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Today it’s a doggy dog world! April 27, 2009

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I’ve got a persistent doggy bothering me to go outside and play with her right now.  I would otherwise describe the incredibly boring day I had for the most part, but for my agent of change class and the yummy muffins that a classmate baked.

Fuck, Lily just popped the Q off of my keyboard.  Anyone have a Dell laptop and know how to reattach it? 

Ohhhhhmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygoooooooooooooooood.  I just spent like 30 minutes+ figuring out how the four pieces of the damn thing worked and managed to reattach that little fucker!  Yee-haw!  I hope it never happens again.  Maybe I should have taken a picture to make sure I remember how to do it again in the future.

Anyhow, I’m done dealin’ with that (homage to Erin for the phrase!!), and moving on to taking care of the LB and getting in some TV time in bed, then quality zzz’s. 


This crazy thing called life April 23, 2009

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Lately I feel like I’m all grown up, with work, family, extracurriculars, yardwork, and the whole nine yards.  My days feel busy, my nights busy, my weekends busy, and my to-do list growing longer all the time.  Stop the insanity! Can’t I just go back to a simpler time without all of this responsibility and business?! 

Okay, done with my little rant now 🙂

Morning came too soon and I never got over feeling a bit tired today, and my right jaw joint is killing me (effing TMJD).  My ass wasn’t dragging, but I was just tired, and the jaw thing annoyed the hell out of me all day.  At least I started my day with a nice bowl of oats!  I had a new idea–what if I nuke ’em right before Chris and I leave the house, then he drives and I eat in the car on the way to work?  It worked out well!  Another bowl of perfect oats–yay!


We had an early working lunch planned, so I messed around at work for like an hour and then we left for McCormick & Schmick’s Grill at Bridgeport Village.  From the prix fixe menu I chose the chicken and shrimp rice bowl, sans shrimp.  We also had a mixed greens salad.  I was able to sneak in this pic when no one seemed to notice 😉


This was quite yummy, with a spicy kick and tender chicken.  I almost yelled out at one point when my jaw suddenly hurt, but I figured out that small bites helped avoid it.  The wontons were so yummy!  I saved over half the meal for dinner, but ate all the wontons b/c I knew they wouldn’t stay crispy.  For dessert we had a dark chocolate torte cake (like a slice of soft fudge practically!), of which I ate ~1/2. 

Back at the office I busted out some quality work, had a phone meeting, blah blah blah…the day was over around 5.  Chris wanted to visit Fajitas, but I ixnayed the idea b/c Mexi 3 nights in a row just didn’t do it for me.  Since I had my leftovers available, I suggested just dropping Chris off at Fajitas while I went to do cardio–perfect.  I had a little snack while playing with Lily before heading out.


Tonight I remembered some reading material and cardio flew by pretty quickly 🙂  I sat with Chris at the restaurant for a little while when I got back there, and we talked biz while I was feeling rather ditzy from busting my ass on the stair mill for 45 minutes.

Once home and cleaned up I nuked the rest of my lunch, which was bigger than I expected.  Still tasted good, but I ate a little too much of it. 


[Side note for y’all:  I hate Tyra Banks.  Bitch is so annoying, fake, and full of herself I nearly puke when I see her.]

I don’t know why, but when picking my new jar of peanut butter I went for Skippy Natural Super Chunk.  One of those under-the-time-gun-and-not-thinking-fully choices at the store.  It’s not bad, but I feel bad since I think the Maranatha was on sale, it’s organic, and it comes in a more earth-friendly glass jar with an aluminum lid. 

Late this afternoon my mom called and said a friend invited us to a dinner fashion show event tomorrow, and I need to figure out what to wear!  I think I’m going to end up wearing it to work all day…  I had better go scope out the closet. 

Nighty night folks!


