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Creepy crawly June 29, 2009

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Have you noticed many more bugs in your house the last few weeks? I know I have 😦  The spiders have moved in recently, and I fear we have a moth problem brewing in the living room.  Given that I don’t like using pesticides in the house, or in the yard for that matter, I usually squash spiders by hand and use the “clap’n’kill” method for moths. Suddenly I’ve seen 4 moths in the last 3 days, and I’m starting to freak out.  I just put out birdseed moth traps–a savior for anyone who has cereal moths in their home.  I also need to investigate the source (move furniture, pull cushions out of couches, vacuum like a maniac….).  Grr, just what I was hoping to do during my relaxing evening…

Anyhow, let’s review the last few days.


My bed said it was glad to have me there, and I slept in until about 9 :0 

While outside with Lily I spent time appreciating the wildflowers now in bloom, including this magnificent red poppy.


With all this fruit in the house I opted for an all-fruit start to my day.  First I cut up the canteloupe, then enjoyed a big plate of strawberries, cherries, blueberries, grapes, banana, and canteloupe.



Lunch was a nice change of pace: toasted peppercorn focaccia bread with goat cheese & balsamic (mixed and smeard on one side), avocado, mushroom, yellow bell pepp, and romaine.  Tasty!!


Not pictured is 1/2 a nanner I snacked on while neck deep in yard work.  Chris and I were out there for over 3 hours and I feel like we barely dented the weeds and other maintenance.  Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!  It never ends.  Yes, my choice not to use herbicides is making our endeavor harder this year, but I feel better knowing the nearby river doesn’t receive nasty runoff from our yard.  I mean, we go and swim in that water during the summer, our drinking water comes from it (upstream), and Lily drinks out of it when we’re there.  I hate thinking of all the shit that flows off of people’s yards and into storm drains….

Dinner was a visit to Fajitas.  I was uninspired and opted for the veggie quesadilla again, easy on the cheese, with olives and jalapenos.  I drank too much of my Cazuela and was rather buzzed! 



My night was spent doing housework–washing all the produce, vacuuming, mopping the floor…. before I knew it, it was bedtime and I never got hungry.


A fabulous start to my day involved this bowl of granola with cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and almond milk.  OHhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh. 


A hot morning passed by (more on that in a minute) and before I knew it we were eating lunch.  I opted for a salad (big surprise) with romaine, goat cheese, yellow bell pepp, grape tomatoes, avocado, carrot, apple, chow mein noodles, balsamic, and a Boca burger.  I had a few bites of pineapple and canteloupe on the side.


Mid afternoon I munched on cherries, strawberries, a carrot, and an apple. 


Chris and I have noticed our offices become really warm quickly if we shut the door (no good when you gotta shut the door for a client meeting for like an hour!), and we weren’t sure we had any air flowing in there, ever.  Turns out the damn vents to our offices were shut off at the main air supply duct, but now we have cool air blowing over us thanks to Chris calling in the maintenance dudes.  Finally, amen!  We are also rather private and prefer to have our office doors mostly closed during the day, but we were paying the price with the air stagnation.  No more, I say!

On the way out I chugged the rest of my almond milk from breakfast.  Man, I love that stuff.  The flavor, consistency, and aftertaste leave me smiling every time 🙂  I prefer Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla–the refrigerated version. 


Dinner was a multi course journey that started with a wedge of canteloupe to quell the hunger while prepping my b-nut chips. 


Then something newish:  BBQ’d red bell pepp and mushrooms with Bragg’s, balsamic, and Northwoods seasoning.  Not too shabby, but not hot enough.


Here’s my b-nut chips prior to applying their seasonings.  Turned into a pretty pattern I didn’t intend!


Dammit, I took them out too early and they weren’t crispy enough.  They tasted good, but I wanted that crispy texture, dammit!!


Then on to some BBQ steamed corn with Smart Balance Light.


Sadly everything was just kind of meh 😦  I think my taste was sort of off or something…

After a 50 minute stair mill sesh at the gym I was feeling hangry (seems to be happening a lot lately).  I opted for a small Genisoy protein shake with almond milk and cocoa, and that perty bowl of mixed fruit.


