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B-b-b-beach, biotch! January 5, 2009

I’ve had that title in my head all day since leaving the beach.  The rhyming was quite catchy to me.

Chris and I just got back late this afternoon from our weekend on the northern Oregon coast, and it was nice to be in a beautiful place with no computer for a few days 🙂  Lily Bird had a great time, and I have TONS of pics of her, the beach, food, etc. 

Back to Friday then…Chris and I opted for a quick lunch, and you’ll never believe where we went:  McDonald’s!  I had a grilled chicken BLT, minus the tomato and bacon, with ketchup added.  In other words, bun, chicken, lettuce, tiny bit of ranch, and ketchup.


We headed on down to the coast, taking the longer, lower-elevation route on Hwy. 30 along the Columbia River.  It was pretty, and snowing for quite awhile, but not slippery thankfully.  Here’s Lily looking out the window as we drove over the Youngs Bay Bridge in Astoria. She walked into the picture but it was perfect!


I knew it would be really cold at the beach, but I didn’t expect to see sleet/snow on the sand and in some places around town! 


We had a little stop over at the McMenamin’s Sand Trap right across from the hotel before heading to dinner.  I had tea in order to save calories since I knew the eats would be good with Erin and her family.


The evening at Erin’s was so fun!!  We had dinner, played games, had yummy nibbles and wines, caught up on lots of things, sat by the fire…


Roasted chicken, edamame/white bean/ herb/celery salad, nummy bread with butter.  We had a Tyrus Evans Pinot Noir, and sparkling water, with this.


A plate of desserts: chocolate oatmeal cookies, cheesecake bites, shortbread cookies, meringues, peanut butter cookies…. I had at least 6 pcs.  And a few glasses of champagne.


From left:  Megan, me, Erin, and Jack.  Chris was taking the photo–thanks, honey!  I’m so glad we spent a long time over there and were able to relax, play, eat, and laugh a lot.  I love Erin and miss her a lot while she’s away.  I often suck as a friend b/c I don’t pick up the phone  much, so blogging has really been a fun way to stay connected more.  Thanks again for all the fun, sweetie!

Saturday morning Chris and I planned on going to breakfast “early,” but by 9 I was hungry and still waiting for the man to get ready, so I had half of a really ripe nana with some Barney Butter, warmed in the micro.  Not quite white I had hoped for (nana’s taste was too sweet for me), but still good.


The view I had while eating. Love it.

We went to McKeown’s in Seaside for a late breakfast, and it was quite tasty.  I was in the mood for a variety of things, so I had the Lite Breakfast (one egg, potatoes, fruit), one buttermilk pancake, and half of the scone/bread sampler they bring for starters.  And coffee with cream.  Mmmmmm.


[can’t access page 2 of my media library; check back for more pics]

Afterward we walked around Seaside with LB for awhile, strolling north and south on the boardwalk, and stopping to get some salt water taffy.  If I don’t get taffy while I’m there from Phillip’s on Broadway I just don’t feel like my trip is complete.  I got a mixed 1/2 lb. (didn’t sound like so much when ordering it…) of vanilla, peppermint, butter, and cinnamon.  So yummy!  Basically insert a few pcs. of taffy in between most meals for the rest of the weekend…it would have been hard to photograph each piece I ate 😉

When we got back we went for a long walk on the beach with Lily.  We let her off the leash and she was lovin’ it– tearing around, sniffing to her heart’s desire, and meeting a few other doggies.  She did splash in the waves a bit, and didn’t seem phased at all by the freezing water.  She ran and ran and ran and ran, and was quite tired when we got back to the room.  I had to bathe her tho, since she smelled like sea water and had sand all over.

Chris and I then had some French red wine while putting together this puzzle.  At first Chris wasn’t that interested in it, but then he got in on the puzzling action and helped me complete it.


We decided to eat at McMenamin’s for dinner, and I had the veggie pizza.  It wasn’t quite cooked enough (not scalding hot and crust not as crispy as it could have been) but it still tasted good at least.


We headed back to the room and played a game of chess, then opened the cava and I had a snack.  Fuji with a wedge of LCL. 


I was soooo tired from not sleeping very well Friday night, and I pooped out right after we started watching “When Harry Met Sally.”  I did sleep better last night, but still woke up a lot. 

This morning (Sunday) I knew we weren’t going out for breakfast, so I got up around 8:30, took the LB out, and had the oatmeal I’d prepped Friday night.  As I ate it I realized I forgot the raisins in it, but didn’t care enough to get up and add them in.


You’ll never guess what Chris and Lily did last night and this morning on the couch:  snuggle!!  Chris doesn’t let Lily up on the couch, but since we were on vacation he tried it out.  They were so cute together!


We packed up and headed out around noon, again driving through Astoria.  We stopped for lunch at the Cannery Cafe.  I had clam chowder and panini with olives, tomato, and cheese.  Everything was pretty rich and tasty; this was my last meal in vacation mode, so I went out with a fatty bang.  :shocked:


The restaurant is on a pier with a lookout, so afterward we got LB out of the car and looked around for a few minutes.  It. was. so. cold.  After 5 minutes and a few pictures we got back in the car and drove on home.

It started snowing right after we arrived at the house!  Not a lot of accumulation, but pretty 🙂 Of course Chris was thinking of going to Fajitas for dinner, but I had visions of working out in my head so I vowed not to get stuffed, and not to drink alcohol.  I had a Diet Coke, and a soft chicken taco with pickled jalapenos.  Tasty and perfectly filling without being too full. 


Then I remembered about La Casa, and drank half of it. 


After this I went to 24 Hour Fitness and cranked out a nice leg workout, some abs, and some cardio.  After a chat with Erin and Andrea last week I took their advice and switched up the workout a bit.  I did Smith machine leg presses, and dead lifts, instead of just the usual machines.  Yay!  I forgot how great the dead lifts are, and I prefer the Smith machine over a stack machine any day.  (Why did I wait til now to integrate it?)  Cardio was 1/2 an hour of elliptical intervals, and then I was done.

I went to the grocery store, cleaned some house, and had a small snack of mostly ff cc.


Honestly, I was trying to deny myself a snack b/c of all the bad eats I had this weekend, but then I got real and realized I needed some food.  This was a perfect snacky-poo for yours truly.

Now I sit here, blogging away for what seems like hours on end, and I should totally head to bed.  I’ll try again to add in page 2 of my pics tomorrow. 

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Yay for weekends!!  Can’t wait til the next one is here 😉  How ’bout you?