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Thar she blows!!! September 15, 2009

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Ugh, I overate again!  And I am regretting it royally, just like most other times I overeat.  I think I’ve turned to my old ways of eating too much because of some anxiety and anticipation I’ve been feeling lately.  The other night I had a bad incident that involved wine, a Cazuela, and then a DQ Blizzard.  Not pretty.

My life has been full of home remodelling related research, selling my car (sold on one day on Craigslist, and I got cash—cha-ching!), trying to be productive at work, and having a somewhat full social calendar as well.  Gah, where is my sane life??

Workouts have been sparse, but good.  I started a Couch to 5k program just to switch things up a bit, but I haven’t done many of the walking workouts.  I was supposed to workout tonight, and catch up with the Driz along the way, but I bugged out.  Speaking of the Driz, we had dinner at Fajitas on Sunday!  She joined Chris and I for the picnic-table, Cazuela drinkin’ fun and we had a great time 🙂 

Let’s see what kind of pics I have for you….not in order

Egg and egg white scramble with green bell pepp, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, and carrots.


Naughty veggie pizza with thin crust, extra sauce, and light on the cheese.


Beer to go along with the naughty pizza 😉


So after my wine, Cazuela, and Blizzard madness of Sunday I was mad hungover 😦  I worked from home and tried not to hurl.  Around lunch time I felt better and had a can of Health Valley Fat Free Minestrone soup, doctored up with garlic powder, garlic salt, Italian herbs, and some canned parm (the klassy stuff, you know how I roll).  The soup was low sodium (read sweet and bland), but the add ins helped.


Lily helping me polish off evidence of the Blizzard….


Field Day 2009!!  My friend Kristina coordinated a fun roundup of local friends and clients, chock full of silly games, BYOB, and picnic food.  I participated in the egg carry, water balloon toss, and tug of war, and spectated on the sack race and kickball. 


Just couldn’t resist flashin’ the cash.  Uber klassy, I know, but I’ve never held that much cash at one time!!!  Crazay!  It’s all about the Benjamins, baby 😉  BTW, I’ve never sold a car, or used Craigslist, and it all worked out so smoothly.  I sold the car less than 24 hrs after listing!  Now, if selling my house could just be as easy… anyone got a suitcase with a few hundred grand coming my way??



Flippity flop July 15, 2009

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My day kept swinging from postive to negative as if some sadistic bastard were flipping a switch.  Although the day went up and down and all around, it ended on a tres positive note 😉 

Yesterday’s eats:

Kashi Go Lean with bluebs and almond milk

Kashi Go Lean with bluebs and almond milkI'm diggin' the KGL's nuances and the voluminous portions, and may just have to deal with buying more cereal in a box, packaging and all.Romaine, boca burger, yellow bell pepp, avocado, mushroom, balsamic, grape tomsOh, and some pepitas for interest. Yay!Fruit, glorious fruit! And a carrot 😉

Veggie quesadilla with guac and sc I should have skipped... Oh, and that famous Cazuela

Veggie quesadilla with guac and sc I should have skipped... Oh, and that famous CazuelaLily says hi!Check out this bush...what the hell bush has fluffy balls like that?

I’ve had issues with seeking retail therapy lately.  I run to Target, Costco, and Fred Meyer more than I should.  And that trip to WinCo.  I camethisclose to going to Walmart, too.  Yipes!  I haven’t been to Walmart in 6 years, I think.  Given that Sarah found some great prices on organic fruit, I may have to give them a try.  Gulp, what an endeavor.

Thankfully my retail therapy hasn’t ended with me buying tons of stuff; I have chosen my purchases quite carefully.  The visits are more for me to get out since I haven’t been going to work out as much, and I’ve had a few things on my mind. 

New library book!  And a repear of KGL and fruit.  Cafe, of course.

New library book! And a repeat of KGL and fruit. Cafe, of course.

 Yakisoba with tofu.  'Fu was kind of meh... I still sort of have my aversion to it.

After a really shitty 11:00-11:30, I had a great lunch from 11:30 to noon 🙂  Business speak while eating tofu yakisoba.  Not too shabby, but for the less than spectacular tofu.  I thought it would at least be sauteed or something.
Not pictured: late afternoon snack of 1/2 my usual fruit and carrot mix. 
Leftover pizza from Saturday, avocado and grape tom salad.  Also sneaked in 1/2 an ear of corn...

Leftover pizza from Saturday, avocado and grape tom salad. Also sneaked in 1/2 an ear of corn...

