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Produce pact August 24, 2009

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Over the last month or two my produce intake has fallen from a roarin’ presence daily to piddly eatins some days.  My energy, skin, fitness, and mood have suffered.  Granted there are a million factors that could be contributing to these last items, but I really think not taking in as much produce is a huge part of it.  I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of not getting all my nutrients from beautiful produce, suffering from cravings as a result, and eating not-so-great food choices. 

I have committed to increasing my intake this week, and have the fridge full of freshly washed and prepped produce to back me up.  I had betta eat it, cuz I hate throwin it away!

Here’s some of the week’s eats:

Yes, I had another Tagalong Blizzard!  Dangerous!

I managed to get to the gym three times last week, I think…maybe two.  I have GOT to get on the weight training wagon again and focus on abs, ass, triceps, lats, inner thighs.  Now that I’ve lost all the weight I want to, I’d like to get a little more cut and firm. 

The last few weeks I’ve been in a totally poopy mood a lot of the time, but I think the cloud is lifting now 🙂 

Not sure what else to say now so off I go!  Later bloggies!


And Somehow things Improve August 17, 2009

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Tonight I’m trying out Windows Live Writer; saw it on Miss Bender’s blog and thought is sounded nifty.  Loving it so far!  I really like that while I type the layout looks just like my blog, not just typing in some window without any frame of reference.  It also does spell check while you type!  Only thing I can’t figure out is getting the post to be sticky without having to go in manually on WordPress to do it.

I’ve mentioned a few times how I’ve been in a bit of a funk and listless.  Today was not much better—I slept like shit (undoubtedly from the shit I put in my body yesterday), and was just not in to anything this morning.  But, it all turned around when I took my car in for a service and was given this beauty to drive:


Amen!  The demons have been exorcised!  Amazing how driving a fun car with the top down on a sunny day improves your spirits 🙂  Yee-haw!  This lil’ beauty is a 2008 BMW 128i, convertible obv.  So fun, so easy, so free spirited.  Just what I needed 😉  I love you Jerry (my Rasmussen Service Advisor)!!!

I didn’t do a whole lotta workin’ today.  Instead, I took my tired, yet enthused, ass home early and went for a quick, super sweaty cardio date with the stairmill.  I didn’t eat breakfast today; Skinny Bitch was in my head, telling me to wait until I was really hungry to eat.  That was at 11:30 or so, and was just strawberries and cherries.  I also had a nectarine before I worked out.

Lunch was another story.  I was hungry, but I ate too fast, and had a little heartburn as a result.  It was worth it, tho 😉  1/2 a whole wheat pita stuffed with Romaine, avocado, shredded carrot, sliced grape tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, Nature’s Seasons, and Sabra hummus.  (I would insert a pic, but I’m too lazy to get the camera cord out.  I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera and the pic is on the internal memory.)  Yum!

I followed that up with the other half of the pita, and the rest of the Sabra.  Since the hummus is going fast, I opted to make a batch of it for the week ahead.  Westbrae garbanzos, Nature’s Seasons, cumin seed, toasted sesame seeds, olive oil, ‘zo juice, dash of vinegar, salt, garlic powder and pine nuts.  Mmmmmmy.


Let’s try out this Windows Live album thing, shall we?

View 8-17-09 convertible fun

Um, yeah, that’s a DQ Blizzard at  the end.  I was driving all over town to have fun in the car, and somehow ended up at DQ.  This time I got a Doggy Cone for Lily, and a Tagalong Blizzard for myself.  Oh. my. god.  That was one helluva treat!  So tasty, so naughty, and so completely unnecessary 😐 

I put that on top of dinner tonight, which was a burrito at Fajitas.  I kind of got sick of burritos awhile back, and now I’m rather sick of everything else, so a burrito sounded good again.  Vegetables, rice, whole beans, verde sauce, olives, jalapenos.


