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Frozen treats August 31, 2009

And no, tonight I don’t mean a Dairy Queen!  I’ve been enjoying some frozen fruit this week, specifically grapes and now cherries.  Girlfriend and her addiction turned me on to the cherries 😉



Last week’s produce pact worked out well, and I ran out of fresh goodies on Friday.  Although I ate more fresh produce, I also had too much other food 😦  Overeating at dinner out, throwing in a DQ Blizzard, and drinking a lot probably counteracted the good feelings that eating produce created 😐  Anywho…

This month’s Gourmet Magazine had a great roasted cauliflower recipe.  I didn’t add the kalamata vinaigrette, but all was well 🙂  I don’t like the cauli raw (the man prefers it raw), and roasted is now my favorite.  Give ‘er a try! I like how this recipe called for the cauli to be sliced into big 1″ sections, rather than florets.


Lily was so cute at dinner tonight!! 


Since I was a bad girl and didn’t do the rest of my grocery shopping yesterday, I had no lettuce today for lunch.  So, I had a lettuce-less salad of carrot, tomato, avocado, bell pepper, mushroom, and some leftover multi-grain rice from Saturday’s dinner.



Yesterday was WillaKenzie‘s Day in the Vineyard, a private event for members with wine classes and a wonderful catered lunch at the top of the vineyard.  So gorgeous!  Here’s the spread from the wine & food pairing class.  I didn’t eat but the wild mushroom and chevre tart b/c of the shrimp and fish the other bites contained, and as I ate it the chef casually mentioned it had bacon in it. :shocked: *^%$%$#*&^%*&(*)????!!!!!  Why do ya gotta add bacon??


Daniel, the vineyard manager, raises longhorn cattle and keeps many of them on the vineyard property.  Here’s Chris getting up close and personal with a friendly cow (she licked his hand!).


This is the big daddy of the pack—Rodeo Maximus.  His horn span is a whopping 72 inches.  Whoa!!  Better not get too close to that bad boy!


This little darling was checking her reflection out in the truck.  So cute!  She nosed and licked the truck, and almost took out the mirror with her horn. 


Lunch was a green and lima (??) bean salad with a citrus vinaigrette, a quinoa salad with squash, tomato, red pepper, onion, a mixed green salad with caramelized hazelnuts and sundried tomatoes, and yummy olive bread.  Not pictured are my four desserts:  two oatmeal raisin cookies, one chocolate-chocolate chip cookie, and one almond biscotti. 


These two cattle have the optimal longhorns—rather straight out, and possibly a little corkscrew type curvature.  Aren’t they perty!!??


Speaking of perty…here I am!  We walked up to lunch rather than taking the shuttle van. 


Compare this pic with the one from last year:

Andrea and her hubby, Chris, had a party Saturday for their 30th birthdays.  I got snuggly with their baby, Basil.  He’s such a sweetie, and so darn cute!!


Dinner before the party was an inspired creation:  stuffed white acorn squash with multi grain rice, sautéed tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, and garlic, seasoned with s&p, Nature’s Seasons, and Italian herbs.  I roasted the squash for ~45m at 325, scooped out some flesh to make more room, then stuffed it with the cooked filling and baked another 15 minutes.  Sadly the squash itself was rather bland 😦  What can I do to amp it up a bit?


Lily had a vet appointment in Oregon City Saturday morning, and on the way back we stopped at Spicer Brothers Produce.  They had tons of great items, with about half of them being local and super fresh.  Fresh apples!  FINALLY!  Although none of the items were labeled organic, Andrea had a great point in that many local growers use organic and sustainable methods, they just aren’t certified.  Spicer’s had great prices on most items, and the guys seemed to smile at me a lot.  This sexy bitch got her bananas at the “overripe” price rather than the regular price. That’s what I’m talking about. 😉

I got three new items:  golden delicious apples, white acorn squash, and donut peaches.  After washing everything thoroughly I dug into a peach.  WHOA!  SUPER sweet taste, with only a mild peachiness.  Ideal for mixing in with less sweet fruits, or used in cereal and other applications.  The apples are great!  Might be a new fave of mine.


I thought Friday’s salad looked especially pretty:


After hitting up DQ for a Tagalong Blizzard Tuesday night, we treated Lily to a doggy cone again 🙂  She gets excited when we pull in to DQ now cuz she knows what’s coming.  Oops!


