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Butternut, why do thee hate me? July 8, 2009

I’ve been uber frustrated the last three times I’ve made butternut squash chips–they don’t turn out like the crispy gems I’ve come to love.  Rather, they are a bit floppy and just not quite right.  I ran out of my canola oil spray and switched to olive oil spray; perhaps that is the culprit?  But tonight I didn’t really use spray (just a touch on the pan) and I still had issues.  Makes me wanna give up!  The only other change I’ve made is not nuking the squash for quite as long before peeling and slicing.  Is that my problem?  We shall investigate next time…

This blogger has been a cranky bitch the last few days, and has eaten erratically (or so it felt like).  I’ve eaten just to eat, gone for frozen yogurt quite a bit, and haven’t been satisfied at times.  I’m not sure what is up, but mentally things have been a little tougher and that has contributed to my issues. 

Notes of the last three days:

  • I visited WinCo Foods for the first time in like 20 years.  What a trip!  They are a bargain grocer and also have some household items and toiletries.  Of course while I was there they had put away all the produce and bulk goods to clean the floor 😐
  • Get ur ass boobs to Target to pick up a fabulous Champion sports bra for $12.99 (thru Saturday)!!  Two styles to choose from, like 15 colors, and both are super comfy.  The girls are in love!
  • Chris modeled my Mexican Ropa Vieja salad for the camera.  That icky looking thing in the middle is a fried jalapeno–ay, ay, ay…muy picosa!
  • Raspberries from Costco = heavenly add to this week’s produce 🙂
  • Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and it marks the beginning of three to four days of eating out too many times for various reasons.
  • I’ve worked out twice this week, three times if you include tennis on Sunday.  Already 200-300% better than last week!
  • The walls of my office are still naked and stark–I can’t commit to any art, picture, tapestry, or otherwise. 😐  Perhaps a trip to Ikea Saturday can cure that 😉
  • This week has flown by!!  Yee-haw!! Oh, wait, tomorrow’s only Thursday.  Grrr.
  • I finally bought avocados at Costco.  As Andrea noted, they are up to $1.50 each, but that is better than what the price has been at Freddy’s for the large Hass variety. 

Gotta love the gallery 😉



Quiet on set June 12, 2009

My new office has been so quiet this week, which is a complete 180 from my last set up.  I no longer have a talkative office mate, loud laser printer, drawer-slamming staff member, busy hallway right outside my (interior) window, noisy door, or anything else that my old shared office had.  Phew! I cannot express how much of a relief it is to move on and no longer be in that suite 🙂  Yee-haw!

Today was a nice wrap up to my first week in the new space–quiet day, not many people there, got a lot done, had a good client meeting, good dinner, great workout, and now a great snack.  Only bad thing is I can’t stop reaching for the roasted almonds at my side!

Let’s recap the eats for the last few days.  How about a new style–meals side-by-side from both days?  Sounds good to me 😉

Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Crunch with soy milk both days.  Add ins varied from banana to strawbs, bluebs, and ground flax. 



Thursday’s salad (Romaine, Boston, green leaf lettuces with avocado, pickle, grape tomatoes, balsamic) withwas a little sad after having sat in the fridge for over a day, but still tasted great!  I ate some leftover veggie lasagna on the side, and munched on the carrots, cherries, and apple mostly during the afternoon.

Friday’s salad was scrumptious! I nuked a portabella Gardenburger and put it over the top of the aforementioned lettuces, avocado, grape tomatoes, pickle, and balsamic.  I think the burger has cheese in it, which I don’t really like, but it tastes good nonetheless.  Chris tried a bite (total skeptic) and said it was really good!  I snacked on my fruit and carrots over the afternoon.


Dinners: a Mexi marathon; shocking I know.  Thursday I had my leftover dinner from Wednesday, even though I knew it would be rich and overly cheesy.  This time around I didn’t get the upset tummy; I think it may have been more from the onions, so I didn’t eat most of them in the quesadilla.  Fresh avocado on top.

Friday we visited Si Senor again, but this time I had the Pollo Azado Burrito, sans pollo 🙂  Tasty goodness involving flour tortilla, rice, black beans, grilled pepp/onion/celery/zucchini/carrot, topped with verde sauce and pico de gallo.  I also added some guac and jalapenos fritos.  Wooee, those were some spicy peppers 😉


Don’t let that picture fool you, the burrito was HUGE.  I ate half and was waaaay too full.  And don’t shit your pants, but I ate a small piece of meat tonight.  Chris was like, “Here, eat this” when he thought he found beans on his burrito, but no, it was beef.  Oh well, no biggie I suppose.


