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Helllooooo there!!!!!! February 3, 2011

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How about a posty post for the heck of it?   A little love from Erin helped me 🙂  I really miss blogging, but life has changed around a bit since I moved and don’t have internet access at home, nor do I have time to really do great posts at work.

How about some updates? Forgive the lack of photos, but I’m at work and lazy and don’t want to take the time. 

A) After my successful Quest To Be Fit, I should have started the Quest to Remain Fit.  Remaining healthy is the biggest challenge for me, how about you?  Can you stick with eating well and exercise through thick and thin?  Or do you fall off like I do?  I fell off, gained back a few pounds, plumped up the cellulite, and now need to kick the old arse into shape within 5.5 weeks for Spring Break. 

I) Chris, Lily, and I are all doing well,  and we are still loving our new house and neighborhood. 

U) I can’t help getting on the toning shoes bandwagon.  LOLZ!  These babies caught my eye:  What about you, have you bought any toning shoes? Felt/seen any difference?  I just got mine yesterday, so we’ll see how they do tomorrow at the gym.

E) My uncle is engaged!  Totally random news for y’all, but exciting for the family 🙂

O) Random occurrence of last year: one of our cars was stolen!  Worst part about it was losing my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. sunglasses, but best part was that I got more than I paid for my car from insurance, and I got to actually choose a newer car (rather than being given an opporutnity to buy a family hand-me-down with colors I wouldn’t have chosen).  Vroom vroom!

Can you figure out how I titled each update?  Not quite our vowels, but something similar…Let me give you a hint: “konichiwa!”

Peace out loves, hope you’re all well!


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