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The bitch becomes her April 28, 2009

Today was really, really fast, and not in a good productive way.  While I did get some work done, we left early for an afternoon event about 401(k) business and didn’t go back to work afterward. 

Breakfast was my fave oats, but with ripe banana instead of raisins.  I couldn’t let my nanner go to waste, so even though it is overly ripe for my taste I threw half of it in.  Turned out okay!  I think the nanner addition is growing on me…


Side note–I’m such a dork!  I usually take pics at ultra high resolution, but that means that uploads take longer and more storage space is used.  Today I forgot my memory card for my camera and ended up using the internal memory, but on like 2.1mp instead of 8.0.  I think I’ll stick with 2.1.

When Chris was ready to eat lunch I wasn’t, so I snacked on my Fuji and my carrots while we talked.  The Fuji was fabulous!!  I’ve had a month of mealy or unflavorful apples, and finally I get a tasty Fuji 🙂


I made sure to capture Chris’ cute burger bun sandwich in the background.  That’s a few slices of cheese sitting on it–he likes to eat those before he has the sando. 

Before I knew it 1:15 arrived, and I realized I needed to eat my sando before we left to go downtown.  Yummy!

The meeting went well, and afterward there was a small reception at the hotel for us.  They served beef tenderloin with a cabernet sauce and rosemary garlic butter, rolls/breads/crackers, salmon-something-or-other, and a nice cheese plate.  They also passed some mushroom tartlettes, chicken mousse crostini, and tomato mozzarella skewers.  I had some beef tenderloin, some bread, and a few of the cheeses.  It was really tasty, and considering the richness of the items I ate I was ready to call it good and not eat anything else for dinner.  Chris thought otherwise.

This is where the bitch started coming out, as I got a little annoyed by our exchange in the car afterward.  C:”We’re still going to Mexican, right?” K:”That was pretty rich food and I’m good.”  C: “You don’t want to split something on happy hour?” K: “No, if I eat anything I think it needs to be fruit or veggies.” C: “But we planned on going to Si Senor afterward.” K: “That was before we knew they’d serve us food at the meeting.” C: “I would’ve eaten more if I knew that were dinner.”  Blah!  Fine, off to Mexican we went.  He said he didn’t want me to just sit there and watch him eat for an hour, but I told him that’d pretty much be the case since I wasn’t hungry.

After he ate most of the Mexican Pizza he ordered, he said to eat one so he didn’t feel so bad.  Great excuse for me to eat, so you can feel better.  I had a tiny piece of the thing with some guac on it.  Washed it down with my huge Diet Coke.


By the time we left Chris was annoying me, but not necessarily b/c of what he said, more like how he said it and the mood I was in.  I guess the PMS bitch moved in and I hadn’t realized it until tonight. 

I couldn’t get home, change, and get to the gym fast enough 😦  Feeling funktified I didn’t really feel like doing anything but a mega sweaty session of cardio while reading, so that’s what I did.  I told myself a trip to Target afterward was in order for a little shop therapy.   But first I had to do abs and stretch.  While stretching I decided I’d get a nonfat sugar free vanilla steamer at the Starbucks in Target…mmm…hot, vanilla-y yumminess to accompany me while I wandered the store.

That didn’t happen 😦  Even tho Target is open til 10, Starbucks closes at 9, like 10 minutes before I got there. Boo.   Oh well, I still wandered a bit.  I checked out some decor, then headed to the food department to look at snacks.  I was getting hungry again and everything looked really good.  Oooh, how about some Moose Munch?  Fruit leathers?  Pop chips? Pepperidge Farm cookies? (Drooling).

I decided to get Chris a bag of pretzel sticks as a kind of peace offering, and found myself some Kashi TLC snack bars.  Of course I forgot the coupon I have for them at home… oh well. 

Since I was dreaming of like 1000 things to eat while gone, I formulated a reasonable snack while driving home and went straight for it:  pumpkin flax granola, the other half of the ripe nanner, raisins, and almond milk.  Yay, so tasty, but I was still craving food. 


Out came the Genisoy Crisps!  Mucho enjoyment for minimo calories.


I let that settle, but still wanted something, and something sweet.  I grabbed the candy tray that I never touch and sorted through, pulling out Skittles and taffy.  I only ate three pieces of the taffy and called it good since I was satisfied.