Although I really wanted to skip working out tonight, I went and did a full body weight session, followed by 45 slower but still uber sweaty minutes on the mill.  I am really glad I got in a full workout, and I hope to get over my desire to skip working out lately.
After working out I refueled with the rest of my fruit/carrot mix.  I almost ate a Kardea bar, but I put them in the freezer the other day ’cause they were soft, and I wasn’t about to try to eat one frozen.  Or wait for it to defrost!  Perhaps tomorrow!!
Off to bed I go… Humpty-dumpty day is officially over 😉
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I hit the motherlode May 10, 2009

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Happy Mother’s Day!!  Today was really a nice day, as was yesterday, and I hope you all had a great weekend 🙂 

Since I’ve been running around all weekend I feel a tad tired, and I may just insert a gallery for ya.  Let me upload the pics and see what I feel like….

Oh my god, there’s 22 photos!  How about highlights?

Chris, my mom, and my grandma have all reacted well to my (trial of) going veggie.  And it has been a tasty endeavor so far, so I say, bring it on!  Thanks for all of your thoughts and support!  I feel really lucky that Erin introduced me to the blog world and that I have been able to learn so much from all of you.  🙂  Keep rockin’ ladies and germs! 

hit, I’m tired!!!  Gotta get to work at like 8 tomorrow, so I’m going to hit the hay now.  Happy trails to you 😉

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Naughty and nice April 30, 2009

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Wednesday felt like Thursday, and today sure felt like Friday…but it ain’t…poo.

I think this is from Tuesday night–I had a few grapes after my last snack listed on the post.  That’s a curious and blurry Lily Bird checkin’ em out.


ThursdayWednesday morning I ate my oats in the car.  After the day of sweet oats with the nanner these weren’t quite as satisfying.  Surprised the hell out of me! 


Lunch was the typical sando combo, carrot, and 1/2 an apple.  There is a pair of ducks wandering through my office building campus looking for a place to nest, and just after we ate they walked on by Chris’ office!  So cute!


Snacky poo of TLC 7 grain crackers (about half of these)…


And then the naughty evening began!  Chris and I headed to Old Market Pub with our friend Brett, and out came the booze and grease fest.  We started with some beer battered fries, and I had a bourbon & Diet Coke.


Next the balls came out!  Falafel sandwich with chips (didn’t eat them b/c I’d already horfed down many fries).  Not pictured is the incredibly tasty and naughtytiny slice of pepperoni and canadian bacon pizza I had (!).  Wow, that was good.  And I was overly full, regretting eating everything but still sitting there thinking about eating more.  Insanity!


After this nosh fest we headed out for a flesh fest at a local gentlemen’s club–The Acropolis.  While sitting at the rack I spied the Mike & Ike’s candy vending machine, and after awhile couldn’t resist any longer.   I had a few handfuls, loving every sugary sweet moment.  I have a feeling partaking in my favorite past time influenced that move.   😉

And that ain’t all, folks!  After more of my favorite past time I ate a few snacks at home:  A Kashi TLC Chewy Cherry Dark Chocolate Bar, and a spoon of PB.  Yowza!  I ate those at like 1am and went straight to bed.  What a naughty and fun evening!

Friday Thursday

After going to bed late, we woke up late as well.  Since we had a lunch date in the near future I decided to forego the oats.  Boo!  I love starting the day with my hot bowl of yumminess. 

Lunch was at The Stockpot over a business meeting, and consisted of fricasseed chicken breast over a multi-grain rice bed with sauteed shredded carrots and sauteed greenbeans. I also had half of a soft, fluffy roll.  I felt rather guilty eating out again after last night’s food craziness, but I ate all the veggies and stopped before I was full.  I ate too fast, though 😦  I hate that.

My tummy was rumbling again a few hours later, and after toiling over what to eat I settled on a two-faceted attack on the hunger:  ripe nanner and Kashi TLC Crunchy Pumpkin Spice Flax granola bar.  I liked the granola bar, and am glad it wasn’t overly spicy.  Sometimes spicy equates into a noxious amount of nutmeg or clove…


And where could we possibly head for dinner?  None other than Eastside Maria, aka Fajitas.  Chris and I split Carnitas de Pollo, which I highly recommend if you like chicken fajitas but don’t want all that steam and extra cost.  It was really good and I found myself eating a bit too much 😦  Damn, I gotta stop the over-eating!


After digesting a bit I suited up and headed out to the gym.  Where I only did cardio.  Again.  Forty five minutes on the mill while reading People Magazine went pretty quick!  I also stretched and did some abs afterward, so I guess it wasn’t just cardio after all 😉

I had flavor fantasies of eating pumpkin flax granola once home and cleaned up, so in went 1/2 a cup of light peach yogurt, and 1/2 a cup of the crack granola. I think I would have preferred eating the granola with almond milk instead, or just eating the yogurt separately. 


