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Wednesday wonders January 21, 2009

Even though I can’t get enough sleep to save myself, I had a great day today.  I woke up a little cranky, but that dissipated by the time I started working around 8:30 🙂

I had a bowl of oats this morning;  I somehow remembered to prep them b/c I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat a bowl of cereal at home.  I snarfed them down while finishing my meeting prep for my 9am conference call:


After reading the many Barney Butter reviews out there, and talking with fellow consumers, I somehow think there is a consistency issue in the production of the stuff.  Some say the chunky is like all chunks and no butter, some say it is sweet, and I say it is a little salty.  I like the stuff, but I haven’t had any other AB but store ground, which wasn’t so hot, esp. compared to BB.  Oh well, just a thought.

I worked for about 4 hours and broke for lunch.  Same thing as yesterday, but with a few spoonfuls of cc.


It was a colleague’s birthday today, and his sister brought in these bad boys:


They were calling my name all afternoon, but I resisted the urge by eating the rest of my apple and working.


Before leaving work I had a few quick bites of cc b/c I was getting hungry.


I made whole wheat spaghetti with Prego Italian Sausage sauce for dinner (fancy, I know), and forgot to take a pic.  I also added some canned Parmesan on top.

I did a little Master Recycler related reading, and then headed off to the class around 6.  Tonight’s topics were e-cycling (electronic waste) and composting.  Yay!

E-cycling is a huge issue since computers, TVs, and other electronics have a lot of metals that are big contaminants if they get into ground water or are incinerated and get into the air.  The average CRT or TV has 4-6 POUNDS of lead in it!  Holy shit!  I had no idea it was that great.  Another great fact was that 1 ton of e-waste has more gold than 17 tons of gold ore.  Whoa, new meaning to the phrase “gold mine.” 

Composting has been on my mind, and I think I’m going to set up a bin/area in the next few weeks.  Our yard has been abused by someone who shall remain nameless with various pesticides, our soil sucks, and I hate throwing away the food waste and yard debris we produce.  Organic waste breaking down in a landfill will produce methane, but in a compost bin/with oxygen it will not.

I also learned about worm bins, and how easy they are to set up and maintain.  Great for people without much/any yard, with a lot of food scraps, or those who don’t want to deal with composting outside.  Here’s a bin the size of an average curbside recycling bin. 


Class let out a little early, and I realized I wanted a snack when I got home.  I had one serving of PB Puffins and almond milk.  🙂



Top Chef just came on (which I usually miss b/c of the timing of my MR class), so I’m gonna watch this and hit the hay, yo!

Hope your Wednesday was merry 🙂


Quick and sick, yo! January 20, 2009

What is up with the tummy lately?  I think my eats after working out have not made the tum happy the last two days.  I was absent last night due to fending off a huge urge to give my dinner back from whence it came.  Bleh!

Anyhow, it seems I’ve had a trend of two day posts lately.  I’d rather be posting each day…sorry bout that!


Breakfast was Barbara’s Shredded Oats with 1/2 a banana and almond milk.  I ate it quickly while getting Lily and food ready for the day.


I was SOOOOO tired and felt like I was semi comatose all day.  It sucked.

Lunch time rolled around eventually, and I had a whole wheat tortilla with sliced turkey, 1/2 a wedge LCL, spinach, broc slaw, and pepper.  The Braeburn apple was not pithy!  Yay!  I also had some of the pita chips.


This didn’t stick with me for very long, and I went for some CC and pita chips a little later.


Because both of us were so damn tired, Chris and I left work early, like around 3:45 or 4.  I figured a good workout would help wake me up a little, so I hit the gym and did legs, abs, and 40 minutes of cardio.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then proceeded to wait for what seemed like forever for a stair mill.  There were 3 people that had been on there more than 20 minutes, but they seemed oblivious to the rule that you get off after 20 minutes if someone is waiting.  Poo on them!  Finally a guy got off and I climbed on for 20 sweaty, glorious minutes.

On the way home I tried to come up with a creative chicken dinner; I did not want the typical, boring grilled chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes 😐 I ended up thinking of sauteed chicken with onions and stewed tomatoes, so I whipped it up, along with green beans and leftover mashed potatoes.  😐 I didn’t get very far from the usual boring meal, eh?


Tasted great, but I ate too much and then my tummy started hurting pretty badly.  Chris didn’t have any discomfort, and about a half hour later it clicked that maybe I had too much onion.  My tum is sensitive to onion, especially onion that’s not cooked fully, so I think that was to blame.

