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Back in the saddle again! January 31, 2009

Hi friends!  I’m finally back after like 4 days MIA.  So sorry ’bout that… I got a flu/bug that was not too nasty, but just rather annoying, and I wasn’t really in the mood/energy state to post. 

A strange thing I’ve noticed about myself the last few times I’ve been sick (as in hailing the porcelain throne):  whatever food I ate that day I can’t stand anymore.  It is weird.  Let’s just say I’m not sure I can eat tofu for awhile.  [Stomach churning at the thought.]  Moving on…

Wednesday’s Master Recycler class was great!  We learned about household hazardous chemicals and the life of plastics.  I am totally excited to rid my house of all the chemical shit we have around.  Anymore I can’t stand the smell of most things, but now that I know more about how harmful they are to the environment I am surely not going to buy them again.  We also learned about how “biodegradable” plastics are a recycling nightmare, as they only contaminate other plastics. So, please note, if you have plastics that say “PLA” on the bottom, do NOT put them in the recycling bin.  They are also not readily biodegradable, so they won’t fare well in your compost pile.  Best to reuse them until they break, and then chuck ’em.

Here’s an odd thing about the advice Metro gives on hazardous waste–they say to use up the shit I have now, rather than taking it all to the hazardous waste facility.  I guess I’m kinda confused…it makes sense not to waste things, but if I can prevent using more chlorine bleach, for example, and releasing environment-harming chlorine gases, shouldn’t I do that?  Or if I can prevent applying more chemical-based lawn & garden products that could run into the river, shouldn’t I?  I guess I’ll try to ask and clarify why to use up stuff vs. just take it in to be safely disposed of.

During class my stomach was really, really unhappy, and I thought about leaving a few times.  Somehow I made it through those 3 hours, went home, loaded up on the Tums, then Alka Seltzer, and then got sick.  Bleh.  I was freezing all night, had a painful tum-tum, and didn’t sleep very well.

Thursday I was in bed like all day.  Getting out of bed to then sit down and check my work email was even tiring.  It was nice to have a down day and watch lots of TV, sleep, and snuggle with Lily Bird 🙂  I finally ate around 1pm:  a bowl of Barbara’s Shredded Oats with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a small cup of coffee with Silk vanilla creamer.


After that long, hard day of being in bed (yawn!), I was craving a piece of pizza.  I watched “Snapped” on Oxygen and there was a Pizza Hut mentioned in there during discussion of when/how a killer lured her victim in, and that’s what got me started on pizza.  Chris was kind enough to stop and run in to Pizza Schmizza on the way home and grab our dinner.  I had a slice of cheese 🙂  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Friday was better, but I still wasn’t 100%.  The tum was still a bit off, and the thought of my traditional lunch foods made me want to hurl.  I couldn’t even stand the smell of lettuce when prepping our lunches.  So weird!  I ate a bowl of Shredded Oats with almond milk while getting things ready.  Forgot the pic…

By 11:30 I was feeling a bit off, and thought I should eat something.  I was also incredibly thirsty all day.  My mom ended up getting this flu/bug, too, and while on the way to drop off LB at her house she asked that I stop and buy a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup for her.  I picked up one for myself, too, and had half of it for lunch.  I also had Wheat Thins Chips on the side. 


That’s better 😉 

I was quite busy at work, and around 2:30 I had the rest of my soup while on the phone with a client.  Great manners, I know, but he knew I was illin’ and didn’t mind. 

I wasn’t lasting as long as I’d hoped, and wanted to leave by 4pm.  Going to dinner at Fajitas sounded good, since I totally wasn’t up to cooking and could get a big bowl of tortilla soup 🙂  So I did just that!


I really shouldn’t have had any booze (yes, that’s a Casuela on the side), as it gave me a big headache.  I only drank as much as you see gone in that pic, and handed the rest off to Chris.  This didn’t stop me from drinking La Casa, though. 


Friday night/Saturday a.m. I still had a bad headache and didn’t go to yoga this morning.  I did enjoy laying around more and watching TV, though.  I had the same breakfast I’ve had the last few days, so I won’t bore you with the pic.

When I got hungry later on I sought out something different, and ended up putting some Barney Butter and raisins in a tortilla and grilling it ’til warm.  Mmmm!  Thanks for the inspiration, Erin!


