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Father’s Day Feasting June 22, 2009

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Sunday was a glorious day of food–nothing too heavy, most things just right, and several new things.  I wrote down something to get my dad for Father’s Day, then couldn’t remember where I put it the note or what it was all week long.  Oh well, my daddy still enjoyed me cooking up a feast for him 🙂

The Quick’n’Dirty special:

  • Red Robin now has a ‘natural’ burger on their menu–no cheese, crazy toppers, sauces, or other flair–just a bun and veg on the side.  I ordered mine with a Boca patty and gave it a good squirt of ketchup 😉
  • Lily likes to surf in my car–she puts her front feet up on the armrest between the front sead and stands with her big ol’ body there, looking out the windshield, leaning in turns and everything.  Crazy girl! (Safety note:  I’m a bad dog mom and don’t harness her in the car 😦  I don’t let her stand up in the car when I go fast.)
  • Salmon just isn’t for me.  No matter how I try it, the strong fishy taste just doesn’t do it for me. 
  • Berries = love 🙂
  • In laws sometimes = suck.  First thing out of Chris’ mom’s mouth was, “You look tired, Chris. And you, too, Kersten.”  My reply was, “Thanks for the compliment.  Nice to see you too.”  Zing. 
  • Grilled corn taken off the cob + herbs + olive oil + toasted walnuts + goat cheese = crazy good corn salad.  MMmmmmm!
  • Lee Berry Farms strawberry rhubarb pie….’nuf said!
  • I love my dad 🙂 

2 Responses to “Father’s Day Feasting”

  1. carolinebee Says:

    Ha i was expecting a pic of u flicking off the camera, Tired?? F*** THAT!

  2. Leila Says:

    the corn salad sounds great!

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