I hope the bitch in me is at bay tomorrow.  Do you get emotional and kinda crazy, too?  Fuck, I may just eat those Skittles after all. 



This crazy thing called life April 23, 2009

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Lately I feel like I’m all grown up, with work, family, extracurriculars, yardwork, and the whole nine yards.  My days feel busy, my nights busy, my weekends busy, and my to-do list growing longer all the time.  Stop the insanity! Can’t I just go back to a simpler time without all of this responsibility and business?! 

Okay, done with my little rant now 🙂

Morning came too soon and I never got over feeling a bit tired today, and my right jaw joint is killing me (effing TMJD).  My ass wasn’t dragging, but I was just tired, and the jaw thing annoyed the hell out of me all day.  At least I started my day with a nice bowl of oats!  I had a new idea–what if I nuke ’em right before Chris and I leave the house, then he drives and I eat in the car on the way to work?  It worked out well!  Another bowl of perfect oats–yay!


We had an early working lunch planned, so I messed around at work for like an hour and then we left for McCormick & Schmick’s Grill at Bridgeport Village.  From the prix fixe menu I chose the chicken and shrimp rice bowl, sans shrimp.  We also had a mixed greens salad.  I was able to sneak in this pic when no one seemed to notice 😉


This was quite yummy, with a spicy kick and tender chicken.  I almost yelled out at one point when my jaw suddenly hurt, but I figured out that small bites helped avoid it.  The wontons were so yummy!  I saved over half the meal for dinner, but ate all the wontons b/c I knew they wouldn’t stay crispy.  For dessert we had a dark chocolate torte cake (like a slice of soft fudge practically!), of which I ate ~1/2. 

Back at the office I busted out some quality work, had a phone meeting, blah blah blah…the day was over around 5.  Chris wanted to visit Fajitas, but I ixnayed the idea b/c Mexi 3 nights in a row just didn’t do it for me.  Since I had my leftovers available, I suggested just dropping Chris off at Fajitas while I went to do cardio–perfect.  I had a little snack while playing with Lily before heading out.


Tonight I remembered some reading material and cardio flew by pretty quickly 🙂  I sat with Chris at the restaurant for a little while when I got back there, and we talked biz while I was feeling rather ditzy from busting my ass on the stair mill for 45 minutes.

Once home and cleaned up I nuked the rest of my lunch, which was bigger than I expected.  Still tasted good, but I ate a little too much of it. 


[Side note for y’all:  I hate Tyra Banks.  Bitch is so annoying, fake, and full of herself I nearly puke when I see her.]

I don’t know why, but when picking my new jar of peanut butter I went for Skippy Natural Super Chunk.  One of those under-the-time-gun-and-not-thinking-fully choices at the store.  It’s not bad, but I feel bad since I think the Maranatha was on sale, it’s organic, and it comes in a more earth-friendly glass jar with an aluminum lid. 

Late this afternoon my mom called and said a friend invited us to a dinner fashion show event tomorrow, and I need to figure out what to wear!  I think I’m going to end up wearing it to work all day…  I had better go scope out the closet. 

Nighty night folks!


Squeaky wheel gets the grease April 22, 2009

I told myself to remember this blog title while at the gym, and now I can’t remember why!  Um, I’ll think on that for a minute.

Today was another rather meh day.  The weather was colder (suck!), everything was fine, and here I am at 11:30 trying to remember my non-descript day.

Breakfast was probably the most perfect oatmeal I’ve had in awhile.  I added soy protein powder to the regular mix of steel cut oats, peanut butter, almond milk, water, cinnamon, and raisins.  Creamy, but not gooey!


Chris had lunch with a colleague, so I ate on my own around 1.  Half a sando (whole wheat, peppered turkey, romaine), and the fave carrot.


The afternoon was rather non descript, but for visiting the new condo where my mom is moving this summer.  It is in a pretty place by an old quarry that was filled in with water, thus creating a small lake.  She has a nice view of it, and the area is nice, too.  I’m jealous!

For Earth Day my office buildings had a battery collection drive, and I stopped by to speak with the property manager about being a Master Recycler and hoping to help make the office buildings greener.  She was excited and I hope to speak with her soon about some of my ideas.