I had some Tums, then an Alka Seltzer, and went to bed early.  My stomach did feel mostly better before I went to bed, thankfully.


Waking up today was really hard, even tho I got a full night’s sleep.  I listened to some of Obama’s inauguration while getting ready, and I’m excited for this new administration!! 

While outside playing with Lily I ate my breakfast: a bowl of PB Puffins, 1/2 a banana, and almond milk.  My hands were SO cold while holding the bowl out there!  Brrrrr.


Off to work we went, and I dove into work.  Not very remarkable I suppose.  Eventually I had lunch, which was the same as yesterday, exactly.


The afternoon went quickly, and was rather mediocre.  I found out that my compliance officer thought I gave tax advice (totally not my intent, and a HUGE no-no for us financial planners), so I got a bit stressed out.  Ah!100_0007

I had the rest of my apple sometime this afternoon.

Chris wanted to visit Si Senor for dinner, so we left around 5 for that.  I had a big Diet Coke (gasp!), one chicken taco, and one beef taco.  Yup, there are tacos under that pile of lettuce.


After we got home I headed to the gym for upper body, abs, and cardio.  Today I did 20m on the stair mill, and then 25m on the elliptical.  The weight floor was SO busy tonight, even busier than yesterday.

I needed a little snack after I got home, so after looking around I decided on 1/2 a banana with a tbsp of almond butter.


Now I’m off to read up on recycling goodness for my class tomorrow night.  Some great facts are in there. Like that in the Portland metro area 20 TONS of inappropriate material is placed in curbside recycling bins every day.  Whoa!  That costs our local recyclers a lot of money, and means some recyclable materials may end up getting contaminated or thrown away 😦  Study your collector’s rules and stick with them as much as you can!  Putting something recyclable in that they don’t collect (i.e. wrong size of tub, frozen food boxes, etc.) clogs up the system and means the collector must pay to dispose of them.

Off I go, have a great one 🙂


Yay, Friday is over! January 17, 2009

Hi everyone.  Sorry I didn’t post last night…my day was long and I was not in a posting mood when I got home for working out at 11:30 last night :shocked:

Hmmmm…let me rewind a bit to yesterday morning.  100_0750

Quaker Oatmeal Squares, half a banana, and lots of almond milk.  I really like the taste and texture of these squares a lot 🙂  The banana was a little too ripe for me…

Off to work, a busy morning I didn’t expect, and an uncomfortable caffeine/endorphin buzz.  Bleh.  I ate to take a break and try to wind down so I could feel more relaxed while preparing for my afternoon client meeting and doing other stuff.  I have a tendency to work myself up sometimes, but I’m usually mostly relaxed.

Lunch was a leftover stuffed half pepper and half an apple.  Yummy!  That was my last apple 😦


The afternoon went quickly, and I was happily ready when my 5 o’clock called and asked if we could meet at 4, and then showed up at 3:30.  My meeting was good and quick, and I think it was afterward that I had this snack: the rest of my Pink Lady, and a cup of Dannon Light n Fit vanilla with 1/2 a banana and too much cinnamon.


We worked more and then Chris told me Maria was calling his name.  Eventually we got to Fajitas and couldn’t figure out what to order…a taco? Taco salad? Burrito?  We finally decided to split Carnitas de Pollo, and it was so yummy!  I’d never had it before, but it is Chris’ favorite.  Pedro also made us our two customary Casuelas, but I didn’t have much b/c I wanted to work out. 


After dinner I eventually got to the gym, like at frickin’ 10pm 😐  I busted out a full upper body workout while rockin’ Limp Bizkit and watching two goons make fools of themselves.  Same goons from Tuesday night lifting heavy weights like an inch and making a spectacle of it.  I moved on to abs and then a half an hour of stair mill intervals for some sweaty glory.  I’m so happy I can knock out a half hour on that bad boy.  Andrea, that’s so funny you thought of Erin and I on the mill while doing your intervals the other day!  I thought of you while on the mill last night 🙂

I got home at 11:30 like I mentioned, and was in a bit of a funk.  After showering and taking care of the LB I just went to bed to read some for my MR course.  I didn’t end up falling asleep until 1:30 tho!  Bad me!  I read and watched Graham Norton and You Are What You Eat on BBC America.  Have you watched the latter show?  It is kinda gross to see what the people eat but pretty informative health wise.