And that just about sums up the last week.  I’ve still been a less-than-stellar worker bee and am still having trouble getting back in to busy mode at work.  I’m rather like obstinant-non-worker bee 😐

So, I guess I’ll officially announce that Chris and I are buying my grandmother’s house.  This month we’ll be getting quotes for updating the house (gotta green the place up a bit, repaint some, remove wallpaper, change out carpet, add a fence, ya know).  After family is in town for my grandmother’s Celebration of Life party in late Sept. I think we can clear out the unwanted furniture/etc., and then in October the work can be done.  We anticipate taking possession and moving around Nov. 1.  Holy moley—can’t believe it’s really gonna happen!! It’s kind of surreal, frankly, and rather stressful.  But exciting nonetheless 🙂 



So begins a crazy week! March 9, 2009

Somehow today was a happy Monday!  I thought that was an oxymoron…

‘Twas a busy few days, or so it felt, and I’m getting rather anxious and excited for the vaca.  I hope you aren’t sick of hearing about it already… I’m also excited to post some while I’m there so y’all can partake, too!


I TOTALLY forgot to set my clock forward an hour and woke up thinking it was 8am, and that yoga was in two hours.  Not until I sat down at the laptop at 10:05 DST did I realize what had happened.  Shit, no yoga for me 😦 

Very typical breakfast, but with a splash o’ almond milk on the oats after cooking:


We finally  left for the gym at like 11:45, and I hit up an hour of legs and abs.  Mercy!  Chris was hoopin’ it up, but there was no one to play with 😦  I joined him for some shooting and a 1:1 game, and it was really fun!  He’s like 6’2 and I’m 5’5, he’s played for 20+ years and I have no real b-ball experience, and he pretty much schooled me, but we laughed our asses off the whole time 🙂

I was famished when we got home at like 2:30, and I shoved in a quick snacky lunch of ww bread with turkey, carrot sticks, grapes, and some plain yogurt with sf rasp jam.


After this I cleaned up and headed out to do some birthday shopping for the man, but I really didn’t have any luck 😦  I also did some shopping for vacation supplies, and can’t believe I blew $50 so fast!  Razor refills, toothpaste, allergy pills…shit adds up quick.

It hailed and snowed yesterday afternoon bigtime!  We had a thick layer of hail on the ground and a little flurry of flakes.  Pretty, but effin’ cold, mo’ fo’s.  I’m ready for it to warm up already.

For Chris’ first birthday dinner of the week we headed to Black Angus in Vancouver.  Chris loves the prime rib there, and I kind of struggle to find decent things on the menu, but last night was really good overall.  I had a few small pieces of their yummy molasses bread with butter, about half of my salad with a really oniony vinaigrette, and about half of my teriyaki sirloin with a baked potato and steamed veggies.  I also grabbed a few of Chris’ fries 😉




I was quite full when leaving, but eventually needed a little something to wrap up my day.  The house is really devoid of food, way more than I realized, and I broke into the box of South Beach Diet PB cereal bars I bought for the trip.  Not too bad…crispy, PB’y, and hit the spot.

I ate this while watching Breaking Bad on AMC.  Have you seen that? Or Mad Men?  Two of the best shows out there!



I couldn’t sleep much last night! It sucked to wake up and move around, not feeling quite tired or comfortable enough to just pass out like I needed to.  We got up a bit earlier to be at the office by 8, but that turned into 8:30 with us lagging and traffic sucking a bit b/c it was snowing again!  I forgot to prep my oats last night 😦 so I had a cereal mess of shredded wheat and Essential 10 with lots of almond milk.


Work was very busy I ate some around 12:30–ww bread with turkey, grapes, Fuji, carrot sticks.


My 1:00 was an energy intensive meeting, but well worth it. I was nervous about it b/c he emailed me and was like “we should meet.” Those are often foreboding words, but once we sat down it was all good.  Yay! 

So, do you remember how I said I was upgrading my computer?  It was so I could gain full access to work applications at home or on vacation, and it turns out I’m screwed.  I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a guy from the technology help desk trying to figure out a way to fix the issue that I didn’t realize I had until I called randomly about something related.  I have Vista Home Premium, which is not compatible with a few of the applications (even tho they’re okay with Vista Business), and my computer could have totally crashed, but I’m lucky and somehow the whole disk encryption application didn’t kill my computer.  Shit.  That woulda sucked!  Turns out I need to install Vista Business or XP Professional to create compatibility with the other software I need to run.  Bleh.  Maybe it isn’t worth it…moving on.