Monday (and Sunday) mania! April 20, 2009

Whoosh, the last two days have flown by just like that.   Although they didn’t feel so quick at times…


Would you believe me if I told you I got up early on a Sunday to hit the gym??  I knew Chris and I had plans to till and plant the wildflower garden outside, so I had to get in cardio before my 10am yoga class. 

Breakfast before heading out was a bowl of 7 grain cereal with PB, cinnamon, protein powder (?can’t remember!), and topped off with some Soy Vanilla Creamer.


The 45 minutes I had on the stair mill were good and not too tough 🙂  I’ve figured out that the time flies by much faster if I can read something while climbing like a mad woman, so today it was The Economist.  Afterward I had a nice yoga class, except for the fact that I forgot my mat.  Oops!  I spent half the class on a too-thick gym mat, and the other half on the bare (dirty) floor.  I didn’t mind the floor too much since I had more stability and less slippin’ around, though. 

When I got home lunch was in order, and given my slim-ish options I went for a scramble with one egg white, 1 1/2 slices peppered turkey, 3 black olives, and a few diced slices of bell pepp.  On the side are 1/2 of a whole wheat burger bun toasted and adorned with Smart Balance Light, and a Braeburn apple.  My scramble was a little too salty, but I guess that helped rebalance my electolytes after my sweaty morning.


I thought we would be heading out into the yard right about now, but not so.  Chris was watching basketball and procrastinating, so I went grocery shopping.

After our trip to Home Depot the hell began:  pulling weeds, sorting out rocks, tilling, spreading dirt, tilling more, levelling the dirt, spreading seeds, and cordoning off the area from the LB. Phew.  I can’t tell you how many times I said “I hate this” or “this fucking sucks” while we were working, and vowed to never do it again.  But, Chris reminded me that we love the pretty result that is a small wildflower “meadow”, so I shut up eventually.  My mom was kind enough to help out, and since Chris did the tilling I suppose it wasn’t that bad. 

The finished result:


Oh, wait, that’s my happy handful of Genisoy Deep Sea Salted Crisps 🙂  I had those before the work began.  Mid-way through the project I had some grapes, too.  Here’s the pic of the finshed bed:

No, it’s certainly not perfect (all the grass and weeds still in there…), but it’s close enough for government work 😉

Chris and I fired up the BBQ, I prepped some stuff, and we grilled away.  My plate included sliced carrots and orange bell pepp, fresh guac (mama brought me a huge avocado), grilled jalapeno, and grilled chicken breast.  Oh yeah…and some Chardonnay.


Damn wine… I later created some dessert concoctions that I knew were bad, but still readily consumed under the influence of the vino. 1) microwaved marshmallow with PB and pretzel sticks–my very own fluffernutter of sorts; 2) #1 with some Mexican chocolate candy bar in it. 

100_0491 100_0492

I also horfed down like 4 marshmallows separately, some PB, and some pretzel sticks.  Oy vey!  Yeah, let’s close the chapter on that day and move on…


Chris and I wanted to wake up early to talk about our new office/the lease/etc., but that turned into getting up in time enough to go to work at 8:30.  I forgot someone was taking us to lunch until I just finished making Chris’ sandwich, and then he reminded me.  D’oh!  Then I forgot to grab my oatmeal for consumption at work.  Grrr…my steelers!

At work I had a Clif Oatmeal Raisin Walnut bar, so I nuked that and enjoyed it with some coffee.  Nuking bars really adds a whole new dimension to them 🙂


Today we finalized details of the lease on our new space, and looks like we just signed away 5 years of our life!  At least we got a great deal, though 😉  Now I gotta kick things into high gear to design my office’s layout/contents, deal with buying and getting furniture put together and get ready to move.  In six weeks 😐  I see a trip to Ikea in my near future 🙂  I haven’t been to the Portland location since it opened.  Wish me luck getting through the maze in one piece!

