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This crazy thing called life April 23, 2009

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Lately I feel like I’m all grown up, with work, family, extracurriculars, yardwork, and the whole nine yards.  My days feel busy, my nights busy, my weekends busy, and my to-do list growing longer all the time.  Stop the insanity! Can’t I just go back to a simpler time without all of this responsibility and business?! 

Okay, done with my little rant now 🙂

Morning came too soon and I never got over feeling a bit tired today, and my right jaw joint is killing me (effing TMJD).  My ass wasn’t dragging, but I was just tired, and the jaw thing annoyed the hell out of me all day.  At least I started my day with a nice bowl of oats!  I had a new idea–what if I nuke ’em right before Chris and I leave the house, then he drives and I eat in the car on the way to work?  It worked out well!  Another bowl of perfect oats–yay!


We had an early working lunch planned, so I messed around at work for like an hour and then we left for McCormick & Schmick’s Grill at Bridgeport Village.  From the prix fixe menu I chose the chicken and shrimp rice bowl, sans shrimp.  We also had a mixed greens salad.  I was able to sneak in this pic when no one seemed to notice 😉


This was quite yummy, with a spicy kick and tender chicken.  I almost yelled out at one point when my jaw suddenly hurt, but I figured out that small bites helped avoid it.  The wontons were so yummy!  I saved over half the meal for dinner, but ate all the wontons b/c I knew they wouldn’t stay crispy.  For dessert we had a dark chocolate torte cake (like a slice of soft fudge practically!), of which I ate ~1/2. 

Back at the office I busted out some quality work, had a phone meeting, blah blah blah…the day was over around 5.  Chris wanted to visit Fajitas, but I ixnayed the idea b/c Mexi 3 nights in a row just didn’t do it for me.  Since I had my leftovers available, I suggested just dropping Chris off at Fajitas while I went to do cardio–perfect.  I had a little snack while playing with Lily before heading out.


Tonight I remembered some reading material and cardio flew by pretty quickly 🙂  I sat with Chris at the restaurant for a little while when I got back there, and we talked biz while I was feeling rather ditzy from busting my ass on the stair mill for 45 minutes.

Once home and cleaned up I nuked the rest of my lunch, which was bigger than I expected.  Still tasted good, but I ate a little too much of it. 


[Side note for y’all:  I hate Tyra Banks.  Bitch is so annoying, fake, and full of herself I nearly puke when I see her.]

I don’t know why, but when picking my new jar of peanut butter I went for Skippy Natural Super Chunk.  One of those under-the-time-gun-and-not-thinking-fully choices at the store.  It’s not bad, but I feel bad since I think the Maranatha was on sale, it’s organic, and it comes in a more earth-friendly glass jar with an aluminum lid. 

Late this afternoon my mom called and said a friend invited us to a dinner fashion show event tomorrow, and I need to figure out what to wear!  I think I’m going to end up wearing it to work all day…  I had better go scope out the closet. 

Nighty night folks!


One Response to “This crazy thing called life”

  1. Sharon Says:

    OOOhh that chicken bowl looks great!!!
    And hahah sounds so much for for a dinner fashion show!!!!

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