My salty tooth kicked in afterward, and I probably should have just had a bunch of water, but I ate a few Genisoy Crisps.  That hit the spot. 


So, that’s what’s up in my neck of the woods lately.  What’s goin’ down in your town?

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So begins a crazy week! March 9, 2009

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Somehow today was a happy Monday!  I thought that was an oxymoron…

‘Twas a busy few days, or so it felt, and I’m getting rather anxious and excited for the vaca.  I hope you aren’t sick of hearing about it already… I’m also excited to post some while I’m there so y’all can partake, too!


I TOTALLY forgot to set my clock forward an hour and woke up thinking it was 8am, and that yoga was in two hours.  Not until I sat down at the laptop at 10:05 DST did I realize what had happened.  Shit, no yoga for me 😦 

Very typical breakfast, but with a splash o’ almond milk on the oats after cooking:


We finally  left for the gym at like 11:45, and I hit up an hour of legs and abs.  Mercy!  Chris was hoopin’ it up, but there was no one to play with 😦  I joined him for some shooting and a 1:1 game, and it was really fun!  He’s like 6’2 and I’m 5’5, he’s played for 20+ years and I have no real b-ball experience, and he pretty much schooled me, but we laughed our asses off the whole time 🙂

I was famished when we got home at like 2:30, and I shoved in a quick snacky lunch of ww bread with turkey, carrot sticks, grapes, and some plain yogurt with sf rasp jam.


After this I cleaned up and headed out to do some birthday shopping for the man, but I really didn’t have any luck 😦  I also did some shopping for vacation supplies, and can’t believe I blew $50 so fast!  Razor refills, toothpaste, allergy pills…shit adds up quick.

It hailed and snowed yesterday afternoon bigtime!  We had a thick layer of hail on the ground and a little flurry of flakes.  Pretty, but effin’ cold, mo’ fo’s.  I’m ready for it to warm up already.

For Chris’ first birthday dinner of the week we headed to Black Angus in Vancouver.  Chris loves the prime rib there, and I kind of struggle to find decent things on the menu, but last night was really good overall.  I had a few small pieces of their yummy molasses bread with butter, about half of my salad with a really oniony vinaigrette, and about half of my teriyaki sirloin with a baked potato and steamed veggies.  I also grabbed a few of Chris’ fries 😉




I was quite full when leaving, but eventually needed a little something to wrap up my day.  The house is really devoid of food, way more than I realized, and I broke into the box of South Beach Diet PB cereal bars I bought for the trip.  Not too bad…crispy, PB’y, and hit the spot.

I ate this while watching Breaking Bad on AMC.  Have you seen that? Or Mad Men?  Two of the best shows out there!



I couldn’t sleep much last night! It sucked to wake up and move around, not feeling quite tired or comfortable enough to just pass out like I needed to.  We got up a bit earlier to be at the office by 8, but that turned into 8:30 with us lagging and traffic sucking a bit b/c it was snowing again!  I forgot to prep my oats last night 😦 so I had a cereal mess of shredded wheat and Essential 10 with lots of almond milk.


Work was very busy I ate some around 12:30–ww bread with turkey, grapes, Fuji, carrot sticks.


My 1:00 was an energy intensive meeting, but well worth it. I was nervous about it b/c he emailed me and was like “we should meet.” Those are often foreboding words, but once we sat down it was all good.  Yay! 

So, do you remember how I said I was upgrading my computer?  It was so I could gain full access to work applications at home or on vacation, and it turns out I’m screwed.  I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a guy from the technology help desk trying to figure out a way to fix the issue that I didn’t realize I had until I called randomly about something related.  I have Vista Home Premium, which is not compatible with a few of the applications (even tho they’re okay with Vista Business), and my computer could have totally crashed, but I’m lucky and somehow the whole disk encryption application didn’t kill my computer.  Shit.  That woulda sucked!  Turns out I need to install Vista Business or XP Professional to create compatibility with the other software I need to run.  Bleh.  Maybe it isn’t worth it…moving on.

Tonight we had Chris’ second birthday dinner of the week, this time at Godfather’s Pizza with his parents.  I swear, what else could I do this week to throw off my fitness program?!  But, I must admit that the pizza tasted really and I was able to enjoy two pieces and a small beer without feeling guilty 🙂


I realize that doesn’t look so appealing now… I blotted off the extra grease and put some parm and chili flakes on it.

