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Sabra ain’t got nuttin’ on me! August 9, 2009

Inspired by this wonderful blog today, I bought some canned garbonzos at the store and whipped up a quick and easy batch of hummus tonight.  This was my first batch in a real food processor–so easy and the results are great!  I used one can of ‘zos, some of their liquid, olive oil, garlic powder, cumin, red pepper flakes, salt, Nature’s Seasons, toasted sesame seeds, and a touch of vinegar (no lemon juice on hand).  Yum-yum-yummy! I ate a small serving with half of a toasted whole wheat pita.100_1029

During dinner outside at Fajitas, I looked up and saw this cloud…it kind of looks like a duck!


Today I finally got new shoes.  My footsies have been hurting a bit when working out, so I stopped by Portland Running Co. and had the assistance of a knowledgable expert in selecting my new shoes.  Turns out that I overpronate, and these babies are more supportive toward the arch to help prevent that.  The guy also recommended that I go up a half size to allow more room for my feet to expand while working out.  Say what?!  Go up to a size 10?!  Oy vey…watch out for my massive feet! 


I know it has been a long time since I posted regularly, and there are lots of things I’ve done and eats I’ve had in that time frame.  My eating was off for about two weeks, and has been back to almost “normal” for about a week now.  I’m not consuming as much fruit and veg as I had been, but I think I’ll be back there soon. 

Today’s lunch: egg/eggwhite omelette with broc, carrot, tomato, red bell pepp, avocado, and some cheddar.  The cheese was an impulse add…not necessary.  1/2 of a whole wheat burger bun toasted with some Smart Balance Light.  Excellent!


Peach marionberry pie from Lee Farms after dinner at my dad’s last night.  Mmmmmm.   I visited the Lee Farms store with my daddy-o and also got some marionberry doughnuts :0 


This past Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend a blogger meet up with Andrea, Sarah, and Nate.  So much fun!  We all had a blast talking about food, life, blogs, and more.  Considering I’d never met Sarah or Nate we all chatted like chums and shared a great evening together.  Thanks, guys!  Lookin forward to more blogger misbehavin! 🙂


(L to R: Andrea, Nate, Sarah)

At one point Sarah said something that struck me–she pictured that I was not as fit/healthy as I am from the way I speak about myself on the blog.  This confirmed for me that my negative body image comes out more than I realize, and that I need to be more positive about the progress I’ve made.  I’m glad she said something, cuz otherwise I probably would have continued being a negative nelly.  Thanks for being so honest and open, Sarah!  I appreciate it greatly 🙂 

I finally tried banana soft serve yesterday.  It was good, but for some reason I pictured it not tasting so banana-y.  Yeah, I know, it’s made from bananas, but still.  Good stuff, tho!  I bought some super dark chocolate and thought of mixing in some gratings next time.


Pancakes!  Don’t get too excited, I’m using up a box of Bisquick.  I doctored up the mix with ground flaxseed, and cinnamon, then topped ’em with a little SB Light and real maple syrup.


About a week earlier I enjoyed the blueberry version of these:


While Erin was in town I had all sorts of drama going on, but we finally managed to have a lunch date at Blossoming Lotus.  I enjoyed a Mediterranean wrap with cashew hummus, cucumber, kalamata olives, lettuce, tomato, and I had them add avocado.  So good!  I think Erin was jealous of my burrito butt 😉  Hehe!


If you ever get the chance to hang out with Erin–DO IT!  This wonderful lady has been a glowing presence in my life for over ten years, and I don’t know where I’d be without her.  Seriously.  She is such a good listener, counselor, partner in silly crime, domestic diva, and a hundred other fabu things.  And she’s gorgeous 😉 I love her to death!  Miss you love pie!

While my aunt was in town I made a yummy dessert inspired by June’s Gourmet Magazine.  I cooked some blueberries and maple syrup together, stirred in a little lemon juice, whipped up some cream with more maple syrup, and crushed some ginger snaps.  Those were all layered in some cute dishes and topped with some fresh blues.  Yum!


Let’s see…what else shall I post for you…

My bee house has residents!  See the blocked holes?  A bee carefully sealed those holes and someday soon I’m sure we’ll see baby bees emerge.  (I actually have no idea what will happen…this is the first year I’ve had a bee house.)


On the way to the blogger meetup the other night I popped into Dave’ Killer Bread Healthy Bread Store to pick up some surprise goodies for us all.  I picked up Sin Dawgs and Ginger Meltaway Cookies.  Oh. So. Good.  Turns out Andrea also stopped by there on the way!  Great minds think alike 😉  We all made out like bandits with Dave’s goodies that night, and I’m still working on the Sin Dawg (pictured below).


Whoa, this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta looks intense!  Lots of fights and yelling.  May be too much d-d-d-drama for me!

Since this blog isn’t exactly a progressive sensical stream of thoughts, let’s review some other random goodness:

-The Food Network has a show called “What Would Brian Boitano Make” coming out soon.  Does this call up crazy South Park memories for anyone!?  “What would Brian Boitano do…” (sing it!)

