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Sweet Saturday December 13, 2008

Today was nice, sweet in many ways (figuratively, that is), and satisfying.  I got up around 7:45, let the Lily Bird out, and got ready to go eat at Bob’s Red Mill with the ladies.  Andrea at Care To Eat, her cous-in-law Megan M., our friend Megan S., and I met at Bob’s at 8:30 and proceeded to order our nummy eats.  I had the #4: two eggs over easy, hash browns, and biscuits.  Plus coffee, of course.  That’s a little gratis side of Bob’s grits, too.


I never used to like over-easy/runny eggs, but like them now in a few select applications.  Mixing them with hashbrowns and ketchup is a fave!  I had one egg, the other egg white, ~1/2 the hashbrowns, and one biscuit with a little butter and marionberry jam.  I left behind one egg yolk, one biscuit, and some hashbrowns.  I still managed to be pleasantly full, tho 🙂

Chatting with the girls was fun, and at about 9:30 we mosied to the gym for pilates.  Karlyn was back today, and led us through a good session that beat my abs and booty up.  Ye-yah!

I headed on home, played with the LB, and made coffee with Chris.  It was really cold today, and the warmth of a hot bevvie sounded great. 

After this I started menu planning, but got hungry.  I made Chris a tuna melt, and made myself a satisfying plate of 1/2 cup lf/ff cottage cheese, ~7 slices smoked turkey, 1/2 an apple, and ~8 Stacy’s Pita Chips.  Nummy!  Definitely a voluminous lunch (the v-word is borrowed from Miss Erin at Care To Eat 😉


I was full for awhile, then hungry not too long after.  So I had 1/2 cup Dannon Light & Fit vanilla yogurt with 1 tbsp raisins, 1 tbsp slivered almonds, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  100_00062

After this I continued menu planning, but kind of had a cooking block and didn’t plan too specifically.  Whateva.  I went to the store and was blown away by how full the parking lot was, which of course meant the store was packed.  A few people frustrated me with their obliviousness, but it was okay for the most part.  I bought some Flatout wraps, and some freshly ground almond butter 🙂  Can’t wait to try those.

What did I do next…not sure.  Oh, I ate a spoon of the AB–I really didn’t wait, did I?  It had staying power!



I also ate this little clem while I was putting groceries away.  He looked so sad and lonely, and wondered why he’d been sitting around for so long untouched.  No more, little clemmie-poo!

At some point I started dinner, which I wasn’t too excited about:  beef stroganoff.  I wasn’t looking forward to the beef and richness of the dish, but couldn’t think of what else to make for myself without a lot of add’l effort.  So I added some fresh spinach to the stroganoff and it wasn’t too bad.


This dish consisted of whole wheat yolk-free egg noodles, 93% lean ground beef & onion sauteed together, a touch of reduced fat sour cream, and a sauce that had a little butter/flour roux and beef broth mixed.  I added lots of pepper and fresh spinach at the end. 

Here’s where I had a majorly satisfying moment:  I made muffins!  (Which you can see below in my other post of the day.)  I like love baking and was happy to work on my project for awhile.  I’m very happy with how the muffins turned out, and I’ve already eaten 3 🙂  Hehe.


My kitchen was a a freakin’ mess after having cooked and baked today, but I didn’t really mind cleaning up b/c the mess was worth it 🙂

Now I sit here having another glass of chardonnay, watching some random Encore movie, and feeling happy about my day.  I hope yours was equally satisfying!  Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

p.s.  The weather is supposed to be below freezing here for the next week 😐  Snow tomorrow/Mon and perhaps Wed/Thurs, too.  Seriously, I just hope I can make it to yoga!  I’ve missed it this week terribly.


Special post: Banana Pumpkin Spice Muffins

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The bananas I bought earlier this week were never eaten, were getting brown spots on them, and were begging to be made into something yummy. At the same time I had most of a mondo can of pumpkin to use, but didn’t know what to do with it.  *Ding!* “Make some pumpkin banana bread!”  Oh, but wait, I can’t fathom using sticks of butter, or cups of oil, and loads of sugar in a recipe right now.  Just couldn’t do it.  So, I explored my options for lower fat and lower sugar alternatives, and ended up being inspired to amend some bread and muffin recipes I was looking through to create my own muffiny goodness.

