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Yackety-yack, don’t talk back January 9, 2009

All of a sudden I’m not feeling so hot.  I think I’m hungry, tired, and have allergies (my Christmas tree is still up and drying out!)

Today was punctuated with periods of lots of talking, and in between Iwas pretty much silent for a few hours.  Some days are weird like that, you know?

I woke up and realized there was no oatmeal waiting for me, so I had a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, almond milk, a sliced banana, and a sprinkle of cinnamon for breakfast while making today’s lunch.  Yummy, but I wish I had more time to eat it slowly rather than wolf it down.


The morning went rather quickly, and Chris had a long meeting so I held off on eating until about 1.  He was too busy to eat (he’s so bad!), so I ate at my desk while I read blogs. 

Flatout sundried tomato with 1/2 a wedge of LCL, two slices of turkey, spinach, rainbow slaw, and ground pepper; small Fuji apple; handful of Stacy’s Pita Chips.  Thanks for the comments on how my wraps look!  I like seeing the cross section of them when I cut them in half 🙂  Flatouts are pretty easy to roll b/c they’re stretchy and soft; I usually have to be careful not to rip tortillas.


Hmmm….I was mostly silent for the afternoon working on various stuff, including my shitty work computer virus issue, and blogging here and there.  I had peach black tea while I was working. 


I really need to take an insulated mug to work for my afternoon tea.  When I need to use a cup like this I reuse it as long as possible without it seeming gross.  Cups like this aren’t recyclable b/c of the plasticized liner 😦

Suddenly it was after 4 and I was starving, so I had about 1/2 a cup of this lf/ff cottage cheese mix.  That’s a Doggie Dooley in the background!  It is basically a mini septic tank for your dog’s waste.  I’m thinking of getting it so I don’t have to throw away Lily’s poo; with the help of environmentally friendly enzymes & water the poo will break down and seep into the ground.  Only thing is I have a ton of clay in my backyard, so I’ll have to search for a good place to put it.


Then I wanted something sweet, so I had two pieces of taffy:  peppermint and vanilla.  Mmmmmmm.


We left around 5:30, and Chris mentioned going to Fajitas for dinner.  I figured I wouldn’t drink and I would get just a taco, so that was fine by me.  Once there our favorite waiter, Pedro, just brought us two Casuelas since that’s what we always order.  What was I gonna do?  Refuse it?  So I had part of it, one beef taco, and one chicken taco.  And the obligatory chips and salsa beforehand, of course.



I traded some of the cheese on these with Chris for some of his jalapenos 🙂


I think I reached my limit about half way through this, so Chris got the other half. 

Once home I changed right away and headed to the gym for a leg workout and cardio.  It was great!  I pumped the Limp Bizkit again and it was great.  I was annoyed a few times by stupid stuff, though, and really did want to break stuff here and there.  The weight plates were totally disorganized and all over the place, and so many people were on their damn phones texting and just sitting on machines not doing anything.  Seriously.  It was a texting convention.  Were they all texting each other in a big conspiracy to take up space in the gym???  At least they didn’t get in my way too much.

Cardio was a mix of 20 minutes of intervals on the stairmill followed by 20 minutes of walking on an inclined treadmill.  Sweaty goodness!

I was getting toooooooo hungry a few minutes ago, so I had a few pcs. of TJ’s Cinnamon Flatbread.  It’s a little stale but still good 🙂


I can’t believe how quickly my dishes piled up the last two days.  Ick.  I had to take care of that shit when I got home, and now my blogging adventure has me going to bed a tad late (nearly midnight).  I must get more sleep tonight. 

Take a look to the right under “pages” up at the top o’ the page. I’ll be adding new pages in The Three R’s as I learn more about waste, recycling, reducing, reusing, etcetera, in my course.  I hope you’ll learn a lot, too, and share your knowledge with those around you 🙂  Nothing there now but a test page, but I’ll try to add a new page each week.  Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to know about or need help with!

BTW, I added some new links today:  TerraCycle, a link to stop the weekly junk mail coupons in your mail, and a link to The Daily Plate.  Check them out if you have a second!

In parting, a picture of Chris with Lily Bird on the couch next to him.  Awwwwww 🙂



7 Responses to “Yackety-yack, don’t talk back”

  1. Erin Says:

    The poo toy/contraption sounds great! I want one for the cat poo!
    It’s so over with the couch, huh. Lilybird owns Chris!
    Annie is sitting on my left arm and purring right now. 🙂
    Sorry about all the annoying yahoos at the gym. Your workout sounds really good though!

  2. HangryPants Says:

    Pedro seems like a nice guy. What could you do? Refuse? I don’t think so!

  3. You must start going to the gym in the mornings. Hardly anybody was there yesterday morning. It was divine!
    I’m glad to see Chris caved with the LB/couch thing 🙂

  4. Lindsay Says:

    i love your breakfast! taffy looks yummy too – i may have to pull out some of mine leftover from the shore in the summer haha

  5. That’s the Limp Bizkit song I listen to before MT or if I’m doing heavy bag work at home. Awesome! 😀

  6. Kersten Says:

    Erin, I bet the Doggie Dooley would work for cat poo, depending on the litter you use. If it is newspaper/biodegradable litter you’re all good. If it is clay or sand type litter I dont think that wouldwork out b/c the litter particles wouldn’t break down and would fill the base of the dooley.

    Heather, no way I could refuse Pedro and his thoughtfulness! I totally got a big buzz off of the wee bit I had, tho.

    Andrea, I am such a nightowl I’m not sure I can get up early to workout. I’m jealous of the empty gym, tho. I do kinda hate going to the gym at night and having to take another shower, and then missing out on some of my relaxing time. I think that’s why I keep staying up so late.

  7. carolinebee Says:

    Dude pedro is the man! I honestly think some people go to the gym just to get out of the house! I’ve seen people walk in, and walk back out like 1 min. later I swear they’re just using the bathroom.

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