I needed more than that, and was still totally lazy figuring out what to eat, so I had a small bowl of PB Puffins with almond milk.


These weren’t quite what I’d hope for flavor-wise.  They were just ho-hum to me.  I like them, but I’m not sure I’ll buy another box.  I’d hoped for a peanut butter version of Barbara’s Shredded Oats or Quaker Oatmeal Squares.  Anywho…

I didn’t do much this afternoon, either.  I did, however, finally tackle the huge pile of dishes/crap that had stacked up in the kitchen starting Wednesday morning.  Chris was a sweetie and emptied the d/w yesterday, so thankfully that helped things go faster. 

Hunger struck after that, and I totally craved fruit, so I finally had the other grapefruit I bought like two weeks ago.  It was yummy!  I squeezed the juice out of the rinds after I ate the sections and drank that, too.


When dinner time rolled around my thoughts turned again to Mexican or pizza.  I totally didn’t have anything to cook, and didn’t want to, and Chris wasn’t opposed to Mexican.  Total repeat of last night, except my soup was even yummier!  I let them put the regular amound of cheese and a little sour cream in tonight, and it was incredibly rich and tasty.  (I’ve excluded sour cream and some cheese for calorie purposes for the last few months.) Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.  So satisfying!


And, La Casa was fabulous, too.  Note the orange peels in the background… I ate all of mine and Chris’ orange slices that were in our Casuelas. 


You’ll notice that I pretty much abandoned healthy eating the last 3 days for the sake of eating what sounded good, and would comfort me.  I don’t feel too bad about it, either, since I was sick and was just really doing what my body asked. 

I imagine that tomorrow I’ll get back on track naturally, which will start with oats or cereal in the morning, followed by yoga.  We’ll see if that taxes me, and if I’m up to a weight and/or cardio workout as well.  I won’t push it if my body is too tired, but I look forward to at least doing yoga.

Just gotta throw this in… last night Chris lost his keys :shocked:  He was out at a local bar or two and doesn’t know what happened to them.  He walked home as usual, I heard him at the front door so I let him in, and he didn’t notice until right before dinner that his keys are missing.  We searched high and low, in the yard, in the street, and still can’t find them.  I’m kinda wiggin’ out knowing his keys are out there somewhere, but at least there’s no address or identifying information attached to them.  Anyone breaking in here will have to answer to the LB and a loaded .44 Magnum (seriously), but I’m still at tad uncomfortable.  Have you ever lost your keys and felt this way?  I’m going to make Chris change the lock set tomorrow if he can’t find them tonight. 

Well, I think I’ve probably tuckered out your eyes reading my huge blog!  I type pretty fast, and have a tendency to write a lot.  Thanks for hanging in there with me, and for your well wishes since Wednesday!  Peace out, bloggies!


MIA…”Drink your fluids” January 30, 2009

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Hey everyone. I came down with a flu or bug on Wednesday night, and am almost myself again. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days. I’ve missed you all!

I will post to catch y’all up tomorrow. Drink lots of fluids and take your vitamin C 🙂


Bleh Tuesday January 28, 2009

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What’s up bloggies?  I have been slaggin’ (slacking and lagging) on the blog lately…just figured out I totally didn’t publish my Sunday post.  Well, it’s up now, so check it out. 

Got a question for you… does my post come up all screwed up looking?  When I view it, the posts appear side by side, rather than just one long single column, and the tools on the side are covered/gone.  Grrrr.

I got into a bit of a funk yesterday afternoon, and just didn’t feel like posting last night.  Today isn’t exactly starting off any better b/c I had really interrupted sleep last night.

Anywho, back to yesterday morning:  it snowed here in Portland!!  It started at 7 something, was sticking by 8, and had accumulated to over an inch by the time it stopped around 11 something.  Chris and I got to work okay, but traffic was absolutely horrendous. 

We went straight into a 9am meeting, and at 10 I was finally able to eat my oats.  I forgot to take a pic!!  Ahhh.  My oats were yummy, and I figured out I did not mis-weigh the liquids on Monday b/c I re-weighed for Tuesday’s batch and got the same #s.  [Imagine my little Gladware of oatmeal here.]

