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Thirsty Thursday April 16, 2009

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Not that I was particularly thirsty today, but I did drink more water than normal.  There used to be a Thirsty Thursday event at PGE Park for the Portland Beavers baseball team, but it was deemed to promote drinking alcohol and was then changed to Family Thursday, but still had beer specials I believe.  Great idea…promote drinking with the family in tow!

I’m sorry I’ve missed posting the last few days.  Long days, exercising til late, and not enough energy and time to post after like 11:30 at night.  But I have captured my eats!  How about a gallery?

Tuesday I received a cute present from a mutual fund partner, celebrating my year with Chris.  It is a cute stuffed lion, and I think I’ll put it on a shelf in my new office 🙂

The last three days I’ve worked out each day, doing two weight workouts and three cardio sessions total.  Boo ya. 

I keep weighing myself at the gym, and I am being overly harsh on myself based on the results.  I’ve been a bit more liberal with the eats, so my initial reaction is to blame my eats.  But is it really that?  Or am I just blowing things out of proportion?  Today it kind of sank in that I’ve still lost almost 20 pounds, and I need to stop freaking out about a pound or two gained on the scale.  I guess I fear that the weight will creep back on slowly, and that somehow I won’t be able to stop it 😦  I know this is not reality, and I’m sure I’ll be okay, but the good ol’ brain just likes to taunt me every once in awhile, ya know?

Moving on!  Tomorrow is Friday!  I have two rather daunting client appointments, and I just hope they go well so I can move into the weekend on a positive note. 

Food-wise, I’m really diggin’ the Genisoy Soy Crisps–LOVE the voluminous eating I can do for just 100 calories, and with a lot of satisfaction.  They have 7 grams of protein, no sugar, and a little bit of fiber.  Great snack later on at night when I need something but don’t want to consume sugar or heavy cals right before bed.

The last three days I’ve used a 7-grain hot cereal instead of steel cut oats, and I’m not sure I’m down with the resulting hot creaminess.  I bought them in kind of a hasty decision while on a time-constrained shopping trip, and they don’t have as much protein and fiber as my trusty steelers.

The weather here is supposed to be beautiful for the next week 🙂  Yay!  Great time to garden, drive the convertible, and soak up some sun 🙂  Double yay!

Sorry for my somewhat lame post…can’t think of what else to chat about.  Later!


2 Responses to “Thirsty Thursday”

  1. Jordan Says:

    There’s still a Thirsty Thursdays here in Jax for the Jacksonville Suns games. $.25 drafts =]

    I never partake because our team sucks and I don’t care enough about drinking to watch a crappy team play. But hey, someone out there must.

  2. Yasmin Says:

    I love you photo montages, I wish I knew how to do that. For health reasons I know I need to gain weight but I have an irrational fear that once I start I won’t be able to stop and maintain. I’ll keep expanding!! Yikes!

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