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You’ll never believe… June 10, 2009

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…where I found my keys.  I looked high and low, asked security and property management, scoured the house and car, and then today found them IN MY PURSE.  Yes, you read correctly, they were never lost to begin with.  WTF?? I was shocked to pull them out of the side pocket of my smallish purse today, and cannot believe I somehow missed them after looking through it like five times over the last three days.  WTF?, I say again.  Oh well, I guess at least I found them and don’t have to change the house locks.  I feel like a total do-do though!

Breakfast today was a staple with some new add ins–steel cut oats with honey, frozen mixed berries, soy protein, ground flax, cinnamon, and soy milk.  Coffee with Silk vanilla creamer on the side.

Yes, I know, soy soy soy, but I’ve got the stuff and plan to use it up.  I’ve read a lot more about soy over the last few weeks and am scared to eat too much of it, but I’m not the type to pour a half gallon of it down the drain or chuck a pile of protein powder.  One thing I don’t plan on stopping is the Silk creamer–love it too much and hate the alternatives.

This mix was pleasantly yummy, and the sweetness of the honey countered the berries’ sourness just perfectly. 


I ate rather late, so when Chris suggested lunch at 12:15 I wasn’t very hungry.  I ate my fruit and veg over the next hour or so.


The afternoon was chock full o’ action, and I forgot to eat my main lunch!!  Suddenly it was 4 and since we were heading to an early dinner, I skipped my “lunch.”  We hit up Westside Maria (Si Senor) and I tried something new: quesadilla ranchera.  Sounds good, right?  Well, it was 😉 

This consisted of three small flour tortillas layered with sauteed veggies and cheese, served with guac & tomatoes on top, black beans and rice on the side…along with Chris’ avocados 🙂 I ate half of this and was mighty full.  Not to mention having a tough time b/c the cheese was a tad rich for the tum tum. 


After feeling a tad ill for an hour the ickiness passed and I moved on to the gym.  I only hit up cardio, which was 50 minutes on the trusty stair mill doing intervals at 100spm/90spm.  Whoo, I was a sweaty beast when done.  And I craved fruit.

Somehow this ended up being my snack:  one carrot and 1 1/2 T Maranatha PB.  I was going to have an apple with it, and then decided to try the carrot/pb combo I’ve seen.  Not sure it’s my fave; I ate the carrots first and the PB alone after that 🙂  Lily caught sight of this plate and was tortured watching me eat two of her favorites, so I gave her a carrot and she snarfed it down.


Reading all these food blogs now is making me hungry!  Or is it thirst and allergies?  The last several nights have been tough for me on the “hunger-or-is-it-something-else? ” front. 

Now for some random moments with Kersten

-I must confess–over the last few weeks there have been several snacks not shown/discussed on the blog.  Most of them have been handfuls of almonds, a few crackers, a bite of PB while prepping oatmeal…that sort of thing.  Oh, and a few small pieces of the possibly non-vegetarian (“animal and/or vegetable shortening”) cookies hanging around the office. 

-I haven’t had a Diet Coke for over a month (as far as I can remember).  I was usually just drinking it at Si Senor, and since we didn’t go there for like 3-4 weeks I didn’t have any DC.  Tonight and last week when we visited I opted not to have one.  Don’t get me wrong, you know I still drink caffeine in the form of coffee every morning.

-Remembering to ask if rice/beans/other items are vegetarian is difficult. I totally forgot to ask during my last two visits to Si Senor.  I remember hearing someone else asking about the bean dip in the past, but can’t remember about the beans and rice.  I’ll have to get better at that. 

-My trouble spots are troubling me, but I don’t seem to be doing what’s needed to change them.  Is that troubling?  My inner and outer thighs, triceps and lats, abs, and lovehandle/hips are softer than I’d like, which is confusing.  I say that b/c five years ago when I got all skinny and fit with Miss Erin, I was firmer everywhere and approximately the same weight.  My workout routine is definitely not as intense as it was then on the weight front, but is more intense on the cardio front.  Correlation?  Causation?  Discuss.

-There’s a bike-by groper in Salem.  Watch out, Sarah!  You may be getting more than LovIN My Tummy soon!

Time for bed, yo.  Peace out.


4 Responses to “You’ll never believe…”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I hate to say this, but age is probably a factor. But more than that, it sounds like a body fat issue – do you know what your percentage is right now? I feel thin, as in I fit in my clothes fine, but I can tell my body fat is up. I just bought Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut, and I’m going to read it when I’m gone – hopefully I’ll learn something!

  2. carolinebee Says:

    That’s so annoying- I feel that way about my butt 😀 Like it’s so not muscular, and I don’t work it out or do anything to change it b/c i’m too lazy! Haha, you should write it on your hand or something to ask about the beans and rice- i swear it works!

  3. Erin Says:

    Oh Kerst! High fgive on the Diet Coke withdraw!
    I’m softer too. I think it is age. Sucks ass!
    We used to be so rocked!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Good thing I don’t bike. Hmm…maybe I should start.

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