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Whipper snapper July 13, 2009

I attended my 10 year high school reunion picnic this weekend, and now I wish I would have attended the main even Saturday night.  I pussed out thinking it was gonna be a drag, but now I’m looking through some classmates’ pics, wishing I were there to see more people.  I saw about 20 people Sunday

The last few days I’ve been totally lacking with my photos, although I’ve had some really pretty eats that I wish I could share with you. 


Ikea $0.99 breakfast with fruit and coffee!  Yogurt was my mom's.

Ikea $0.99 breakfast with fruit and coffee! Yogurt was my mom's.

 Ginger cookie samples ;)

Ginger cookie samples 😉

Funky Swedish seafood products.  Fish in a tube???

Funky Swedish seafood products. Fish in a tube???

After 4 hours at Ikea a froyo cone was in order ;)

After 4 hours at Ikea a froyo cone was in order 😉


These bars were in my mailbox when I got home!! First sample ever for the blog!!  I don’t eat many bars these days, but I’ll have to fit these bad boys in.

I was so.tired. after Ikea.  Not enough sleep, not working out regularly, and not eating lunch yet was wearing on me.  I finally had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean with berries and almond milk.

My first bowl ever of Kashi Go Lean.  Good stuff!

My first bowl ever of Kashi Go Lean. Good stuff! Apple and PB for a snack

Saturday night my mom and I met our friend, Elizabeth, for dinner at Vista Spring Cafe.  I’ve been going there my whole life, and the place has sentimentality for sure.  To start we shared a salad that sounded vegetarian, but upon first bite I noticed the taste of bacon 😐  No pieces or anything, but I think it was in the vinaigrette. 

We shared our main courses for the most part, and I ate about 3  times as much as I should have–not kidding.  I had three pieces of pizza (cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives, herbs, tomatoes…tasty!), tons of my mom’s macaroni & cheese, and some of Elizabeth’s spicy Thai peanut sauce with bread.  I also had two small glasses of Pinot Gris.  Mercy! 

As if that wasn’t enough, I stopped at John’s Marketplace on the way home and got a few bottles of wine–one to crack open, and one to take to the reunion.   I continued with my Pinot Gris theme and had like three or four very small glasses. 

Rated 90 by Wine Spectator, and I agree!

Rated 90 by Wine Spectator, and I agree!


That wine pretty much sealed the deal on me not waking up early to work out in the morning.  I still was up before 8, but was focused on getting food ready for my reunion picnic.  For breakfast I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean with fruit, and some coffee with Silk Vanilla Creamer.  I was so sad to see my favorite mug’s lid met an unkind fate in the bottom of the dishwasher.  Now I can explain the burnt plastic smell in the house the last few days….

Fruity delight

Fruity delight This is what happens when plastic meets dishwasher heating element 😦

I was kinda nervous and scatter-brained all morning, and we were late getting out the door, but I did manage to try making a modified version of Gena’s raw almondaise!   I only had roasted nuts, didn’t have a lemon, and don’t have a high speed blender or food processor.  I used my stick blender’s mini food processor attachment and went to town on a half recipe.  So good!!!!


For lunch we had Tortilla Espanola on Italian bread with almondaise, and a beautiful mixed fruit salad that I nearly ate all of before Chris could get a fork in edgewise. 
The reunion went well, I enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing what they’re up to, and the rain held off til after the event was over.  I wish more people would have gone to the picnic, and I wish I would have gone to the party Saturday night.  Oh well, this next 10 years will surely pass faster than the last, and before I know it the 20 year will be around the corner. Eek!

Snack of bread, almondaise, and olive oil

Snack of bread, almondaise, and olive oil

The familiar graces of a Mexican dinner
The familiar graces of a Mexican dinner



Standard oatmeal breakfast....ahhhhh
Standard oatmeal breakfast….ahhhhh

I met a client at Stanford’s for lunch, where I had the veggie burger sans cheese with a salad.  The smell and thought of BBQ made me crave their BBQ sauce, which I asked for a side of only to eat some and go, “Shit, this isn’t vegetarian!!  It has meat in it!!!”

Instead of just eating half of my burger, I ate the whole damn thing.  Too much food!  I was full, tired, and groggy all afternoon, a combo of my allergies and overeating. 
After a lightning quick 4 hours back at the office we headed home for dinner.  My dinner was left over Tortilla Espanola, Italian bread, almondaise, and olive oil…too much olive oil!  I also had half an ear of yellow corn.  Lots of yellow stuff for dinner!
I knew I needed to go to the gym, almost bugged out, and then ended up going to do 45 minutes on the stair mill.  That was tough…  It was also tough to get on the scale and confirm what the mirror has told me–I’ve gained a few pounds in the last few weeks, and it ain’t muscle 😦  Booooooo! 
I had a snack-a-poo of fruit after getting home and tackling a mountain of laundry.  Fuji apple, bluebs, rasps, and cherries.  BTW, the organic Fuji apples I’ve been buying at Fred Meyer have been great!
Hunger persisted after this, and I went for a very small bowl of KGL with AM.  KGL is growing on me…nuances of sweetness and such a texture variety are quite enjoyable.
Do you ever watch “Top Gear” on BBC America?!  I highly suggest you do–very entertaining, lots of travel to great places, and funny hosts.  They’re in the South of France now and I’m pining to go… Anyone gotta spare ticket to France laying around?  Send it on over 😉

3 Responses to “Whipper snapper”

  1. Really glad that you enjoyed the almondaise!!!

  2. What a recap!! Glad you got to catch up with some old schoolmates. And does IKEA really have a .99 breakfast!? I think a trip is in order!

    I’m excited to see what you think of the bars! I’ve never had them.

  3. Erin Says:

    Oh my god – 10 years! Horrifying.

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