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Creepy crawly June 29, 2009

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Have you noticed many more bugs in your house the last few weeks? I know I have 😦  The spiders have moved in recently, and I fear we have a moth problem brewing in the living room.  Given that I don’t like using pesticides in the house, or in the yard for that matter, I usually squash spiders by hand and use the “clap’n’kill” method for moths. Suddenly I’ve seen 4 moths in the last 3 days, and I’m starting to freak out.  I just put out birdseed moth traps–a savior for anyone who has cereal moths in their home.  I also need to investigate the source (move furniture, pull cushions out of couches, vacuum like a maniac….).  Grr, just what I was hoping to do during my relaxing evening…

Anyhow, let’s review the last few days.


My bed said it was glad to have me there, and I slept in until about 9 :0 

While outside with Lily I spent time appreciating the wildflowers now in bloom, including this magnificent red poppy.


With all this fruit in the house I opted for an all-fruit start to my day.  First I cut up the canteloupe, then enjoyed a big plate of strawberries, cherries, blueberries, grapes, banana, and canteloupe.



Lunch was a nice change of pace: toasted peppercorn focaccia bread with goat cheese & balsamic (mixed and smeard on one side), avocado, mushroom, yellow bell pepp, and romaine.  Tasty!!


Not pictured is 1/2 a nanner I snacked on while neck deep in yard work.  Chris and I were out there for over 3 hours and I feel like we barely dented the weeds and other maintenance.  Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!  It never ends.  Yes, my choice not to use herbicides is making our endeavor harder this year, but I feel better knowing the nearby river doesn’t receive nasty runoff from our yard.  I mean, we go and swim in that water during the summer, our drinking water comes from it (upstream), and Lily drinks out of it when we’re there.  I hate thinking of all the shit that flows off of people’s yards and into storm drains….

Dinner was a visit to Fajitas.  I was uninspired and opted for the veggie quesadilla again, easy on the cheese, with olives and jalapenos.  I drank too much of my Cazuela and was rather buzzed! 



My night was spent doing housework–washing all the produce, vacuuming, mopping the floor…. before I knew it, it was bedtime and I never got hungry.


A fabulous start to my day involved this bowl of granola with cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and almond milk.  OHhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh. 


A hot morning passed by (more on that in a minute) and before I knew it we were eating lunch.  I opted for a salad (big surprise) with romaine, goat cheese, yellow bell pepp, grape tomatoes, avocado, carrot, apple, chow mein noodles, balsamic, and a Boca burger.  I had a few bites of pineapple and canteloupe on the side.


Mid afternoon I munched on cherries, strawberries, a carrot, and an apple. 


Chris and I have noticed our offices become really warm quickly if we shut the door (no good when you gotta shut the door for a client meeting for like an hour!), and we weren’t sure we had any air flowing in there, ever.  Turns out the damn vents to our offices were shut off at the main air supply duct, but now we have cool air blowing over us thanks to Chris calling in the maintenance dudes.  Finally, amen!  We are also rather private and prefer to have our office doors mostly closed during the day, but we were paying the price with the air stagnation.  No more, I say!

On the way out I chugged the rest of my almond milk from breakfast.  Man, I love that stuff.  The flavor, consistency, and aftertaste leave me smiling every time 🙂  I prefer Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla–the refrigerated version. 


Dinner was a multi course journey that started with a wedge of canteloupe to quell the hunger while prepping my b-nut chips. 


Then something newish:  BBQ’d red bell pepp and mushrooms with Bragg’s, balsamic, and Northwoods seasoning.  Not too shabby, but not hot enough.


Here’s my b-nut chips prior to applying their seasonings.  Turned into a pretty pattern I didn’t intend!


Dammit, I took them out too early and they weren’t crispy enough.  They tasted good, but I wanted that crispy texture, dammit!!


Then on to some BBQ steamed corn with Smart Balance Light.


Sadly everything was just kind of meh 😦  I think my taste was sort of off or something…

After a 50 minute stair mill sesh at the gym I was feeling hangry (seems to be happening a lot lately).  I opted for a small Genisoy protein shake with almond milk and cocoa, and that perty bowl of mixed fruit.


And now I’m off to bed!  Giddyup!


Fo’ shizzle June 24, 2009

Whoosh, there goes Wednesday 😉  Pretty good day, but I was avoiding some not so good conversations at work. 

