-free egg noodles, 93% lean ground beef & onion sauteed together, a touch of reduced fat sour cream, and a sauce that had a little butter/flour roux and beef broth mixed.  I added lots of pepper and fresh spinach at the end. 

Here’s where I had a majorly satisfying moment:  I made muffins!  (Which you can see below in my other post of the day.)  I like love baking and was happy to work on my project for awhile.  I’m very happy with how the muffins turned out, and I’ve already eaten 3 🙂  Hehe.


My kitchen was a a freakin’ mess after having cooked and baked today, but I didn’t really mind cleaning up b/c the mess was worth it 🙂

Now I sit here having another glass of chardonnay, watching some random Encore movie, and feeling happy about my day.  I hope yours was equally satisfying!  Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

p.s.  The weather is supposed to be below freezing here for the next week 😐  Snow tomorrow/Mon and perhaps Wed/Thurs, too.  Seriously, I just hope I can make it to yoga!  I’ve missed it this week terribly.