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Roll it up May 12, 2009

No, I’m not talking about smokin’!  Tonight I had another foam rolling sesh, and the legs are talking back.  I felt the same thing last night, but today my legs felt great. 

Chris and I only worked the latter half of today.  We lounged around this morning, and when the sun came out I attempted to eat my oats outside, but it was a tad too cold and windy.  Yummy oats, though!  I’m still diggin’ the soy protein powder in it and the texture it creates–I add way more water to my oats and like them runnier b/c of it.


Work went by so quickly, but not too quickly for me to enjoy a funky salad for lunch!  This random ass salad consisted of:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • guts of my leftover burritos (squash, carrots, green beans, onion, black beans, cauliflower, rice, celery, olives, ???)
  • a few slices of dill pickle, diced
  • edamame
  • chunks of avocado
  • diced red bell pepper


I really enjoyed eating this, and am now craving random salads.  Tomorrow I think I can try out Andrea’s seitan! 

The afternoon flew by as I did some work and had a meeting.  All went well, and we headed downtown for a business dinner at Andina.  I have had many culinary delights at this restaurant over the last four years, but tonight was a bit of an exception for a few reasons:  I didn’t eat the quinoa studded fried shrimp, and the vegetarian main was unimpressive 😦  Boo.  I didn’t mind skipping the shrimp, but upon seeing and tasting the main I was disappointed in how rich it was, and how lacking in vegetables it was.  This was the description:

QUINOTO DE HONGOS DE LA MONTAÑA grilled market fresh vegetables on a bed of golden beet and local mushroom “risotto” laced with truffle oil

Wouldn’t you expect like a pile of veggies on there?  What came out was a small cake of “risotto” (quinoa?) with three tiny asparagus spears and thin slices of cheese on top.  The dish also had cheese in it.  The truffle oil and cheese was just too rich, the beets seemed out of place, and the mushrooms were good I suppose (I’m still warming up to them).  My coworker also ordered this dish, and stopped to ask the waitress if he got the correct dish b/c there were hardly any veggies present.

At least dessert was good!  Lucuma is some kind of Peruvian fruit, but the mousse didn’t taste fruity.   Here’s the description:

a tiered semi-freddo of velvety lucuma and espresso mousses, chocolate ganache, and crushed cocoa nib meringue, served with espresso shortbread

The cocoa nibs were fabulous, and the mousse rather rich. I wish it had more espresso and chocolate in it, so I kinda ate around the lucuma to get those 🙂

After this dinner I felt compelled to go to the gym to try to get rid of the heavy, full feeling I had, so I hit up the stair mill for 50 minutes while reading The Economist.  If you’re in to world news in a great format with lots of writing variety, this weekly newspaper magazine is awesome!  It has so much info it takes me like a whole week’s cardio to get through an issue.  And it makes cardio fly by 🙂

Next is where my foam rolling session came in.  I felt like I was cleaning the gym mat on a few of the moves, which is all the more reason to do it at home on the hair ladden carpet living room floor.  The pain on my outer thighs was excruciating, yet at the same time pleasing to roll out.  I can see how this is a bit addictive…

I know this post is mega boring because I only had two pics to share.  For entertainment you can revisit my lunch pic 🙂  I know I did! 

I forgot to mention I had a carrot with lunch, ate an apple around 3:30, and then had some strawberries just now. 

Later gators!  This chick is gonna fly the coop to go to bed 😉


2 Responses to “Roll it up”

  1. Erin Says:

    The Economist?!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Hey! I just stopped by and am enjoying your blog! I’m trying to lose weight too:)

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