I had the LB in the car b/c we weren’t able to get to my mom’s house before our meeting, so around 11 I took her to my mom’s.  Driving was fine, but for my mom’s street.  When leaving I had to turn the traction control off and just give the car a lot of gas to burn through the snow and get traction.  Yee-haw!

Chris and I had a business lunch at 1pm in Lake O…yet another meal out with too much rich food.  We were served a chicken breast with parma or prosciutto and cheese on top, wild rice, and a veggie mix of yellow squash, red peppers, and purple onions.  We also had a mixed greens salad, and for dessert, a chocolate banana cream pie!  Yikes.  I ate a little too much overall, and am scared to know how many cals were in this.  No pic b/c it was just a small group of 6 of us and it would have been awkward to whip out the camera.

Back to work, a few urgent client projects, another meeting, and pretty soon the day was almost over.  Chris came in to ask about what time we were going to leave, and then he said he wanted to go to Si Senor for dinner.  WHAT?! Eat out again!?  Uggghhhhhh!  I told him we have meat at home that I didn’t want to go bad & that we’ve eaten out too much lately, he said we can’t eat out tomorrow or Thursday anyway, blah blah blah…but I said yes rather unwillingly.  Then he wondered why I was a little off in the mood dept.

Oh, I ate half of a Fuji apple before lunch, and the other half before dinner.


For dinner I had chips & salsa and a chicken taco with pickled jalapenos.  I also had part of a big Diet Coke since I knew I’d be working out later and able to burn off the caffeine.  Everything was just kind of meh b/c I wasn’t really into it.


After dinner I worked out, but I wasn’t feeling some of it.  I did a whole body weights workout b/c I didn’t do weights yesterday, and knew I wouldn’t do any Wednesday.  I followed that up with 30 minutes of moderate level elliptical cardio and moved on out.

Once home I wasn’t very hungry, but after reading some blogs and watching some TV I started getting that way.  I had a cup of Dannon Light’n’Fit strawberry, and proceeded to spill it on myself as I tried to photograph it!  Ahhhh.  That’s when I knew I was not going to blog and just wanted to eat and go to bed.  This photo was after I recovered from the spill.  At least most of my yogurt was still in the bowl 🙂


Hopin’ your Tuesday was a bit merrier than mine!  Cheerio.


Gone too fast!…and, Tofu on You ;)

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*I am a total dork!  I saved this one as a draft instead of publishing it on Sunday!  Grrrr….. *

Why do weekends have to be so fast?  This weekend has ended up well, did not involve work after all (yee-yeah!), and has laid the groundwork for a week with some new food combos.  I’m seriously excited to put Sriracha on like everything possible and break a sweat from the heat!  Ya feel me?

I’ve got a block of extra-firm tofu pressing in the fridge right now, and I’m tempted to cook it tonight so I can use it for lunch tomorrow 🙂  Hell, I’m gonna get on that NOW.

I sliced it into 12 pcs., rubbed some BBQ sauce and Sriracha on it, and baked it for 35 minutes at 425.  It’s done…check it out:




Perhaps I overdid it a bit, but it still tastes good 🙂  More details on that in a minute.

On to the rest of my day…

Last night I totally thought of prepping my oats, but got distracted and never did it.  So, this morning I went for a bowl of Barbara’s Shredded Oats with two sliced strawberries and almond milk.  I also tried out a new creamer in my coffee… Silk French Vanilla Creamer.  Yay!  I found an alternative to the super-fake-o Coffeemate!


Around 9:40 I left for the gym to hit up my usual Sunday yoga class.  Holy moley, the class was packed already by the time I entered the door at 9:55.  Because there’s no class beforehand anymore everyone moves in early and the place fills up fast.  I got a spot up front and was perfectly happy, tho.  I forgot my towel AGAIN, but managed not to sweat all over the place.  I opted to head out after yoga rather than do cardio without a towel.

Not too long after getting home lunch started calling my name.  I was struggling to figure out what to eat when I remembered my Gardenburger riblets in the freezer.  Perfect!  I put that in a tortilla with shredded carrot, chopped celery & green bell pepper, and green leaf lettuce.  It was really messy, but divine.  I also had some carrot and pepp on the side, and an whole apple. 