Today (Friday) was good, fast, and busy.  I had another bowl of the oatmeal squares for breakfast, but I was out of fruit completely and ate them with almond milk only.  Still yummy 🙂


Chris wanted to grab a coffee on the way into work (no coffee service on Fridays and the coffee the staff bought to make sucks–Folgers).  We had a coupon for McDonald’s, so I had a large sugar free vanilla nonfat latte.  Too much vanilla, but not too bad.

Because of my meeting schedule I didn’t end up eating lunch until about 2:30.  Yikes!  My lack of fruit was sad, but everything tasted really good today, especially the wrap for some reason.


The afternoon zipped by, and eventually we headed out around 5:30.  I knew dinner would be grilled chicken and yukon mashers, but I was struggling with the other component.  I didn’t just want the same old boring plate with canned green beans, and when I got home I saw my little friend the butternut squash!  Yay, something to mix it up a bit!

I tried squash fries….excellent and fun!  First I nuked the squash for 5 minutes and kept thinking I may need to duck and cover.  Even tho I stabbed the little guy a few times, he was still hissing and actually rolling around a little in there.  I cut him in half, scooped out the seeds, and then used my mandolin to cut him into fries.

The fries were coated with some fake Pam and jerk seasoning, then baked at 350 (couldn’t remember Erin’s preferred temp) for about 25 minutes, stirred once.  So tasty!  Chris was skeptical at first, but tried some and thought they were just okay.  Whateva, more for me!


Chris and I went to workout, which was just a half hour on the elliptical doing semi-hard intervals.  After I got home I did a little MR reading (actually not in the book pictured), and my tummy rumbled.

I wasn’t sure what to eat, and ended up just eating a tbsp of Barney Butter all alone.  Chris was annoyed watching me eat the thing for 5 minutes, it was funny.  Finally he was like, “just eat it already!”  Hahahaha, you wish.  Gotta savor the flavor, biotch! 😉


Writing my post always takes me like an hour, it is crazy.  How about you? I don’t know where the time goes.  I must go to bed so I can get up early for my MR field trip.  I feel like I’m in school again with the classes, field trips, teaching others, and “homework.”  LOL. 

Hope you had a good week and are looking forward to an even better weekend 🙂  Ciao.

MAJOR P.S.: I think I’ve made more progress on the weight loss/muscle build front!  I’ve gotten more comments, clothes are fitting looser yet, and the scales, although inaccurate, are weighing me consistently lower.  Fuck yeah! I think I’ll go through my closet this weekend and see if I can fit back into anything, esp. work clothes.


A socially responsible day January 14, 2009

I did not sleep well last night 😦  I woke up a lot for various reasons, but at least after I got up I didn’t feel tired at all today.

I wolfed down my oats as I prepped lunch.  That was the last of my oats until I go to the store, so a change is in order tomorrow.  I had a bigger than usual bowl of steel cut oats with more raisins than normal, Barney Butter, almond milk, water, and cinnamon.  I figured out that this cinnamon tastes almost floral; guess that’s what I get for buying the cheap stuff 😦


(side bar:  FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK.  When I insert pics it deletes a paragraph!  Ahhhh.  Just had to insert all pics and write afterward.  WordPress, fix this shit!)

I started my day with a rep from Calvert Investments, one of the oldest and largest socially responsible fund companies in the world.  It dawned on me that I should probably put my money where my mouth is and support socially reponsible companies around the world.  Duh!  I like their new approach, too, called the SAGE Strategies, that strive to push currently non-socially responsible companies to become more socially reponsible. 

My lunch was the same as yesterday.  I left 1/2 of the apple, a few chips, and most of the cc.


The afternoon went quickly, and I think I finally solved the damn computer problem!!  Yayayayayaya!  Finally. I read more data on the item McAfee kept removing (it was called StealthMBR!rootkit), found out it was embedded in my registry, that I was not letting the fix stick b/c I kept undoing the changes at startup, blah blah blah, I think it is fixed now.  Microsoft Security Center was helpful, as that’s where I learned what the program was and how it could have affected me.  Turns out it was a nasty bug that could potentially steal info off of my computer, passwords, have remote control, etc.  Not kosher!  But, supposedly Microsoft doesn’t think it has hurt anyone yet.

Anywho.  Eventually I ate my last two chips, and not too long after had two pieces of taffy, one peppermint and one butter.



