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It’s a bloggy blog world! April 26, 2009

It is amazing how often I think of blogging, my blog, your blogs, blog friends, etcetera.  I’m really gald I’ve found this world, and I’m amazed at the cool people I’ve “met.”  Thanks everyone for creating such a fun, educational, supportive, and inspirational network 🙂

As I mentioned last night, my house was a mess, my mind flip-flopping about my new office, and more, which lead me to think today would be stressful and shitty.  But not so!  Not at all!  I started doing little things cleaning this morning, and when I cracked open my office sketches one in particular spoke to me. 

Last night I forgot to prep my oats, but I figured out that soaking them in hot water for several minutes, then nuking them for two, creates a desirable consistency.   I almost forgot the PB!  Added it at the last minute, which meant I could play with it and eat around it so as to enjoy mucho PB bites at the end of the bowl 🙂


I didn’t go to the gym this morning since I didn’t have any clean workout clothes!  Oops!  So I did some laundry, some more office planning, and then realized I wanted to go to the gym sooner than later.  Seeing as how it was nearly lunch time I figured I should have a snack before heading out:  handful of almonds and part of a Braeburn apple.


For whatever reason I’ve not felt like doing weight training this weekend, so I didn’t.  Bad me.  I went for a full hour of cardio today instead, split between the elliptical and the stair mill.  I think I have an addiction to the stair mill.  I was so sad that the new mills were full when I got there, and when someone got off of one around 15 minutes into the elliptical I almost ran for it.  But no, I kept plugging on the elliptical.  I got nervous that the mills would be full when I was done on the elliptical, though, so around 26 minutes I jumped off that fucker and flew to the mill when a lady vacated it.  I’m obsessed 😉  The mill was worth every sweaty minute, though, all 32 of them or so. 

Lunch was a healthy scramble of two egg whites, broccoli, carrot, peppered turkey, and some avocado on top, plus a carrot and slice of ww toast w/ SB Light.  I never thought I’d say this, but it was almost like I was craving that broccoli!  Ew, who craves broccoli, you ask?  Weirdos like me I guess…100_0541

This afternoon involved a very long trip to the grocery store, and I’m not sure why exactly.  I scored some new eye cream–Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra Lift Eye Cream, and it came with a free Maybelline mascara.  Score!  When I ran out of eye cream a loooooooooong time ago I never bought more, and now I see more fine lines and dryness around my eyes.  Booo!  Hopefully that will be history soon…

Dinner tonight was a new protein with an old starch:  flank steak medallions with balsamic shallots and roasted rosemary over potatoes.  Not many greens in there, I know, I should’ve had a salad on the side.  Everything was really yummy, and I especially loved the shallots.

I did lots of little cleaning tasks this afternoon and evening, and I finally feel like I’ve tackled most of the crap that bugged me.  There are a few big projects that I hope to work on over the next few months (sort through and reorganize clothes, sort through and pare down “stuff,” etc.), but for now I’m happy 🙂

Did you all have a nice weekend?  I hope so!  Good luck heading into the week 🙂


3 Responses to “It’s a bloggy blog world!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Gotta love blogging! Delicious and tasty eats – and free maybelline mascara? SCOREEEEEE!

  2. Andrea Says:

    I need to weight train tonight?! Are you going to be at the gym? If so, what time? My legs need to pump some iron 🙂

  3. carolinebee Says:

    haha i sometimes think about what i’m gonna blog about or try to think of a witty title when i’m bored! lame i know but it’s cool 😀

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