The afternoon was easy and productive, and at one point I finally made some bird “suet” from old PB, trail mix I didn’t want, bird seed, raisins, and old cornmeal.  Want a bite?  I poured it into old suet containers and my tofu container and popped it in the freezer.  I hope the birdies love it tomorrow 🙂


I also refilled my hummingbird feeders, but totally pushed my thumb through the plastic on one of them!  I guess 2 years in the sun has made them brittle 😦  I got sugar water on my arm, the counter, and the floor.  Boo.  At least we still have one feeder.

Eventually I realized I was pretty hungry around 3:30, and went for a modified regular snack:  Dannon Light’n’Fit strawberry with 1/2 a banana.  It tasted good, but I got more of the fake sweetener taste in this flavor.  Freddy’s was out of vanilla 😦


Around 5 we went to Fajitas for dinner.  I had the same thing as last time there:  tortilla soup and part of a Casuela.


Not pictured is the guilty goodness that is La Casa: a small glass of 1/2 & 1/2 blended with ice cream and Bailey’s Irish Cream, then topped with cinnamon. 

I bought the tofu yesterday and was hoping to have it for dinner tonight or tomorrow, but then I realized we are eating at McCormick’s tomorrow, and that having it for lunch would be great.  Prepping and baking it was so easy!  I’ll have to experiment with toppings and see what else, besides my current fave flavor combo of BBQ and Sriracha.  Told you I’d put it on everything I could!  I ate three of the driest looking pieces with more of the said sauces:

Oh, and I had a few small glasses of chardonnay.


No, both glasses aren’t mine, sillies!

Shit, when did it get to be 11:45??  Oy vey!  I’m outta here and off to bed.  Might as well start the week with a good amount of sleep…

Take care, and I hope your weekends were very enjoyable 🙂


Happy Birthday To Me….again! January 26, 2009

Hey everyone!  This girl’s Monday was not so bad, how about you?  I woke up not wanting to go into work, and consequently going in late, but was reasonably productive during the day. 

I should have had my oatmeal at home, b/c with all of my lateness and dropping off LB at my mom’s I didn’t get to work until after 10 😐


I used my scale to add ingredients, rather than using measuring cups, and I think I mis-weighed my liquids last time b/c this was really liquidy compared to normal.  Oops.  Moving on…

Eventually we ate lunch, like around 1, and it was a nice change from the norm:  tortilla with roasted tofu, celery, carrot, and green bell pepp, BBQ sauce, green leaf lettuce, and some Sriracha.  Yummmmmy!  I also had Wheat Thins Multigrain Crisps, 1/2 cup cc, and 1/2 a Fuji. 


I felt sorta hungry a few hours later, and I realized it was my allergies making me feel a bit weird.  I find it odd that one of the effects of allergies on my system is increased hunger, or a sense of being hungry.  I took and allergy pill, drank some water, and ate the rest of my Fuji.  Those are bald eagles at NW Trek Wildlife Park in the picture frame.


I had mega filing to do today, and didn’t get as far as I’d hoped.  I was organizing client files, updating profiles, and calling clients as I went.  Slow going, but really productive.

Tonight we had plans to go to McCormick’s to use a few gift certificates, one of which was from my birthday.  I had quite the spread:  coconut fried shrimp, filet mignon with green beans and carrots, and blueberry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream.  And a Diet Coke with dinner, decaf coffee with cream afterward.  I ate moderately, sharing all of my food, and ended up pleasantly full but not uncomfortable. 


Happy Birthday to me….uh, I guess I’m celebrating on a quarterly basis now?  I had asked the waitress about using the certificates we brought, one of which was from my b-day as I said, so that’s why she put the candle in the dessert.  It was cute and fun!  I think I could get used to this quarterly thing.  Remind me to celebrate again in April!! 

After dinner and running an errand we headed home, changed, and left for the gym pretty much right away.  I dropped Chris off at Bally’s and moved on to 24 Hr. to get in 30 minutes on the stair mill doing level 8 intervals.  Not super fast, but enough to make me sweat 🙂  I’m gradually increasing the level as it becomes less difficult to do the fast interval for 2 minutes.  Progress, yeah!

Allergies are making me hungry again, I think.  Perhaps a small snack of 1/2 a banana and some Wheat Thins Crisps.  Not sure what else to make… I need to prep my oats, too.  Off I go before I forget!