Banana pumpkin spice muffins

Makes 24 muffins

  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/2 cups white flour
  • 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 cup pumpkin
  • 1 cup ripe bananas (2 large), roughly mashed
  • 2/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Spray bottoms of muffin pan cups with Pam, or use paper muffin cups.  Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl.  Mix wet ingredients in a medium bowl.  Add wet to dry and mix gently just until moistened.


(Enjoying some white wine between batches)

Fill each muffin cup ~1/2 full.  Bake 12-15 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean or just barely moist, whatever your preference is.  Let rest for a minute, then remove to wire rack to cool.  I highly suggest you eat one now with some Smart Balance Light or your favorite spread/butter.  Mmmmm!


Estimated nutritional content per muffin: 95 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 3 grams protein, 2 grams fiber.  (Calculated using

I suppose this recipe could be used to make a loaf/loaves, too.  In that case, you should probably bake at 350 degrees.  Not sure of timing…

The finished product is satisfying, but not sweet.  Definitely not as delicate as a refined-sugar loaded, oiled up version, but still hits the spot 🙂  And just under 100 cals each!  Awesome!  I think I’ll eat another one 😉

Check this out… All three of my eggs were double-yolked!!!!!  I’ve never had that happen before.  Now I’m totally curious to see if the rest of the dozen is the same.  They are cage-free, vegetarian fed hens; I bought a different brand today.



Enjoy your muffins 🙂


Vrooooom, vrooooom…eat my dust red liver lips December 10, 2008

I’m like a kid in a candy store today with the loaner car I got from the BMW dealership while my car is being serviced:  a new 335i sedan with ~4k miles on it.  So that’s what like 300 bhp feel like?  It goes 0-60 in 5 seconds.  Wish I had the dough to buy this car!  Seriously, I like to drive cars with guts and be aggressive with my shifting and cornering 🙂  My nearly 9 yr old 323i just doesn’t cut it in those depts. most days.  Anyone else wish they drove at Le Mans in a rockin’ car??  Or the Autobahn!?!

Moving on, I’d have to say I’m in Andrea’s boat today–it’s only Tuesday and it feels like Thursday.  Let’s get it over with already.  Except for the car thing–can I drive it more, please?!  (Yes, I’m obsessed.)

My day started well, and I had half of an apple before leaving the house (no pic); I knew I wouldn’t get to eat for awhile and was already hungry.  I did a bit of extra running around to drop off Chris, Lily, and my car, but I got to the office by 9:30 and had my oats.  Today I added a little brown sugar to the steel cut oats, almond milk, slivered almonds, raisins, cinnamon, and pinch of salt.  The sweetness was nice, but not too strong. 


The morning was soooooo slooooooow.  Around 11:30 I was ready for lunch.  My same old (boring yet?) wrap: low fat tortilla, 1/2 wedge LCL, turkey, spinach, broc slaw.  I ate a little bit of each side:  ff/lf cottage cheese mix, Stacy’s pita chips, and apple pieces.  Mmmmm.


Around 2 I headed to Freddy’s to pick up some allergy stuff for my mom and drop it by her place, as she was feeling icky today and ran out of med.  She had just baked a pie, and I was on my way to the dentist, so I ended up swinging back by her house afterward to eat a piece!  It is called Razzleberry by Marie Calendar, I think. 


I headed back to work with Lily in tow (shh, don’t tell the car place I had her in the car 🙂  I did have the seat cover, at least), worked for about an hour, and had the rest of the cottage cheese that I made Chris leave for me 🙂


We left around 6 and stopped by my grandma’s house to pick up some Christmas tree ornaments on the way to dinner at Si Senor (aka Westside Maria).  My grandma stopped getting a tree years ago and wanted to get rid of the rest of the ornaments she had.  They are all really pretty, and some are really old.  I feel special that she gave them to me rather than giving them away or chucking them (not beyond her to do that with sentimental items…).  I’ll have to photograph some of them tomorrow if I have time to add them to the tree.

On to dinner–Chris and I split the Si Senor special:  charcoal grilled steak and chicken, grilled mushrooms in a butter sauce (ew, hate fungus; Chris loves this dish, tho), rice, avocado, and a little slaw of some sort.  Our fave waiter, Javier, also hooked us up with some roasted jalapenos.  Ay, muy calor!  Oh, and we had homemade flour tortillas that are the best ever! 