After getting back to work I ate my apple from yesterday, but forgot to take a pic.


Dinner was a run to Si Senor, but it wasn’t quite as good as usual.  They got Chris’ burger order wrong (brought him a chicken burger instead of beef, and with different toppings), but he was nice and said he’d eat it.  He should have been the squeaky wheel and insisted on the Mexican Deluxe Cheeseburger he ordered, but he didn’t and ended up not being as satisfied.  My tortilla soup was good, but I prefer the version I get at Fajitas b/c it isn’t as salty, and has shredded chicken rather than grilled breast.  The chips were really good tonight, though!

On the way home I almost forgot to pick up Lily at my mom’s!!!  :shocked:  How could I forget my little girl?! 

Tonight I did workout # 2 and 45 minutes on the stair mill.  There were a couple of times I felt like speaking up and being a squeaky wheel here, but I pussied out and remained silent: 1) some chick sitting in the locker room picking at her feet for at least an hour, and leaving all the, um, results on the floor.  Gag!  Clean that up, bitch! 2) Some weird guy kept going in and out of the pool area over and over and over, acting rather weird.  I almost said something to a staff person, but the dude seemed harmless enough.  Here’s where I thought of the title of this post, but still can’t remember if all of the reasons mentioned herein are why it came to mind.  Oh well…

Once home I desired some of my fave granola, and even though I’ve been avoiding sugar at night (except on nights where I drink too much wine!) I said WTF, I want it and I deserve it.  So, my snack was 1/2 cup pumpkin flax plus granola with 1/2 a banana.  Mmmm!


Well, that’s all, folks. Not a very exciting day, but hopefully you found some bits of it entertaining 😉


Hangriness abounds February 28, 2009

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Friday, oh Friday, why did you tease me with your lack of hunger until now?  After getting home from my workout I’ve been hungry…and two little snacks can’t seem to make it go away!  I just need to plug it at this point.

The day started off a little later, and I ate my breakfast at home, outside actually while playing with Lily 🙂  I totally forgot to prep my oats last night, and was sad when I remembered this morning.  I opted to have shredded wheat with a whole banana and almond milk, and quite enjoyed it while standing outside on this brisk, sunny, clear morning.


After dropping Lily off at my mom’s I proceeded to Starbucks for my Friday coffee fix.  The office uses Folgers to make coffee on Fridays, and I just about gag thinking about how gross it tastes.  Today I forgot my own cup, and decided I could scour the store for one on clearance and treat myself to a new one.  I found a really pretty red, sparkly mug and filled it with a skinny vanilla latte.  Yay!


My day at the office was busy!  But not that productive 😦  Whatevs.  At some point I had my light lunch of: sando with one slice ww bread, one slice turkey, and green leaf lettuce; a Fuji; and some grapes.


My afternoon was really busy, too, and I kinda forgot to snack because of it.  By the time we left to head to Si Senor to meet my mom I was getting pretty hungry. 

Tonight I felt like having something different…that’s one thing about visiting Mexican restaurants 3 times a week while trying not to spend too much or eat poorly–I get kinda bored of the selection at times.  I opted to split a chicken quesadilla with my mom, had a whole giant Diet Coke, and of course chips & salsa. 


I at the two pieces on the right with jalapenos, avocado, and that sour cream smeared on top (!), and felt satisfied and a little full. 

My ass was dragging a bit when I got home.  Maybe a little emotionally tired and weighed down from my richer-than-normal meal?  I didn’t want to skip the gym, tho, so I changed and headed out.

I had to get my blood flowing a bit when I got there, so I warmed up on the treadmill for 5 minutes.  My ass was still dragging pretty bad, but I managed to bang out a decent weight session.  Then I headed down to the cardio zone for 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 15 minutes on the stair mill.  Somehow all of that wasn’t too hard, and I rather like doing 15 minutes on the mill as the last bit of my cardio. 

After I got home and cleaned up I tried on (brace yourselves) bikini swimsuits!!  Holy shit, it didn’t go too badly either.  I felt okay about what I look like in the two I tried on, and do feel like I look better than last year, and a lot better than this summer, when I last wore one. 

Hanger kind of took over after that, but I felt like I’d consumed enough cals for the day so I had half of a Luna Iced Raisin Oatmeal bar warmed in the microwave.