We have leftovers, so I think pizza may be in my near future again.  I really love pizza and admit it is one food I have missed a lot over the last four months.  I’ve had it a few times, and have really tried to savor it each time.  Nothing like a special treat now and then, right?

We got home around 9, and Chris pretty much went straight to bed!  Very odd for him.  I used the opprtunity to sneak out and birthday shop, and buy a few groceries for the week.  I had success with his birthday gift, and Lily got him something, too 😉 

I’m pooped…it’s just after midnight and I’m going to join the man in bed.  That’s twice in the last week he’s beat me to bed–so rare!  Hope you all had a good Monday 🙂

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My, my…Monday January 12, 2009

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So it was Monday, and not a very eventful day I guess.  Slept in a bit, went to acupuncture, had Christmas with Chris’ parents finally, blah blah blah.  It wasn’t quite a case of the Mondays, but sort of felt like that.

We had to get ready rather quickly, and I knew I didn’t have time to eat my oatmeal at work before acupuncture, so I ate it while getting our food ready for the day.


I think the new cinnamon I bought tastes a little different…not quite sure what it is, but it just seems a little bit off. 

Acupuncture was intense.  I went in not thinking I had many problems (elbow, knee, shoulders just slightly off), but I was quite the pincushion today.  Randy put needles a little deeper in my traps to induce fatigue and make them relax.  They were indeed fatigued today and sore.  He used a balancing approach today more than anything, which involves treating the energy channels related to the problems.  For example, my TMJ is on the gall bladder channel that runs on the side of the legs, so he put needles in the side of my legs.  My knee was hurting a little, which is on the liver that runs down the arms as well, so he put needles in my arms.  Other than the traps my body felt great today 🙂

I wasn’t that hungry when lunch time rolled around, but I ate a little anyway of the standard fare:


When my hunger returned I had the rest of the apple and some chips.  Then it came back again and I had the rest of the cottage cheese.  No pics since that would be a tad redundant.

I had some tea and lots of water this afternoon as I spent like two hours trying to de-bug my computer.  McAfee kept finding a rootkit issue over the last week and deleting it, but it keeps coming back.  Internet Explorer kept encountering errors and needing to close, so I wasn’t able to get very far on any of my online applications.  Fucking thing wouldn’t even go to a restore point.  WTF.  I’m not sure what to do at this point.  I was trying to download AVG today since I heard good things from a coworker, but the installation process kept freezing 😐  Boo.  Hopefully tomorrow brings solutions since I need to use the damn thing for some work due in the afternoon. 


That’s my little food and workout journal in the foreground.  I remembered an insulated mug for tea at the office!  No more wasted cups 🙂  Anyhow, moving on…

Chris’ parents were coming over for dinner, and we decided on Godfather’s Pizza, so I called in the order this afternoon and ran to get it when we got home around 5:40.  The smell of it in the car was absolute torture on the way home!  Oh so good!  I didn’t photograph anything as I ate tonight…didn’t really want to explain the whole blog thing for some reason.  I took pics afterward. 

Dinner went pretty well, the pizza was okay, and all in all the night ended fine.  My pizza was a medium thin crust Hawaiian light on the cheese and with black olives added.  Good, but would have been better fresher (traffic held up the parents).  I had three pieces; I looked up the nutritional info online beforehand and knew each one had about 190 cals.  I also knew I had 700 cals left for the day before reaching dinner and I was just fine expending most of them on dinner.


Dessert was a chocolate plate with fudge and chocolate almond squares.  I had 3 squares of this:

100_0734 MMM!

Chris’ mom gave me a digital kitchen scale, chocolates, and a little black lab ornament for Christmas 🙂  The kitchen scale is heavy duty:


Holds up to 22 lbs!  No problem weighing my turkeys and roasts, I guess!!!  Or HUGE batches of bread??  Hahaha.  I don’t have a 9V battery, tho, so I have to wait to use it until tomorrow.  I’m still kinda torn over the whole scale thing…neither one of them is exactly what I had thought of and I don’t know what to do.  This was no cheap scale, either, and I feel bad she spent so much on it. 

After Chris’ parents left he asked something about if I was going to mention the artwork change/if I thought he’d notice, and then he said he didn’t really want to discuss it.  😐  Great.  That should be a fun discussion.

