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Contemplation of a substantial change May 7, 2009

Today has been a mixed bag of ups and downs for me as I have almost come to a life changing conclusion:  going vegetarian.   :shocked:  That’s right, I think I’m on my way to becoming veg.  I’ve always cared deeply for animals, and now that I know more about how a meat-based diet affects our environment, too, I’m much more uncomfortable consuming animal derived products.  I spent a lot of the afternoon in a bit of a rut thinking about the terror that is livestock’s life, and also fearing how Chris and my family will react to me wanting to make this change.  Going veg has been on my mind for awhile, but animal foods have always been a part of my life and I wasn’t sure I could reasonably make the change.  Now I feel compelled to do it based on my values, but I admit I’m afraid of how I will succeed or fail at this goal, and what obstacles I may encounter.  Ultimately I want to reduce my impact on the environment, and help save animals from the cruelty that is our food industry.

Over the last few months as I’ve lost more weight I think part of it has been eating less dairy, but I guess I’ve still eaten meat as usual.  I don’t think I want to go as far as being vegan, but I want to exercise great care in selecting the dairy, egg, and other animal-based products I consume.  I have a feeling this will be quite a task, and involve me going to farmer’s markets, interrogating vendors, and buying only what seems minimally invasive to animals and our environment.

I feel really weird writing all of this, kind of like scared to declare my thoughts and pursue this change.  I haven’t discussed this with anyone yet, but spilling the beans to my blog friends seems only logical since so many of you are already vegetarian or vegan.  How did you make the change to vegetarianism/veganism?  What were/are your biggest challenges?  I hope you are willing to share some of your thoughts and experiences.  Thank you in advance!

Let’s recap my day, and some thoughts along the way.

Holy shit, I got up at 5:30 this morning to hit the gym with Andrea.  We were set to meet at 6:45, but I went at 6 so I could get in cardio, too.  Getting up really wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t sleep that well and was already awake when my alarm went off. 

I ate a Kashi TLC bar and had a cup of coffee before heading out.100_0616

The gym was busier than I thought, but the stair mills I like were open 🙂  Getting started I did feel tired, but that dissipated and I was able to feel energized.  Until I smelled beef jerky, fire, and pipe smoke–some guy had to climb on the mill right next to me, even though all the others were open.  Grrrr…. his stench was so odd and overwhelming, but at least it wasn’t cigarette smoke stench.  I almost said something to him, like, “hey, I’m not sure you realize this, but you smell like you’ve been in a smoker with a side of bacon and pipe tobacco for like a week.”  Think he’d get the point?

Right on time, The Drizz rolled in at 6:45 and we got to workin’ the legs and shoulders.  We saw a bunny while doing hack squats, and I’m sure Andrea thought I was crazy to point it out again during her leg presses.  I’ve really enjoyed having Andrea as a workout partner…makes me reminisce of the good ol’ days with Erin!

We wrapped it up around 7:50, blew that joint, and I raced home to get ready and leave the house by 8:30.  I nuked my oats before leaving and had Chris drive. 


We had a business meeting all morning (which was quite good thankfully), and it included a catered lunch.  I ended up eating a small Caesar salad (lightly dressed, thank god), steamed carrots and asparagus, rice, and part of a chicken breast.  I stopped b/c I was feeling satisfied, but then came the tiramisu!  Ah!  Thankfully it was too rich and I only ate a small portion, but I probably should have just passed.  On the way home to let Lily out I felt guilty for overeating again 😦  And then I had asparagus pee and thought of Erin–hehe!!  🙂

I had some major allergies kick in while at the meeting, and they stuck with me all day.  Not good, cause this made me overly hungry feeling all afternoon.  Or maybe my furnace was burning hotter from working out this morning?  Either way, I snacked on another Kashi TLC bar, then a cup of light peach yogurt, and then mandarin oranges over the course of an hour or so.  The beast just wouldn’t stop!


After my vegetarian research and thoughts I began thinking of dinner, and ended up with quite a yummy veg feast 🙂  Sarah, Sharon, Andrea, and Erin have inspired me in the salad department lately, so I called Hugh Jass and Bigg Azz, but they were unavailable 😦 Then I discovered Random Azz was available!


This crazy pile consisted of romaine, yellow bell pepp, mixed sliced olives, edamame, avocado, carrot, a veggie patty (three years old in the freezer and still okay!), ground black pepper, and a tiny bit of olive oil and a splash of balsamic.  Yay to yummy goodness!  That half ear of corn with SB Light wasn’t bad either 😉  I also snacked on a few grapes and small cubes of cheese while prepping this. 

While eating this a commercial for Let’s Act Now came on and I nearly dropped my plate.  I took that as a sign that I should go veg, or at least pursue a less impactful diet like my gut is telling me to.  This morning I asked Andrea how she decided to go veg, and one of the reasons was a major sign while she was already contemplating it.  Must be that is is meant to be, then!  Kinda freaky…

After this feast and deep thought my little package of dark chocolate from last night called my name…. “eat me…you know you love how I melt in your mouth!”  So I did, and yes I do, so I ate three or four of you! 


Okay, I’m rhyming without a clue here, must mean it is time for me to go to bed.  This bitch is tired in more ways than one, and my comfy bed sounds so glorious right about now.  Later!


5 Responses to “Contemplation of a substantial change”

  1. Leila Says:

    I’ve been a veggie for about 15 years now. I was 15 when I decided to eliminate meat; I didn’t know a single vegetarian and there weren’t any restaurant options or many grocery store options either. My mom didn’t think I would last, but soon realized that this was a certain choice I had made and was going to stick with. I won’t lie, it was a bit hard for people to understand at first, but fortunately I feel people are a lot more ‘okay’ with it than ever before. I think a lot of the people who had difficulty with my vegginess is because they assumed I was judging them for eating meat, which is totally the opposite. I respect the views and opinions of others and have no desire to change or convert them, so I simply explained that I expected the same from them.

    Sorry for the rambling, but I hope this helps you in your decision. Also, don’t look at this as a pass or fail, you determine what success is by doing what is best for you! 🙂

  2. I still eat meat products on occasion but not nearly as much as I did a year ago. For me it was a natural change, I know how my body feels when it has a more plant/fruit base as opposed to an animal base. Because of that I started craving/needing more veggies/fruit and leaving the meat behind. I love it! I couldn’t go vegan because I do love cheese and I don’t think I could give that up. But being mostly veggie (or flexitarian) I love. 🙂

  3. Erin Says:

    I would love to talk with you more about this! Are you around today? Call me baby!

  4. Heather Says:

    Just catching up & read about your changes. I tend to eat mostly veggie as well though not totally. I do find I feel better though & will be interested to follow along as you make the changes!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Jordan Says:

    that’s my favorite flavor kashi bar.. mmmmm

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