Lunch wasn’t photographed since I was in the presence of a new acquaintance.  He’s health minded, but I thought he may view me as a little crazy.  We went to Gustav’s and I had 1/2 a rotisserie turkey sandwich and a cup of lentil soup.  The waitress brought us sourdough rolls, but none of us ate them :(, so I took ’em and thought I could perhaps use one later.

I didn’t really get hungry after lunch, so I didn’t eat.  But by the time I got home around 5 I was getting hungry, and by the time I ate at 6 I was getting ravenous.  This is a dangerous feeling to have, as everything looks and sounds good.  I put a small piece of cheese in my mouth, and a tiny bit of bread.


My dinner was: a hollowed out sourdough roll filled with guacamole, grilled jalapeno, chicken, and romaine; the rest of my 1/2 chicken breast; some grilled bell pepp and carrot, and the rest of my guac.  Yippee!  Yummy!

Chris was kind and brought out two marshmallows for me to roast after dinner. 


I was about to head out to my Agent of Change class when I saw a small army of ants entering my house by the backdoor!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!  We vacuumed them up, sprayed some outside (I know, not a healthy move), and even 5 hours later there are some lingerers.  Where are they coming from?  Are they in the wall?? :shocked:

In class there were brownies, cookies, and more cookies as snacks, but I didn’t have any since I wasn’t hungry.  The sweetness sounded good and I did walk by to take a closer look, but just couldn’t do it.

Once home I was mildly hungry and wanting dessert, so I had the rest of my Genisoy Sweet Crisps.  So good!  I highly recommend the Genisoy Crisps, and hope you’ll try them!!  Even after a week of being open they still seem fresh and crispy 🙂

Chris doesn’t know what the hell I have to write about for so long, so I guess that’s a sign to go, that I’ve written enough  😉

Andrea asked me to post my workouts, so tomorrow I’ll detail my weights and cardio session for ya even more, along with some other grains of wisdom on my Quest to be Fit. 



Tax time! April 13, 2009

Why yes, friends, it is that time of year where we must gather together tons of paperwork and attempt to work within the sick art that is the IRS and their tax code.  Again this year I did not hire an accountant because everything seemed straightforward, but there were few moments of frustrated wonder where one would have been helpful.  I do use TaxAct, though, and have for the last 3 or 4 years.

On to cheerier things–foooooooooooood!  I was damn tired last night and busy getting things prepped for today, so no post. 


My wine indulgence brought on that headache I mentioned, so I got up later and skipped yoga.  Fave breakfast combo of pumpkin flax granola, strawbs, and almond milk.


I was busy working on taxes (I think…can’t completely remember) and other shiz for awhile, but eventually broke for lunch.  Egg/egg white scramble with bell pepp, olives, tomatoes with green chiles, and some avocado on top, plus the slice of bread with Smart Balance Light, and a carrot.  Yeah, baby!


After more tax crap, some housecleaning, and ??? I headed to the gym for a good cardio sesh.  My musculos were muy cansado from my workouts, so I opted not to do weights.

A quick trip to Fred Meyer followed, along with a hair cut for Chris, showering, and heading to Fajitas for dinner!  I was so hungry after the store that I had to eat some grapes, though 🙂

Dinner was very satisfying, and involved me drinking way more Cazuela than I intended.  Woops!


We raced home to watch Breaking Bad on AMC (whoa!), followed by The Celebrity Apprentice.  I’m beginning to think The Donald is a little crazy at times! 


The weekend seemed long, and I wasn’t too sad that it was Monday.  Imagine that!  I tried a slight twist on my trusty old oatmeal combo–I added soy protein to the mix!  I picked some up at Freddy’s in the bulk section yesterday, and the outcome was good.  I think I prefer this over the chocolate version I made previously.


Work was so-so, and it seemed like I kept getting interrupted or sidetracked when trying to start a project.  So, like a champ, I said “fuck it!” and ate lunch. 


