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The hidden truth July 1, 2009

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I’ve now been eating a vegetarian diet for about two months, but I admit I have not been that great at making sure some things I consume are not animal sourced.  Some examples:

  • are those beans/rice/tortillas made with lard? animal broth?
  • is there gelatin in this dessert?
  • does that calcium pill have gelatin?
  • does this dish have fish sauce in it?

Recently I’ve been studying my nutrition to determine if I should take multi-vitamin, calcium, and/or other supplements.  I’ve also been checking out supplements as I visit the store or browse online, and I am shocked by how many supplements contain gelatin and fish/shellfish sourced ingredients, even some that claim to be vegetarian or for vegetarians.

From what I’ve calculated in my daily nutrition, I think I’m lacking  in many things across the board 😦  I’ve never been a believer in vitamins and most supplements, and if I get on a kick of taking something I don’t usually stick with it that long.  I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on supplements, esp. since my increased produce intake has already upped the food bill, so I’ve set out to find a good vitamin that seems like a good value. 

Today I found these: Deva Vegan Tiny Tablets, and I’m thinking of giving them a whir.  I’m also considering calcium and B vitamin supplements, especially since I have “cracky teeth” and sometimes think my energy has waned during the last few months. 

But, I also wonder about taking a liquid vitamin, like Nature’s Way, and a chewable calcium tab in an effort to ingest more of the nutrition. (Hard pills may not break down in the gut and can just be shat out nearly whole!  Our bodies don’t absorb most of the pills we take, including pharmaceuticals, which is factored into dosing of pharmaceuticals but not supplements/vitamins.) Again, I’m rather blown away by some of the ingredients in the chewables…except for these, but dayum, they’re expensive!!

Any thoughts for me on vegetarian/vegan supplements? vitamins?

How ’bout some pics now?  A gallery of my top 8 pics, including:

  • vanilla soft serve ice cream dipped in chocolate from Dairy Queen!  it sounded good and was  I was very satisfied with this treat 🙂
  • wildflowers in bloom!
  • blueberry tea
  • my first library book in like 20 years

This bitch is outta here!  I didn’t work out yesterday or today 😦  Boo.  I may get up early to get in a nice workout…but it’s already 11 so we’ll see how that goes. 



5 Responses to “The hidden truth”

  1. carolinebee Says:

    haha i like how you’re cheersing with the DQ cones!

  2. Are those french fries? Damn I have been jonesing for some good fries for a long time.

    I take a multivitamine, vit E pill, and flax cap. The flax I can nix after this bottle is gone because I get flax in my breakfast so I’m golden. Of course this is me assuming. 😉

    Since you still take in cheese and yogurt and things like that, do you think you get enough calcium from those? I ask only because I do the same thing. With the dairy I eat, I’m hoping that gives me enough calcium. I’m reluctant to take in extra calcium via a supplement because those can build up in the body whereas natural sources, if taken too much you’ll just eliminate via waste. Ah decisions! 🙂

  3. Andrea Says:

    Dipped DQ cone…drool.
    I think it’s important to get high quality vitamins so that you’re not wasting your time and money. I take a Vitamin D (a must for us NWers) and a calcium pill at the recommendation of my doctor. I don’t take a multi, and I never have – I just think it would be too much of everything 🙂
    We need to get together soon!

  4. I’ve been working the morning shift this ENTIRE week, and while I love it, I don’t wanna wake up the woman by doing my Jillian vids before 6am, hahahhahaha. I love being off early, but I’d rather close so I can work out & go tanning!

  5. Erin Says:

    I checked out those vitamins you mentioned and they look great! It’s so had to know if we need them or not, right? I stopped taking a multi this year but sometimes I worry about myself! 😉
    I’m coming home on the 17th! Clear your calendar! Hehehehe joking, kinda!

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