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And Somehow things Improve August 17, 2009

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Tonight I’m trying out Windows Live Writer; saw it on Miss Bender’s blog and thought is sounded nifty.  Loving it so far!  I really like that while I type the layout looks just like my blog, not just typing in some window without any frame of reference.  It also does spell check while you type!  Only thing I can’t figure out is getting the post to be sticky without having to go in manually on WordPress to do it.

I’ve mentioned a few times how I’ve been in a bit of a funk and listless.  Today was not much better—I slept like shit (undoubtedly from the shit I put in my body yesterday), and was just not in to anything this morning.  But, it all turned around when I took my car in for a service and was given this beauty to drive:


Amen!  The demons have been exorcised!  Amazing how driving a fun car with the top down on a sunny day improves your spirits 🙂  Yee-haw!  This lil’ beauty is a 2008 BMW 128i, convertible obv.  So fun, so easy, so free spirited.  Just what I needed 😉  I love you Jerry (my Rasmussen Service Advisor)!!!

I didn’t do a whole lotta workin’ today.  Instead, I took my tired, yet enthused, ass home early and went for a quick, super sweaty cardio date with the stairmill.  I didn’t eat breakfast today; Skinny Bitch was in my head, telling me to wait until I was really hungry to eat.  That was at 11:30 or so, and was just strawberries and cherries.  I also had a nectarine before I worked out.

Lunch was another story.  I was hungry, but I ate too fast, and had a little heartburn as a result.  It was worth it, tho 😉  1/2 a whole wheat pita stuffed with Romaine, avocado, shredded carrot, sliced grape tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, Nature’s Seasons, and Sabra hummus.  (I would insert a pic, but I’m too lazy to get the camera cord out.  I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera and the pic is on the internal memory.)  Yum!

I followed that up with the other half of the pita, and the rest of the Sabra.  Since the hummus is going fast, I opted to make a batch of it for the week ahead.  Westbrae garbanzos, Nature’s Seasons, cumin seed, toasted sesame seeds, olive oil, ‘zo juice, dash of vinegar, salt, garlic powder and pine nuts.  Mmmmmmy.


Let’s try out this Windows Live album thing, shall we?

View 8-17-09 convertible fun

Um, yeah, that’s a DQ Blizzard at  the end.  I was driving all over town to have fun in the car, and somehow ended up at DQ.  This time I got a Doggy Cone for Lily, and a Tagalong Blizzard for myself.  Oh. my. god.  That was one helluva treat!  So tasty, so naughty, and so completely unnecessary 😐 

I put that on top of dinner tonight, which was a burrito at Fajitas.  I kind of got sick of burritos awhile back, and now I’m rather sick of everything else, so a burrito sounded good again.  Vegetables, rice, whole beans, verde sauce, olives, jalapenos.


Hm, what else do I have to share with you?  Yes, that is a trailer full of shitters there in the middle.  Too much to pass up taking a pic!

View 8-17-09 random

Off I go to be a library geek and check the status of my books on hold.  Skinny Bitch only held me over for two days!  What’s a girl to do? 😉


Sabra ain’t got nuttin’ on me! August 9, 2009

Inspired by this wonderful blog today, I bought some canned garbonzos at the store and whipped up a quick and easy batch of hummus tonight.  This was my first batch in a real food processor–so easy and the results are great!  I used one can of ‘zos, some of their liquid, olive oil, garlic powder, cumin, red pepper flakes, salt, Nature’s Seasons, toasted sesame seeds, and a touch of vinegar (no lemon juice on hand).  Yum-yum-yummy! I ate a small serving with half of a toasted whole wheat pita.100_1029

During dinner outside at Fajitas, I looked up and saw this cloud…it kind of looks like a duck!


Today I finally got new shoes.  My footsies have been hurting a bit when working out, so I stopped by Portland Running Co. and had the assistance of a knowledgable expert in selecting my new shoes.  Turns out that I overpronate, and these babies are more supportive toward the arch to help prevent that.  The guy also recommended that I go up a half size to allow more room for my feet to expand while working out.  Say what?!  Go up to a size 10?!  Oy vey…watch out for my massive feet! 


I know it has been a long time since I posted regularly, and there are lots of things I’ve done and eats I’ve had in that time frame.  My eating was off for about two weeks, and has been back to almost “normal” for about a week now.  I’m not consuming as much fruit and veg as I had been, but I think I’ll be back there soon. 