And now I’m off to bed!  Giddyup!


Naughty and nice April 30, 2009

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Wednesday felt like Thursday, and today sure felt like Friday…but it ain’t…poo.

I think this is from Tuesday night–I had a few grapes after my last snack listed on the post.  That’s a curious and blurry Lily Bird checkin’ em out.


ThursdayWednesday morning I ate my oats in the car.  After the day of sweet oats with the nanner these weren’t quite as satisfying.  Surprised the hell out of me! 


Lunch was the typical sando combo, carrot, and 1/2 an apple.  There is a pair of ducks wandering through my office building campus looking for a place to nest, and just after we ate they walked on by Chris’ office!  So cute!


Snacky poo of TLC 7 grain crackers (about half of these)…


And then the naughty evening began!  Chris and I headed to Old Market Pub with our friend Brett, and out came the booze and grease fest.  We started with some beer battered fries, and I had a bourbon & Diet Coke.


Next the balls came out!  Falafel sandwich with chips (didn’t eat them b/c I’d already horfed down many fries).  Not pictured is the incredibly tasty and naughtytiny slice of pepperoni and canadian bacon pizza I had (!).  Wow, that was good.  And I was overly full, regretting eating everything but still sitting there thinking about eating more.  Insanity!


After this nosh fest we headed out for a flesh fest at a local gentlemen’s club–The Acropolis.  While sitting at the rack I spied the Mike & Ike’s candy vending machine, and after awhile couldn’t resist any longer.   I had a few handfuls, loving every sugary sweet moment.  I have a feeling partaking in my favorite past time influenced that move.   😉

And that ain’t all, folks!  After more of my favorite past time I ate a few snacks at home:  A Kashi TLC Chewy Cherry Dark Chocolate Bar, and a spoon of PB.  Yowza!  I ate those at like 1am and went straight to bed.  What a naughty and fun evening!

Friday Thursday

After going to bed late, we woke up late as well.  Since we had a lunch date in the near future I decided to forego the oats.  Boo!  I love starting the day with my hot bowl of yumminess. 

Lunch was at The Stockpot over a business meeting, and consisted of fricasseed chicken breast over a multi-grain rice bed with sauteed shredded carrots and sauteed greenbeans. I also had half of a soft, fluffy roll.  I felt rather guilty eating out again after last night’s food craziness, but I ate all the veggies and stopped before I was full.  I ate too fast, though 😦  I hate that.

My tummy was rumbling again a few hours later, and after toiling over what to eat I settled on a two-faceted attack on the hunger:  ripe nanner and Kashi TLC Crunchy Pumpkin Spice Flax granola bar.  I liked the granola bar, and am glad it wasn’t overly spicy.  Sometimes spicy equates into a noxious amount of nutmeg or clove…


And where could we possibly head for dinner?  None other than Eastside Maria, aka Fajitas.  Chris and I split Carnitas de Pollo, which I highly recommend if you like chicken fajitas but don’t want all that steam and extra cost.  It was really good and I found myself eating a bit too much 😦  Damn, I gotta stop the over-eating!


After digesting a bit I suited up and headed out to the gym.  Where I only did cardio.  Again.  Forty five minutes on the mill while reading People Magazine went pretty quick!  I also stretched and did some abs afterward, so I guess it wasn’t just cardio after all 😉

I had flavor fantasies of eating pumpkin flax granola once home and cleaned up, so in went 1/2 a cup of light peach yogurt, and 1/2 a cup of the crack granola. I think I would have preferred eating the granola with almond milk instead, or just eating the yogurt separately. 


My salty tooth kicked in afterward, and I probably should have just had a bunch of water, but I ate a few Genisoy Crisps.  That hit the spot. 


So, that’s what’s up in my neck of the woods lately.  What’s goin’ down in your town?


Thirsty Thursday April 16, 2009

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Not that I was particularly thirsty today, but I did drink more water than normal.  There used to be a Thirsty Thursday event at PGE Park for the Portland Beavers baseball team, but it was deemed to promote drinking alcohol and was then changed to Family Thursday, but still had beer specials I believe.  Great idea…promote drinking with the family in tow!

