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Watch out May 27, 2009

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I’m in quite a funk.  PMS?  The sight of my stomach fat? Other life issues?  Who the fuck knows.  Bottom line is I thought my day was great, but realized the beginning and end have been full of moodiness, and a tiff with the man.  Grrrr.

Do you watch Sex and the City?  An episode is on now with so many truths about relationships and dating.  I love this show, but I’ve found that the later seasons are so true to life it is almost too depressing to watch. 


The oats were a wee bit different–currants instead of raisins.  I also forgot to mention that I used up the Better’n’PB, and am back with Maranatha crunchy PB.  I missed the chunky PB and the roasted flavor of normal PB; B’n’PB was also a little to sweet for me.  Oh well, I gave it a try!


My dad had a car issue come up, he was booked all day but needed to leave town the next day, so I took his car into the shop late in the morning.  I brought my lunch along with me, but forgot a fork 😦  First I had these apples and strawberries:


After awhile we figured out the repair would be another hour or so at least, and when the shop manager suggested I visit Nosh for lunch I took the advice. 

Nosh is a tiny little sandwich shop in close-in SE Portland.  They had a lunch deal with 1/2 a sandwich, soup, and a cookie.  I’ll take it!  I opted for the veggie sandwich on marble rye (cucumber, shredded carrot, tomato, lettuce, hummus) with the tomato ravioli soup.  It came with a really yummy little chocolate chocolate chip cookie.  This was  perfect lunch, but in reality I ate it all and was a little full.


The afternoon flew by, but not too fast for me to enjoy a Kashi TLC crunchy granola bar.


Can you guess what we did for dinner?


I think I need to exclude the beans, as they are refried, and most likely contain lard 😦  I forgot to ask again about the beans and rice.  Bad me!


I was just a little hungry later on, and wanted to try out my new find at the grocery store–a half gallon of refrigerated Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla!! Yee-haw!  The carton looked different, and at first glance I thought it was the same as the normal aseptic carton, but not quite.  The refrigerated version has more calcium, vit. A, and vit. D, and a creamier texture, I think.  I like it! 



Can’t believe we’re halfway through the week already.  It is almost not a good thing with what I need to do before our office move Saturday.  😐

Same oats this morning as yesterday…


After much sorting, recycling, and reorganizing of my desk, lunch rolled around.  I ate the salad that I didn’t have for lunch yesterday–leftover burrito, extra verde sauce, avocado, jalapeno, Romaine.  Some carrots and cherries on the side for shits and giggles. 


I didn’t feel that productive this afternoon 😦  I needed to do case work but just wanted to continue organizing and sorting.  I’ll have to bust some ass tomorrow to get my work done.

This nanner gave me a little fuel mid-afternoon.


I was super hungry before dinner, so I snacked on most of these while playing with Lily.


I forgot to plan out my side dishes for dinner fully, so I ended up having brown rice made with VegeBase broth, and added in some sauteed pepper, onion, carrot, and mushroom.  Pretty good, but needed more seasoning.  I had that with a portabella burger that I accidentally overseasoned, so they went well together 🙂  Beforehand I attempted to make a garlic bread snack out of a leftover burger bun, but I took my eye off of it at the last minute and they got a little brown.  Still tasty 😉



I also went for a cup o’ that fabu almond milk with dinner.  Lovin it!

After a good leg and stair mill sweat session, I needed more fuel.  Granola, strawberries, and almond milk came to the rescue.


The hunger was not satiated afterward, so I ate the rest of my Genisoy Deep Sea Salt Crisps.  Then I realized I’m thirsty and I have allergies, and those factors are driving my hunger.

I’m off to bed.  I got a lot of sleep last night, but had a sleep hangover this morning from getting too much.  Crazy how that works out.

Later y’all!


3 Responses to “Watch out”

  1. Melanie Says:

    ok, your turn to shake the blahs now;). I wish they had those big cartons of Almond Breeze at our grocery store. I’ll check TJ’s again, but I have to buy the little carton, and it doesn’t last very long:(.

  2. carolinebee Says:

    That huge carton is sweet! I’m so over these little baby boxes 😀 I’m lovin on the faux garlic bread right now!

  3. Erin Says:

    Oh my little baby! Are you okay? Your SATC/rtsp comment has me wondering.

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