Same ol’ shit folks!  But not bad by any means 🙂

My 2pm appointment stood me up, but I didn’t realize it until 3pm because I had some crazy notion in my head that our meeting was at 3.  Woops.  Whatevs.  I ate the rest of my grapes and moved on.

Then suddenly it was 4:48, and I had to wrap up my shiz to get ready to head home and make dinner.  I had prepped veggies and concocted a sauce in my head the night before, so I went to town on preparing my warm chicken pasta salad when I got home.  Whoosh, that was fast!  Like 20 minutes later we were eating 🙂 

The salad consisted of sauteed chicken, whole wheat egg noodles, broccoli, carrot, green bell pepp, and a homemade dressing (olive oil, red wine vinegar, parmesan cheese, Italian herbs, Northwoods seasoning, garlic powder all whirred with the stick blender).  I’m very happy to report it turned out well :), but I had to eat in a hurry :(.  Oh yeah, and I threw in some ground black pepper and more parmesan.


I flew out the door to go to my Agent of Change class, taking with me some snacky-poos for us:  Genisoy soy crisps.  I’d never had these before, and they rock!  Satisfying, a good amount of protein, and great flavors.



I highly recommend these if you’re looking for something crispy to snack on, but don’t want the usual carby, overly salted chip-type snack.

After class I ate waaaay too many of these little guys (open bags in the car on the seat next to me = snacking driver!), and a few marshmallows sneaked into my mouth as well.  Little bastards!

My snacking urge was strong tonight, and I’m not quite sure why.  I chewed some gum to help, and resisted eating other stuff (except a few pretzel sticks from Chris’ open bag.  WTF am I doing?!).

I gotta get up early, and have a long day tomorrow, so I’m outta here.  Happy Tax Preparation!


Sol y luna April 6, 2009

Today totally felt like Sunday, played over again in some sort of cruel way that involved having to do something responsible, like go to work.  I seriously considered staying home from work and enjoying some sun, working out, etc., but reason (aka Chris) reminded me that work needed our attention, even if just for a few hours.  Fine, I’ll get ready…

I ate granola at home while outside with Lily.  I added a few strawberries to the mix, and had a wonderful bowl of yumminess to start my day 🙂


We drove to work in Chris’ car, wind blowing through my hair, sun shining down… That made me feel a little more cheery, but I didn’t want to go inside to work.  At least work wasn’t painful and seemed somewhat productive for the few hours I cranked it out. 

Lunch was a familiar sammie from last week:  whole wheat bread, avocado, romaine, pickle, and peppered turkey.  And a carrot on the side, of course.


Later I had my apple, and then my Kashi TLC 7 grain crackers.  I’ve been wanting some carbs to snack on, and I got a great deal on the crackers–they were on sale $2 for 5 at Freddy’s, and I had a $1 off coupon.  Normally they’re $3.99 a box full price, which I refuse to pay.


Hunger just wouldn’t leave me this afternoon, and by the time we got home and prepped dinner I was quite hungry again.  Dinner was an exact repeat of last night, but for a few changes:  I put some cayenne pepper on my chicken, and we had roasted marshmallows for dessert (and one for an appetizer as well ;)).



Lily was interested in the marshmallow roasting!


I had three roasted and two unroasted ‘mallows, not all at the same time, though.  I was feeling perfectly full after all this, and then I was a bit overly full awhile later.

Tonight I started a class called Agent of Change, run by the Center for Earth Leadership; it is meant to help enviro-friendly people like me identify circles of influence in our lives and effect change within them.  The class’ moderator, Jeanne Roy, is also the one who spearheaded the Master Recycler course in Portland back in the 90’s.  Go, Jeanne!! She made cookies for class, so I had a small one.  They were buttery, salty, and oat-y…not sure what you call those!

I wish the sunny day had never ended 😦  It really is amazing the change a sunny day can make on an otherwise gloomy gus like me!  Esp. since it’s Monday and I know we all love Mondays, right??

