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Sol y luna April 6, 2009

Today totally felt like Sunday, played over again in some sort of cruel way that involved having to do something responsible, like go to work.  I seriously considered staying home from work and enjoying some sun, working out, etc., but reason (aka Chris) reminded me that work needed our attention, even if just for a few hours.  Fine, I’ll get ready…

I ate granola at home while outside with Lily.  I added a few strawberries to the mix, and had a wonderful bowl of yumminess to start my day 🙂


We drove to work in Chris’ car, wind blowing through my hair, sun shining down… That made me feel a little more cheery, but I didn’t want to go inside to work.  At least work wasn’t painful and seemed somewhat productive for the few hours I cranked it out. 

Lunch was a familiar sammie from last week:  whole wheat bread, avocado, romaine, pickle, and peppered turkey.  And a carrot on the side, of course.


Later I had my apple, and then my Kashi TLC 7 grain crackers.  I’ve been wanting some carbs to snack on, and I got a great deal on the crackers–they were on sale $2 for 5 at Freddy’s, and I had a $1 off coupon.  Normally they’re $3.99 a box full price, which I refuse to pay.


Hunger just wouldn’t leave me this afternoon, and by the time we got home and prepped dinner I was quite hungry again.  Dinner was an exact repeat of last night, but for a few changes:  I put some cayenne pepper on my chicken, and we had roasted marshmallows for dessert (and one for an appetizer as well ;)).



Lily was interested in the marshmallow roasting!


I had three roasted and two unroasted ‘mallows, not all at the same time, though.  I was feeling perfectly full after all this, and then I was a bit overly full awhile later.

Tonight I started a class called Agent of Change, run by the Center for Earth Leadership; it is meant to help enviro-friendly people like me identify circles of influence in our lives and effect change within them.  The class’ moderator, Jeanne Roy, is also the one who spearheaded the Master Recycler course in Portland back in the 90’s.  Go, Jeanne!! She made cookies for class, so I had a small one.  They were buttery, salty, and oat-y…not sure what you call those!

I wish the sunny day had never ended 😦  It really is amazing the change a sunny day can make on an otherwise gloomy gus like me!  Esp. since it’s Monday and I know we all love Mondays, right??

My title today is totally random, just something that sounded better than “Monday” or “Sunny Day.”

I’m not sure if I’m going to eat anything else tonight, but I’m guessing not since I’ve been enjoying wine and it is after 11 already.

Shit, my right hand is cramping!  My “arches” (not sure what to call that area on the hand between the forefinger and thumb) are sore/tight from tennis, and I guess the way I hold my thumb is making for some crampy hand action.  I best go stretch and massage my little piggly wigglies!  Night!


2 Responses to “Sol y luna”

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  2. carolinebee Says:

    what a fun little cook-out, i love sol 😀

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