Started the day off with a glorious bowl of Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Plus and GingerZing granolas with almond milk, 1/2 a nanner, some strawbs, and some bluebs.  (I feel silly saying “bluebs”…kinda like boobs.  Hehe, I’m a dork.)  I think I need to downsize this breakfast a little cuz I feel a bit tad full afterward.


Lunch was really cool today–catered affair downtown at a mutual fund company where we heard from like 8 portfolio managers.  So cool!  My plate has:  vegetable pasta salad with pea pods, baby bell pepps, grape tomatoes, parmesan, penne; strawbs, mango, pina, canteloupe; spinach and strawberry salad.  Berry good! (Dude, I’m in full dork mode now…) I also had a cup of apple cinnamon tea that was nice.  Chris and I were early so I sneaked in the pic before others were sitting at the table 😉


Since lunch was rather light and intellectually stimulating I was getting hungry once we got back to the office.  I finished up the rest of my fruit/veg from yesterday, and added some cheese cubes from last night.


And then I went back for more cheese and antipasti:


Love those balls!

Dinner was really yummy–a voluminous yet light mix of goodies to fuel my workout.  Butternut chips with organic ketchup, steamed broccoli, steamed corn with a tiny bit of Smart Balance Light, and a piece of New Seasons olive bread (toasted it and added a tad of SBL after I took the pic).  Lurved it all!!


Chris was taking his sweet time digesting, and by the time we left for the gym I felt like I needed a snack.  I had half a nanner and some toasted almond bits.


At the gym I did a good leg workout, a little bit of shoulders with Chris, and some fast and furious cardio.  Chris said the basketball situation was ridiculous (there were no balls to warm up with)and he didn’t feel like waiting around to get one.  I asked him to run with me for a little bit, and he did!  We both ran a fast mile and called it good.  I know, a whopping like 10 minutes on the treadmill, but at least we got a sweat on and pushed ourselves to run fast the whole time 🙂

I dreamed of a smoothie while getting cleaned up, and whipped up some almond milk, Genisoy chocolate shake mix, ice, and ground flax.  I was tempted to put fruit in, but opted to have it on the side.


Et voila!  That’s all folks.  Hope your Wednesday flew by and that you’re ready for the homestretch.  Can’t believe the end of June is here…. yipes, where’d the time go?!


Where’d my keys go? June 9, 2009

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I’ve never lost my keys in my whole life before this last weekend.  In the back-and-forth and mayhem of moving I somehow misplaced them and cannot for the life of me remember where they are 😦  I also didn’t realized I’d lost them until Monday afternoon.  Booo!  At least I hadn’t put my new office keys on there yet, and I keep my car key separate (although if it was together with the others I would have noticed the missing keys sooner, and maybe reclaimed them.  Grrr.).  I shall search more tomorrow and hope they turn up.  Even though I’m pretty sure I lost them about 20 miles from home, and they had no address/name on them, Chris is obsessed with changing the locks now that I’ve lost my keys.

Tonight I shall rely on a galleryof pics for the last three days.  A few highlights/details:

  • Grandma’s 88th birthday dinner Sunday ended with a HUGE serving of pie–homemade rhubarb and Lee Berry Farms marionberry (?) with a big blob (I typed ‘blog’!!) of whipped cream. 
  • my first breakfast in my new office was Kashi Go Lean Crunch with mucho strawberries and soymilk.  Yummy and satisfying in more ways than one.
  • no, I didn’t eat that meat pictured.  Chris thought it deserved a pic so I indulged him 😉  It was his dinner tonight of flank steak rounds with sauteed mushrooms and broc on the side.
  • a fabulous batch of roasted butternut squash tonight.  They were mixed with canola oil spray, Northwoods seasoning, and some garlic salt.  Served with organic ketchup.  Mmmmmm…. I’m excited I have another batch I can cook up tomorrow or the next day.
  • I’m missing all of that fruity goodness that I had last week.  When I put together my lunch it just doesn’t seem the same without the blueberries.  Must go to Costco and get more fruit!
  • I didn’t go to the gym for like 3 1/2 days b/c of the move!  Oy vey. 

Last night I was about to post when nausea suddenly came over me, and I just about yakked.  Ugh.  Not sure if it was the super-red mystery sauce that was on my burrito or ???  Today I was fine, thankfully.