I ate one tortilla, maybe 1/2 of the chicken, some steak, rice, two slices of avocado, and one of the jalapenos.  I also had a Diet Coke since I knew I was going to work out and didn’t want any alcohol.

I drove like a frickin’ banshee on the way home (took the back way for more windy roads and opportunity to rocket away from full stops).  Lily hung in there, and thankfully she does not get car sick or we would have been in some trouble!

After we got home I changed and left for the gym.  I did a good round of legs, and hit up back, biceps, chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs with 1-2 exercises each.  I totally feel like I haven’t been hitting the weights enough, so I figured I should at least moderately work all major muscle groups tonight.  The gym was crowded, but not too bad.  I was able to superset a lot of stuff. 

Only thing that annoyed me was a chick who was totally hung up on herself, and who was pretty bold about it.  She did split stretches on the mats for like 20 minutes (in teeeeeeny shorts, no less–peekaboo!), then proceeded to use free weights, leave them strewn all over the floor, and at the same time had her shit on 2 benches for like 20 minutes while she was elsewhere.  Hm.  She was also treating her friend like her servant: “get me more water” “where’s my towel?” I heard her chatting with some guys (could hear her over my music) and the only words coming out of her mouth were about the large amount of weight she does on various exercises, and that she’s strong for her size.  Grrrreeeat.  Excuse me while I curb my desire hurl on you.  (aren’t I chipper?)

I hauled ass home (LOVE the sport shifter and paddle shifters on the steering wheel!  Never had the paddles before and they are FUN), did some cleaning and lunch prep for tomorrow, and here I am now blogging at midnight!  Yipes!  Where’d the last two hours go?!  I had a snack while doing the lunch prep:  Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla mixed with a big spoon of pumpkin, some cinnamon, and some slivered almonds.  Mmm…nice combo.


I also had a few spoons of ff cottage cheese around 11:45, as hunger bowled me over after I started writing this.

I’m not heading into work early, thankfully, but would like to watch some TV and hit the hay.  What’s the weather like where you are?  It is supposed to get colder and snow here this weekend!  This had better not foil my breakfast plans with the ladies on Saturday, dammit!!  SO looking forward to that 🙂


Wrapping up the weekend December 8, 2008

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Well friends, ’twas a busy weekend and I’m now finally able to post for Saturday and Sunday.  I had a nice weekend overall, and am glad to have accomplished some good things, but am disappointed in myself for over eating in certain bad ways.  Read on.


I finally slept well and had to drag my arse out of bed to get going and make sure I was awake for Pilates.  I heated my oats, which were switched up a bit:  steel cut oats, pumpkin spice Silk, water, pumpkin, cinnamon, and pinch of salt.  Not sure I liked the texture so much…a little too gooey for me.

100_0001_18 100_0002_18

Pretty cinnamon swirl 🙂  Thought I’d showcase my trusty Coffee-mate, too.  BTW, I added a tsp or tbsp of the Coffee-mate to my oats for sweetness.  Sounds gross, but works well.  I used to do that a lot in my old office. 

It was SO cold–like 20 something and frosty–yesterday morning.  I took a pic showing how white the grass was, but not sure if you can tell.

100_0005_17 “Hurry up, Mommy, my toes are cold!”

Pilates was good, but not quite as intense as when Karlyn teaches.  I also did 45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and felt accomplished.  I totally need to do more weights, tho! 

Afterward I headed to a local Christmas tree lot (5′ Doug Fir for $15!!), and then Freddy’s for the weekly grocery trip, and was amazed at how busy it was.  I jumped in the U-Scan line even tho I had ~20 items, as it was deserted.  I hate waiting in the regular lines. 

I was ravenous when I got home, and made one of my new trusty wraps you’re probably bored of seeing:  low fat tortilla, 1/2 wedge LCL, 1 scrambled egg, spinach, broc slaw.  I also had some cottage cheese 🙂  I snacked on an apple and the tiny remnant of ff cc that was left while cooking.


Yum.  I cleaned, played with the LB, and organized around the house a bit before deciding I needed a snack of the other half of my LCL wedge and Food Should Taste Good chips.