Hm, what else do I have to share with you?  Yes, that is a trailer full of shitters there in the middle.  Too much to pass up taking a pic!

View 8-17-09 random

Off I go to be a library geek and check the status of my books on hold.  Skinny Bitch only held me over for two days!  What’s a girl to do? 😉


Winter wonderland [edited to incl. food photos] December 14, 2008

Hello everyone!  Hope your weekend ended well.  Somehow I have a feeling that mine is not over since there was a bit of a blizzard here today, and it isn’t supposed to be above freezing for a few days.  Living ~18 miles from work makes me not-so-inclined to brave the snow and drive on two busy freeways in a rear wheel drive car without studs or chains.  Know what I mean?

The snow started this morning sometime after 6, and I think we got about 4 inches here at my house!  Wow!  There’s not a lot of snowfall here during the winters, and this is supposedly one of the worst storms we’ve seen in over a decade.  Four inches of snow is that bad, you ask?  For Portland it is; I know it’s nothing compared to the feet of snow that fall in many places. 

Anyhow, good thing I prepped my nummy oats last night because I needed something to warm me up after playing outside with Lily for awhile.  I had ~1/3 cup steel cut oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, tbsp raisins, tsp slivered almonds, cinnamon, and a spoon of almond butter once heated.  Not sure I’m diggin’ this almond butter b/c of the texture/taste combo; may have to splurge and go for the Barney Butter.


Alrighty, so moving on then.  I had a late morning snack of a pumpkin banana spice muffin with some Smart Balance Light.  I ate this while gazing out the window admiring the accumulating snow.


I was a tad down for some reason, but felt better after a nice hot shower.  I fixed lunch for Chris and myself, first making him an omelette with the freaky double yolked eggs.  All three of the eggs for his omelette, and the one for my wrap, had double yolks!!  Seriously, this is bazaar.  Has anyone else ever had a whole dozen eggs be double yolked???


My lunch was a Flatout light wrap with 1 wedge Laughing Cow Light, one scrambled egg, a few slices of deli ham, a few sliced kalamata olives, and a handful of spinach.  I had a sidecar of lf/ff cottage cheese 🙂  This was tasty, but almost too much so.  I didn’t need that many olives since the cheese and ham gave the wrap a salty kick already.  But, it was still good, and I like the wraps. 

Chris built a fire, I blogged, we played outside some, and eventually I had a snack–another muffin.  I ate this one alone, no accompaniment.  After eating it I thought I should have added another banana or more applesauce for more moisture in the recipe, perhaps. 


Dinner time rolled around and I decided to make sauteed chicken breasts with peppers and onions, and mashed potatoes.  I added cottage cheese to the mashed potatoes!  I know, I’m a cc freak these days….  It was good; only bad thing was the potatoes weren’t quite done and were a little watery, but the taste was still good 🙂


We enjoyed the fire more, I tried to play with Lily in the dark (still relatively bright b/c of the snow!), and decided I needed to do some yoga.  I searched on YouTube, found a few videos to try, and got in maybe 20 minutes of yoga.  Lily seriously did a few downward dog poses with me!  She came up while I was on the mat in that pose, and did her version of the pose twice.  So cute!  Doing the yoga, and Lily’s participation made me feel good 🙂

I got hungry around 8, and had an Erin-inspired snack:  yogurt with a muffin in it.  I used Dannon Light & Fit vanilla, another of my muffins, some raisins, and a little almond butter.  Yummy!!!


We watched Dexter at 9–so good!  I’m sad I missed the whole season but for the last 3 episodes.  Californication was on afterward, and that was a riot, too.  I had a spoonful of almond butter when Dexter was on…hehe.


I think I’m going a little stir crazy, and probably will be there for sure tomorrow if I can’t get out safely to exercise or something.

Sorry my post is so boring and almost anti-exciting tonight. [Yay, I was able to add pics!]

Off I go to let the pup out one more time and prep my oats.  Stay warm and sleep tight!