Today’s lunch: egg/eggwhite omelette with broc, carrot, tomato, red bell pepp, avocado, and some cheddar.  The cheese was an impulse add…not necessary.  1/2 of a whole wheat burger bun toasted with some Smart Balance Light.  Excellent!


Peach marionberry pie from Lee Farms after dinner at my dad’s last night.  Mmmmmm.   I visited the Lee Farms store with my daddy-o and also got some marionberry doughnuts :0 


This past Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend a blogger meet up with Andrea, Sarah, and Nate.  So much fun!  We all had a blast talking about food, life, blogs, and more.  Considering I’d never met Sarah or Nate we all chatted like chums and shared a great evening together.  Thanks, guys!  Lookin forward to more blogger misbehavin! 🙂


(L to R: Andrea, Nate, Sarah)

At one point Sarah said something that struck me–she pictured that I was not as fit/healthy as I am from the way I speak about myself on the blog.  This confirmed for me that my negative body image comes out more than I realize, and that I need to be more positive about the progress I’ve made.  I’m glad she said something, cuz otherwise I probably would have continued being a negative nelly.  Thanks for being so honest and open, Sarah!  I appreciate it greatly 🙂 

I finally tried banana soft serve yesterday.  It was good, but for some reason I pictured it not tasting so banana-y.  Yeah, I know, it’s made from bananas, but still.  Good stuff, tho!  I bought some super dark chocolate and thought of mixing in some gratings next time.


Pancakes!  Don’t get too excited, I’m using up a box of Bisquick.  I doctored up the mix with ground flaxseed, and cinnamon, then topped ’em with a little SB Light and real maple syrup.


About a week earlier I enjoyed the blueberry version of these:


While Erin was in town I had all sorts of drama going on, but we finally managed to have a lunch date at Blossoming Lotus.  I enjoyed a Mediterranean wrap with cashew hummus, cucumber, kalamata olives, lettuce, tomato, and I had them add avocado.  So good!  I think Erin was jealous of my burrito butt 😉  Hehe!


If you ever get the chance to hang out with Erin–DO IT!  This wonderful lady has been a glowing presence in my life for over ten years, and I don’t know where I’d be without her.  Seriously.  She is such a good listener, counselor, partner in silly crime, domestic diva, and a hundred other fabu things.  And she’s gorgeous 😉 I love her to death!  Miss you love pie!

While my aunt was in town I made a yummy dessert inspired by June’s Gourmet Magazine.  I cooked some blueberries and maple syrup together, stirred in a little lemon juice, whipped up some cream with more maple syrup, and crushed some ginger snaps.  Those were all layered in some cute dishes and topped with some fresh blues.  Yum!


Let’s see…what else shall I post for you…

My bee house has residents!  See the blocked holes?  A bee carefully sealed those holes and someday soon I’m sure we’ll see baby bees emerge.  (I actually have no idea what will happen…this is the first year I’ve had a bee house.)


On the way to the blogger meetup the other night I popped into Dave’ Killer Bread Healthy Bread Store to pick up some surprise goodies for us all.  I picked up Sin Dawgs and Ginger Meltaway Cookies.  Oh. So. Good.  Turns out Andrea also stopped by there on the way!  Great minds think alike 😉  We all made out like bandits with Dave’s goodies that night, and I’m still working on the Sin Dawg (pictured below).


Whoa, this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta looks intense!  Lots of fights and yelling.  May be too much d-d-d-drama for me!

Since this blog isn’t exactly a progressive sensical stream of thoughts, let’s review some other random goodness:

-The Food Network has a show called “What Would Brian Boitano Make” coming out soon.  Does this call up crazy South Park memories for anyone!?  “What would Brian Boitano do…” (sing it!)

-Velveeta was invented by Kraft in 1928 as a convenient way to have “cheese” when most people didn’t have iceboxes.  In 1953 they created Cheez Whiz, and in 1966 EZ Cheese came on the scene.  Aren’t you glad you know these facts now?!  Some people make brownies with Velveeta in them (a moistening secret).  Ew. 

-Did you spill your glass of cola on the floor?  No worries, just grab the Smart Mop, clean it up, and “in these tough times wring it back into the glass and it’s ready to drink all over again.”  How economical!