My office is just about set up, but for the artwork/decor.  I want to keep it simple, without clutter, so I need to rely on a really good piece of artwork and some simple, tasteful wall decor. 

I’ve been working on a big reorganizing project for our forms and brochures, and have quite enjoyed my inner organization nerd coming out.  I’ve got to cull 200 items down to about 130, map the damn forms bank, re-label it, and make sure no one feels like I left out there favorite items.  Personally I could do with about 10 things, but many of my colleagues are old school and like to have paper forms on hand, along with tons of brochures we never use.  Oh well, it is a rewarding task 🙂

Time for bed!  Ahhh…I’m tired, and bed sounds simply perfect.  Adios!


One dimensional meals February 1, 2009

Erin, you’re a genius.  I wasn’t sure what to call my recent disgust with foods related to my brief, albeit impactful, is aversive conditioning.  And it’s making me not want to eat much of anything complex, green, or healthy for that matter.  I think I’m getting some junk-like cravings b/c I haven’t had good nutrition for several days now.  My eats today did involve a little variety, but otherwise seemed incredibly one dimensional and lazy (read:  carb-o-licious).

Morning came far too quickly and I wanted to stay in bed when the alarm went off at 8:30.  But, I knew yoga would be good, so I got up, made some coffee, and had a bowl of Barbara’s Shredded Oats with unsweetened almond milk.  Plain, but good! 


Love the pic of that oh-so-happy family on the cereal box that I inadvertently captured with my breakfast.  They’re all so happy for Barbara’s products 🙂

Yoga was the busy beast I’ve come to love, and it kicked my weeny ass today.  Get this, holding my arms up in Warrior Two was super tough!  That took me by surprise.  Yet somehow I did a million planks without pussying out and doing the modified version.  ??  Whatevs.  Afterward I wasn’t feeling up to the add’l workout I’d planned in my mind, so I went home.

Lily was drooling a lot when I arrived!  😐  It was so weird!  She hardly ever drools, and I figured out it was just one side of her mouth.  Because she was acting totally normal we didn’t freak out…we googled it and surmised that she had hurt that side of her mouth or had a tooth issue.  The drooling stopped within an hour, thankfully, and she’s still her crazy, cute little self.  I wonder if dogs can bite their cheeks like humans can.

My lunch was a bit different today:  one tortilla spread with 1/2 a wedge LCL, then topped with a tiny bit of shredded medium cheddar cheese (can’t remember last time I had chedda!), then grilled til golden and melty; one cup of Dannon Light’n’Fit strawberry; followed by one Fuji apple.  All in all a yummy, strange lunch.



I used to live off of tortillas and cheese heated up in the micro or on the stove.  I think I would still live off of it if I could…that melty goodness is SO tasty and hard to beat.  When I was a kid I LOVED melting cheese on Doritos.  (Gawd, the thought of that is making me drool now!)

Chris and I went in to work for a little while, mostly to figure out how to open his file cabinet since he lost the only key.  We arrived to see this flock of geese wandering through the complex.  So cute!  That guy in the foreground was stretching and put his leg straight back, and then the same side’s wing straight back!  Talk about balance!  He would be a great yoga master 🙂


Chris and I were able to jimmy the top door of his filing cabinet open, and then unscrew the locking mechanism from the lock itself to get the drawers unlocked.  Voila, open sesame!  No, we’ve never broken into anything before…and we had quite the comedy going on with this one for like an hour.  I even called locksmiths and asked if they could make a key based on the code on the lock.  Well, usually that can work, but this particular lock was put on furniture made by over 30 manufacturers, with over 10 different lock styles and key possibilities, meaning it still would have been a pain in the ass to figure out.  😐 

We came home so Chris could watch the Superbowl.  I totally despise NFL football, or just about any football for that matter, and kept myself busy for awhile by going to the grocery store.  Before I left I ate a handful of Wheat Thins Toasted Chips with the other half of my LCL wedge from earlier.  These chips have HFCS, dammit!  I guess HFCS is used instead of sugar for the browning properties it provides.  Hmmmph.  They were an impulse buy b/c of price, but I really do like the flavor.  Back to Kashi or Stacy’s when they’re gone I guess.


