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Filing nightmare no more April 7, 2009

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Do you work in a job that requires having client files and adding stuff regularly?  I’ve been a tad slow on the filing the last few months, and today I finally just did it all.  Blam-o!  I also had to gather up TONS of documentation for my upcoming annual compliance interview.  That took up like 1/2 of my day–suck!

This morning I hit something funky on the alarm when it first went off, and it never went off again, so we slept in…oops.  Oh well, nothing urgent was going on at work so we didn’t worry about it.

I tried a new oats combo today, and I’m not sure whether it is a do-over:  steel cut oats, full portion of Genisoy Protein Shake Mix, sliced fresh strawberries, cinnamon, and vanilla.  When I opened the container this morning it looked like mousse!  The finished product wasn’t bad, just kind of a weird texture and stronger protein shake taste since I used the full serving of powder. 


After my file-o-thon I snacked on my sando and carrot while checking out blogs and email.  That filled me up just fine, and I didn’t eat the apple.


One of the other advisors’ staff members asked me if I wanted some Rock Star, and when I hesitated he knew I was in 😉  This stuff is like cough syrup with crack mixed in, but somehow a little cup of it sounded good.


I guess this gave me a good little buzz to fuel my compliance file scouring mission.  But I still got a little snacky tooth and ate my Kashi TLC crackers.


Chris and I had planned on barbecuing yet again, but by the late afternoon there was a solid cloud cover and no sun 😦  Boo!  Because of that, our trusty back up plan evolved–Mexican food!  We headed to Fajitas after swinging by home to take care of the LB, then found the restaurant surprisingly busy for a Tuesday.  I had a small bowl of tortilla soup, part of a Cazuela, and part of a La Casa.  I ate too much, and was feeling a tad full/bloated afterward 😐


I contemplated skipping the gym since it was after 8 when we got home, but I forced myself to get dressed.  Since my ass was dragging I had a few unnecessary but tasty marshmallows before heading out 🙂


At the gym I only did about 35 minutes on the stair mill, some stretching, and some abs.  I’ve just not been into doing weights since I got back… not good!  I had better get back on that train soon, as I don’t want to lose muscle and tone 😦

After a quick trip to the grocery store to get Lily’s biscuits and an avocado (the essentials, ya know?), I got home and chilled.  Chris and I are moving offices in a few months and I’m checking out desks at ScanDesign.  Fun stuff!



2 Responses to “Filing nightmare no more”

  1. carolinebee Says:

    isn’t it weird how we have all these advanced contraptions- yet alarm clocks still baffle us??? I hate them. I used to drink rock star/red bull with alcohol in college- ya i’m totally surprised I’m still here, gross!!

    Have u looked at overstock or ikea for desks, they have good ones too!

  2. Andrea Says:

    I’ve been lacking on the weights too! I’m going to try and go Friday afternoon-ish (after work) if you’re available!

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