Tonight we had Chris’ second birthday dinner of the week, this time at Godfather’s Pizza with his parents.  I swear, what else could I do this week to throw off my fitness program?!  But, I must admit that the pizza tasted really and I was able to enjoy two pieces and a small beer without feeling guilty 🙂


I realize that doesn’t look so appealing now… I blotted off the extra grease and put some parm and chili flakes on it.

We have leftovers, so I think pizza may be in my near future again.  I really love pizza and admit it is one food I have missed a lot over the last four months.  I’ve had it a few times, and have really tried to savor it each time.  Nothing like a special treat now and then, right?

We got home around 9, and Chris pretty much went straight to bed!  Very odd for him.  I used the opprtunity to sneak out and birthday shop, and buy a few groceries for the week.  I had success with his birthday gift, and Lily got him something, too 😉 

I’m pooped…it’s just after midnight and I’m going to join the man in bed.  That’s twice in the last week he’s beat me to bed–so rare!  Hope you all had a good Monday 🙂


I forgot my title March 5, 2009

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I need to start writing my ideas down…I thought of a great title earlier and cannot remember it for the life of me. 

Today was pretty good 🙂  Except that I forgot to prep my oats last night!  I packed a cereal mess quickly while I was making lunch, and then remembered we had lunch scheduled again today 😐  Ooops.  Whatevs, it worked out okay. 

The cereal mess was shredded wheat and Peace Cereal Essential 10.  Yes, I still have that box from like a few months ago, but it isn’t stale.  Imagine that.  I added 1/2 a banana, and took some almond milk along to pour over it just before eating.  Yummy, but not like the wholesome goodness that is oatmeal.  I’ve been eating oatmeal many times per week for the last 3-4 months, and wonder if I’ll ever get sick of it.  I look forward to it daily 🙂


Busy busy bee at work, and hunger struck a bit before our noon lunch meeting.  Since I accidentally made lunch I ate my little, plain-ass sandwich to help out the hunger:  ww bread and peppered turkey. A few carrots as well.


We went to Red Lobster again, and I had a garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette again.  No pic today, as the person we met with was someone we don’t know very well, and I didn’t want to seem like too much of a freak (yet). Chris loves salmon, and since I detest it we rarely have it in the house.  He was ecstatic to eat it two days in a row, and I was ecstatic to not have to deal with the smell cooking it at home 🙂

Around 2 I got a little hungry, so I ate my grapes and the rest of my carrots. I love when the grapes are all fresh and crunchy!!


More worky worky…today was a lot busier than I thought it would be, but that’s good 😉  I was sort of hungry again around 4:30, but knew we’d be leaving soon to go home and have dinner.

I made fried rice for the first time ever, and I think it turned out okay.  The Trader Joe’s BBQ pork I bought was really fatty, though, so I had to trim out a ton of it.  The whole shebang included ~8oz. pork, 1/2 a carrot, 1/2 an onion, 2 celery stalks, 1 small broccoli crown, 1 clove garlic, 2 eggs, about 3 cups of brown rice, a few dashes of soy sauce, some Nature’s Seasons, and I topped mine with toasted sesame seeds.  This made enough for both of us to eat dinner and have  a little leftover. 


Do you ever notice that Chinese food doesn’t leave you full for very long?  It is so weird…Chris and I used to notice this when we’d eat lunch at the Chinese place by work (Royal Panda–it moved!) we’d be hungry like an hour later.  Tonight that meant we could leave to go workout sooner, as Chris didn’t have to digest for two hours.  Yay!

I switched up the order of things and did an hour of cardio first (1/2 stair mill, 1/2 elliptical), and then hit up legs and abs upstairs.  Chris hooped it up for like 1:45!  Wowza!

When I was done I was feeling a little low, so I ate the Luna Berry Almond bar that has been in my gym bag for a few months.  Squished, but still delicious 🙂  No pic since I left the camera at home. 

Now I’m off to bed.  I’m still horrible about getting to bed early enough to get a full night of sleep these days. I’m addicted to The Graham Norton Show on BBC America–he is so funny, and his guests are usually quite entertaining, too.  You should check it out!


Can we get it over with already? February 28, 2009

Tha’ts how I felt most of today as I waited and waited for Chris to get ready to go workout.  I was not a happy camper.

