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Butternut, why do thee hate me? July 8, 2009

I’ve been uber frustrated the last three times I’ve made butternut squash chips–they don’t turn out like the crispy gems I’ve come to love.  Rather, they are a bit floppy and just not quite right.  I ran out of my canola oil spray and switched to olive oil spray; perhaps that is the culprit?  But tonight I didn’t really use spray (just a touch on the pan) and I still had issues.  Makes me wanna give up!  The only other change I’ve made is not nuking the squash for quite as long before peeling and slicing.  Is that my problem?  We shall investigate next time…

This blogger has been a cranky bitch the last few days, and has eaten erratically (or so it felt like).  I’ve eaten just to eat, gone for frozen yogurt quite a bit, and haven’t been satisfied at times.  I’m not sure what is up, but mentally things have been a little tougher and that has contributed to my issues. 

Notes of the last three days:

  • I visited WinCo Foods for the first time in like 20 years.  What a trip!  They are a bargain grocer and also have some household items and toiletries.  Of course while I was there they had put away all the produce and bulk goods to clean the floor 😐
  • Get ur ass boobs to Target to pick up a fabulous Champion sports bra for $12.99 (thru Saturday)!!  Two styles to choose from, like 15 colors, and both are super comfy.  The girls are in love!
  • Chris modeled my Mexican Ropa Vieja salad for the camera.  That icky looking thing in the middle is a fried jalapeno–ay, ay, ay…muy picosa!
  • Raspberries from Costco = heavenly add to this week’s produce 🙂
  • Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and it marks the beginning of three to four days of eating out too many times for various reasons.
  • I’ve worked out twice this week, three times if you include tennis on Sunday.  Already 200-300% better than last week!
  • The walls of my office are still naked and stark–I can’t commit to any art, picture, tapestry, or otherwise. 😐  Perhaps a trip to Ikea Saturday can cure that 😉
  • This week has flown by!!  Yee-haw!! Oh, wait, tomorrow’s only Thursday.  Grrr.
  • I finally bought avocados at Costco.  As Andrea noted, they are up to $1.50 each, but that is better than what the price has been at Freddy’s for the large Hass variety. 

Gotta love the gallery 😉



One Response to “Butternut, why do thee hate me?”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Ok, seriously. When are we getting together? Last weekend was cray-zay getting the house on the market, but that’s over and now I’m a free woman.
    I’m with you on butternut squash – i’ve given up 🙂

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