Mmmmm.  I’m still amazed at how yummy LCL is.  Thanks a million to Erin at Care To Eat for this and her other awesome eats 🙂

What did I do next?  Not sure.  Oh, I know, I FINALLY took a few minutes to use a blow dryer with diffuser to dry my hair and was happy with the results.  Volume, baby!  My hair is baby fine and rather thin, so volume is a rather foreign concept.  Oh, we also watched “Dexter” on Showtime and it was great!  I think we’re hooked.

We headed out to dinner at Imperial Garden, a local Chinese place.  I knew we’d be tempted by all sorts of food at our party later, but figured that starting off with a full stomach would help me resist the temptations.  Chris and I shared two appetizers and one entree:  BBQ pork, fried shrimp (LOVE fried shrimp), and Kung Pao chicken.  Everything was good, but I ate a little bit too much.

100_0012_13100_0013_11100_0015_11  Who dat?

Notice the annihilated food (or lack thereof) behind my fortune! 

We headed off to Chad & Chelsea’s for the par-tay, and overall had a good time.  Chelsea always gets lots of food and a huge bar, so there was no lack of calories to be consumed if that was one’s prerogative.  I successfully avoided the goodies until about 10, when I had a piece of peppermint bark. It went downhill from there.  Rob and Erin know why…


The 2nd pic is bread with hummus, and the 3rd pic is what was left of the table around 11.  I had another piece of peppermint bark, bread with hummus, bread with olive oil, red pepper with hummus, vanilla ring cake, a few tootsie rolls, a few Jolly Ranchers, and a few bebidas.  Somehow I avoided the Doritos and cupcakes, thankfully.  For drinking I mostly stuck to club soda with a splash of pina colada juice, but added vodka in here and there.  One word to describe what happened food-wise: disaster.  I felt guilty, disgusted with my lack of control, and upset that I noshed on so much stuff!  Yet I kept on eating.  😦  We left around midnight.  It was fun to see everyone, but I totally didn’t get pics of anyone!  I’m such a dork in that dept. now that I’m focused on photographing my food.


I woke up today feeling a bad-food-induced hangover.  It was tough to get out of bed, but yoga was calling my name and I was really looking forward to it.  I had a bowl of cereal since I (of course) did not prep my oats last night.  All Bran Strawberry Medley with unsweetened original almond milk.  And a cup of coffee.


I got to the gym just in time for yoga, and found a spot at the back of the super crowded room next to Megan S. 🙂  Hi!  I was feeling challenged by the moves b/c of my “hangover,” but persevered and was glad I went. 

Next stop, Costco for some Stacy’s Pita Chips (the BEST chips I think), coffee, and a spankin’ deal on a 3-pack of Calvin Klein tank tops for $14.99.  You should have seen my workout garb today–about two sizes too tight and also too short.  😦  Dirty laundry is to blame.

Lunch was a little different–scrambled egg on one slice whole wheat toast, spread with 1/2 wedge LCL, topped with spinach.  I also had about 1/2 cup of ff and lf cottage cheese mixed, and some Stacy’s chips. 


I was tired, but looked forward to decorating the Christmas tree 🙂  The Doug Firs are bushier, without much space within to hang things, so the overall look is different.  But, pretty 🙂

100_0040_01 Sorry, a tad blurry.

Chris and I had a quick, easy dinner consisting of sauteed chicken breast and brown rice made with a can of stewed Italian tomatoes.  Easy and good.  I sprinkled a little canned Parmesan on top for shits and giggles (not pictured).


Off we went to the Louis Vuitton holiday gathering.  Yes, I know…LV, the most hoity toity malletier I could find, right?  Well, the mom has a history of gifting such things to me and I must admit I like them.  No, I can’t afford the stuff myself right now, but would love many of their items for my collection. 

I had champagne, a few mini-quiche, a macaroon (!), and a few little chocolate truffles (!).  Great, another bad eating night, I thought.  More champagne to kill the conscience.  I enjoyed looking at all the fineries I can’t afford, and speaking some Nihongo with the store associates. 


That’s me, my macaroon, and my champagne; and me and my mom (along with some poor guy we captured–sorry dude). 