-I might be moving!  Finally!  Don’t want to jinx anything, but I’ll keep you posted as details develop.  I hate living in the SE Portland metro area, and yearn to be back in SW Portland like none other.

-The IKEA catalog arrived in the mail yesterday.  It’s the paper form of crack, I tell ya.

-I only get B.O. when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time.  No amount of working out or sweating releases the odor, but the sun does it 100% of the time, deodorant or no.  Have you noticed this before? 

-This post is getting long.  Time to wrap it up!



Yay! It’s almost Friday! December 11, 2008

Today was long, yet not slow.  We got up around 6:30 and I cut Chris’ hair (buzz cut, yo… I don’t think I have skills to do a real cut).  Allergies had me groggy and headachy, and I was anxious to get to work since I had an 8:30 meeting.  With my irritability I was probably a little impatient with Chris this a.m.  Sorry, Honey!  You’ll love this–one of my brakelights went out this morning; do I have good timing or what (since the car just got serviced yesterday…)??

We got to work around 8:15, I reviewed my shiz, got some coffee, and then got a call at 8:28 that my client was sick 😦  Booo!!  This was the third appt with this client that I’ve tried to have in the last two weeks. 

Oh well, that meant I could eat my oatmeal sooner than later 🙂  I forgot to take a pic AGAIN 😯  I had 1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, a little water, tbsp+ of raisins, cinnamon, tbsp slivered almonds, and pinch of salt.  [imagine yummy oatmeal here]

Around 10 I took Lily to my grandma’s house to give her to my mom, who was there getting my g-ma’s flat tire changed w/some help from AAA.  Yay for roadside assistance.  I’ve never changed a flat by myself.  Is that bad?  I helped my bro do it a few times, but never all on my own. 

Chris and I had lunch with a mutual fund wholesaler at Gustav’s, and I forgot my camera.  I had a 1/2 turkey rotisserie sandwich and a cup of lentil soup.  The sandwich had ciabatta bread with a nice thick piece of turkey, muenster cheese, herb cream cheese, and a mustard-mayo sauce that I asked them to leave off (gag).  I didn’t feel like complaining, so I scraped it off and added lots of pepper to mask the remaining flavor.  The lentil soup was good, but I’m not a huge legume fan b/c of the texture.  I also had black tea with lemon.  OH, and a big dill pickle spear 🙂

I was hungry like an hour later AT 1:45!  I guess I wasn’t that full from lunch, and the tummy wanted something else.  I busted out my snack of ff/lf cottage cheese, an apple, and Stacy’s Pita Chips.  mmmmmm.


Chris helped me with the cc, and I saved 1/2 the apple and some chips.  Thank goodness I did that, as I was hungry again around 3!  I was a bottomless pit today, I suppose. 


I ate these while reviewing the New Seasons catering menu for our next seminar.  I usually get some easy foods and set them up myself, but wouldn’t mind something a little more gourmet with less effort for about the same price.

Chris and I headed to Fred Meyer to buy stuff for the seminar, and then proceeded to do our usual set up routine in the general conference room in our office complex.  Here’s what my little spread looked like.  Guests started arriving right before I took this so I didn’t get in there to get a really good shot.


Our spread consisted of:  a veggie platter with ranch; grapes; whole wheat baguette slices; table water crackers; hummus; meats (roast beef, low fat salami, turkey, ham); kalamata and green olives; muenster and provolone cheese; red and white wine; and water.  I had a plate, and snacked some on top of that, after we were done.  Not sure what the caloric intake was here, but I didn’t eat until full. 


The only thing I didn’t eat some of was the broccoli and cauliflower.  I really don’t like raw broc (other than slaw!) or cauliflower in general.  Yesterday on Erin’s blog I forgot to mention one of the nastos I eat sometimes has been ranch dressing.  I hadn’t had it for a long time until tonight.  I used to love it on my fries at Red Robin :O  That cheese was so creamy and good, esp. the provolone.  Some of the grapes were HUGE–so much fun!

We chatted with Alex, the presenter at our seminar (we invite wholesalers to present topics and just do a brief opening and closing ourselves), and then headed out to get Lily at my mom’s.  She was so cute tearing around when we got there; she loves to run around on the deck outside between Chris and I. 

I am tired, it is 11, and I think I’m going to jump into bed!  Yay for Friday nearly being here, and for the weekend ahead.  Hope you all had a good day, and yes, today was much better than yesterday for me 🙂