Uh, yeah, that didn’t cut it.  Reading the Trader Joe’s circular probably didn’t help either, as it seemed like an especially tasty issue.  So I prepped my oats for the morning and dressed a fig with 1/2 a tbsp of Maranatha.  That helped, but I still feel a little hungry…in fact, a bit hangry.  The anger here comes from not feeling satisfied, and from looking at all this yummy food and not being able to eat it (um, feta tapennade?! sign me up!).


And now…a fitness progress update

I think I’ve lost about 12-15 pounds now on my quest to be fit!!!  I am amazed, actually, and kind of don’t believe it at times.  I think I’m around 140-143 now 🙂  Better than that, though, I’m smaller, feel leaner and tighter, and am still motivated and plugging away to lose the last 5-10 lbs.  Since I tackled the bikini tonight I’ll have to check out some other clothes, esp. since the vaca is just over two weeks away!!! 

Do you keep clothes that are too small in the hopes that you can fit back into them one day?  I know I have over the last 2-3 years, and I’m glad I did.  I can understand getting rid of clothes that are way too small or too big, but when you’re overweight it is really sad to get rid of the “ideal” clothes just b/c your ass is too big to fit them currently. 

When I was skinny 4-5 years ago I got rid of all of my bigger clothes, so when I gained weight over the last 2-3 years I was forced to wear just one small part of my wardrobe.  I’m really looking forward to fitting into a cute dark, slim pair of jeans I used to wear.  When I fit into those I think I’ll feel like I’ve conquered the world 🙂

I don’t want to sound crazy or obsessed with being skinny; I hope you don’t think I am.  I guess I remember what I felt like 4-5 years ago (confident, fit, empowered, pretty, sexy) and I want to have that again.  Is being thin addictive?  Is that how we venture into unhealthy territory with our eating, body image, and exercise?  I know it is kind of sad that many of us include being thin in part of our definition of ideal, but I suppose being thinner and fitter is kind of a secondary thing to the primary goal of feeling better about myself.  What do you think?

Tomorrow is going to be busy, so I’m heading to bed to get my zzz’s.  Send Andrea well wishes on her race tomorrow!  I can’t wait to hear how she and her daddy do!!  Good luck, girl, go get em’ 😉


Happy Days February 26, 2009

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I totally thought of that title while thinking of the days of the week and then the “Happy Days” song came into my head.  That’s like the tenth time “Happy Days” has come up in the last week!

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last three days; work schedule, working out, being tired…didn’t really have the energy to blog at the end of the day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday definitely had their ups and downs, but today has ended up happy somehow.  I’ve been rather sleep deprived and working my booty out in preparado por mi vacacion, and I think I’ve lost a few more pounds!  Yayayayay!

Here’s a gallery of my rather typical eats the last few days, with a few exceptions:  I added part of an apple to my oats rather than fig or raisins (yummy!), and I mixed yogurt with protein powder and banana (kinda like puddin’!).

On to Friday tomorrow!!!  I had a really unproductive work week 😦  Today I was so tired I just felt like staying home in my poopy mood, but Chris told me he needed my help on a project and got my grumpy ass to go in to work. 

Nothing much new in my world, how about you?  I really need to get on some personal projects, and the tons of work I have hanging out there.  Anymore it seems like time flies and there’s hardly enough hours in the day to fit in a few projects, working out, eating, and sleeping.  Guess that’s life!

Happy Friday to you all 🙂  Catch ya later.


Posty post February 21, 2009

Great title, I know.  Seriously going blank.

How was your Saturday? Mine was pretty good.  Let’s get back to Friday first, though…


Totally forgot to prep my oats even though I reminded myself while blogging :shocked:  As I got our lunches ready I put some vanilla Dannon Light’n’Fit and shredded wheat in a tub.  Some banana sounded good, too, so I brought one and a knife along as we left for Chris’ dental appt.  It was supposed to be quick, but totally wasn’t so I was starving by the time we got to work.  This was a yummy breakfast, though!  I forgot cinnamon…that would have made it perfect.


Lunch involved integrating some leftovers from our workshop the night before.  I can’t let the leftovers go to waste, can I?!  My sando had a little bit of goat cheese, a few slices of dry salami, and spinach.  I wasn’t that hungry when we ate so I didn’t eat all the apple or grapes.


