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About Kersten November 7, 2008

From November 2008 through May 2009 I lost almost 30 pounds through a reduced calorie diet and increased exercise, as documented on this blog.  Not exactly rocket science, right?  For me, sticking to a fitness and diet routine is hard over long periods of time; I’ll often go balls to the wall for several months, then do like nothing for the next several.  I really want to be healthier all the time, and stop the yo-yo ways I’ve had in the past.  This weight loss is the fourth time I’ve lost 10+ lbs. in my life.  No more, I say!  I aim to be physically active at least 3 times per week, and eat well most days, but I still have challenges.

In May 2009 I went vegetarian and haven’t looked back since.  The few times I’ve eaten fish, chicken, or turkey since then just haven’t been that great, and I really feel good knowing my diet is helping to reduce environmental stress and animal suffering.


7 Responses to “About Kersten”

  1. Erin Says:

    You are beautiful Kersten. I wish we could still work out together. You TOTALLY inspired me then AND STILL DO with your determination and work ethic. 🙂 You have all the knowledge that you need and we both know it! I’m so happy you want to get to a healthy place. I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!!
    And I’m so happy you started a blog because now I can stay up on the goings-on in your life. 🙂

  2. Hangry Pants Says:

    Hi Kersten, Any friend of Erin and/or Andrea is a friend of mine! Good luck with your fitness goals. I can’t wait to watch your progress.

    Oh and Lily Bird is the cutest name for a dog! My brother has a black lab named Sugar Magnolia (Maggie for short). 😀

  3. landoffruitsandnuts Says:

    Hi Kersten, I just read your story and it was really interesting. I am glad you mentioned your thyroid problems because I think I may have something similar that I’m going to get checked out by my doctor this week. Also, good luck on you journey to health- it sounds like you’re doing awesome so far so keep up the great work!

  4. kjrsten Says:

    Hi kersten,
    yes, my name is scandinavian, specifically from my GGgrandma from norway… pronounced Keersten… (rhymes with deer-sten) how do you pronounce yours, the same? THe J basically acts like an i/e but is the spelling of my scani-relative. And you also live in PDX? I live on the east side, east of gresham! Glad you stoppped by my blog! fun to meet a blogger in the area!

  5. Kersten Says:

    Thanks for visiting my page! My name is Swedish, pronounced Cur-sten (or Care-sten). I live in Clackamas. Go oregon!

  6. I didn’t realize you were updating this. Hang in there with everything.

  7. Kersten s Says:

    I honestly just found your page because we have the same name and same spelling too. Mine is pronounced like care-sten. apparently a lot of people have a hard time saying that though and usually think its cur-sten. very frustrating :/

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