We left work a little early so I could prepare dinner before heading to Master Recycler class.  I made stuffed peppers, and found a way to save water while doing it–nuke the peppers instead of boil them!  I totally forgot the rice until the last minute and ended up nuking it until par-cooked.  Thankfully it did end up cooking mostly while in the oven. 

All in all, this recipe was: 3 green bell peppers halved lengthwise & nuked 5 minutes, 1lb 93% lean ground beef sauteed with 1/2 a chopped onion, I then stirred in 1 can tomatoes with green chiles, 1/2 can tomato sauce, Nature’s Seasoning, Italian herbs, Jerk seasoning and ~1 cup cooked brown rice, then stuffed the peppers, poured a little more tomato sauce on top, and added a little shredded medium cheddar after baking.  I baked them for about 30 minutes, and all was well! I  also had the rest of my apple from lunch since I only had one portion of pepper.



Tonight’s MR class was about the recycling process and curbside recycling.  Not much new stuff, but some great tidbits.  I know I said I’d post under my new page, but I’ve been bad about doing that.  Sorry….I’ll get there 😉

Around 8:30 we had a break, and I had a little snack of 2 wedges pita bread, ~2 T hummus, 2 small celery sticks, 2 baby carrots, and 1/2 of a small slice of poppyseed bread.  Good stuff!


During class we passed around this pie plate showing what usually happens to glass at a paper mill:


Not pretty, eh?  The glass hurts their machines, and then gets bound up with paper fibers and staples/paper clips, which then cannot be sorted out and scrapped.  That’s one ugly mess!  Here in the Portland area we recycle glass separately from our big bin of mixed stuff, and that reduces the glass contamination drastically.  Paper mills still get tons of glass mixed in, tho, so until our population is more diligent it will still be a problem.

Well, I’m tired, it’s 11:15, and I think I’ll go to bed a little earlier than I have lately. Tomorrow will be a bit long again, and no oats to start me off!  What will I ever do?


White out December 21, 2008

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Wow, Saturday brought an incredible amount of snow to the Portland metro area.  I think we had 6-10 inches, but the wind made it difficult to measure very well. 

Since I have so many pics and am feeling rather poopy at the moment with sinus issues, I’ll insert a gallery for your viewing pleasure.

The day started out with a romp in the backyard snow, feeding the birds, and eating a bowl of Peace Cereal with almond milk and frozen berries.  I thought putting the berries in my cup of almond milk would help defrost them, but it ended up the other way around!  The berries all had a coat of almond milk on them, which is why they appear white in the pic.  But, it was yummy. 

I went to the gym and did ~45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical.  My neck was killing me yesterday morning, which I’m fairly sure is a result of me sitting on the computer and looking to the side to watch TV, or perhaps even spending too much time on the computer in general; the pain developed over the last week, but has been more intense the last few days. It is the right side of my neck that hurts, and yesterday even one small false move would send pain shooting up my neck.  Grrrr.  Thankfully I was able to keep my upper body still on the elliptical and avoided pain for most of my workout. 

I hit the store on the way home, and made lunch when I got back.  I had a sundried tomato Flatout, one fried egg white, spinach, broc slaw, 1/2 wedge LCL, with 1/2 a Fuji on the side and the other 1/2 wedge LCL.  Mmmm.

Chris and I decided to go for a walk in the snow with Lily down to the Clackamas river.  We ended up putting a fleece vest on her to protect her from the snow a bit.  So cute!  Our walk down was good, but it was snowing hard and the wind picked up when we got down to the river.  Lily was so cute in the snow 🙂  We stopped at the Starbucks in Safeway on the way back, and I treated myself to a small hot chocolate.  It was so decadent!  I haven’t had hot chocolate in a long time, and the creamy goodness was quite a treat.  Chris had a caramel apple cider–that would have been far too sweet for my taste.

We got back a full 2 1/2 hours after we left!  The last mile felt like walking in sand b/c of the texture and depth of the snow.  Yay, it was a great workout and really pretty and fun, too 🙂

I was so tired when we got back, and tempted to take a nap, but we got cleaned up and made dinner.  Chris wanted something far too rich for me (sausage and pasta), so I had a Gardenburger riblet and a spinach salad with broc slaw, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Yum yum yum yum yummmm! 

