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One year in! April 8, 2009

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One year ago I moved out of the employee realm of my company, and into the franchise side with my honey, Chris.   It has been a great year, and the freedom is amazing.  Yippee!  Chris was really sweet–he emailed lots of the people we do business with to tell them it had been a year, and many of them called me to say congratulations.  I had no idea how these people knew, until one of them mentioned his email.  Thanks, honey!

I only photographed part of my eats today; it just didn’t seem right to take pics of the same boring stuff.

Breakfast was picture worthy!  I’m really diggin’ this granola, and must buy more soon.  My bowl is about 3/4 cup pumpkin flax granola, 3 strawberries, and lots of almond milk–I like my cereal mostly flooded 🙂


My day didn’t start off too bad, but for some reason I felt kind of nervous and ill-at-ease.  Must have been anticipating that a client would call and irk me!

Lunch was the same thing I’ve eaten every day for like two weeks:  sammie with whole wheat, avocado, romaine, pickle, and peppered turkey; carrot sticks on the side.

When my snacky urges came around this afternoon I first ate a serving of Kashi TLC 7-grain crackers, and then later a Fuji. 

I felt like I was spinning my wheels for awhile this afternoon, but that disappeared eventually and the end of my day was quite productive and positive 🙂 Yay!

Dinner tonight was a mini-celebration of the one-year landmark, so we went to Si Senor and ordered the Si Senor Special:  Grilled steak and chicken breast, shrimp and mushrooms in garlic butter, rice, a cabbage slaw of some sort, flour tortillas, avocado, pico de gallo, and some roasted jalapenos on the side.  Oh yeah!  It was all so yummy!




If you like spice, you must ask for some jalapenos fritos the next time you visit a Mexican restaurant.  Holey moley, they are so tasty and spicy.  I should have photographed them for you… when they come out they look all bubbly and almost burned, but they are incredible. 

I was feeling quite full upon leaving, but mostly because I drank a giant Diet Coke, and a glass of water.  I don’t think I ate too much at least.

Once home I decided I had to snack on 3 marshmallows…I mean, that bag can’t go to waste, right?  And I was just gonna burn them off, right?  Right.

Just before I left I kind of had a revelation–maybe I’m not so motivated to do weight training and work out hard now because I feel kind of like I reached my goal of losing 15-20 lbs. by the time I went to Mexico.  I think I need to set a new goal, and tell you about it, so I have something to motivate me and some people to share my journey with.  So here it is!

New and improved goal:  Significantly improve tone and lose 5-10 pounds more by July 11 for my 10 year high school reunion!  I plan to do more concentrated weight workouts to build definition and strength, and continue with cardio sessions of 45 minutes in length to promote further fat burning.  Sound like a plan!? Let’s go!  Alrighty then.

Did you see the Real Housewives of New Jersey preview?  Whoa!  Looks like it’ll be a pretty intense season.  Hopefully I can catch some of the drama during the season.

With that I leave you, faithful readers.  It is after midnight and I’m shopping on for office furniture, per Miss Caroline’s great suggestion.  Thanks, girl!


2 Responses to “One year in!”

  1. Yasmin Says:

    Congrats on the one year anniversary!

  2. carolinebee Says:

    congrats! I can’t wait to see your new purchase(S) 😀

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