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Frozen treats August 31, 2009

And no, tonight I don’t mean a Dairy Queen!  I’ve been enjoying some frozen fruit this week, specifically grapes and now cherries.  Girlfriend and her addiction turned me on to the cherries 😉



Last week’s produce pact worked out well, and I ran out of fresh goodies on Friday.  Although I ate more fresh produce, I also had too much other food 😦  Overeating at dinner out, throwing in a DQ Blizzard, and drinking a lot probably counteracted the good feelings that eating produce created 😐  Anywho…

This month’s Gourmet Magazine had a great roasted cauliflower recipe.  I didn’t add the kalamata vinaigrette, but all was well 🙂  I don’t like the cauli raw (the man prefers it raw), and roasted is now my favorite.  Give ‘er a try! I like how this recipe called for the cauli to be sliced into big 1″ sections, rather than florets.


Lily was so cute at dinner tonight!! 


Since I was a bad girl and didn’t do the rest of my grocery shopping yesterday, I had no lettuce today for lunch.  So, I had a lettuce-less salad of carrot, tomato, avocado, bell pepper, mushroom, and some leftover multi-grain rice from Saturday’s dinner.



Yesterday was WillaKenzie‘s Day in the Vineyard, a private event for members with wine classes and a wonderful catered lunch at the top of the vineyard.  So gorgeous!  Here’s the spread from the wine & food pairing class.  I didn’t eat but the wild mushroom and chevre tart b/c of the shrimp and fish the other bites contained, and as I ate it the chef casually mentioned it had bacon in it. :shocked: *^%$%$#*&^%*&(*)????!!!!!  Why do ya gotta add bacon??


Daniel, the vineyard manager, raises longhorn cattle and keeps many of them on the vineyard property.  Here’s Chris getting up close and personal with a friendly cow (she licked his hand!).


This is the big daddy of the pack—Rodeo Maximus.  His horn span is a whopping 72 inches.  Whoa!!  Better not get too close to that bad boy!


This little darling was checking her reflection out in the truck.  So cute!  She nosed and licked the truck, and almost took out the mirror with her horn. 


Lunch was a green and lima (??) bean salad with a citrus vinaigrette, a quinoa salad with squash, tomato, red pepper, onion, a mixed green salad with caramelized hazelnuts and sundried tomatoes, and yummy olive bread.  Not pictured are my four desserts:  two oatmeal raisin cookies, one chocolate-chocolate chip cookie, and one almond biscotti. 


These two cattle have the optimal longhorns—rather straight out, and possibly a little corkscrew type curvature.  Aren’t they perty!!??


Speaking of perty…here I am!  We walked up to lunch rather than taking the shuttle van. 


Compare this pic with the one from last year:

Andrea and her hubby, Chris, had a party Saturday for their 30th birthdays.  I got snuggly with their baby, Basil.  He’s such a sweetie, and so darn cute!!


Dinner before the party was an inspired creation:  stuffed white acorn squash with multi grain rice, sautéed tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, and garlic, seasoned with s&p, Nature’s Seasons, and Italian herbs.  I roasted the squash for ~45m at 325, scooped out some flesh to make more room, then stuffed it with the cooked filling and baked another 15 minutes.  Sadly the squash itself was rather bland 😦  What can I do to amp it up a bit?


Lily had a vet appointment in Oregon City Saturday morning, and on the way back we stopped at Spicer Brothers Produce.  They had tons of great items, with about half of them being local and super fresh.  Fresh apples!  FINALLY!  Although none of the items were labeled organic, Andrea had a great point in that many local growers use organic and sustainable methods, they just aren’t certified.  Spicer’s had great prices on most items, and the guys seemed to smile at me a lot.  This sexy bitch got her bananas at the “overripe” price rather than the regular price. That’s what I’m talking about. 😉

I got three new items:  golden delicious apples, white acorn squash, and donut peaches.  After washing everything thoroughly I dug into a peach.  WHOA!  SUPER sweet taste, with only a mild peachiness.  Ideal for mixing in with less sweet fruits, or used in cereal and other applications.  The apples are great!  Might be a new fave of mine.


I thought Friday’s salad looked especially pretty:


After hitting up DQ for a Tagalong Blizzard Tuesday night, we treated Lily to a doggy cone again 🙂  She gets excited when we pull in to DQ now cuz she knows what’s coming.  Oops!