Eventually I got hungry, so I had a bowl of vanilla yogurt with raisins, almond slivers, and cinnamon.  Chris had some of the fudge pictured–check it out–it is made by monk in Amity, Oregon.  It has 200 cals in a ~1″ cube, and that was enough to help me say no.  I’ve found that if I just don’t go in for a taste/small bite at all, it is much easier to say no to the foods that would blow up my daily intake.  How bout you?

Freezing rain started to fall at night 😦  Boooo!!  That means we can’t play in the snow anymore, and it is tough for Lily to get around.  We let her out when the ice was still thin, and she hopped through the ice/snow around the yard, but was confused and didn’t like it.  Chris was sweet and got out there to stomp an area clear for her to do her business.

Today the ice is like 1/2″+ thick, and we had to go remove it from a larger area for Lily.  I hate the ice, and the fact that we can’t go for another walk in the snow, and that Lily can’t play.  She relishes in running around the yard chasing the ball, and she’s going a bit stir crazy so far today.  We’ll see what happens and I’ll report back to you later on today’s eats and happenings.  Hope you’re staying warm and dry where you are!


Only one week til Christmas?! December 18, 2008

Wow, cannot believe we’re in the homestretch to Christmas.  Where has the time gone?!  I have bought only one person’s gifts, two if you include Blogger Secret Santa, and have many to go!  Guess I’ll be running errands this weekend with all the last minute shoppers like me and hoping what I need is still in stock.  How are you all doing with your shopping?

Today felt productive, and is ending on a nice note because the snow is finally sticking outside 🙂  Pretty!

The day started off with a new oatmeal combo:  steel cut oats, almond milk, water, frozen berries, cottage cheese, and cinnamon.  I put the berries in last night before microwaving, and may add them after heating next time to preserve more whole berries and for add’l texture.  This mix could have used some add’l sweetness, too.  Perhaps I’ll seek out some stevia.


The weather was odd today, with snow over most of the area except for our house, I swear.  It was raining when I woke up and when we went into work mid-morning, and the temp was around 37. 

I worked a bit and then had lunch around 12:30.  I had: a Flatout wrap with a 1/2 wedge of LCL, 4-5 slices of turkey, spinach, broc slaw, and cracked pepper; ~1/2 cup lf/ff cottage cheese, and 1/3 of a Fuji apple.  Tasty and filling.


Worked, worked, worked this afternoon to catch up from not working much this week, and found out that Chris and I will probably be reaching our last annual business goal next week.  Perfect timing, eh?

Around 3 Chris came in and wrote me a note in Spanish:  Tu amiga Maria te llamo y te hecha de menos, y espera que vengas a reunir con ella.  Basically, he wanted to go to our fave westside Mexican restaurant, Si Senor.  Okey dokey.  To prevent pigging out on their unhealthy happy hour menu, I had the rest of my apple around 4.


At Si Senor I had a big Diet Coke and Tacos al Carbon.  Each taco consisted of two corn tortillas with grilled chicken and pico de gallo inside; I added in a little guac, some lettuce, and ranchero sauce.  A few chips and spicy salsa sneaked their way into my tummy, too 😉


(Wow, I’m watching a TLC show about landslides–crazy stuff!)

Chris and I always take a doggie bag of chips home for Lily.  She loves the corn tortilla chips and Chris started feeding them to her in a cute way–he puts one in his mouth and then lets her take it from him.  So funny!  I tried it out tonight, and had him take a pic for you to see how silly we are.


I had hoped that yoga would still be on tonight, but sadly it was the only class of the evening that was cancelled 😦  Boo hoo!  No yoga class yet again b/c of the weather.  But, I got dressed and headed out anyhow since I knew a good workout would feel great.  I nearly fell on my ass walking into the gym, as the temp was dropping, wind picking up, and snow falling when I arrived there.  I did an ab and lower back workout, then ~50 minutes on the elliptical.  Felt great just as I’d hoped!

When I left the snow was sticking a lot more! Pretty!  I got home safely, cleaned up, and decided I needed a snack.  Cottage cheese sounded like a good base, and I added some of the Peace cereal I showed you yesterday.  It was tasty, but apparently I wanted something sweet b/c I kept thinking it wasn’t sweet enough while eating it.  So I had a piece of TJ’s cinnamon flatbread, too.  Not exactly sweet but hit the spot.  I love the cinnamony, buttery taste of these crispy suckers.