I went to bed last night all optimistic about being productive today, and thought I’d get up early to go grocery shopping.  Um, yeah, that didn’t exactly happen…the alarm went off at 7:30 and I was soooo tired, and then I realized Trader Joe’s doesn’t open until 9am.  I got all excited last night about TJ’s while looking at their circular, and decided I’d just stay in bed and go tomorrow instead.

I got up around 8:30 and got the coffee going, played with the LB, and then ate my oats:


I hit up the gym for pilates, and then came home expecting Chris to be ready to workout.  He was still in bed at 11!  I dragged him out of bed, he ate a little, and then proceeded to take like two hours before being ready to go to the gym.  Ugh.  I just wanted to get it over with already and move on with my day.  I ended up reading blogs, cleaning some, and playing with Lily in that time frame.  I also ate a snack thinking we’d go sooner than later…I should have known and just eaten a full lunch:


One egg white, and one slice of ww toast with 1 tbps Maranatha a.b.

After all that waiting I got slightly hungry again, so I ate a fruit leather, the other half of my Luna Bar from last night, and a few grapes. 


Finally we left to go workout around like 1:45.  I did cardio first since I wasn’t sure how long Chris would take, and I wanted to make sure I got in my time.  I did half an hour on the elliptical, and about 25 minutes on the stair mill before Chris came to collect me.  Worked out perfectly I guess.

We had plans to go to my dad’s for dinner tonight, so we got cleaned up and headed on over there a little early.  Dinner was so good!  We started with Kettle Death Valley Chipotle chips, carrots, and red pepper. A few toasted TJ’s sundried tomato & habanero tortilla strips, too 🙂


And don’t forget the wine… a Sauv Blanc and a Syrah.  Both were great!

For dinner we had hamburgers.  Mine had ketchup, pickles, lettuce, and cracked pepper.  Pefectly juicy and tasty, and somehow I wasn’t full afterward.  So nice!


There’s usually dessert at my dad’s, and tonight was homemade, homegrown rhubarb with mixed berries, and some Haagen Dazs vanilla on top.  I ended up with the big bowl!  It was so tasty.  I really feel like I got some special, yummy treats tonight and I feel really satisfied about it.  Yay!


Chris and I cracked home more wine after we got home, for which I am regretting drinking more right about now. 


I’m tired, a little cranky from the wine, and ready to sleep lots.  Better prep my oats while I remember!


Figgy puddin’ February 24, 2009

I can’t remember if I’m stealing post title here…Forgive me if so!

Fred Meyer was out of bulk raisins yesterday (how is that even possible!?), so I opted for an alternative:  dried figs!  I haven’t had them in awhile so I figured I’d enjoy the change of pace as well.  I cut up one dried fig in my steel cut oats, almond milk, water, cinnamon, and Maranatha.  I can’t remember if I used chocolate almond milk…


I know, the plastic abounds…supposedly I’m poisoning myself with pthalates and BPA by nuking my oats in plastic, and eating hot food with the plastic spoon isn’t good either.  The office doesn’t have a kitchen, everyone uses plastic, and I hate seeing it used only once when it is quite durable.  I wash it in the dishwasher and take it back to the office for reuse, but I can’t say that everyone is on that reuse train. 

Worky worky, and eventually lunchy lunchy.  I’ve been enjoying having more fruits and veggies with lunch over the last week 🙂  Today I had one slice ww bread with 1/2 wedge LCL, once slice turkey, and overflowing green leaf lettuce.  I also ate celery & carrot sticks, some grapes, and half a Fuji.  Yay!


I can’t believe how long paperwork can take sometimes.  Totally not a productive use of time to spend two hours preparing applications and getting them in the mail. Can’t wait til I have an assistant!

Today is Chris’ dad’s birthday, and I knew we were heading to the Old Spaghetti Factory, so I did a little sleuthing on their menu and nutritional content.  Oy vey!  It really is amazing how many calories are in the average portion of pasta served with typical meat sauce, and when you get into specialties like vegetarian lasagna, mizithra & browned butter pasta….watch out!  Details of what I chose to eat below…

Eventually I ate the other half of the apple and the rest of the grapes. 


We left for Hillsboro around 5, stopped at Target for a birthday card, and met the parents at OSG.  I figured out I could have the Minestrone Soup (60 cals for the cup), most of the Pasta Marinara (560 for the whole serving), and a piece of bread (~80 cals/slice), without wrecking my day’s intake.  The soup was good…probably the highlight of my meal actually.  My pasta was just meh; could’ve used more herbs and a fresher taste, but I still ate about 2/3 of it. 



