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Tax time! April 13, 2009

Why yes, friends, it is that time of year where we must gather together tons of paperwork and attempt to work within the sick art that is the IRS and their tax code.  Again this year I did not hire an accountant because everything seemed straightforward, but there were few moments of frustrated wonder where one would have been helpful.  I do use TaxAct, though, and have for the last 3 or 4 years.

On to cheerier things–foooooooooooood!  I was damn tired last night and busy getting things prepped for today, so no post. 


My wine indulgence brought on that headache I mentioned, so I got up later and skipped yoga.  Fave breakfast combo of pumpkin flax granola, strawbs, and almond milk.


I was busy working on taxes (I think…can’t completely remember) and other shiz for awhile, but eventually broke for lunch.  Egg/egg white scramble with bell pepp, olives, tomatoes with green chiles, and some avocado on top, plus the slice of bread with Smart Balance Light, and a carrot.  Yeah, baby!


After more tax crap, some housecleaning, and ??? I headed to the gym for a good cardio sesh.  My musculos were muy cansado from my workouts, so I opted not to do weights.

A quick trip to Fred Meyer followed, along with a hair cut for Chris, showering, and heading to Fajitas for dinner!  I was so hungry after the store that I had to eat some grapes, though 🙂

Dinner was very satisfying, and involved me drinking way more Cazuela than I intended.  Woops!


We raced home to watch Breaking Bad on AMC (whoa!), followed by The Celebrity Apprentice.  I’m beginning to think The Donald is a little crazy at times! 


The weekend seemed long, and I wasn’t too sad that it was Monday.  Imagine that!  I tried a slight twist on my trusty old oatmeal combo–I added soy protein to the mix!  I picked some up at Freddy’s in the bulk section yesterday, and the outcome was good.  I think I prefer this over the chocolate version I made previously.


Work was so-so, and it seemed like I kept getting interrupted or sidetracked when trying to start a project.  So, like a champ, I said “fuck it!” and ate lunch. 


Same ol’ shit folks!  But not bad by any means 🙂

My 2pm appointment stood me up, but I didn’t realize it until 3pm because I had some crazy notion in my head that our meeting was at 3.  Woops.  Whatevs.  I ate the rest of my grapes and moved on.

Then suddenly it was 4:48, and I had to wrap up my shiz to get ready to head home and make dinner.  I had prepped veggies and concocted a sauce in my head the night before, so I went to town on preparing my warm chicken pasta salad when I got home.  Whoosh, that was fast!  Like 20 minutes later we were eating 🙂 

The salad consisted of sauteed chicken, whole wheat egg noodles, broccoli, carrot, green bell pepp, and a homemade dressing (olive oil, red wine vinegar, parmesan cheese, Italian herbs, Northwoods seasoning, garlic powder all whirred with the stick blender).  I’m very happy to report it turned out well :), but I had to eat in a hurry :(.  Oh yeah, and I threw in some ground black pepper and more parmesan.


I flew out the door to go to my Agent of Change class, taking with me some snacky-poos for us:  Genisoy soy crisps.  I’d never had these before, and they rock!  Satisfying, a good amount of protein, and great flavors.



I highly recommend these if you’re looking for something crispy to snack on, but don’t want the usual carby, overly salted chip-type snack.

After class I ate waaaay too many of these little guys (open bags in the car on the seat next to me = snacking driver!), and a few marshmallows sneaked into my mouth as well.  Little bastards!

My snacking urge was strong tonight, and I’m not quite sure why.  I chewed some gum to help, and resisted eating other stuff (except a few pretzel sticks from Chris’ open bag.  WTF am I doing?!).

I gotta get up early, and have a long day tomorrow, so I’m outta here.  Happy Tax Preparation!


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