Friday was a beautiful day in Portland…unseasonably gorgeous…. so I had no problem leaving work early 🙂  I ate a little snack of a Clif Nectar bar as we walked out to the car, since I knew I’d need something to fuel our next activity.  It is so weird…chewing the nut pieces in these usually makes my teeth hurt.  No, it’s not the bar, it is my TMJ; I clench my jaw and my teeth are a bit sensitized b/c of it.  Yummy bar tho!


We hit up 24 Hour, where I knew I had to do an hour of cardio to make up for the lack of it earlier in the week.  My goal is to do 225 minutes of cardio per week (45 min 5 times per week), and since I was behind I needed to catch up a tad.  I did 45 minutes on the stair mill (whoa, that was hot and hard!), and finished with 15 minutes on the elliptical.  A nice ab session followed, and then I had fun watching Chris finish up his hoopin’ in progress.  Considering he hasn’t played much in a long time he is doing really well!  White men really can jump 😉

After cleaning up we hit up Fajitas for dinner.  I had like an 1/8th of a Casuela, some chips & salsa, and tortilla soup sin crema y queso.  I was SO full after consuming this that I couldn’t even have a sip of my La Casa.  I threw in a piece of gum and called it good.



I did a few household things once we got home, and we went to bed at 10:30!  I didn’t fall asleep until after 11 I think, but it was nice to get in bed earlier than usual.  I think I’m going to aim to do that again tonight 🙂


I got up around 7 for my second Master Recycler field trip:  Reuse in Action (or so I will call it…).  After getting ready I had my typical oats, but with a small twist:  I used chocolate almond milk instead of vanilla.  The chocolate flavor really didn’t come through, but that’s okay.  This was a yummy combo that I enjoyed with coffee con Silk vanilla creamer.


The field trip was great 🙂  First stop was Free Geek, a charity dedicated to helping the needy get nerdy, as they say.  Basically you can donate any computer related item and they will test it, then refurb it or recycle it.  They build computers for schools, needy people, and their volunteers.  Pretty cool reuse in action!

Next stop was Community Warehouse, a charity dedicated to providing basic housewares to families in need.  They also have an estate store with various donated high end furniture or non-necessary items for sale.  The store helps fund about 1/3 of their operating budget, and had lots of cool retro and newer stuff in it.  I think I’ll donate to this organization in the future rather than Goodwill; I didn’t know that Goodwill dumps off unsold stuff to overseas locations where it is more of a burden than a help 😦

Third stop was SCRAP, School and Community Reuse Action Project.  This is another specialized organization whose mission is: “to inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.” They accept items that can be re-purposed in arts, crafts, and hobbies, which they then sell to the public in their store.  Really cool!  And super cheap…they aim to sell the stuff for 1/4 of what you’d pay retail, so it is a really affordable and fun resource for art centers, teachers, and others looking to find supplies or inspiration for their creative projects.

Fourth and final stop was The Rebuilding Center, which is the biggest construction & demolition (C&D) re-use seller in the country!  They collect re-usable/excess C&D items like cabinets, sinks, tubs, light fixtures, tile, doors, windows, and so much more.  This is a candy store for those doing renovations, remodels, or other projects around the home and yard.  The Center is run by Our United Villages.  Such a great place to visit!  Makes me want to re-tile the bathroom, do a new kitchen counter, and more.  The offices are really amazing, as they use mostly old doors to create the floors and walls, along with lots of other stuff to create the tables, beams, and more.  So cool.

I got home around 1, feeling a little delirious from not eating yet, and made up a plate of goodies:  hummus, spiced feta, kalamata olives, pita, strawberries, grapes, goat cheese, swiss cheese, apple, dolmas, and a slice of dry salami. This was a yummy sampling of tasty goodness, but I restrained enough that I didn’t feel full afterwards 🙂

After letting that settle and waiting for laundry I was off to the gym for another mega cardio sesh and some weights.  My sports bras weren’t dry yet, so I ended up wearing a semi-wet one to work out in.  I figured I was going to sweat it up anyway so what did it matter, right?!

