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The price of gluttony July 10, 2009

Yesterday was a food fest that I’d rather forget about.  But I can’t.  I consciously ate to excess and paid the price–I could hardly sleep last night.  A picture post is to follow; for now I will detail my gluttony.


Started out innocently enough, with a hearty bowl of oatmeal and fruit.  Ended up with me drinking excessive coffee all morning.


I knew I was in for it as soon as my mom said “The Original Pancake House” as her birthday lunch choice.  Going in I was okay with overeating a bit since eating there is a rare treat, but once at the table I couldn’t control myself and “overeating a bit” turned into not being able to put the fork down.  In the presence of the Green Chile Omelette (we subbed in sharp white cheddar for the pepperjack–OMG!) and the Apple Pancake I kept finding my fork travelling from mouth to plate to mouth to plate to mouth… the flavor sensations of the cinnamony, sweet pancake were to die for, and the fluffy, creamy omelette was sensational.  What was a girl to do???  Keep eating and wash it down with more coffee 😐  I felt a bit guilty about overeating, but at least I wasn’t so full that I felt ill.


Another business function at Andina Restaurant in the Pearl led to consumption of two glasses of wine, and:

CHICHARRSN DE LANGOSTINOS crispy golden prawns studded with quinoa, served with huacatay-peanut sauce

HONGOS SALTADOS  wild mountain mushrooms wok-fried with onions, tomatoes, soy sauce, garlic, and ajm, served with Yukon Gold “papas fritas” and garlic rice

creamy goat cheese and lemon cake, served with fresh seasonal berries laced with basil and habanero

and some of Chris’  MOUSSE DE VALLE Y SELVA a tiered semi-freddo of velvety lucuma and espresso mousses, chocolate ganache, and crushed cocoa nib meringue, served with espresso shortbread.

Holy shit, I ate too much, and it was not nearly as satisfying and tasty as lunch.  I ate only one of the prawns, and it totally wasn’t worth it.  Our waiter asked me if I wanted to skip them since I told him I was vegetarian, but I got them for Chris.  The main dish was good, but nothing spectacular, and the Flan was quite yummy (I only ate half), but I found myself nearly licking out Chris’ mousse glass.


Yes, there was another postre!  We went to pick up Lily, and I had a slice of cake from Helen Bernhard Bakery.  It was pink champage cake with raspberry French cream filling, and vanilla French cream frosting.  To. Die. For.  But, more than this gluttonous biotch needed!  Ack!

This incredible combination of rich eats, sweets, wine, and what not left me kinda grumpy last night, and really tired.  I mean, I was tired from a lack of sleep, too, but I think the food made me drag.  I fell alseep for a few hours, then tossed and turned for many more.  Was there a lot of caffeine in those cocoa nibs or the espresso shortbread? I thought of getting up to go workout finally, but that didn’t happen.

Today my sweet tooth has kicked in since I ate all that sweet stuff yesterday.  Eating crap leads to wanting to eat more crap and so on in a vicious cycle, no?  One of my colleagues brought in Voodoo Doughnuts today–damn him!  I have successfully avoided them but for taking a picture to share with you later, as tonight is another feast in celebration of my mom’s birthday.  This time at The Chart House.   I called ahead and the only vegetarian dinner they have is pasta marinara or something like that; sounds fine by me.  I hope to do better with the volume of my eats, and hold off on dessert in favor of having more cake at my mom’s afterward 😉

If this post has made you crave unhealthy food or given you the desire to go stuff your face, perhaps my last words will deter that–Chris said the house smelled like I shit my pants last night from my gas.  That’s right, the house, not just the bedroom.  Aw, thanks, honey.  Ain’t that sweet?  I guess I expelled this lovely odor during the few hours while I actually slept, cause nothing was a rumblin’ before I hit the hay, or after I woke up.  But(t), apparently that mix of eats was lethal!

With those fine thoughts I leave you to ponder your Friday afternoon/evening. I’ll probably be back later to post pics of most of the above, along with today’s eats.  Chow!  Ciao!


2 Responses to “The price of gluttony”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Do we get a picture of your food baby too? 🙂
    Those eats sound hella worth it to me!

  2. carolinebee Says:

    hahahah, thank the lord i’m not married that’s all i have to say 😀

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