Dinner went pretty well, Kurt seemed to be jovial, and I didn’t let him get away with sneaking under the birthday radar.  When the waitress asked him what kind of ice cream he wanted, I made sure to tell her it was his birthday.  I just thought they’d throw a candle in it, but they had our whole dining room sing to him!  Oops, way to embarass the in-laws!!  (Note, Chris and I aren’t married, but we pretty much refer to e/o’s families as the in-laws, and they pretty much consider us married.)

Once home I played with the LB and got suited up to go to the gym.  I thought I’d do cardio first, but all the good stair mills were taken so I headed upstairs to do legs.  Leg press, calf raise, dead lift, kick-squats, kayak-abs, inner & outer thigh and I was done.  Those kick-squats are from and really get my heart rate going!

Downstairs to cardio and all the machines were free 🙂  Yay.  I like the newer stair mills b/c I can customize the intervals for a perfect workout.  And, whew, I was a fountain o’ sweat tonight.  It was great!

I tried to talk myself out of eating anything when I got home, but hunger nudged me to eat a little.  I cut a dried fig in half and spread 1/2 tbsp of Maranatha between the two.  Mmmmmmm…..


Speaking of Maranatha, I just bought a new jar and noticed a little contest mentioned on the tag:  a yoga giveaway!  Go to to enter for one of 37 chances to win a great prize!

Holy shit, I just had to visit The Olive Garden online to see if they have nutritional content on there, and yes they do.  I say, holy shit again.  When I would eat one breadstick, one serving of salad, and a lunch sized fettucine alfredo I was consuming like 1300 calories, almost 80 grams of fat, and over 3,000 mg of sodium!  :shocked:  Crap, sometimes knowledge is a curse, no?  Now I don’t know if I can fathom eating fettucine alfredo ever again knowing that.  I guess it will be once I’m at my goal weight and have a few calories to spare in the budget, and I eat only part of a lunch serving.  I can’t believe the salad alone has like 350 calories and 27 grams of fat per serving!  And they have two low-fat options available, FYI.

With that glorious over-load of information I leave you.  I hope you all had a great Monday and are ready for a kickin’ Tuesday 🙂  Ciao!


Three-peat February 22, 2009

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The weekend is already over 😦  Sure felt like it flew by and that I didn’t really get to relax much.

I’m going to be quick so I can get to bed:

Woke up early for a Sunday, made coffee, played with the LB, and nuked my oats:  steel cut oats, 1/2 a ripe nana, cinnamon, chocolate almond milk, almond butter.  Tasty!  I detected the chocolate more in this batch and liked it 🙂


After this I was off to yoga, and The Driz did join the class today!  She did great, too!  Girl, you played like youz  novice, and you looked like a pro 😉  I hit up an upper body workout afterward, and was ruing not hitting the weights for the last 1 1/2 weeks as I did the other workouts.  They are definitely good for the legs, but seem to be lacking for the back and biceps especially.

Once home lunch was a new, delicious creation:  a scramble!  It was one egg + one white, some sliced green bell pepper, left over roasted potato, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and Nature’s Seasons.  I had it served over a piece of whole wheat toast, with some grapes on the side.  Num-num-nummy!


I did a bunch of housework, and was itching to return to the gym to do cardio.  Chris said yesterday that he wanted to go today, so I held off doing it this morning.  I told him to be ready after I got back from the store, but he was still kickin’ it watching TV!  Ahhh!  I was getting a little hungry so I had a snack of lowfat cottage cheese and a handful of Kashi TLC Fire Roasted Vegetable. 


He finally got in the shower and I cleaned the fruits and veggies.  Do you use a fruit wash?  I finally started using one a month ago and can totally tell the difference on my grapes and apples, but not so much on other things. 

Once at the gym I jumped on the elliptical and told Chris I needed at least 30 minutes of cardio.  He was done around 35 minutes; at least I got a good sweat on. 

Here’s where my blog title comes in… not exactly a surprise that we went out to Fajitas for the third night in a row.  I had a small part of a Casuela, a few chips and salsa, and split Carnitas de Pollo with Chris.  Very tasty; I had two tortillas of it.