I got some new things at the store:  organic butternut squash soup carton on sale for $1.67, Fred Meyer Shredded Wheat cereal, curry powder, white vinegar, and Romaine lettuce.  It took me forever to settle on a cereal.  I wanted something with high fiber, low sugar, some protein, and versatility.  Most everything was $5/box or had like 30 ingredients, so that’s why I got the s.w.–the only ingredient is wheat and they were like $2.69 🙂  The vinegar is for cleaning the house–no more chemicals or having to pay for green pre-mixed cleaners!

For dinner Chris wanted pork chops and oven potato fries, and I wanted to go nuts with the butternut and the soup, so somehow all worked out well.  I nuked the b-nut whole for 5 minutes, then cut the upper section into cubes and sauteed it with some onion, a tiny bit of EVOO, and a tiny bit of butter 😉  I haven’t used butter for a few months in my home cooking.  Chris’ fries were really easy:  cut potatoes into wedges lengthwise, put on baking sheet skin side down, spray with non-stick spray, sprinkle with seasonings, and cook at 425 for 25-30 minutes.  I heated a little bit of the b-nut soup, added some of the sauteed b-nut/onion, and curry powder, and had a little bit of a pork chop along with the rest of the b-nut/onion saute.  I also ate a few of Chris’ fries 🙂


Chris’ pork chop was riding along on my plate here.  I ate most of the soup and b-nut on the side, and about half of my pork chop before feeling really, really full. 

While cleaning up after dinner I also cleaned out the fridge.  I felt bad b/c I wasted more food this week than in a long time:  chicken that went bad before we ate it, leftover meatloaf we didn’t eat, green leaf lettuce that makes me want to puke, a few pieces of tofu that do the same, and some limp celery.  😦  Not good people, not good… I hate wasting food and feel quite guilty, esp. about the chicken.

I moved on to the recycling, organized a tad, did some laundry…blah blah blah, got hungry and decided to have a snack.  I finished off the box of PB Puffins with almond milk.  They were better tonight than yesterday.


 Crikey, it is like 10:35 already. I think I’d like to end the day by watching a little TV in bed before falling asleep 🙂  I’ve been one cold lady tonight, and getting warm in bed sounds heavenly.


Weekend wrap up January 18, 2009

Aw, so sad that the weekend’s over already 😦  It was fast but good for the most part. 


I went to bed too late Friday night (or Saturday a.m. I guess), and getting up at 7 to get ready for the first Master Recycler program field trip was tough!  I was excited to see the various locations on our agenda, though 🙂  I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat again until after 1pm, so I had the rest of my oatmeal squares with lots of almond milk, and my usual coffee with sf vanilla Coffeemate. 









It was SO cold and frosty out!  We started our field trip where we have class, and then went to the Blue Heron Paper Mill, KB Recycling, and the Metro central transfer station.  Wow, an eye opening experience that was informative, and a bit stinky 😉  I’ll be posting details and pics about it on a new page under The Three R’s.  But, a few pics for your amusement:



Haha!  See, recycling can be fun!





This was on a conveyor belt at the paper mill…I think it is the machine that separates out all of the bulky non-paper shit mixed in with the recycled paper (cans, bottles, etc.).


The paper mill is helping to reduce carbon output…with a bold gathering of ferns hanging on to this structure.


Don’t laugh.  That’s beautiful, tired me with a huge stack of recycled paper at KB Recycling.  This place is like a mile from my house and I never knew it existed!  Wow my teeth are yellow.


After materials are sorted they are baled together.  The baler squeezes them out slowly like a big turd!  Gawd, am I obscene or what?


This was just laying on the floor around the bales!  Had to take a pic b/c it was just so weird to see.


Some great facts about the hazardous waste collected in the area.  WOW, that’s a lot of stuff saved from polluting our environment through improper disposal.

We got back to the starting point around 1:45 or 2, and I was getting a big hangry.  I had to run an errand, forgot to run another one since I had food and the evening’s events on the brain.  BTW, I think I totally smelled like trash from the waste station…my shoes reeked from the goo I walked in, and I think my clothes had a little funk going on.  Peee-eeew!  Great reason to reduce the organic matter in your trash; keep that stuff out and the trash will smell a whole lot better 🙂

When I got home I snarfed down a small slice of leftover pizza, and made a random wrap with grilled chicken, butternut squash fries, LCL, and ground pepper. Totally weird, but not too bad.