The first pic is actually from Wednesday night after I posted.  Chris broke into the PB and I joined in for some of that goodness.

I went to Freddy’s and Costco to stock up on fruit, including grape tomatoes, pineapple, strawberries, cherries, and a nectarine.  Lovin’ it!

Can you read “yum” on the rim of my b’nut plate?  I thought it would be cute to try to write with ketchup, but it was a tad tougher than I realized.  LOVED these “fries” and can’t wait to make more soon.


Almonds are tasting sweet to me suddenly!  I’ve never noticed that before.  Oh, and shhh, don’t tell my dentist I’m eating them whole.  I told her I love almonds and other nuts and she said to chop them up before eating them to prevent cracking my teeth.  That’s no fun! 

Workouts the last few days have been good, but for forgetting my towel Thursday.  When I realized it I was in the locker room, and thought WTF, I probably should skip cardio today.  I did a good leg workout and called it.  Friday was an upper body extravaganza, including two exercises for each back, biceps, chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs.  I followed that up with a super sweaty 50 minutes on the stair mill.  Mercy!

While doing lateral raises I noticed how my forearms have become defined and my veins are coming to the surface.  Good signs in the fight against excess body fat!  Now if I can just get the abs to cooperate…

Hope you’re keeping it real out there 😉


Roll it up May 12, 2009

No, I’m not talking about smokin’!  Tonight I had another foam rolling sesh, and the legs are talking back.  I felt the same thing last night, but today my legs felt great. 

Chris and I only worked the latter half of today.  We lounged around this morning, and when the sun came out I attempted to eat my oats outside, but it was a tad too cold and windy.  Yummy oats, though!  I’m still diggin’ the soy protein powder in it and the texture it creates–I add way more water to my oats and like them runnier b/c of it.


Work went by so quickly, but not too quickly for me to enjoy a funky salad for lunch!  This random ass salad consisted of:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • guts of my leftover burritos (squash, carrots, green beans, onion, black beans, cauliflower, rice, celery, olives, ???)
  • a few slices of dill pickle, diced
  • edamame
  • chunks of avocado
  • diced red bell pepper


I really enjoyed eating this, and am now craving random salads.  Tomorrow I think I can try out Andrea’s seitan! 

The afternoon flew by as I did some work and had a meeting.  All went well, and we headed downtown for a business dinner at Andina.  I have had many culinary delights at this restaurant over the last four years, but tonight was a bit of an exception for a few reasons:  I didn’t eat the quinoa studded fried shrimp, and the vegetarian main was unimpressive 😦  Boo.  I didn’t mind skipping the shrimp, but upon seeing and tasting the main I was disappointed in how rich it was, and how lacking in vegetables it was.  This was the description:

QUINOTO DE HONGOS DE LA MONTAÑA grilled market fresh vegetables on a bed of golden beet and local mushroom “risotto” laced with truffle oil

Wouldn’t you expect like a pile of veggies on there?  What came out was a small cake of “risotto” (quinoa?) with three tiny asparagus spears and thin slices of cheese on top.  The dish also had cheese in it.  The truffle oil and cheese was just too rich, the beets seemed out of place, and the mushrooms were good I suppose (I’m still warming up to them).  My coworker also ordered this dish, and stopped to ask the waitress if he got the correct dish b/c there were hardly any veggies present.

At least dessert was good!  Lucuma is some kind of Peruvian fruit, but the mousse didn’t taste fruity.   Here’s the description:

a tiered semi-freddo of velvety lucuma and espresso mousses, chocolate ganache, and crushed cocoa nib meringue, served with espresso shortbread

The cocoa nibs were fabulous, and the mousse rather rich. I wish it had more espresso and chocolate in it, so I kinda ate around the lucuma to get those 🙂

After this dinner I felt compelled to go to the gym to try to get rid of the heavy, full feeling I had, so I hit up the stair mill for 50 minutes while reading The Economist.  If you’re in to world news in a great format with lots of writing variety, this weekly newspaper magazine is awesome!  It has so much info it takes me like a whole week’s cardio to get through an issue.  And it makes cardio fly by 🙂

Next is where my foam rolling session came in.  I felt like I was cleaning the gym mat on a few of the moves, which is all the more reason to do it at home on the hair ladden carpet living room floor.  The pain on my outer thighs was excruciating, yet at the same time pleasing to roll out.  I can see how this is a bit addictive…

I know this post is mega boring because I only had two pics to share.  For entertainment you can revisit my lunch pic 🙂  I know I did! 