And that just about sums up the last week.  I’ve still been a less-than-stellar worker bee and am still having trouble getting back in to busy mode at work.  I’m rather like obstinant-non-worker bee 😐

So, I guess I’ll officially announce that Chris and I are buying my grandmother’s house.  This month we’ll be getting quotes for updating the house (gotta green the place up a bit, repaint some, remove wallpaper, change out carpet, add a fence, ya know).  After family is in town for my grandmother’s Celebration of Life party in late Sept. I think we can clear out the unwanted furniture/etc., and then in October the work can be done.  We anticipate taking possession and moving around Nov. 1.  Holy moley—can’t believe it’s really gonna happen!! It’s kind of surreal, frankly, and rather stressful.  But exciting nonetheless 🙂 



Toot toot! May 17, 2009

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And I ain’t talkin’ bout no train!  Get ready for TMI, and skip this paragraph if you don’t want to hear about, uh, air.  Friday night at the gym I forgot to tell you all that I had to fight to hold in, ahem, some air expressions resulting from my addition of beans and more veg in my diet.  To help solve my, er, issue, I bought a bottle of beano at the store today.  So far so good!  Have you vegetarians out there experienced a similar thing?  How do you combat it?

Now that that pleasantry is over, let’s recap my sun filled weekend…


Did I forget a pic of breakfast?  I had my oats outside in the sun

Lunch at Phil’s 1500 Subs in Forest Grove:  Small Grilled Veggie with peanut sauce.  I thought I may regret the peanut sauce decision, but it was fabulous and had a nice spicy kick that I loved.  The veg consisted of summer squash, zucchini (sp?), tomato, mushroom, olives, onions, bell pepp, lettuce, and maybe one I can’t remember. 


We headed out to Willakenzie for the Pre-Memorial Day member’s tasting, and that was great as well.  I didn’t take pics of the wine b/c we were with some of Chris’ clients and I didn’t want to be too weird at the outset, but I did take some pics of the view, and we got one of us 🙂



After hiking up to the high point of the vineyard and revisiting the tasting room we mosied toward home, getting rather ravenous as we went.  I threw together a totally weird dinner with three new ingredients, but it turned out well! 

Steamed carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, red bell pepp, corn, peas, whole wheat egg noodles, textured vegetable protein (new!), Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (new!), and VegeBase veggie bouillon (new!).  I also sprinkled in some chili flakes and garlic, and was quite pleased with the result.  I was not pleased that I horfed it down in like two seconds because of the mosquitos attacking me outside 😦



I bought the TVP a week ago, and the VegeBase Thursday, I think.  TVP is like a blank slate–add flavor in the liquid you use to hydrate it–so the possibilities are endless.  The VegeBase was yummy, and had lots of little bits of veggies in it (not too big, though) 🙂  I also liked the Bragg’s and can see why y’all are practically obsessed with it (ahem, like a certain someone who carries it around in her purse 😉 ).

After dinner we had some of this,


…and then some of this:  Drunken Goat and smoked gouda cheeses with Kashi TLC crackers…


…and then I had some of this yummy dark chocolate.


So tasty!  A nice end to my eating day 🙂


A bowl of the usual oat mix:  steel cut oats, soy protein powder, almond milk, water, raisins, cinnamon, Better’N’PB, and more water added after cooking.  Yee-yaaaah 😉


After this we headed out to furniture shop fucking finally already.  And it went great!  Our colleague referred us to a new and used store where we found everything cost 35% less than we originally anticipated, and the desk set up we’d been eyeing met our expectations and then some.  Phew, now we just need to get chairs and file cabinets picked out, which I’ll do more of on Thursday.

We stopped off at the Milwaukie Farmer’s Market on the way home, and Chris found lunch in two bratwurst from a local business.   I saw some yummy stuff, but didn’t want to pay $6 for falafel when I had so much good stuff at home. 

I whipped up a scramble using leftover veggies from last night, and added in one whole egg, one egg white, Bragg’s, avocado, and Nature’s Seasons.  Bomb!  A few berries on the side only seemed appropriate 😉


Before heading to the store I snacked on a nanner.


Freddy’s had some beautiful cherries, and they were on sale for $2.98/lb.  Yummy, and a nice change of pace.


Chris really wanted to eat at Fajitas tonight; big surprise, right?  I wasn’t quite prepared for that, but acquiesced anyway since I’m nice that way.  We sat outside and fried in the sun while we drank our huge boozy beverages and ate our comida deliciosa.  Can you guess what I had??  I don’t know that there’s really another choice for me…

Burrito vegetale con frijoles y arroz, but this time it was a parte.  Muy bien!



Breaking Bad was fucking crazy tonight…do you watch it?  You should!  I was feeling a tad wilted after being in the sun and drinking a bit; an apple sounded perfect to revitalize me.


And then PB sounded good, too, so I had this little bit eaten really slowly.


I’m heading to bed now, as I have to be up early and ready for a big meeting at 8:30.  Hopefully all goes well 🙂 

Did you have a good weekend?  Tell me about it!