Just watched the new Dexter–fabu!  Too bad we didn’t have Showtime previously.  Oh, I’m also enjoying some wine, and just grabbed a few Stacy’s Pita Chips.  (The insanity continues.)

I’m honestly looking forward to this week (weekdays, specifically) since I can control my eating/diet much more effectively during my regular routine.  I really want to lose weight, I know I chose the wrong season to start, but I’m still determined.   Here’s to a better week.


Holiday party kickoff December 4, 2008

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I knew that today would end with my first holiday party of the season, so that gave me something to look forward to all day.  I was a tired girl today…watched some of the South Park movie after I posted last night, and fell asleep on the couch for a short while.  Erin & Andrea, that’s one fantastic swear-a-thon for us! 

(OMG, my dog has horrible gas right now!  I can hardly stand to sit here, holy moley, what did my mom feed her today!?)

I ate breakfast late this morning, around 10:30, and knew a friend was bringing pizza in for the office at 11:30.  I figured I wouldn’t be that hungry this way and could avoid the pizza temptation mostly.  My oats consisted of 1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup pumpkin spice Silk, tbsp slivered almonds, tbsp+ raisins, good shake of cinnamon, and pinch of salt.100_0001

As I ate I prepared shipping labels from my eBay sales.  I tell ya, the whole packing and labelling process took longer than I thought it would!

I worked, then finally had a 1/2 slice of Pizza Schmizza Zorba pizza around 12:30, which had chicken, basil, tomato, and polenta on it.  It wasn’t quite as tasty as I’d hoped…I originally thought it was Spicy Thai when I saw the pizza, so most things taste bland compared to that spicy goodness.


After a meeting and working more I at my salad around 2:30 or 3.  Spinach, broc slaw, pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.


I knew that tonight’s holiday party would be really light on food and potentially heavy on booze, so I ate another snack around 4:30.  Dannon Light & Fit vanilla yogurt (3/4 cup? 1 cup?) with a tbsp slivered almonds, half a banana, and cinnamon. Yummy!  Chris stopped by to chat and had a taste, and I was surprised he liked it a lot 🙂  I had the other half of the nanner like 15 minutes later.  I couldn’t leave half of it…wouldn’t have eaten it tonight or tomorrow and didn’t want to waste it.


I ate this while proofreading my email to the people in my office suite; I was trying to politely ask them to use the recycling bin that I manage for anything that could be recyclable.  I still see tons of recyclable stuff in the trash 😦

Left work around 5, picked up my mom, and headed to the party at Carl Greve, a local jewelry store.  They liquor everyone up and offer drawings in the hope that we all buy jewelry, I suppose, which is kind of what happened 3 years ago when Chris bought my rings.  Hehe. 

I had a few glasses of champagne, and three pieces of appetizers circulating–crostini with parmesan, tomato, and goat cheese; sushi roll with avocado, cucumber, carrot, and wasabi; and endive with Dungeness crab, avocado, and caviar.  None of them were that good, so I didn’t bother to have more.

This year was not nearly as busy as previous years, and the jewelry didn’t seem quite as va-va-va-voom either.  My mom was hungry, and I knew I should eat something eventually, so we walked down the street to Typhoon! (best Thai place ever!) for dinner. 

We had salad rolls (rice wrapper, rice noodles, basil, shrimp, peanut sauce), pumpkin soup (pumpkin, coconut milk, spices, ???), and pineapple fried rice (rice, chicken, shrimp, pineapple, onion, dried chiles, ???).  I was desperately craving curry, but wasn’t that hungry and figured I’d overdo it fo sho if I ordered that.  The pumpkin soup was rich and spicy, and actually fulfilled my curry craving 🙂  I didn’t eat too much and felt satisfied when we left.

I love Thai food and wish we ate it more…curry=my second love.


After this we went back to the party (where Chris had stayed), I had another glass of champagne, and we headed home not too long after.  No, no purchases tonight.  We don’t usually buy anything but love looking at all the pretty stuff 🙂  Each year we pick out something we would love to buy; tonight Chris picked a Roberto Coin enamel and diamond garden motif gold ring , or rose enamel and gold earrings shaped like roses.  I wish!

I can’t believe it is almost midnight already.  Off I go to bed in the hopes of getting a lot of sleep.  Nighty night!