I started on cardio since Chris put me on a time budget, cranking out the same hour of cardio as yesterday:  45 min on the mill, then 15 on the elliptical.  Considering it was after 4 at that point I headed out.  I know I haven’t done a weights/resistance workout in the last few days, but I think burnin’ it up on the cardio is going to help me lose a few more pounds sooner for my vaca, so I’ve kinda put that as priority one lately.

Dinner was an exact repeat of last night:  small part of a casuela, chips & salsa, and tortilla soup w/o cream or cheese.  Tonight I wasn’t as full so I did drink about 1/2 of my La Casa 🙂




Fo’ shizzle, yo.  I bet some of you out there think we’re crazy b/c of our Mexican food addiction…sometimes I think we’re a little crazy, too! 

What are your Sunday plans?  I think The Driz may be joining me in yoga!  Fun!  Haven’t seen her for awhile, so I get to check out her new haircut and catch up.  We should totally hook our men up to play basketball, as they’re both two tall white guys who play like no one’s business, or so it sounds like 😉  I think Chris will be out for awhile though since his ankle doesn’t seem any better today 😦  It is really weird…no swelling or sensitivity to the touch, but pain when weight is put on it and he flexes his foot while walking.  Tendon issue?  Ligament issue?

I be outta here.  I’m looking forward to a nice yoga sesh in the morning, and some good weights as well.  Hopefully the workout will motivate me to get all my housework done, too!



Mostly Monday February 16, 2009

Today being a holiday helped it feel not-so-Monday-ish.  I still worked almost a full day, but work didn’t feel too burdensome or boring.  In fact I was consumed by the same case I was working on Friday, but finally got it done.  Allergies have been plaguing me…can we have a hard rain up here already or what?  It seems all of our moisture is heading south to California and causing quite a bit of nastiness all up and down the state.  Hope those of you in California are staying safe, warm, and dry!

I forgot to prep my oats last night, so I packed some cereal and almond milk for breakfast to eat at work:  1 serving Fred Meyer Shredded Wheat with 1 tbsp raisins, and about 3/4 cup of almond milk. Not too shabby!


Around noon Chris wanted to eat, so we sat down and I had a little sando of 1 pc. ww bread with 1/2 wedge LCL and 2 slices peppered turkey; most of a Fuji :); 1 serving Kashi TLC Fire Roasted Vegetable crackers.  I totally forgot greenery at the store, so the sando was lacking vegetable matter completely. Oops.


Work work work, finally finished my case, and rewarded myself with a snack of  1 cup Dannon Light’n’Fit vanilla.  Freddy’s finally had vanilla yesterday, but now I think I may prefer strawberry since its got more goin’ on than the ‘nilla.  We’ll see…’nilla is more versatile and I can mix other stuff into it.

When we got home I started preparing dinner:  sauteed pork chops with steamed broccoli & carrots, and oven fried potatoes.  Trusty favorite these days, and tasty.  It is also voluminous (Erin!)without being heavy or highly caloric. 


Random fact of the day for you here:  tradable bonds go all the way back to 1171 in Venice!  Holy shit!  For over 100 years they never missed an interest payment.  That is a long time to have bonds around, and a great track record on defaults.  Me and my financial geekery!

Around 7:30 I headed out to the gym, and did the Bikini Body Workout:  Compete Cardio and Sculptine Routine.  This was a bit tougher, as between sets I had to do a minute of moderate intensity cardio; I did jump rope and jogging in place.  I think I also mis-read the instructions b/c I did three sets of each move, rather than just 1 minute of it and then moving on to the next.  We’ll see if I am nice and sore from it tomorrow 🙂  I followed this up with 45 moderate minutes on the stair mill.  Oh, the sweaty glory 🙂 

Once home a shake was calling my name…”Oh Keeeerrrrstennnn….you know you want me!”  To which I replied, “yes I do!” and proceeded to make a Genisoy Chocolate Protein Shake with chocolate unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 a banana.  SO yummy, rich, and thick!  I like the choc. almond milk since it is a nice tame chocolate taste.  I’ll have to give it a whirl in my cereal or oats, too.

I decided that I hadn’t had quite enough calories, so I had the other half of my nanner and a tiny bit of a.b. as I prepped my oats.

So here we are, the end of the day…. Did you take today off?  Switch up your routine b/c it was a holiday?  Hope you had a great Monday no matter what you did!  Keep it real til next time 🙂