The house seems to be getting messy and staying messier these days, even after I clean.  I think part of it is extra holiday related stuff is piling up, and we’ve been home more to create more mess.  I had to do something about it so I cleaned the kitchen up and swept the floors.  Much better (sigh of relief).  And, for those of you tracking me, I remembered to prep my oats for tomorrow.  Yay!  Here’s a random pic of the snow accumulating I took out back tonight.


Off I go to fold some clothes and then watch more TV before hitting the hay.  I was sad the Top Chef wasn’t on tonight…forgot it won’t be back for a few weeks b/c of the holidays.  Do you miss it, too?

Oyasumi nasai.


Screw the weather forecasters December 17, 2008

Friggin’ weather forecasters couldn’t get their shit straight for today’s forecast.  They tease us all week, even today, with “2-6 inches of snow in the valley…” and then it RAINS most of the day.  Poo.  I was so looking forward to more snow.  Maybe this weekend.

For like the 10th time in two weeks I forgot to prep my oats, but  thankfully I picked up some more cereal last night.  A new one in the Freddy’s organic section (remember when it used to be called the “health food” section??!!).  I also had a Fuji apple before this.


I bought this partially b/c of price, and partially b/c of the textures it appeared to have.  I didn’t read but the front of the box at the store, and was fearful this morning when I read on the back panel that it had a mild chai flavor.  I had a bowl of it with almond milk and really liked the flavor.  Coffee followed, as usual.

I did a little work, watched some TV, read a few blogs, and then went to the gym around 11:30.  The snow was really coming down when I got there, but wasn’t sticking and never did.  I saw a teacher from my high school while warming up on the treadmill–Hi Mr. Runion!  After that I did some superset back, chest, tris, and bis, then legs.  Next I did a more intense-than-usual 30 minutes on the elliptical, and it felt great.

Afterward I headed to the new Trader Joe’s (finally!) to pick up some treats for my blogger Secret Santa recipient.  The store is really open and airy, unlike the other jam-packed locations, and wasn’t busy, so shopping was easy.  There are so many yummy things there I had a hard time picking gifts.  I got myself some cinnamon flatbread, and some Gardenburger Riblets to try.

Just as I was leaving I got a call that a colleague with terminal cancer passed away last night.  Sad news that struck me hard at first, but after the shock went away I did okay this afternoon.  The guy was someone I’d known for the last 4.5 years, but his personality was not one I really cared for usually.  Still a very sad situation, though.  Sigh.  He ate like crap his whole life, never exercised, and found out he had colon cancer when his colon finally ruptured and he had emergency surgery about 1.5 years ago.  Case in point to continue eating high fiber, low-fat foods and exercise.  He was only like 45.  RIP Dave.

I was a little shaken up when I got home, and had a few pieces of the cinnamond flatbread with a wedge of Laughing Cow Light.  Mmmmmm.  Tasted kind of like cheesecake!


I took a nice hot shower, then started to make lunch.  Chris wanted a tuna sandwich, and I thought I’d go for a riblet wrap.  It was incredibly tasty, and the texture was really great.  I loved the BBQ sauce with it, too.  That was the best BBQ I’ve had in awhile 🙂  My wrap consisted of a Flatout with the riblet, spinach, and broc slaw.  I also had 3/4 of a Fuji apple.  I think I found a new food friend in the riblet… and they were surprisingly inexpensive at TJ’s.  Yippee!  (I love BBQ sauce, BTW.)


Having a late lunch made the afternoon go quickly.  I wrapped up my Secret Santa items and took them to the post office.  I hope they make the recipient happy 🙂  I”m excited to get my Secret Santa package, too. 


I nearly forgot I had a 5pm teleconference, but remembered on the way to the post office.  Phew.  I had a few bites of ff/lf cottage cheese when I got home.


My meeting went well and afterward I started making dinner.  Chris wanted burgers, but I was seriously considering making the other riblet!!  I opted for the burger, tho, and it turned out really well:  ~1/4lb 93% lean ground beef, whole wheat bun, wedge LCL, a pickle, spinach, and organic ketchup.  I also had a whole Fuji, and was quite full, but not in a big, bad, ugly way.


Chris and I had some Cabernet Sauvignon with and after dinner, and eventually a little hunger got to me, so I had a piece of cinnamon flatbread.


Before I started my post Lily wanted to help me comment on blogs:


Well, that does it for me for the day.  I’m pooped even tho I don’t feel like I did a lot.  Hope your Wednesday was good, and that you’re all staying safe in the crazy weather that is hitting all over the country.  Nighty night!