I forgot to mention I had a carrot with lunch, ate an apple around 3:30, and then had some strawberries just now. 

Later gators!  This chick is gonna fly the coop to go to bed 😉


The return of the real world March 30, 2009

My two weeks of paradise are over, and I’m right back in the thick of things here in the real world.  Let’s recap some of the Mexican delights I had the last few days of the vaca, as well as some general pros and cons of Mexico.

Pros of Mexico:

  • Sol, sol, sol! 
  • Friendly locals
  • Lots of bebidas and the ability to drink anywhere 😉
  • A great selection of food and bebidas in town
  • Whales!
  • Lots of walking too keep my ass from blowing up


  • Overly friendly locals
  • Too much food, and too much rich food
  • Craving ice cream, finally getting it, and being disappointed
  • Wafts of sewer smells in the streets—peeeeeew!
  • Overly anxious vendors, including small children
  • That we had to leave 😦

Our last few days were really nice, and included lots of great food as you can see!  Some highlights:

  • Organic tomato and grilled panela cheese salad with olive oil and pesto at The Office
  • Giant Cadillac Margaritas and Queso con Chistorra at Los Deseos
  • Tortilla Espanola sandwich and Sangria at Ole Ole
  • Bloody mary at 5 in the morning while waiting for our plane back to the U.S. on Sunday

Once back we stopped at Fajitas before we even went home!  It is rather funny we went to Mexico and didn’t eat much Mexican food, and then we get back and run right to our favorite local Mexican joint 🙂

I was soooooooooooooo tired Sunday from getting less than two hours of sleep, but I managed to get a second wind, then a third wind, and keep goin strong.  Getting up at like 3 am sucked ass, especially because the clubs were still pumping as we drove out of town.  It was painful to leave that early.  Our flights were good, but we had two stops along the way:  Phoenix and Las Vegas.  Landing in Vegas was a trip since The Strip is like spitting distance from the airport!  Crazy!  

I was rather hangry like the entire way home; it was annoying.  My eats Sunday included:  part of a Bloody Mary, a breakfast sandwich on whole wheat with egg, bacon, & cheese, a Clif Oatmeal, Raisin, Walnut bar, a hot pretzel with marinara sauce, chips & salsa, tortilla soup, part of a Cazuela, and part of La Casa.

Once home and settled in I went to the store and felt totally discombobulated since I hadn’t done grocery shopping at Freddy’s for like 3 weeks.  The highlight of my trip was the long visit to the produce section to pick up the bounty that is Fuji apples, green grapes, carrots, an orange bell pepp, bananas, Romaine lettuce, and a cucumber.  Yay!  Fruit and veg!!!

I even remembered to prep my oatmeal last night, and was ecstatic to eat it this morning.  Mmmmm.  I totally forgot my camera, and don’t have pics of my yummy breakfast and lunch.

Lunch was a small sandwich on whole wheat bread with Romaine, dill pickles, avocado, and peppered turkey, with a carrot on the side.  The sandwich flavor combo was great, and the carrot was so nice and sweet 🙂  I was full after that, though. 

The tum has been a little funky for the last few days, mostly b/c I’ve been eating so crappy, and way too much rich food, the last several days.  I felt a little out of it and full this afternoon, but eventually needed something sweet, so I ate my grapes and apple.  Loved the grapes!

My sweet tooth was calling, telling me I haven’t been eating enough whole foods lately, so I answered by eating one small Tootsie Roll 😉  Then when hunger struck I had a South Beach Diet peanut butter cereal bar.

The day wrapped up around 4:45, and somehow I knew we’d be eating at Fajitas again tonight.  I know, crazy!  I was going to work out, but the Cazuela called me and I was really tired, so I drank half of a pitcher and ate a chicken fajita salad.  Oy vey.

Better go so Chris can sort out the pics and load up his digital frame 🙂  We have so many pics, yo… digital is almost a curse b/c of how many pics you end up taking, no?



Vrooooom, vrooooom…eat my dust red liver lips December 10, 2008

I’m like a kid in a candy store today with the loaner car I got from the BMW dealership while my car is being serviced:  a new 335i sedan with ~4k miles on it.  So that’s what like 300 bhp feel like?  It goes 0-60 in 5 seconds.  Wish I had the dough to buy this car!  Seriously, I like to drive cars with guts and be aggressive with my shifting and cornering 🙂  My nearly 9 yr old 323i just doesn’t cut it in those depts. most days.  Anyone else wish they drove at Le Mans in a rockin’ car??  Or the Autobahn!?!