My title today is totally random, just something that sounded better than “Monday” or “Sunny Day.”

I’m not sure if I’m going to eat anything else tonight, but I’m guessing not since I’ve been enjoying wine and it is after 11 already.

Shit, my right hand is cramping!  My “arches” (not sure what to call that area on the hand between the forefinger and thumb) are sore/tight from tennis, and I guess the way I hold my thumb is making for some crampy hand action.  I best go stretch and massage my little piggly wigglies!  Night!


Sunnnnnnday April 5, 2009

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That’s right, folks, the Portland area has experienced two straight days of no rain and minimal clouds!!  Yee-haw!!!!!!!

The weather has no doubt put many PNWer’s in great moods, including me 🙂  I woke up today feeling quite tired, and honestly not wanting to get out of bed anytime soon.  So I skipped yoga and the gym 😐  How, you ask, am I ever going to get into optimal shape if I keep skipping the gym or cutting workouts short?  Who knows…but my high school reunion in 3 months now has me under constraints to whip this ass into shape!  I’ll get there eventually, trust me 😉

Can you tell I’ve had waaaaaaay too much wine?  I thought so.  More on that later.

Remember the Saladitas I mentioned last night as my snack?  Here’s the pic, with a curious Lily in the background 🙂  I really like how browned these crackers were compared to American Saltines (the closest comparison).  I like me some nearly burnt toasty crackers 🙂


I woke up today knowing I didn’t prep my oats, but I had an idea to up the cooked-ness of the finished product—hot water!!!  That’s right…instead of adding cold water/almond milk to the dry oats mixture I added a scalding hot liquid mix.  It worked better than the usual cold I-forgot-to-prep-the-oats mix, but was still chewier than normal overnight soaked oats.


Today I added just a heaping T of the protein mix, but all was well!  This held me over for a really long time, considering I didn’t think to eat until after 1 or 2.  What’s up with me and not eating lunch the last few days???


For “lunch” I had my yogurt/banana combo from Friday that I never ate, with some pumpkin flax granola added in, and a serving of Kashi TLC multi grain crackers.  Yum yum!  I ate while drenched in the sun outside 🙂

After much fun weed-pulling in the yard, my mom came over and we barbecued a nice dinner.  I had a 1/2 chicken breast with a mixed salad, and my mom and Chris had burgers.  My salad consisted of apples, carrots, avocado, orange bell pepp, green grapes, romaine, olive oil, balsamic, and S&P.  The chicken breast had some great seasoning on it (called Northwoods), and it was really juicy and perfect!


We had a nice bottle of Fat Bastard Chardonnay with our meal, and then Chris and I cracked open a Frei Brothers Chardonnay after my mom left.  Oy vey!  You probably won’t also believe that we cracked open a red wine, too.  :0 

Did you watch “The Apprentice” tonight?  I can’t believe Donald’s justification for firing one of the people!!!  Seems really irrelevant considering the task at hand…

All that competition made me hungy eventually, so I had a small bowl of Pumpkin Flax Granola from the bulk section at Fred Meyer.  SO tasty!  Yay!  When I had it earlier in my yogurt snack it seemed good, but alone with almond milk I really go to taste the nuances of the mix.  I spent like 10 minutes deciding what granola to buy, and I’m glad I got this one 🙂


While that was good, I still wanted something sweet (and still do), so I had a small handful of raisins.


As an aside… I feel so bad for my Lily Bird!  Yesterday when we ran around the tennis court I didn’t think she’d get blisters or worn feet, but today her hind foot pads are peeling a bit 😦  My baby!!  I guess it’s kind of like human feet and blisters maybe?  She didn’t seem bothered at all until she had little flaps of skin on her main hind foot pads, and then she was irritated by the flaps I think.  So weird, and hopefully not too much detail for you, but quite fascinating to me.  I cut off one of the flaps she was chewing at and inspected it (like how we’d cut off excess blister skin that’s loose and not attached), and the texture and strength of it amazed me. It was like stretchy leather, and the texture of the inside was trippy–a funky web of sorts. 