I was really tired and desperately wanted to just relax, but Chris needed a haircut and we basically had to get ready to go to his dinner event.  My shower pepped me up a bit, and before I knew it we were off to the Pearl District, specifically Andina.

Chris’ event went well, the food was really yummy, and the room we were in was great!  Here’s what I ate:


White sangria with pineapple :)Bread with three yummy sauces Uh, where'd the bread pic go? Quinoa studded fried prawns with spicy sauce

Chicken with a yummy tomato ragout

Chicken with a yummy tomato ragout

Goat cheese and lemon flan
Goat cheese and lemon flan

Dude, I was full!  But not too horribly.  Everything was tasty, had great flavor nuances, and was served beautifully as you can tell 🙂  Afterward we joined a friend and his girlfriend at The Vault/V.  It was a nice evening all in all, but I started getting a nasty migraine while still at V.  Thankfully a tortilla, some ibuprofen, and sleeping pill helped put me out of my misery when I got home around 11:15.  Fuck, that was a long day!


I woke up with a remnant of my headache, but I really wanted to go to yoga so I made myself get up, drank some coffee, had some more ibuprofen, and was rarin’ to go for class.  I was totally out of my normal breakfast items, so I ended up eating Dannon Light’n’Fit vanilla and a Luna Iced Oatmeal Raisin bar.  That bar was great! I highly recommend it 🙂


Yoga was really great today–very active, refreshing, cleansing, and balancing 🙂  Yay for yoga!

I ran to the grocery store afterward, and tried out a new thing today:  using my own containers for meat and bulk items, and using no bags at all for veggies/fruits.  May sound lame, but I had never used my own containers for bulk/veg/fruit…I usually bring bag a plastic bag to reuse.  Today I had large cottage cheese containers in hand, and asked a customer service rep exactly how I needed to proceed so as to not get charged for the container’s weight.  It was easy, and I’ll totally be doing this from now on for whatever items I can.  The butcher got a kick out of my request, and wanted to put the container in a plastic bag 😐  Then she realized it kinda missed the point 😉

On the way home I decided I wanted breakfast for lunch, specifically cereal.  But I also added in an apple and some cottage cheese.  The Braeburn apple was pithy, dammit.  Now I remember why I stopped getting them.


And, on to my second course…Peanut butter Puffins!!!  Barbara’s cereals were on sale 2/$5, and b/c I see these around the blog world all the time I thought I’d give them a try with some almond milk.  VERY tasty.  Loved ’em.  The texture was a bit rough on the mouth at times, so I’ll just have to let them soak more in the future.  I may have to sneak a few in as a snack tonight…


I scrambled to get ready to pick up my dad and Liz from the airport, and after that stopped at the car wash.  (My car was SO dirty from the snow and rain!)

After I got home I sorted out the office recycling, and reorganized my recycling stockpile in the garage.   (Are regular light bulbs hazardous?  Can I recycle them, too?)  I whipped out my new stick vac and cleaned up the house a bit–love it!  No more big, stinky vacuum to haul around for daily touch ups, and no more dirty broom. 

I had a nanner for a snack, and just for shits’n’giggles I decided to weigh it.  I even tared out the peel!


Anywho, eventually Maria called and we were off to Fajitas for dinner.  I had my trusty tortilla soup and a Diet Coke.  And the fabu La Casa followed.  Chris’ mondo burrito is pictured in the background.



BTW, I’m eating a small bowl of puffins right now 😉

Well, that is about all, peeps.  Thanks for sticking with me for the long post, and I swear I’ll get The Three R’s all jazzed up with some great info for you soon.  Maybe even tonight!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by 😉


Yay, Friday is over! January 17, 2009

Hi everyone.  Sorry I didn’t post last night…my day was long and I was not in a posting mood when I got home for working out at 11:30 last night :shocked:

Hmmmm…let me rewind a bit to yesterday morning.  100_0750

Quaker Oatmeal Squares, half a banana, and lots of almond milk.  I really like the taste and texture of these squares a lot 🙂  The banana was a little too ripe for me…

Off to work, a busy morning I didn’t expect, and an uncomfortable caffeine/endorphin buzz.  Bleh.  I ate to take a break and try to wind down so I could feel more relaxed while preparing for my afternoon client meeting and doing other stuff.  I have a tendency to work myself up sometimes, but I’m usually mostly relaxed.