The restaurant was really busy this weekend, and tonight Noe was all alone serving us.  He brought us a larger than usual La Casa b/c he felt bad the service wasn’t as fast, I think.  I had about half of it.  To. Die. For.

No more food today…that dinner was a little too much and has held me over quite well.  I’m off to bed, and hope to get some good rest.  I didn’t sleep so well last night, although I was in bed and sleeping off and on for about 8 hours.  I love bed, and sometimes miss the days where I would stay in it all day long reading, watching TV, doing crosswords, whatevs.  Do you ever do that?



Yay! It’s almost Friday! December 11, 2008

Today was long, yet not slow.  We got up around 6:30 and I cut Chris’ hair (buzz cut, yo… I don’t think I have skills to do a real cut).  Allergies had me groggy and headachy, and I was anxious to get to work since I had an 8:30 meeting.  With my irritability I was probably a little impatient with Chris this a.m.  Sorry, Honey!  You’ll love this–one of my brakelights went out this morning; do I have good timing or what (since the car just got serviced yesterday…)??

We got to work around 8:15, I reviewed my shiz, got some coffee, and then got a call at 8:28 that my client was sick 😦  Booo!!  This was the third appt with this client that I’ve tried to have in the last two weeks. 

Oh well, that meant I could eat my oatmeal sooner than later 🙂  I forgot to take a pic AGAIN 😯  I had 1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, a little water, tbsp+ of raisins, cinnamon, tbsp slivered almonds, and pinch of salt.  [imagine yummy oatmeal here]

Around 10 I took Lily to my grandma’s house to give her to my mom, who was there getting my g-ma’s flat tire changed w/some help from AAA.  Yay for roadside assistance.  I’ve never changed a flat by myself.  Is that bad?  I helped my bro do it a few times, but never all on my own. 

Chris and I had lunch with a mutual fund wholesaler at Gustav’s, and I forgot my camera.  I had a 1/2 turkey rotisserie sandwich and a cup of lentil soup.  The sandwich had ciabatta bread with a nice thick piece of turkey, muenster cheese, herb cream cheese, and a mustard-mayo sauce that I asked them to leave off (gag).  I didn’t feel like complaining, so I scraped it off and added lots of pepper to mask the remaining flavor.  The lentil soup was good, but I’m not a huge legume fan b/c of the texture.  I also had black tea with lemon.  OH, and a big dill pickle spear 🙂

I was hungry like an hour later AT 1:45!  I guess I wasn’t that full from lunch, and the tummy wanted something else.  I busted out my snack of ff/lf cottage cheese, an apple, and Stacy’s Pita Chips.  mmmmmm.


Chris helped me with the cc, and I saved 1/2 the apple and some chips.  Thank goodness I did that, as I was hungry again around 3!  I was a bottomless pit today, I suppose. 


I ate these while reviewing the New Seasons catering menu for our next seminar.  I usually get some easy foods and set them up myself, but wouldn’t mind something a little more gourmet with less effort for about the same price.

Chris and I headed to Fred Meyer to buy stuff for the seminar, and then proceeded to do our usual set up routine in the general conference room in our office complex.  Here’s what my little spread looked like.  Guests started arriving right before I took this so I didn’t get in there to get a really good shot.


Our spread consisted of:  a veggie platter with ranch; grapes; whole wheat baguette slices; table water crackers; hummus; meats (roast beef, low fat salami, turkey, ham); kalamata and green olives; muenster and provolone cheese; red and white wine; and water.  I had a plate, and snacked some on top of that, after we were done.  Not sure what the caloric intake was here, but I didn’t eat until full. 


The only thing I didn’t eat some of was the broccoli and cauliflower.  I really don’t like raw broc (other than slaw!) or cauliflower in general.  Yesterday on Erin’s blog I forgot to mention one of the nastos I eat sometimes has been ranch dressing.  I hadn’t had it for a long time until tonight.  I used to love it on my fries at Red Robin :O  That cheese was so creamy and good, esp. the provolone.  Some of the grapes were HUGE–so much fun!

We chatted with Alex, the presenter at our seminar (we invite wholesalers to present topics and just do a brief opening and closing ourselves), and then headed out to get Lily at my mom’s.  She was so cute tearing around when we got there; she loves to run around on the deck outside between Chris and I. 

I am tired, it is 11, and I think I’m going to jump into bed!  Yay for Friday nearly being here, and for the weekend ahead.  Hope you all had a good day, and yes, today was much better than yesterday for me 🙂