Moving on, I’d have to say I’m in Andrea’s boat today–it’s only Tuesday and it feels like Thursday.  Let’s get it over with already.  Except for the car thing–can I drive it more, please?!  (Yes, I’m obsessed.)

My day started well, and I had half of an apple before leaving the house (no pic); I knew I wouldn’t get to eat for awhile and was already hungry.  I did a bit of extra running around to drop off Chris, Lily, and my car, but I got to the office by 9:30 and had my oats.  Today I added a little brown sugar to the steel cut oats, almond milk, slivered almonds, raisins, cinnamon, and pinch of salt.  The sweetness was nice, but not too strong. 


The morning was soooooo slooooooow.  Around 11:30 I was ready for lunch.  My same old (boring yet?) wrap: low fat tortilla, 1/2 wedge LCL, turkey, spinach, broc slaw.  I ate a little bit of each side:  ff/lf cottage cheese mix, Stacy’s pita chips, and apple pieces.  Mmmmm.


Around 2 I headed to Freddy’s to pick up some allergy stuff for my mom and drop it by her place, as she was feeling icky today and ran out of med.  She had just baked a pie, and I was on my way to the dentist, so I ended up swinging back by her house afterward to eat a piece!  It is called Razzleberry by Marie Calendar, I think. 


I headed back to work with Lily in tow (shh, don’t tell the car place I had her in the car 🙂  I did have the seat cover, at least), worked for about an hour, and had the rest of the cottage cheese that I made Chris leave for me 🙂


We left around 6 and stopped by my grandma’s house to pick up some Christmas tree ornaments on the way to dinner at Si Senor (aka Westside Maria).  My grandma stopped getting a tree years ago and wanted to get rid of the rest of the ornaments she had.  They are all really pretty, and some are really old.  I feel special that she gave them to me rather than giving them away or chucking them (not beyond her to do that with sentimental items…).  I’ll have to photograph some of them tomorrow if I have time to add them to the tree.

On to dinner–Chris and I split the Si Senor special:  charcoal grilled steak and chicken, grilled mushrooms in a butter sauce (ew, hate fungus; Chris loves this dish, tho), rice, avocado, and a little slaw of some sort.  Our fave waiter, Javier, also hooked us up with some roasted jalapenos.  Ay, muy calor!  Oh, and we had homemade flour tortillas that are the best ever! 


I ate one tortilla, maybe 1/2 of the chicken, some steak, rice, two slices of avocado, and one of the jalapenos.  I also had a Diet Coke since I knew I was going to work out and didn’t want any alcohol.

I drove like a frickin’ banshee on the way home (took the back way for more windy roads and opportunity to rocket away from full stops).  Lily hung in there, and thankfully she does not get car sick or we would have been in some trouble!

After we got home I changed and left for the gym.  I did a good round of legs, and hit up back, biceps, chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs with 1-2 exercises each.  I totally feel like I haven’t been hitting the weights enough, so I figured I should at least moderately work all major muscle groups tonight.  The gym was crowded, but not too bad.  I was able to superset a lot of stuff. 

Only thing that annoyed me was a chick who was totally hung up on herself, and who was pretty bold about it.  She did split stretches on the mats for like 20 minutes (in teeeeeeny shorts, no less–peekaboo!), then proceeded to use free weights, leave them strewn all over the floor, and at the same time had her shit on 2 benches for like 20 minutes while she was elsewhere.  Hm.  She was also treating her friend like her servant: “get me more water” “where’s my towel?” I heard her chatting with some guys (could hear her over my music) and the only words coming out of her mouth were about the large amount of weight she does on various exercises, and that she’s strong for her size.  Grrrreeeat.  Excuse me while I curb my desire hurl on you.  (aren’t I chipper?)

I hauled ass home (LOVE the sport shifter and paddle shifters on the steering wheel!  Never had the paddles before and they are FUN), did some cleaning and lunch prep for tomorrow, and here I am now blogging at midnight!  Yipes!  Where’d the last two hours go?!  I had a snack while doing the lunch prep:  Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla mixed with a big spoon of pumpkin, some cinnamon, and some slivered almonds.  Mmm…nice combo.


I also had a few spoons of ff cottage cheese around 11:45, as hunger bowled me over after I started writing this.

I’m not heading into work early, thankfully, but would like to watch some TV and hit the hay.  What’s the weather like where you are?  It is supposed to get colder and snow here this weekend!  This had better not foil my breakfast plans with the ladies on Saturday, dammit!!  SO looking forward to that 🙂