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Today it’s a doggy dog world! April 27, 2009

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I’ve got a persistent doggy bothering me to go outside and play with her right now.  I would otherwise describe the incredibly boring day I had for the most part, but for my agent of change class and the yummy muffins that a classmate baked.

Fuck, Lily just popped the Q off of my keyboard.  Anyone have a Dell laptop and know how to reattach it? 

Ohhhhhmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygoooooooooooooooood.  I just spent like 30 minutes+ figuring out how the four pieces of the damn thing worked and managed to reattach that little fucker!  Yee-haw!  I hope it never happens again.  Maybe I should have taken a picture to make sure I remember how to do it again in the future.

Anyhow, I’m done dealin’ with that (homage to Erin for the phrase!!), and moving on to taking care of the LB and getting in some TV time in bed, then quality zzz’s. 


3 Responses to “Today it’s a doggy dog world!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Everything looks great!
    Sandwich love.

  2. Erin Says:

    LOl oh Kerst! Oh Lily!
    Did you know I got “done dealin'” from Robbie? 🙂

  3. Andrea Says:

    Oh, doggie love! Only can something so furry and cute fuck up our shit and we love them for it. Now, if Chris had done that, I’m sure you wouldn’t have felt the same!

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