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Bleh Tuesday January 28, 2009

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What’s up bloggies?  I have been slaggin’ (slacking and lagging) on the blog lately…just figured out I totally didn’t publish my Sunday post.  Well, it’s up now, so check it out. 

Got a question for you… does my post come up all screwed up looking?  When I view it, the posts appear side by side, rather than just one long single column, and the tools on the side are covered/gone.  Grrrr.

I got into a bit of a funk yesterday afternoon, and just didn’t feel like posting last night.  Today isn’t exactly starting off any better b/c I had really interrupted sleep last night.

Anywho, back to yesterday morning:  it snowed here in Portland!!  It started at 7 something, was sticking by 8, and had accumulated to over an inch by the time it stopped around 11 something.  Chris and I got to work okay, but traffic was absolutely horrendous. 

We went straight into a 9am meeting, and at 10 I was finally able to eat my oats.  I forgot to take a pic!!  Ahhh.  My oats were yummy, and I figured out I did not mis-weigh the liquids on Monday b/c I re-weighed for Tuesday’s batch and got the same #s.  [Imagine my little Gladware of oatmeal here.]

I had the LB in the car b/c we weren’t able to get to my mom’s house before our meeting, so around 11 I took her to my mom’s.  Driving was fine, but for my mom’s street.  When leaving I had to turn the traction control off and just give the car a lot of gas to burn through the snow and get traction.  Yee-haw!

Chris and I had a business lunch at 1pm in Lake O…yet another meal out with too much rich food.  We were served a chicken breast with parma or prosciutto and cheese on top, wild rice, and a veggie mix of yellow squash, red peppers, and purple onions.  We also had a mixed greens salad, and for dessert, a chocolate banana cream pie!  Yikes.  I ate a little too much overall, and am scared to know how many cals were in this.  No pic b/c it was just a small group of 6 of us and it would have been awkward to whip out the camera.

Back to work, a few urgent client projects, another meeting, and pretty soon the day was almost over.  Chris came in to ask about what time we were going to leave, and then he said he wanted to go to Si Senor for dinner.  WHAT?! Eat out again!?  Uggghhhhhh!  I told him we have meat at home that I didn’t want to go bad & that we’ve eaten out too much lately, he said we can’t eat out tomorrow or Thursday anyway, blah blah blah…but I said yes rather unwillingly.  Then he wondered why I was a little off in the mood dept.

Oh, I ate half of a Fuji apple before lunch, and the other half before dinner.


For dinner I had chips & salsa and a chicken taco with pickled jalapenos.  I also had part of a big Diet Coke since I knew I’d be working out later and able to burn off the caffeine.  Everything was just kind of meh b/c I wasn’t really into it.


After dinner I worked out, but I wasn’t feeling some of it.  I did a whole body weights workout b/c I didn’t do weights yesterday, and knew I wouldn’t do any Wednesday.  I followed that up with 30 minutes of moderate level elliptical cardio and moved on out.

Once home I wasn’t very hungry, but after reading some blogs and watching some TV I started getting that way.  I had a cup of Dannon Light’n’Fit strawberry, and proceeded to spill it on myself as I tried to photograph it!  Ahhhh.  That’s when I knew I was not going to blog and just wanted to eat and go to bed.  This photo was after I recovered from the spill.  At least most of my yogurt was still in the bowl 🙂


Hopin’ your Tuesday was a bit merrier than mine!  Cheerio.


2 Responses to “Bleh Tuesday”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m sorry you’ve had it rough sister love.

  2. carolinebee Says:

    Your posts look totally good to me! AAAND so do those chicken tacos, ah i love how mexi places make that shredded flavorful chicken! haha nice try with the eating and photographing i have to avoid the multi tasking!

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