I’m sorry I’ve missed posting the last few days.  Long days, exercising til late, and not enough energy and time to post after like 11:30 at night.  But I have captured my eats!  How about a gallery?

Tuesday I received a cute present from a mutual fund partner, celebrating my year with Chris.  It is a cute stuffed lion, and I think I’ll put it on a shelf in my new office 🙂

The last three days I’ve worked out each day, doing two weight workouts and three cardio sessions total.  Boo ya. 

I keep weighing myself at the gym, and I am being overly harsh on myself based on the results.  I’ve been a bit more liberal with the eats, so my initial reaction is to blame my eats.  But is it really that?  Or am I just blowing things out of proportion?  Today it kind of sank in that I’ve still lost almost 20 pounds, and I need to stop freaking out about a pound or two gained on the scale.  I guess I fear that the weight will creep back on slowly, and that somehow I won’t be able to stop it 😦  I know this is not reality, and I’m sure I’ll be okay, but the good ol’ brain just likes to taunt me every once in awhile, ya know?

Moving on!  Tomorrow is Friday!  I have two rather daunting client appointments, and I just hope they go well so I can move into the weekend on a positive note. 

Food-wise, I’m really diggin’ the Genisoy Soy Crisps–LOVE the voluminous eating I can do for just 100 calories, and with a lot of satisfaction.  They have 7 grams of protein, no sugar, and a little bit of fiber.  Great snack later on at night when I need something but don’t want to consume sugar or heavy cals right before bed.

The last three days I’ve used a 7-grain hot cereal instead of steel cut oats, and I’m not sure I’m down with the resulting hot creaminess.  I bought them in kind of a hasty decision while on a time-constrained shopping trip, and they don’t have as much protein and fiber as my trusty steelers.

The weather here is supposed to be beautiful for the next week 🙂  Yay!  Great time to garden, drive the convertible, and soak up some sun 🙂  Double yay!

Sorry for my somewhat lame post…can’t think of what else to chat about.  Later!


Happy Days February 26, 2009

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I totally thought of that title while thinking of the days of the week and then the “Happy Days” song came into my head.  That’s like the tenth time “Happy Days” has come up in the last week!

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last three days; work schedule, working out, being tired…didn’t really have the energy to blog at the end of the day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday definitely had their ups and downs, but today has ended up happy somehow.  I’ve been rather sleep deprived and working my booty out in preparado por mi vacacion, and I think I’ve lost a few more pounds!  Yayayayay!

Here’s a gallery of my rather typical eats the last few days, with a few exceptions:  I added part of an apple to my oats rather than fig or raisins (yummy!), and I mixed yogurt with protein powder and banana (kinda like puddin’!).

On to Friday tomorrow!!!  I had a really unproductive work week 😦  Today I was so tired I just felt like staying home in my poopy mood, but Chris told me he needed my help on a project and got my grumpy ass to go in to work. 

Nothing much new in my world, how about you?  I really need to get on some personal projects, and the tons of work I have hanging out there.  Anymore it seems like time flies and there’s hardly enough hours in the day to fit in a few projects, working out, eating, and sleeping.  Guess that’s life!

Happy Friday to you all 🙂  Catch ya later.


What’s up? February 7, 2009

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The last two days have seemed long, yet gone by quickly.  Does that make any sense?  I feel like I’m behind on everything in every aspect of my life!  Ack!  The days are going by so quickly I’m not sure I can catch up 😐


Woosh, it came and went like that.  I had four meetings, some drama, and a big Diet Coke 😉  The day started with my favorite oatmeal combo:  steel cut oats, almond milk, water, raisins, Barney Butter, and cinnamon.  Everyone keeps saying it makes the office smell good 🙂


After this I went into back to back meetings until around 12:30, then I ate lunch and processed some business quickly.  Lunch was a small sando (ww bread, peppered turkey, avocado, pickle, romaine), Jonagold apple, Kashi TLC multigrain crackers.