Hope you all had a less-painful-than-usual Monday 🙂  Thanks to my new readers for stopping by, and thanks to Sharon for commenting!  I hope some more of you will de-lurk to say hi 🙂  Night night, yo!


A perfect Saturday January 24, 2009

Today was really nice, and I mean really, really nice.  I think everything went well from start to (almost) finish where I sit right now.  Super yay!

The day began a bit slowly and with sluggishness as I pried myself out of bed at 7:50.  Ugh.  But the thought of Bob’s Red Mill was enticing, and before I knew it I was pulling into the parking lot and looking at this:


WHOA, a little bigger than I thought.  Anyhow, this is the water wheel and stream in front of Bob’s Red Mill retail store and restaurant.   I love coming here 🙂  The old school mill is pictured below.


I looked around at all of the goodness, damning myself for not having already created my grocery list so I would know what I could buy without guilt.  They even have frozen vegan donuts!  Chocolate covered!

When Andrea arrived we took a gander at the vegetarian menu, and as I mentioned I wanted to try a vegan breakfast.  No, not a huge step or big deal, but I wanted to think a lot more about what I ate and try to avoid animal products.  Andrea recommended the biscuits and gravy, and I totally forgot about staying vegan. Were they vegan?  Did they have milk derivatives? I don’t know!  And I’m pretty sure I put some sort of milk based creamer in my coffee 😐  Kudos to all of you who are vegan and remain very thoughtful about your food intake!!

The biscuits and gravy were really, really yummy.  I haven’t had something that rich tasting yet not too heavy in a long time.  Oh, mercy! Mmmmmmmmmm.  And the fruit cup on the side was just what I needed to round out my meal. 


We talked a lot about various things, including how we each married like the same guy (seriously, it is rather crazy!), and then we headed off to pilates to get long’n’lean.

Class was good today, and I felt more balanced and in control today during our moves than two weeks ago.  After class I did a half hour of upper body, and I tried the “squirreliptical” as Kath calls it.  It was a bit awkward at first, and harder than I expected, but I had a good half hour of intervals while watching random stuff around the gym.  This machine is on the 2nd floor of the gym, upstairs from the regular cardio area I use, and there aren’t any TVs mounted on the machines.  That half hour seemed sooooo long; I wanted to quit several times during the first 15 minutes.

After the gym I went home and made myself a nice easy lunch: an open faced sandwich with 1/2 a wedge LCL, one egg +one white scrambled, a slice of turkey; an apple; and some cc.  That hit the spot 😉


Whoa, there is an intense movie on IFC now, “Flannel Pajamas.”  I like IFC and the different perspectives the movies provide. 

By the time we both ate and I cleaned up, neither of us felt like going to work like originally planned.  Yay!  I could stay home and relax like anyone should be able to do on a Saturday.  I ended up cleaning, doing laundry, and making an attempt at meal planning.  My food has been way too boring lately, without enough variety or spice, literally, so I opted to get some new things, additions, and more veggies.

I hit the store…and forgot my shopping list.  Because of that shopping took forever, but somehow I remembered everything.  It’s a miracle!  Some of the fun things I picked up included: produce wash, Silk vanilla coffee creamer, a butternut squash, strawberries, tofu, barbecue sauce, and Sriracha :0  Love it!

Washing my produce was rather satisfying.  Here’s my pile of freshness drying on a towel; the wash is on the left:


For dinner I had meatloaf in mind, and as I cleaned veggies I thought of adding diced celery and shredded carrots for more bulk.  My meatloaf consisted of: 1lb. 93% lean beef, 1 slice diced whole wheat bread, small shake of bread crumbs, one egg, 1/2 onion diced, 2 stalks celery diced, 1/2 carrot shredded, 1 clove garlic smashed, a glug of BBQ sauce, a squirt of ketchup, lots of ground pepper, and Nature’s Seasons.  It smelled so good!

On the side were baked potatoes and over-cooked broccoli.  I kind mis-timed the meatloaf being done and the broccoli sat for awhile.  It was so soft it couldn’t be picked up but by a fork in the stalk portion.  Ew. 

I added Sriracha to my meatloaf and potato, and BBQ sauce to the potato.  It was so good!  I probably ate too much of the potato just so I could have more of the sauces.


