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Quick and sick, yo! January 20, 2009

What is up with the tummy lately?  I think my eats after working out have not made the tum happy the last two days.  I was absent last night due to fending off a huge urge to give my dinner back from whence it came.  Bleh!

Anyhow, it seems I’ve had a trend of two day posts lately.  I’d rather be posting each day…sorry bout that!


Breakfast was Barbara’s Shredded Oats with 1/2 a banana and almond milk.  I ate it quickly while getting Lily and food ready for the day.


I was SOOOOO tired and felt like I was semi comatose all day.  It sucked.

Lunch time rolled around eventually, and I had a whole wheat tortilla with sliced turkey, 1/2 a wedge LCL, spinach, broc slaw, and pepper.  The Braeburn apple was not pithy!  Yay!  I also had some of the pita chips.


This didn’t stick with me for very long, and I went for some CC and pita chips a little later.


Because both of us were so damn tired, Chris and I left work early, like around 3:45 or 4.  I figured a good workout would help wake me up a little, so I hit the gym and did legs, abs, and 40 minutes of cardio.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then proceeded to wait for what seemed like forever for a stair mill.  There were 3 people that had been on there more than 20 minutes, but they seemed oblivious to the rule that you get off after 20 minutes if someone is waiting.  Poo on them!  Finally a guy got off and I climbed on for 20 sweaty, glorious minutes.

On the way home I tried to come up with a creative chicken dinner; I did not want the typical, boring grilled chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes 😐 I ended up thinking of sauteed chicken with onions and stewed tomatoes, so I whipped it up, along with green beans and leftover mashed potatoes.  😐 I didn’t get very far from the usual boring meal, eh?


Tasted great, but I ate too much and then my tummy started hurting pretty badly.  Chris didn’t have any discomfort, and about a half hour later it clicked that maybe I had too much onion.  My tum is sensitive to onion, especially onion that’s not cooked fully, so I think that was to blame.

I had some Tums, then an Alka Seltzer, and went to bed early.  My stomach did feel mostly better before I went to bed, thankfully.


Waking up today was really hard, even tho I got a full night’s sleep.  I listened to some of Obama’s inauguration while getting ready, and I’m excited for this new administration!! 

While outside playing with Lily I ate my breakfast: a bowl of PB Puffins, 1/2 a banana, and almond milk.  My hands were SO cold while holding the bowl out there!  Brrrrr.


Off to work we went, and I dove into work.  Not very remarkable I suppose.  Eventually I had lunch, which was the same as yesterday, exactly.


The afternoon went quickly, and was rather mediocre.  I found out that my compliance officer thought I gave tax advice (totally not my intent, and a HUGE no-no for us financial planners), so I got a bit stressed out.  Ah!100_0007

I had the rest of my apple sometime this afternoon.

Chris wanted to visit Si Senor for dinner, so we left around 5 for that.  I had a big Diet Coke (gasp!), one chicken taco, and one beef taco.  Yup, there are tacos under that pile of lettuce.


After we got home I headed to the gym for upper body, abs, and cardio.  Today I did 20m on the stair mill, and then 25m on the elliptical.  The weight floor was SO busy tonight, even busier than yesterday.

I needed a little snack after I got home, so after looking around I decided on 1/2 a banana with a tbsp of almond butter.


Now I’m off to read up on recycling goodness for my class tomorrow night.  Some great facts are in there. Like that in the Portland metro area 20 TONS of inappropriate material is placed in curbside recycling bins every day.  Whoa!  That costs our local recyclers a lot of money, and means some recyclable materials may end up getting contaminated or thrown away 😦  Study your collector’s rules and stick with them as much as you can!  Putting something recyclable in that they don’t collect (i.e. wrong size of tub, frozen food boxes, etc.) clogs up the system and means the collector must pay to dispose of them.

Off I go, have a great one 🙂


One Response to “Quick and sick, yo!”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m sorry about your tummy! Are you feeling better today?

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