Lunch was a leftover stuffed half pepper and half an apple.  Yummy!  That was my last apple 😦


The afternoon went quickly, and I was happily ready when my 5 o’clock called and asked if we could meet at 4, and then showed up at 3:30.  My meeting was good and quick, and I think it was afterward that I had this snack: the rest of my Pink Lady, and a cup of Dannon Light n Fit vanilla with 1/2 a banana and too much cinnamon.


We worked more and then Chris told me Maria was calling his name.  Eventually we got to Fajitas and couldn’t figure out what to order…a taco? Taco salad? Burrito?  We finally decided to split Carnitas de Pollo, and it was so yummy!  I’d never had it before, but it is Chris’ favorite.  Pedro also made us our two customary Casuelas, but I didn’t have much b/c I wanted to work out. 


After dinner I eventually got to the gym, like at frickin’ 10pm 😐  I busted out a full upper body workout while rockin’ Limp Bizkit and watching two goons make fools of themselves.  Same goons from Tuesday night lifting heavy weights like an inch and making a spectacle of it.  I moved on to abs and then a half an hour of stair mill intervals for some sweaty glory.  I’m so happy I can knock out a half hour on that bad boy.  Andrea, that’s so funny you thought of Erin and I on the mill while doing your intervals the other day!  I thought of you while on the mill last night 🙂

I got home at 11:30 like I mentioned, and was in a bit of a funk.  After showering and taking care of the LB I just went to bed to read some for my MR course.  I didn’t end up falling asleep until 1:30 tho!  Bad me!  I read and watched Graham Norton and You Are What You Eat on BBC America.  Have you watched the latter show?  It is kinda gross to see what the people eat but pretty informative health wise.


Today (Friday) was good, fast, and busy.  I had another bowl of the oatmeal squares for breakfast, but I was out of fruit completely and ate them with almond milk only.  Still yummy 🙂


Chris wanted to grab a coffee on the way into work (no coffee service on Fridays and the coffee the staff bought to make sucks–Folgers).  We had a coupon for McDonald’s, so I had a large sugar free vanilla nonfat latte.  Too much vanilla, but not too bad.

Because of my meeting schedule I didn’t end up eating lunch until about 2:30.  Yikes!  My lack of fruit was sad, but everything tasted really good today, especially the wrap for some reason.


The afternoon zipped by, and eventually we headed out around 5:30.  I knew dinner would be grilled chicken and yukon mashers, but I was struggling with the other component.  I didn’t just want the same old boring plate with canned green beans, and when I got home I saw my little friend the butternut squash!  Yay, something to mix it up a bit!

I tried squash fries….excellent and fun!  First I nuked the squash for 5 minutes and kept thinking I may need to duck and cover.  Even tho I stabbed the little guy a few times, he was still hissing and actually rolling around a little in there.  I cut him in half, scooped out the seeds, and then used my mandolin to cut him into fries.

The fries were coated with some fake Pam and jerk seasoning, then baked at 350 (couldn’t remember Erin’s preferred temp) for about 25 minutes, stirred once.  So tasty!  Chris was skeptical at first, but tried some and thought they were just okay.  Whateva, more for me!


Chris and I went to workout, which was just a half hour on the elliptical doing semi-hard intervals.  After I got home I did a little MR reading (actually not in the book pictured), and my tummy rumbled.

I wasn’t sure what to eat, and ended up just eating a tbsp of Barney Butter all alone.  Chris was annoyed watching me eat the thing for 5 minutes, it was funny.  Finally he was like, “just eat it already!”  Hahahaha, you wish.  Gotta savor the flavor, biotch! 😉


Writing my post always takes me like an hour, it is crazy.  How about you? I don’t know where the time goes.  I must go to bed so I can get up early for my MR field trip.  I feel like I’m in school again with the classes, field trips, teaching others, and “homework.”  LOL. 

Hope you had a good week and are looking forward to an even better weekend 🙂  Ciao.

MAJOR P.S.: I think I’ve made more progress on the weight loss/muscle build front!  I’ve gotten more comments, clothes are fitting looser yet, and the scales, although inaccurate, are weighing me consistently lower.  Fuck yeah! I think I’ll go through my closet this weekend and see if I can fit back into anything, esp. work clothes.