That’s Smart Balance on the potato, too.  I liked the meatloaf a lot, but Chris didn’t quite agree.  It was so tasty!  Maybe too much onion, but otherwise really perfect.  I think he just doesn’t know or like meatloaf much.  I guess this means I get the leftovers?  We drank this while eating:


Haha, no I didn’t drink Sriracha… it just wanted to make an appearance on the blog 😉

Tonight I’ve been chillin’ working on recycling posts under The Three R’s, and watching TV.  Aw, I forgot the dryer buzzed….wrinkled clothes, here I come.

I ate a snack a little while ago: hulled strawberries and two pieces of Ghiradelli 72% chocolate.  I haven’t craved chocolate in awhile, but tonight it sounded yummy.


I’m a bit tired and think I’m going to take the LB out and go to bed.  A part of me really hopes Chris decides he doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow. If he goes he’ll want me to go as well.  Not like I don’t have work to do, but mentally I wouldn’t mind a full two days off.  (Or a whole lifetime off for that matter! ;))

Later y’all.  Have a great Sunday!


Friendly Friday

Hello blogger friends!  Today was rather nice and mostly friendly, and has left me feeling happy. 

The day started out early, getting up before 7 (I know, can you believe it?!) to meet a business partner for breakfast at La Provence in Lake Oswego.  Although I felt a tad guilty about eating out again, I didn’t just want to go for oatmeal or fruit for breakfast.  So, I ordered the blueberry pancakes and ate half of them 🙂  I also picked the blueberries out of one of the remaining pancakes 😉  Nummy!

100_0001_01 Don’t they look good!?

At work I was distracted by clutter on my desk and not feeling organized, so I spent some time going through things, going through a few drawers in my desk, and getting all my 2008 business tax stuff together.  Being more organized in my environment helps me be more mentally organized and ready to tackle projects.  It also gives me time to procrastinate while I clean 😉

Around 12:30 or 12:45 I couldn’t fight my hunger any longer (busy bee), so I sat down to eat my wrap, half and apple, and some cc. 


The afternoon seemed dauntingly long, and I was somehow migrating out of work mode and into lazy mode.  Not good considering all I have on my plate.  I did get some work done, but also screwed around online for awhile.  Chris said he wants to go to work Saturday, so I know I’ll have some time to make up for my laziness.  Bleh.

When I got hungry I wanted starch/carbs, but didn’t have any, so I ate the rest of my apple and my cc.


Hm, what did I do next…not sure.  We left work around 6 I think and Chris started sheepishly telling me he wanted to go to Si Senor.  I must admit I wasn’t too surprised or opposed to the idea, so we went and invited my mom.  I had chips & salsa, a big Diet Coke (is that like the 4th this week?), a little bit of margarita, and a tamale.  Very tasty.  Made me want to make my own so they could be lard-free and have more fillings 🙂


We mosied home, and I changed to go to the gym.  (Oooh–Rose, a commerical for the Jack LaLane juicer is reminding me of you!  Love the juice posts and hope you start a blog.  Now I’m craving juice :))

I forgot a towel, but since I was doing legs I didn’t really need it I guess.  After I did my leg routine I went to the front desk to buy one, but the guy working said the till was closed 😦  Boo.  He must have seen how disappointed I was at the thought of using papertowels to mop up my copious sweat, or going without, because he gave me one for free!  I totally hope he doesn’t get in trouble.  That was such a friendly move that it pepped me up for my cardio.

I spent half an hour doing intervals on the stair mill, and then did 15 minutes of high-incline walking.  I liked how empty the gym was since it was late in the day, but now it is like 12:30 and I must go to bed!  I have a hot breakfast date at 8:30 in the morning 😉  We are going to Bob’s Red Mill and I think I will join her in having a vegan breakfast.  (Figure out who it is yet?!)

Oh, I forgot to mention my evening snack:  PB Puffins and almond milk.


Have a great weekend everyone!  And thanks for stopping by.  I know I’ve been lagging on reading and commenting on all of your blogs, and my readership is down b/c of it 😦  I am feeling a little bit disorganized on the at-home tasks lately since my Master Recycler course is taking up a bit of time each week.  And I’m not sneaking blog reads at work as much…