Alrighty, I think that’s it for my Sunday!  I’ve had waaaaaaaay too much wine and need to drink about 10 glasses of water before hitting the hay.  Hopefully I don’t wake up with an alcohol induced headache…. suck!

I’m really glad this weekend was nice, both weather-wise and personally, and I hope you all had a great weekend, too!  Hasta la vista, babies!


Bleh Tuesday January 28, 2009

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What’s up bloggies?  I have been slaggin’ (slacking and lagging) on the blog lately…just figured out I totally didn’t publish my Sunday post.  Well, it’s up now, so check it out. 

Got a question for you… does my post come up all screwed up looking?  When I view it, the posts appear side by side, rather than just one long single column, and the tools on the side are covered/gone.  Grrrr.

I got into a bit of a funk yesterday afternoon, and just didn’t feel like posting last night.  Today isn’t exactly starting off any better b/c I had really interrupted sleep last night.

Anywho, back to yesterday morning:  it snowed here in Portland!!  It started at 7 something, was sticking by 8, and had accumulated to over an inch by the time it stopped around 11 something.  Chris and I got to work okay, but traffic was absolutely horrendous. 

We went straight into a 9am meeting, and at 10 I was finally able to eat my oats.  I forgot to take a pic!!  Ahhh.  My oats were yummy, and I figured out I did not mis-weigh the liquids on Monday b/c I re-weighed for Tuesday’s batch and got the same #s.  [Imagine my little Gladware of oatmeal here.]

I had the LB in the car b/c we weren’t able to get to my mom’s house before our meeting, so around 11 I took her to my mom’s.  Driving was fine, but for my mom’s street.  When leaving I had to turn the traction control off and just give the car a lot of gas to burn through the snow and get traction.  Yee-haw!

Chris and I had a business lunch at 1pm in Lake O…yet another meal out with too much rich food.  We were served a chicken breast with parma or prosciutto and cheese on top, wild rice, and a veggie mix of yellow squash, red peppers, and purple onions.  We also had a mixed greens salad, and for dessert, a chocolate banana cream pie!  Yikes.  I ate a little too much overall, and am scared to know how many cals were in this.  No pic b/c it was just a small group of 6 of us and it would have been awkward to whip out the camera.

Back to work, a few urgent client projects, another meeting, and pretty soon the day was almost over.  Chris came in to ask about what time we were going to leave, and then he said he wanted to go to Si Senor for dinner.  WHAT?! Eat out again!?  Uggghhhhhh!  I told him we have meat at home that I didn’t want to go bad & that we’ve eaten out too much lately, he said we can’t eat out tomorrow or Thursday anyway, blah blah blah…but I said yes rather unwillingly.  Then he wondered why I was a little off in the mood dept.

Oh, I ate half of a Fuji apple before lunch, and the other half before dinner.


For dinner I had chips & salsa and a chicken taco with pickled jalapenos.  I also had part of a big Diet Coke since I knew I’d be working out later and able to burn off the caffeine.  Everything was just kind of meh b/c I wasn’t really into it.


After dinner I worked out, but I wasn’t feeling some of it.  I did a whole body weights workout b/c I didn’t do weights yesterday, and knew I wouldn’t do any Wednesday.  I followed that up with 30 minutes of moderate level elliptical cardio and moved on out.

Once home I wasn’t very hungry, but after reading some blogs and watching some TV I started getting that way.  I had a cup of Dannon Light’n’Fit strawberry, and proceeded to spill it on myself as I tried to photograph it!  Ahhhh.  That’s when I knew I was not going to blog and just wanted to eat and go to bed.  This photo was after I recovered from the spill.  At least most of my yogurt was still in the bowl 🙂


Hopin’ your Tuesday was a bit merrier than mine!  Cheerio.