Oh, and I used my new stick vac tonight!  I was super excited and whipped it out right when we got home, and I liked it 🙂  It is really easy to use, and seems to vacuum pretty well.  It doesn’t have a very wide track, so if you’re trying to vacuum a large floor it may take a little while (probably not longer than sweeping), but it is great for what I need.  We detached the hand vac and attacked some dust and cobwebs, and I used it not too long ago when Lily came in from outside.  Yay!  No more broom!  Emptying the dust cup is easy, and filter seems to grab the little particles of dirt and dust well.  Double yay!  Chris even used it to vacuum under the dining room table and under where the couch had been when we moved it.  Go honey!

Shit, it is really late all of a sudden, and I just kinda feel like putting an end to the day.  I hope my traps aren’t sore tomorrow.  I look forward to working out, a few good client meetings, and a good dinner.  Shit, I just realized dinner will take a long time to prepare and I have a later meeting.  Shit again.  Tune in tomorrow to see what happens!

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Holiday party kickoff December 4, 2008

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I knew that today would end with my first holiday party of the season, so that gave me something to look forward to all day.  I was a tired girl today…watched some of the South Park movie after I posted last night, and fell asleep on the couch for a short while.  Erin & Andrea, that’s one fantastic swear-a-thon for us! 

(OMG, my dog has horrible gas right now!  I can hardly stand to sit here, holy moley, what did my mom feed her today!?)

I ate breakfast late this morning, around 10:30, and knew a friend was bringing pizza in for the office at 11:30.  I figured I wouldn’t be that hungry this way and could avoid the pizza temptation mostly.  My oats consisted of 1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup pumpkin spice Silk, tbsp slivered almonds, tbsp+ raisins, good shake of cinnamon, and pinch of salt.100_0001

As I ate I prepared shipping labels from my eBay sales.  I tell ya, the whole packing and labelling process took longer than I thought it would!

I worked, then finally had a 1/2 slice of Pizza Schmizza Zorba pizza around 12:30, which had chicken, basil, tomato, and polenta on it.  It wasn’t quite as tasty as I’d hoped…I originally thought it was Spicy Thai when I saw the pizza, so most things taste bland compared to that spicy goodness.


After a meeting and working more I at my salad around 2:30 or 3.  Spinach, broc slaw, pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.


I knew that tonight’s holiday party would be really light on food and potentially heavy on booze, so I ate another snack around 4:30.  Dannon Light & Fit vanilla yogurt (3/4 cup? 1 cup?) with a tbsp slivered almonds, half a banana, and cinnamon. Yummy!  Chris stopped by to chat and had a taste, and I was surprised he liked it a lot 🙂  I had the other half of the nanner like 15 minutes later.  I couldn’t leave half of it…wouldn’t have eaten it tonight or tomorrow and didn’t want to waste it.


I ate this while proofreading my email to the people in my office suite; I was trying to politely ask them to use the recycling bin that I manage for anything that could be recyclable.  I still see tons of recyclable stuff in the trash 😦

Left work around 5, picked up my mom, and headed to the party at Carl Greve, a local jewelry store.  They liquor everyone up and offer drawings in the hope that we all buy jewelry, I suppose, which is kind of what happened 3 years ago when Chris bought my rings.  Hehe. 

I had a few glasses of champagne, and three pieces of appetizers circulating–crostini with parmesan, tomato, and goat cheese; sushi roll with avocado, cucumber, carrot, and wasabi; and endive with Dungeness crab, avocado, and caviar.  None of them were that good, so I didn’t bother to have more.

This year was not nearly as busy as previous years, and the jewelry didn’t seem quite as va-va-va-voom either.  My mom was hungry, and I knew I should eat something eventually, so we walked down the street to Typhoon! (best Thai place ever!) for dinner. 

We had salad rolls (rice wrapper, rice noodles, basil, shrimp, peanut sauce), pumpkin soup (pumpkin, coconut milk, spices, ???), and pineapple fried rice (rice, chicken, shrimp, pineapple, onion, dried chiles, ???).  I was desperately craving curry, but wasn’t that hungry and figured I’d overdo it fo sho if I ordered that.  The pumpkin soup was rich and spicy, and actually fulfilled my curry craving 🙂  I didn’t eat too much and felt satisfied when we left.

I love Thai food and wish we ate it more…curry=my second love.


After this we went back to the party (where Chris had stayed), I had another glass of champagne, and we headed home not too long after.  No, no purchases tonight.  We don’t usually buy anything but love looking at all the pretty stuff 🙂  Each year we pick out something we would love to buy; tonight Chris picked a Roberto Coin enamel and diamond garden motif gold ring , or rose enamel and gold earrings shaped like roses.  I wish!

I can’t believe it is almost midnight already.  Off I go to bed in the hopes of getting a lot of sleep.  Nighty night!

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