After this I headed out to my acupuncture appointment.  My allergies have been acting up a lot, and the nasal passages were a swellin’ and I had a headache brewing.  Whatever he did helped a lot, but eventually my pressure came back 😦

A snack was in order during the afternoon, especially because I had a 5:45 meeting.  I’m diggin’ my Dannon Light’n’Fit strawberry these days.  At first I didn’t like the fake-ish taste it had, but now I don’t even notice it.  Freddy’s hasn’t been carrying the vanilla in the large container, so I’ve been going with the strawberry.


Before my meeting I got to thinking about the evening ahead, and that cooking at home afterward would probably push dinner out to 8:30 at least.  So, we opted to visit Si Senor afterward instead.  My meeting went until 7:3o I think, so I’m glad we chose to eat out.

I deviated from the norm quite a bit and went for a small chicken enchilada, and the huge Diet Coke I seem to be drinking a lot these days.


Once home I knew I had to hit the gym, totally not optional.  I went for a harder upper body workout than before, and half an hour on the stair mill.  I’ve been doing more time on the mill, and less time overall doing cardio.  Just haven’t been up for 45-60 minutes the last several weeks it seems. 

I didn’t get home until about 11:30 :O   After cleaning up a tad and prepping my oats I let Lily lick the almond butter spoon 🙂  She’s so cute…I wish I could come close to her beauty! 



Chris and I slept in quite a bit this morning…didn’t fall asleep until after 1, and bed was just too comfortable this morning.  I ate my oatmeal at home; same as usual and yummy.


I thought I’d try on some of the jeans I’d outgrown, and they fit!  Yippee!  It is interesting because I’m smaller than I was last time I weighed ~145; I didn’t fit into those jeans then.  Yippee again for progress!

Work was lazy, not terribly productive, and pretty quick.  Around 1-ish we ended up eating lunch.  We ran out of the usual lunch supplies, so I had a ww heel with Barney Butter and banana, heated a little.  Also had 1/2 a Jonagold and Kashi TLC multigrain.  The nana didn’t get consumed til later…


Chris and I booked a vacation today!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!  Work has been so mentally exhausting the last 6 months, and I think we really deserve some time off.   We are taking our laptop and planning to work some while we’re gone, so I’m going to try to blog some, too 🙂  I think I’ll wait til then to tell you where we’re off to.

I had the same afternoon snack as yesterday.


Dinner had been planned out for awhile, and I was excited to make it, but the execution wasn’t quite what I’d hope for.  I roasted a pork tenderloin (pre-seasoned–southern peppercorn), made polenta, and sauteed mushrooms in butter and chili powder for Chris (ew, fungus!).  My polenta took a helluva lot longer than expected, and for caloric reasons I opted to leave out the can of corn that I’d planned on adding.  In hindsight, I should’ve just added it.  Everything tasted good at least, and we have some yummy leftovers for the weekend.


I know this pic looks a bit sad, but don’t let that fool you.  I put a little Smart Balance Light and parmesan cheese (not canned) on my polenta. 

Nip/Tuck was on from 8 to 9, so I held off on the gym til after 9.  Do you all watch Nip/Tuck?  It is scandalous! 

The gym was good–another heavier leg workout and 30 minutes on the elliptical.   The gym was pretty tame at least, and I didn’t have any issues gettin’ my work out on. 

Once home and cleaned up I opted to make a protein shake.  ~12 oz. almond milk and water mixed, and ~5 tbsp Genisoy chocolate protein shake mix, and the other half of my nana from earlier.  I love my Braun stick blender, BTW!

(uh, I can’t insert the pic for some reason…)  It was tasty!

Time for bed, folks.  Gotta get up and hit the gym for pilates, and then get ready quickly to head out to wine country 🙂  Chris is going to check out 24 Hour Fitness with me tomorrow!  I hope he switches to 24 Hour soon so we can cut down on the driving for our gym ventures and he can have a bigger, more outfitted gym at his disposal.  He loves basketball but hasn’t played for years, so I hope he can hoop it up at 24 Hour and get back into his passion 🙂

Have a great Saturday!!!