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The death of Gourmet :( October 5, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kersten @ 11:10 am

There was a horrid news story on Yahoo Finance today… Chris called and left me a message with the bad news, and I wasn’t prepared for it to be the loss of Gourmet! 😦 The oldest food magazine in our country goes kaput, a victim of fallen ad revenue.

I love Gourmet magazine with a passion, and look forward to receiving it every month and poring over it like 10 times. The photography, writing, and recipes are always fabulous. I especially love how there aren’t any words on the front–just beautiful, glorious pictures.

I’m feeling a little lost…what is a girl to do without her Gourmet!?!? I’ve kept every issue since I first subscribed about 5 years ago. I suppose I’ll always have those for the fond memories….


One Response to “The death of Gourmet :(”

  1. I totally thought of you when I read about it!

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