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Yawn! June 6, 2009

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Wow, I’m super tired.  I thought I got a lot of sleep, but moving the office today was really exhausting.  That beer in the middle probably didn’t help!


Slept like crap and woke up at the crack’o’dawn to go workout.  I had a whole wheat toast butt with 1 T Maranatha no-stir PB.  Also had a small cup of coffee with Silk vanilla creamer.


After my leg workout and 50 minutes o’sweatin’ on the stair mill I headed home to clean up and eat breakfast.  I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with blueberries and almond milk.  Mmmmm.


Oh my god, give me a frickin’ break.  I just saw a Zylotrim commercial, and it puts this disclaimer on the screen: “Only for those who want to lose pounds of body fat.”  Who the fuck doesn’t want to lose body fat?!?!?  I hate those ads and the products they represent.

Anywho, Friday was quite discombobulated to start, as the office was ripped apart in preparation for the move (finally, yes).  No internet, no phone, didn’t want to work much anyway… I basically talked with people all morning until I headed out for my lunch date with my friend, Jenny.

We visited Thai Derm and had a delicious lunch while catching up.  We started with this cup of soup (tofu, herbs, ???).


I had Ruby Noodles–rice noodles with veggies, topped with red curry.  Oh, it was heaven!  If ya didn’t know I’m a sucker for curries, esp. Thai.  It had homemade bean curd on it, which was something quite spectacular actually. 


I added lots of pickled chilis, chili paste, and chili powder from this tray 🙂


Afterward we headed to her house for tea and chocolates, and talked for a few hours.  It was really, really nice to catch up with Jenny, especially since she’s expecting a little girl at the end of June.  I hope to see her again soon, and her little one, too!

Late in the afternoon I ate my fruit bowl:  cherries, blueberries, nectarine.


Dinner was leftover Ruby Noodles, with steamed broc, mushrooms, and bell pepp on the side.  This was way too much food, and I ended up putting away the extra veggies for another time.



Even though I went to bed early I still felt a bit tired upon waking, but knew I had to get going to tackle the office.

Breakfast was nearly the same as yesterday, but I used organic unsweetened soy milk instead of almond milk.  I didn’t taste it separately, but it was good in the cereal.  Definitely thicker and a different color than almond milk.


At the office I set up the kitchen, moved some furniture, and did other crap for a few hours, working up a sweat a few times. Mid-morning I had a few almonds for a snack.  I also got to hold a hummingbird!!  She hit the glass doors to one of the buildings and was totally stunned.  I picked her up to get her out of the way, and keep her warm.  I felt really special to be able to see her that closely–her feathers were gorgeous!  After a few minutes she flew into a nearby tree.

Mid-day one of our coworkers offered us a beer to toast the new office, so we partook in a Pacifico 😉  Actually tasted good, but I didn’t need it.  After which we headed off to Godfather’s Pizza for lunch.  I know, I know…Chris wanted to claim his free lunch, and I didn’t object.  I had one small piece of cheese and two small pieces of veggie.  Not many veggies on that veggie, and it had a creamy base.  Tasted good, but not what I needed.


Around 4:45 we left the office, still with lots of stuff to do.  I can’t believe how torn up most of the office is, and although it’s not my stuff I feel like I should help out so the place looks decent come Monday morning.

Betcha can’t guess what was for dinner?  I drank too much Casuela, chips & salsa, half a burrito with veg and verde sauce, part of La Casa, and half a tequila shot.  Pedro offered the shot to me after I paid, and who was I to turn down that generosity 😉





Since tomorrow looks super busy I did the grocery shopping tonight, including buying four heads of lettuce–two Romaine, one Boston, one green leaf.  Part of this was for me, and part for the mondo salad I’m making for tomorrow night.  You ever washed and shredded most of four head of lettuce at once?  I’m beat from all that washing and spinning, not to mention the other stuff.

With those 800 words I leave you.  Sleep calls me…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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  1. Leslie Says:

    lots of yum going on in this post!

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