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Monday (and Sunday) mania! April 20, 2009

Whoosh, the last two days have flown by just like that.   Although they didn’t feel so quick at times…


Would you believe me if I told you I got up early on a Sunday to hit the gym??  I knew Chris and I had plans to till and plant the wildflower garden outside, so I had to get in cardio before my 10am yoga class. 

Breakfast before heading out was a bowl of 7 grain cereal with PB, cinnamon, protein powder (?can’t remember!), and topped off with some Soy Vanilla Creamer.


The 45 minutes I had on the stair mill were good and not too tough 🙂  I’ve figured out that the time flies by much faster if I can read something while climbing like a mad woman, so today it was The Economist.  Afterward I had a nice yoga class, except for the fact that I forgot my mat.  Oops!  I spent half the class on a too-thick gym mat, and the other half on the bare (dirty) floor.  I didn’t mind the floor too much since I had more stability and less slippin’ around, though. 

When I got home lunch was in order, and given my slim-ish options I went for a scramble with one egg white, 1 1/2 slices peppered turkey, 3 black olives, and a few diced slices of bell pepp.  On the side are 1/2 of a whole wheat burger bun toasted and adorned with Smart Balance Light, and a Braeburn apple.  My scramble was a little too salty, but I guess that helped rebalance my electolytes after my sweaty morning.


I thought we would be heading out into the yard right about now, but not so.  Chris was watching basketball and procrastinating, so I went grocery shopping.

After our trip to Home Depot the hell began:  pulling weeds, sorting out rocks, tilling, spreading dirt, tilling more, levelling the dirt, spreading seeds, and cordoning off the area from the LB. Phew.  I can’t tell you how many times I said “I hate this” or “this fucking sucks” while we were working, and vowed to never do it again.  But, Chris reminded me that we love the pretty result that is a small wildflower “meadow”, so I shut up eventually.  My mom was kind enough to help out, and since Chris did the tilling I suppose it wasn’t that bad. 

The finished result:


Oh, wait, that’s my happy handful of Genisoy Deep Sea Salted Crisps 🙂  I had those before the work began.  Mid-way through the project I had some grapes, too.  Here’s the pic of the finshed bed:

No, it’s certainly not perfect (all the grass and weeds still in there…), but it’s close enough for government work 😉

Chris and I fired up the BBQ, I prepped some stuff, and we grilled away.  My plate included sliced carrots and orange bell pepp, fresh guac (mama brought me a huge avocado), grilled jalapeno, and grilled chicken breast.  Oh yeah…and some Chardonnay.


Damn wine… I later created some dessert concoctions that I knew were bad, but still readily consumed under the influence of the vino. 1) microwaved marshmallow with PB and pretzel sticks–my very own fluffernutter of sorts; 2) #1 with some Mexican chocolate candy bar in it. 

100_0491 100_0492

I also horfed down like 4 marshmallows separately, some PB, and some pretzel sticks.  Oy vey!  Yeah, let’s close the chapter on that day and move on…


Chris and I wanted to wake up early to talk about our new office/the lease/etc., but that turned into getting up in time enough to go to work at 8:30.  I forgot someone was taking us to lunch until I just finished making Chris’ sandwich, and then he reminded me.  D’oh!  Then I forgot to grab my oatmeal for consumption at work.  Grrr…my steelers!

At work I had a Clif Oatmeal Raisin Walnut bar, so I nuked that and enjoyed it with some coffee.  Nuking bars really adds a whole new dimension to them 🙂


Today we finalized details of the lease on our new space, and looks like we just signed away 5 years of our life!  At least we got a great deal, though 😉  Now I gotta kick things into high gear to design my office’s layout/contents, deal with buying and getting furniture put together and get ready to move.  In six weeks 😐  I see a trip to Ikea in my near future 🙂  I haven’t been to the Portland location since it opened.  Wish me luck getting through the maze in one piece!

Lunch wasn’t photographed since I was in the presence of a new acquaintance.  He’s health minded, but I thought he may view me as a little crazy.  We went to Gustav’s and I had 1/2 a rotisserie turkey sandwich and a cup of lentil soup.  The waitress brought us sourdough rolls, but none of us ate them :(, so I took ’em and thought I could perhaps use one later.

I didn’t really get hungry after lunch, so I didn’t eat.  But by the time I got home around 5 I was getting hungry, and by the time I ate at 6 I was getting ravenous.  This is a dangerous feeling to have, as everything looks and sounds good.  I put a small piece of cheese in my mouth, and a tiny bit of bread.


My dinner was: a hollowed out sourdough roll filled with guacamole, grilled jalapeno, chicken, and romaine; the rest of my 1/2 chicken breast; some grilled bell pepp and carrot, and the rest of my guac.  Yippee!  Yummy!

Chris was kind and brought out two marshmallows for me to roast after dinner. 


I was about to head out to my Agent of Change class when I saw a small army of ants entering my house by the backdoor!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!  We vacuumed them up, sprayed some outside (I know, not a healthy move), and even 5 hours later there are some lingerers.  Where are they coming from?  Are they in the wall?? :shocked:

In class there were brownies, cookies, and more cookies as snacks, but I didn’t have any since I wasn’t hungry.  The sweetness sounded good and I did walk by to take a closer look, but just couldn’t do it.

Once home I was mildly hungry and wanting dessert, so I had the rest of my Genisoy Sweet Crisps.  So good!  I highly recommend the Genisoy Crisps, and hope you’ll try them!!  Even after a week of being open they still seem fresh and crispy 🙂

Chris doesn’t know what the hell I have to write about for so long, so I guess that’s a sign to go, that I’ve written enough  😉

Andrea asked me to post my workouts, so tomorrow I’ll detail my weights and cardio session for ya even more, along with some other grains of wisdom on my Quest to be Fit. 



3 Responses to “Monday (and Sunday) mania!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Great eats, and awesome job with the yard work. It reminds me that, once I am back home for the summer… I have to pull out the weeds. LOL. and ooohhh Genisoy Crisps, sound great! I’ll be on the lookout!

  2. Andrea Says:

    yay for workout posting!
    I absolutely hate doing yard work (and often say this fucking sucks and wonder why we didn’t buy a condo), but I love spending time in my yard, so it’s worth it, I guess. Such a double edged sword!

  3. Erin Says:

    I heard you look amazing! 🙂 Your desserts sounds perf to me girl!

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