-Velveeta was invented by Kraft in 1928 as a convenient way to have “cheese” when most people didn’t have iceboxes.  In 1953 they created Cheez Whiz, and in 1966 EZ Cheese came on the scene.  Aren’t you glad you know these facts now?!  Some people make brownies with Velveeta in them (a moistening secret).  Ew. 

-Did you spill your glass of cola on the floor?  No worries, just grab the Smart Mop, clean it up, and “in these tough times wring it back into the glass and it’s ready to drink all over again.”  How economical!

-I might be moving!  Finally!  Don’t want to jinx anything, but I’ll keep you posted as details develop.  I hate living in the SE Portland metro area, and yearn to be back in SW Portland like none other.

-The IKEA catalog arrived in the mail yesterday.  It’s the paper form of crack, I tell ya.

-I only get B.O. when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time.  No amount of working out or sweating releases the odor, but the sun does it 100% of the time, deodorant or no.  Have you noticed this before? 

-This post is getting long.  Time to wrap it up!



I went to the gym! November 8, 2008

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Brace yourselves, people, I actually got off my arse and went to the gym today!!  Over the last week I have been checking out details about my local 24HourFitness’ classes, and the yoga and pilates selections piqued my interest.  I haven’t received my 24Hour membership voucher from Costco yet, so I downloaded a free 7 day pass online!!  Imagine that, I was actually MOTIVATED enough to be proactive and figure out how I could get to the gym today. 

Last night I kept thinking about heading to the gym, and this morning I wasn’t positive I would go, but at like 9:30 I decided to go for it and head to the 10 o’clock pilates class. The membership people were kind enough to not bore me with details when I got there. I headed upstairs, jumped on a the elliptical to warm up for a few minutes, and headed on in to the studio for my first pilates sesh in like 4 years.  I know, you say, “what are you thinking diving in to pilates right away??!!” but it worked out well (no pun intended!).  I was careful not to overdo it, stuck to basic versions of all the moves, and listened to my body so as not to hurt myself.  That hour flew by, and it did help me feel energized and accomplished 🙂

So, back downstairs I went, stopping in the ladies room to wash the hands along the way.  Touching things in the gym makes me feel pretty germy, and although I’m not obsessive about germs I felt the need to wash the hands.  I was also curious to see how much I weigh, but the scale in the ladies room was broken!  I’m guessing I’m somewhere around 155, but my scale at home is an crappy old spring scale that is totally inaccurate.  Oh well, I’ll use the scale upstairs at the gym next time.  [side note…the gym was PACKED TO THE MAX!  I got a little nervous about walking around in front of everyone with my ass ga-donk-a-donking around, but then I actually felt rather anonymous and un-spectacle-like because of the crowd.  Everyone is there to get fit, right, no matter what they look like 🙂 ]

Off I went to meet with David in membership, and get the schpiel about how I need to do personal training to make sure I get results and work out efficiently.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the value of paying someone for specific, tailored advice, but I just don’t know if I want to hire a personal trainer for like $55/hour just to walk me though the target heartrate calculation, diet evaluation, and exercise techniques I’m pretty familiar with.  I’m kind of in the zone of creating my routine and executing it on my own for now, but we’ll see what happens.  So, David mentioned the “Biggest Loser” promo of 5-25minute sessions for about $100.  This sounds like a much better deal to me, and we’ll see if I end up pursuing it.  Sounds like a great Christmas gift (hint, hint to the fam).

I headed out and realized I was getting overly hungry, as I did not eat anything this morning.  That is a HORRIBLE habit I’ve gotten into over the last 4 years–not eating breakfast.  I love breakfast though, but usually I’m a bit lazy and don’t want to take the time to make something.  Now I’m going to make it a point to eat some breakfast every day, even if it is just a Clif Nectar bar (love those!) or some fruit…just something to get the metabolism going and fuel my morning. 

At first I thought I’d make some whole wheat French toast with syrup from Megan’s wedding, but then got a hankerin’ for something savory and made scrambled eggs with feta and kalamata olives in a reduced fat heart healthy tortilla.  One thing I noticed about these tortillas is they’re rather bitter unless I heat them up thoroughly, so here’s the pic of my little friend warming in the pan with his guts going along for the ride.  It was yummy!  I also had the rest of my Fuji apple from yesterday’s lunch.


So here I sit, mid-day Saturday, feeling accomplished and good about getting to the gym today.  I may go tomorrow, too, and try out the yoga class at 10.  We’ll see!

One last topic before I go for the day:  body image.  I have described myself as fat throughout my site, and I should probably describe what I mean by it.  To me “fat” does not mean incredibly overweight, it means having too much body fat and feeling too soft.  I’m sick of having my stomach fold over itself (or my pants!), seeing muffin top sprawl out of my low jeans, and watching my body jiggle as I move around.  I don’t like how I look in the few clothes I have left that fit, and most of what I see when I look in the mirror is the pockets of fat that bulge from, roll over, or stretch out my clothing.  No, no, I don’t have a totally negative body image, but I miss feeling svelte and being able to sit down without having the stomach runneth over the waistband.  I feel less beautiful than I should, and I know that by improving my fitness I will ultimately be improving my body image, body composition, and perception of my beauty 🙂

Thanks for reading!  Let’s finish with a question:  what makes you feel beautiful?  Please leave a comment or answer so I know you were here!   Have a great day!